Thursday, September 8, 2022

Ohio Republican Party Elections & Shenanigans! Don't Be Mislead by Swampers

 There are a lot of questions and misconceptions regarding the election of officers with the Ohio Republican Party. 

Vice Chair Bryan Williams, in trying to mislead and use slight of hand so he can wrest control and be elected Ohio Republican Chair at the next meeting in violation of state law and the bylaws, wants to use the ORC to force an election. Then after realizing he was misinterpreting the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) he is trying to use the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) bylaws and he is also wrong in his interpretation of them.

Since they can be confusing and hard to follow, I will do my best to try and explain the who, where and what's of the ORC and ORP Bylaws as they pertain to this matter.
At first Bryan was incorrectly saying ORC 3517.04 allowed the State Central Committee Organizational meeting (officer elections) to take place after the election and certification of the SCC elections. It does not.

Section 3517.04 | Organization of state central committees

The members-elect of each major political party state central committee shall, except as otherwise provided in this section, meet following the declaration of the results by the boards of elections of the election of members of the state central committees, at a suitable place and time to be designated by the retiring chairman of the committee in accordance with party rules.

In the case of a county central committee, the meeting shall be held not earlier than six nor later than fifteen days following the declaration of the results by the board of elections of the election of members of county central committees in that county. Notice of any meeting held pursuant to this section, giving the place and time, shall be sent to each member-elect by the retiring secretary of the committee by mail and a copy of the notice shall be posted in the office of the secretary of state or board of elections, as the case may be, at least five days prior to any such meeting. The meeting shall be called to order by the retiring chairman or secretary or if there is no such officer, or if such officer is absent, then by a member of such committee designated by the secretary of state in the case of the state committees, and by a member of the board of elections of the same political party, designated by the board, in the case of county committees. A temporary chairman and secretary shall be chosen and the committee shall proceed to organize by the election of a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, secretary, and such other officers as the rules provide.

The ORC 3517.04 clearly differentiates between State Central Committee and County Central Committee. Organization of State Central Committees is to be after the SCC election at a place and time designated by the retiring chairman in ACCORDANCE WITH PARTY RULES (bylaws).
Whereas the County Central Committees have a defined time of no less than 6 days and no more than 15 days after the results of the county central committee races are verified - the State Central Committee are to hold an organization of the committee per the party rules.

ORC 3517.04 was amended to include "per the party rules" by the state legislature over 20 years ago. The Republican Party did not want to hold elections for officers before the general elections, the Democrats did. So since they could not agree - it was amended to allow each party dictate how officers were elected.
So the ORC sets that State Party are to hold organizational meetings (elections) of party officers per the party rules/bylaws - not as Williams is leading people to believe. Williams is very well aware of the language change and intent.
Realizing that he was pursuing a failing argument – Williams switched arguments and is now trying to force an early election through the ORP bylaws.
Williams new argument or angle is that under Article 1 Section 2 of the ORP bylaws he can force an early election. Again, Williams is incorrect as the time and election procedure of ORP Party officers is clearly defined in Article 2 Section 1...
Article 1 Section 2
“At the first meeting of the State Central Committee following the election and qualification of its members, all of its officers, the chairman and co-chairman of the Ohio Republican Finance Committee, and the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, shall be nominated and elected to the State Executive Committee, which shall then be merged into the Republican State Central Committee.”
While poorly written, this is saying - that at the first meeting after the election of SCC members, the members of the stated Executive Committee will be merged with the newly seated SCC.
This DOES NOT reference or mean there are elections for new officers.
In Section 2 Article 1 there is clear, defined and very specific language laying out the time and process for election of officers.
Section 2 Article 1 - Officers
"During the month of January of each odd-numbered year, the Committee shall meet and elect its officers by a majority vote of the seated members of the Committee (but not including vacancies in the Committee)." ---
As you can see the time for elections (January of odd year) is very specific.

Also in question has been the time frame of the first meeting. Since the change of the ORC noted above, the standard procedure, per the ORC 3717.04 and the bylaws is - after the primary elections usually held in March or May, the new State Central Committee is seated at the following meeting. At times an additional meeting may be held if needed. ORP bylaws state they must meet a minimum of 3 times per year. So simple math and a calendar will dictate there are meetings after the newly elected members are seated and the election of officers in January of the odd year.

Above I am just citing ORC, bylaws and fact on the manner in which they are applied AND with the intent in which they were written and passed.

Prior to now, Williams has never had issues, questioned or challenged the election of officers being in January of odd year when he was being investigated by the FBI for trying to strong arm candidates out of the race for John Kasich and Matt Borges, when he was Summit County GOP Chair or a member of the SCC himself. In fact, Williams was elected Vice-chair of ORP SCC under Timken in January 2019 & again in 2021. Only now that he is trying to strong arm himself in as the next ORP Chair does Williams take issue with the time frame of officer's elections as set forth by the ORC and the ORP bylaws. For the future of the Ohio Republican Party, our stae and voters - we must get this right!

Monday, September 5, 2022

Will the Real Bryan Williams Please Stand Up? Part 1

There has been a lot of talk and back and forth of the Ohio Republican Party and the Chairman Bob Paduchik.  During the recent races for Ohio Republican Party (ORP) State Central Committee (SCC) races, many good people were running for a change.  They wanted to see some new blood injected into the SCC offices and in ORP itself. And it is needed - but let's do it right!

ORP Vice-Chair & Summit County GOP Chair Bryan Williams is looking to be the new chair.  Williams is trying to fast track a new vote through sleight of hand and slick talking before the SCC members and grassroots finds out about his swampy and scandal plagued past.

Conflicts of Interest

At the ORP endorsement meeting held in February, citing a conflict of interest, there was a push by State Central Committee members to stop other SCC Members with appointments from Governor DeWine or working for agencies under control of Governor DeWine from voting in the process.

While making motions to keep SoS Frank LaRose from being endorsed, Vice Chair Bryan Williams voted in support of the ORP endorsing Mike DeWine for Governor.  

In his role as Summit County GOP Chairman, Bryan Williams had already showed his loyalty and allegiance to Governor DeWine and personally endorsed Mike DeWine for Governor in January 2022.

But wait it gets even better (swampier)!!!

Before Bryan Williams was a DeWine boy he was tip toeing through the swamp grass as a loyalist of The Never Trumper Son of a Mailman Governor John Kasich! 

 And being paid back for his loyalty to the Never Trump Kasich and then scandal ridden ORP Chairman Matt Borges - Bryan Williams was repaid with an appointment to State of Ohio School Board!  

Well until he had to step down over another - conflict of interest! But that is what happens when you are a lobbyist playing both sides...

"While lobbying for the Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio, a consortium of private construction companies, Williams chaired the state school board’s legislative and budget committee, representing the board before the legislature. He also sat on four other committees that set accountability and minimum standards for schools, defined educational options, and oversaw the hiring and evaluation of the state superintendent.

A financial disclosure form filed by Williams in May indicates that he received compensation from two entities, the state school board on which he serves, and Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio, which he has described as an umbrella organization for the several regional ABC groups. (Read more...)" 

And in rounding it off on the "great guy" that wants to be the next ORP Chair - Williams, in never letting the truth stand in his way - settled a defamation lawsuit from Steve Zoumberakis, owner of Quality Mold, a business Williams defamed during his 2003 Mayoral run...

Quality Mold and its CEO filed a complaint against Mr. Williams and his election committee, alleging that they had made false and defamatory statements about them. After one day of trial, the parties entered into a confidential settlement. Although the parties did not draft a written agreement, the settlement's terms were confirmed before the trial court. Mr. Williams agreed to pay Quality Mold $25,000, with the understanding that, if he paid $1000 per month for fifteen months, he would not have to pay the other $10,000. (Read more...)

This was also referred to the Ohio Election Commission, who found probable cause that Williams broke Ohio’s false statement statute.

This is just a little of why Bryan Williams as next ORP chair a huge step is backwards.  There is plenty of time between now and January to find someone with integrity that will move Ohio forward! 

We Can and must do better - there is no need to rush to elect just another long time Ohio Swamp Rat masquerading as a good guy! 

Change for changes sake is how we got Joe Biden!  Stay tuned for more!  Much more! 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Donald Trump AGAIN betrays Supporters in Ohio!

Donald Trump has just again betrayed his supporters & Ohio voters! At his rally in Delaware, OH today Donald Trump just endorsed Mike DeWine's buddy & one of the top Ohio Swampers - Never Trumper's & self-described Team Kasich member Frank LaRose.

This would be the same LaRose that refused to strengthen the law to keep illegal immigrants & DACA from voting in OH & illegally cancelled elections in OH.

So now Trump has endorsed two people who have betrayed his supporters & Ohio voters! This endorsement reeks of Quid Pro Quo of Trump trying to get LaRose to endorse JD Vance! This my friend is by definition SWAMP! This is the same type of SWAMP shi* we have been fighting against!

What makes this endorsement reek of swamp & betrayal just as much and if not more than Trumps

Looks like more & more Trump's swamp-like endorsements are a way to identify swampers & who to vote against!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

2016 Ohio Trump Delegates Speak Out AGAINST JD Vance Endorsement

Many people across OH and our nation are upset over President Trumps endorsement of JD Vance for the US Senate seat in Ohio and several other questionable endorsements made by President Trump. This outrage has been dismissed by President Trump, Donald Trump Jr and naysayers as only coming from the establishment and RINO's.

Well - we are NOT the Establishment or RINO's and will not be dismissed as such - we are the original Trump supporters in Ohio.

For Immediate Release


Dear President Trump-

We, your original Ohio 2016 RNC designated delegates and members of the 2016 Ohio Electoral College, are sending the below correspondence to express our extreme displeasure and feeling of betrayal on your endorsement of JD Vance for the US Senate seat for Ohio.
While we are aware of the blowback you are receiving from your supporters for your endorsement of Vance- please understand we are not your typical Republicans in Ohio. We are the original and proud “Trumpers”  who served as your delegates in Ohio when everybody was against you or supporting other candidates. 

We are the ones you trusted to stand and deliver for you in 2016! And we did it for you against the Ohio Swamp and many in the establishment!  We did it in the face of “Never Trumpers” like JD Vance, who has former Team Kasich members serving on his campaign. 
President Trump, this movement is about America First. While JD Vance may have apologized and now says nice things about you (as candidate Vance) - the fact is JD Vance never once apologized for working against our movement and most importantly calling us - your original supporters - racist.  Further, JD Vance has done nothing since 2016 to earn Ohioans’ votes. 

Unlike the other candidates in this race, JD Vance has not developed relationships with Republican voters and grassroots leaders that are crucial to win. This endorsement of JD Vance is a betrayal to not only your Ohio supporters but Trump supporters across our great nation! 
President Trump winning is important, but so is draining the swamp and winning with honor and integrity. We have several fine candidates that can beat Tim Ryan. You trusted us in 2016 to do what was best for Ohio.   

We would respectfully request you reconsider your endorsement of JD Vance to show your supporters in Ohio and across our great states why we first believed in you back in 2016.  That it really was about the We the People, America First and Making America Great Again not supporting a political chameleon and snake oil salesman like JD Vance!

Thank you, 

Rob Scott
State Director for Ohio / Donald J. Trump for President (2016)
Electoral College At Large 

Ralph W King
Delegate 11th District
Electoral College 11th District

Linda Caudill
Delegate 1st District

Cheryl Blakely
Delegate 5th District
Electoral College 5th District

Doug Blakely
Delegate 5th District

Doug Matheney 
Delegate 15th District

Stephanie Matheney
Delegate 15th District

Glenn Newman
Delegate 6th District

Karen VanCamp
Delegate 6th District

Ron Lisy
Delegate 16th District

Russell Bliss
Delegate 14th District

Bonnie Dolezal
Delegate 11th District

Gary Broberg
Delegate 9th District

Kim Wilhelm
Delegate 12th District

Kirsten Hill
Delegate 4th District

Lori Tofani
Delegate 5th District

Greg Eldredge
Delegate 12th District

Marissa Walters
Delegate 10th District 

Robert Wells
Delegate 11th District

Steven Herbik
Delegate 11th District

Dana Kaczmark
Delegate 13th District

Douglas Guska
Delegate 16th District

Regina McManus
Delegate 14th District

Ed Kirker
Delegate 2nd District

Al Nels
Delegate 10th District

Lorene Nels
Delegate 10th District

Dick Stein
Delegate 4th District

Chris Besecker
Delegate 8th District

Maria Brown 
Delegate 10th District

Bob Scott
Delegate 10th District

Matthew Youngblood
Delegate 13th District

Debra Yonker
Delegate 13th District 

Jeanne Creech
Delegate 8th District

-- End --

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Guest Column: Joe Blystone Has Emerged as the True Alternative to Mike DeWine in Ohio’s Gubernatorial Race

Hello readers - over the years when Kings Right Site was active we would occasionally have people submit things they wanted put out for people to read.  More often than not the individuals writing did not have their own platform to get it out and were not able to do so anyways as being outspoken may cost them their job.

The below submittal is from an original & longtime follower of Kings Right Site.  This person has worked in and out of politics and campaigns at varying levels in and out of Ohio. They are also very knowledgeable on Ohio politics, the relationships and all the players. 

The following is the opinion of writer and not KRS. Me personally - I don't agree or disagree but I would suggest you read and consider this is from a person with a long history & deep understanding of politics in Ohio, campaigning and is far from an establishment swamper.

From Buckeye Swamp Fighter - 

Joe Blystone has come a long way from being the mysterious candidate whose yard signs, complete with his trademark cowboy hat, began appearing all across Ohio over a year and a half ago.  

Many Ohioans who are weary from over two years of stay-at-home orders, mask
mandates, vaccine mandates, business closures and a labor shortage caused by the same as well as an election canceled by decree have coalesced into a solid 20% voting block seeking oust Governor Mike DeWine.  But the leader of this voting block is not politician, millionaire and former Congressman Jim Renacci.

Instead it’s a cattle farmer from Canal Winchester in Central Ohio who has been barnstorming the state over the past year, doing as many as three meet-and-greet events per day, that has garnered a surprising 20% second place showing the latest poll conducted by The Hill and Emerson College.  This 20% showing is similar to a 20% showing in a poll conducted by noted conservative pollster The Trafalgar Group earlier this month.

Meanwhile Congressman Jim Renacci had a dismal showing in The Hill-Emmerson poll at only 9%.  This lackluster polling for Renacci comes at a time when his campaign shows signs of turmoil.  Recently Jim Renacci made headlines for claiming that he had the endorsement of MyPillow founder Mike Lindell only to have Lindell state that he did not endorse Renacci on national television.

So what accounts for Blystone’s insurgency in the Buckeye State?

First, Joe Blystone has a very well-organized grassroots campaign.  Capitalizing on the unfortunate circumstances that Governor Mike DeWine has put our state in by responding to the COVID-19 pandemic the way a Democrat would, Blystone was able to build a network through the lockdown protest movement that is active in all 88 counties.  

Many of these activists that Blystone has recruited to his cause are not the typical activists that you would see at a County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.  These are either first-time campaign volunteers or people who only volunteered for insurgent campaigns like that of President Donald J. Trump.  

His strategy of building this grassroots support has been an aggressive calendar of small but rapidly growing meet-and-greet events across the state at locations as diverse as Family Restaurants, Churches, Farms, Senior Centers, Yacht Clubs and even Biker Bars.  

Out of sheer curiosity, I attended one that took place in the Dayton area at a Sports Bar in Miamisburg that was packed with supporters and those curious just like myself.  It felt like a mini version of one of Donald Trump’s trademark rallies.  The crowd for the Blystone event filled the entire establishment, and there was a long line at the table handing out campaign collateral such as yard signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts in exchange for campaign contributions, which explains where all of these signs have been coming from over the past year.

Which brings me to the important topic of fundraising.  The saying goes that “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” Joe Blystone has not only shown that he is able to raise money, but in the last fundraising period he was able to double the amount raised by Renacci.

This fundraising is not without controversy however.  Currently there is an active complainant with the Ohio Elections Commission involving cash contributions that were not properly documented.  

While folks from the Renacci camp are making some grandiose claims about this, at face value it appears that this is most likely to have been a rookie candidate mistake by using inexperienced volunteers to handle his campaign funds.  If this complaint is found to be true by the Elections Commission, it’s most likely going to end up being a slap on the wrist from the Commission, albeit an expensive one.

Regardless, Blystone has found a way to raise money from an untapped grassroots source that no other candidate has in this race.  This combined with more experienced people handling his campaign finances should be an additional asset to his insurgent campaign. 

While Joe Blystone is no Trump he has successfully tapped into the populist energy that is on the rise within the GOP and he has successfully demonstrated that he has enough business knowledge, organizational skills to be the Chief Executive of the State of Ohio.

What business has Mike DeWine ever run?  Jim Renacci, while having owned a business, is pretty much a glorified car salesman.  Should Blystone win the primary he will easily be able to demonstrate that he has more real-world executive experience than either Democrat candidate, both of whom are former Mayors of cities where the Mayor’s role is mostly ceremonial and the day-to-day management was done by a City Manager.

Other than their career political offices that they have held, John Cranley’s experience is as an attorney, and Nan Whaley’s only non-political experience comes from selling dog licenses at the County Auditor’s office.  

Furthermore, Joe Blystone is the only candidate that has demonstrated that he has the courage to protect our freedoms, liberties and will not destroy our business climate with reckless mandates.  Can conservatives trust Jim Renacci to be the voice of liberty when he participated in President Obama’s Cash for Clunkers?  

Do you trust Jim Renacci to protect your family’s values while overseeing the Ohio Department of Education and appointing a majority of the members to the Ohio State Board of Education when he voted for funding Executive Order #13672 protecting transgender rights while serving as a member of Congress?

Joe Blystone and his supporters say it’s time for Ohioans to hire a farmer, and since Agriculture is Ohio’s #1 industry his experience in plowing fields and raising cattle is not irrelevant to leading the Buckeye State.

But the important question is can he win the General Election?

In order to win the primary this is what he must demonstrate to Republican voters.  

The same poll that he earns 20% in also says that 36% of Republican voters in Ohio are undecided.  These voters are default DeWine voters who are obviously upset with DeWine but are likely to “hold their nose” and vote for him because they know the Democratic alternative would be much worse.

Between now and Election Day Joe Blystone needs to aggressively compete for these voters who are in no mood to send DeWine back to the Governor’s Mansion. Here are the ways that he can do this:

Start reaching out to more traditional Republicans and even, dare I say it, “establishment” audiences.  While many Blystone supporters may have contempt for these people, he needs their votes and surprisingly many of them are just as disgusted with DeWine as those activists in the “Blystone Brigades” across the state.

Continue his attacks on DeWine, and start attacking and differentiating himself form the Democrats that are running to demonstrate to these undecided voters that he can compete against Whaley or Cranley in a General Election.

Finally, he needs to ignore Jim Renacci.  Renacci’s campaign has become a joke and the candidate himself has resorted to finger-pointing and name-calling.  Joe Blystone is above this as now he has assumed the role as the leading challenger on the Republican primary.

If he can do all three of these things, do not be surprised to see his poll numbers increase and the race tighten.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Blundering Biden!


North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile

With all eyes on the Russian invasion of Ukraine - North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

(Rocket Man) felt it would be a good time to launch another ballistic missile making it NK's sixth ballistic launch of the year.

Just like Rocket Man himself - this recently launched a ballistic missile that fell harmlessly in the Sea of Japan just outside Japan's exclusive economic zone.  

From Global Security - 

The South's military also said the launch took place from near the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang.

According to Japan's defense minister, North Korea's Sunday missile may have reached altitude of around 600 kilometers and it had likely flown around 300 kilometers.

Sunday's launch came less than two weeks ahead of a March 9 presidential election in South Korea, amid speculations by some in Seoul that North Korea may push ahead with missile development while international attention is focused on Russia's military operations of Ukraine. More...

Friday, February 25, 2022

Oh Look! Now Russia Wants to Talk!

 After sending in their soldiers & bombing the crap out of Ukraine - now facing global condemnation & sanctions after undertaking one of the largest attacks on another country since WW II - Russia says they are willing to "talk!"

From Global Security -- 

"As a result, Russia will completely destroy the heavy weapons of Ukrainian troops, including warplanes, tanks and armored troops as well as defense forces, such as air defense missile forces and the navy," Song said.

Russia announced it has destroyed Ukraine's airfields, air defenses and control systems just a few hours after it launched the military operations.

"And as we take the measures announced by the president to ensure the security of the country and the Russian people, we will certainly always be ready for a dialogue that will return us to justice and the principles of the UN Charter," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said late on Thursday. (Read more...)

We first posted about Vlad's saber rattling over Ukraine and the relationship they have with the US back in 2007 (Click to read)

I'm Back Bitches!

Yep - you got it! After having numerous requests from some old followers to start back up over the years - Kings Right Site is back bitches!!!

And you can be sure - like it used to be - nobody is safe. The new followers and grassroots ground troops will be getting some much needed eye opening on the Ohio Swamp! Those of you that remember KRS know what will happen and those that don't will soon see! 

Good politicians will be saluted and encouraged and the bad ones will be thrilled spitless when they are called out! It will be a little slow rolling at first as I knock the dust off. So I will start with some short posts that will increase as time goes on until we break in the new crowd! 

The retread establishment politicians like the Imp Mike DeWine, Slickster Jim Renacci, Jennifer Brunhilda Brunner, Matt "The Dumb Son" Dolan, etc... that are still slinking around will be toasted & roasted as will the new ones.

So buckle up my Star Spangled Sparky's - it's going to be fun again! 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Russian Forces to Target Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that Russian saboteurs had entered Kyiv, the capital, and that he was “target No. 1” for Russian forces, followed by his family.

In a short video address released after midnight on Friday in Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky, unshaven and wearing a T-shirt, said that 137 Ukrainians, military and civilian, had been killed so far in the Russian invasion that began Thursday morning. Click to read more...