Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jim Renacci – It’s all about him

Saturday March 6th, I had the pleasure or shall I say displeasure of listening to Jim Renacci at the New American Patriots vetting breakfast this morning. Once again it is all about him and what he has accomplished not what he is willing to do for us. He was going to keep his bio brief because we had limited time due to a funeral taking place and an appointment he had but instead he spent most of his time talking about himself and very little time answering questions from the audience.

Although he is a much better speaker now than he was at the Akron Tea Party vetting breakfast, he still can’t seem to get past the fact that it is not all about him. I frankly don’t care that he grew up poor near Pittsburgh, PA. Don’t care that his parents sold their home in 2000 for $6,000 dollars. It must have been a very crappy house or in a really crappy neighborhood if that is all they could get for it. That frankly is not my problem. What I want to know is: What are you going to do for the 16th district?

So far he has not said anything other than he will oppose what is happening right now re: health care, cap and trade and ect. Great but those bills are dead in the water right now. Health care may pass due to reconciliation but then again even that looks iffy. So what are you going to propose that is going to change health care in this country? I mean you must have some great idea because you have so many years in the health care industry. Except that we have not heard any of your ideas at all. Hmmm…. Does that mean that you really don’t have any ideas or do you have them but want to wait until after the election to tell us? Sounds like a democrat to me.

On the subject of experience . . .

Mr. Renacci that is wonderful that you have all that experience behind you. So do the 535 people in Congress currently and what has that done for this country. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I applaud you for your rags to riches story but that is not going to make me vote for you. I want to see the real you, the one who talks about his constituents not himself. So far all I have seen is a typical arrogant politician who thinks it is all about himself and cannot help making snide comments about his competition in the Republican Party. Let me see so you do not need the job, ever think that the other men running aren’t doing it because they need a job but instead are doing it because they want to make a difference. You are so hung up now about not needing a job then pledge to donate you salary to charity the whole time you are in Congress. Then maybe just maybe I might have a little respect for you. Then the other comment about being good looking and a good speaker. Yep your right Barak Obama was both of those things but that is not who you were talking about is it. Grow a pair and just slam Matt Miller (good looking and great speaker) and Paul Schiffer(needs a job) by name instead of the snide comments. Then maybe I and others would have more respect for you. Until then campaign with some dignity because you are not without your faults Mr. Chosen one.

Now that is an interesting subject – chosen one. There is no doubt that you were chosen because you are rich and nothing more. The Chairmen’s letters that you sent to the Central Committee members of the various county parties are rife with that drivel and then to have the Medina Executive Committee endorse you prior to a primary makes one wonder how much of a payoff occurred for you to secure those endorsements. And what is this nonsense that you were asked to run for this and asked to run for that and I have no political ambitions. So you have to be asked to serve your country? You cannot make that decision on your own – well that calls into question every decision then that you have made in your lifetime. Did you make those decisions because you were asked to do or because you wanted to? Is someone pulling the strings Mr. Chosen One because you just seem too good to be true.

Hmmm…. Manchurian Candidate anyone?


  1. I didn't get to meet this person, nor does it matter. Hey folks, we are hiring someone for a job that pays $174,000 dollars, plus perks. We should be asking them, what do you know about the job? What do you know about the district? What are the top 10 industries, top ten businesses, leaders, institutions, non-profits, issues, problems, etc., in THAT district? How does congress work? Exactly what and why do you think, Mr. Junior Congressman, that you will have any impact whatsoever? Do you vote with your party? Are you easily intimidated? If you got called to the Whitehouse and Rahm Emmanuel poked you in the chest while standing naked in a shower, would it change your vote? Can you be pressured? What are your core values and how do we know you aren't going to cry like a baby because you are going to have to make tough decisions. Will you be afraid of telling some folks, sorry, time to get off unemployment and figure it out yourselves. Will you be willing to tell folks, hey, maybe you shouldn't have that $250,000 house. Time to move.
    Will you tell the President of the United States that sorry sir, we like our fishing and our tomatoes and our rain barrels? I will stand in front of my people with an army of reports and fight you back with them? I will go to jail with my people? I am one of my people and you better be prepared to take me first because they elected me, they chose me, they have given me their voice to take into the halls of power and I will not let them down. I will not be drinking the koolade because I am filled with tea.

  2. Wow. Excellent reading of Renacci. If people want someone who is really out there for the constituents, then they should vote for Matt Miller. During his 8 years as County Commissioner, Matt Miller went to every event he could and was also willing to serve the people. Let's go OH-16! Please vote for the right person. Please vote for Miller.

  3. It has always been all about HIM, never what he could do for others, just what he could do for himself. Ask anyone who ever worked for one of his companies. Matt is the better choice by far.

  4. I wish someone would call him on his use of eminent domain while mayor of Wadsworth. Chippewa Twp. and Wadsworth have been locked in a batter over water rights for years. Renacci and company have been trying to use eminent domain to run lines through private property to pump water out of a well in Chippewa Twp. (but owned by Barberton and leased by Wadsworth). It's a lovely RINO thing to do.


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