Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cleveland ponders renaming school after Obama

How about them great leaders of Cleveland? We got to give them a hand - their fight to save our city is relentless - relentlessly inept!

While Cleveland is known as one place where a person would NOT want to relocate, is in the top 12 of America's most dangerous places to live, Mayor Non-Action Jackson is still trying to chase down unregistered parking lots cheating the city out of untold amounts of taxes, and Big Head Simpleman wants to turn us into a homo haven - NOW the town drunk wants to rename a Cleveland school after someone (Barack) who has so far accomplished the same as Cleveland Clowncil – nothing...

City Councilman Zack Reed called on fellow members at Monday's council meeting to join him in urging the Cleveland Municipal School District to rename a school in honor of the nation's first black president.

The school Reed wants renamed now is named after the man credited as the first American to die spying for the United States. As the British prepared to hang Nathan Hale, he reportedly said, "I regret only that I have but one life to give to my country," according to the Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. (Plain Dealer)
So we want to forego honoring a man who gave his life for our country - in exchange for a man who has not even wiped his ass yet as president! PRICELESS!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taliban Commander Killed Wearing Women's Clothing

The terrorists love playing up claims of civilian casualties when there is a attack of any form by U.S. troops.

Often times our soldiers are wrongly called murderers while - in the heat of battle - accidently shoot a women or a child. We have often seen how the MSM and the loon's on the left are so quick in rushing to judge our soldiers guilty and they are usually incorrect.

We even had that scumbag John Murtha, a Vietnam vet - who should know better, also call our soldiers cold-blooded murderers, said Marines killed women and children “in cold blood,” and disgustingly compared one incident to the My Lai massacre.

And just as the NVA and Viet Cong knew during the Vietnam War - that the propaganda value doubles when they claim women & children casualties - so do these Allah-seeking physco's. While quick to label our soldiers, it appears Murtha forgot what it was like to fight an enemy that wears no uniform and has no qualms in using civilians (women) as shields...

From Fox News --
The U.S. forces targeting the commander surrounded a house Friday in Ghazni province and ordered everyone inside to leave, a military statement said.

Six women and 12 children left the building, but while soldiers were questioning the women they discovered one was actually a man dressed in a burqa, the traditional all-encompassing dress that most Afghan women wear. The man, later identified as the targeted commander Haji Yakub, tried to attack the soldiers and was killed, the military said.

Yakub allegedly directed roadside bomb and suicide attacks against Afghanistan's government and coalition forces in Ghazni, according to the statement. Three other militants were killed in the operation, it said. More...

This shows the danger our troops face every day. With shit like this - who is anybody to second guess whatever they do?

Socialist Republic

At least Pat agrees with me!

From Pat Buchanon -- (Emphasis Added)
Barack Obama and George W. Bush seem to have come away from their study of the Great Depression with similar conclusions:

To wit: After the Crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve did not move fast enough to save the banks and inject cash into the economy. Second, the New Deal, far from being wastrel deficit spending, was not bold enough. So it was that America wallowed in depression for a decade until the unbridled spending and mammoth deficits of World War II pulled us out.

Bush and Obama seem determined not to make the same mistake.

We are all Keynesians now.

Thus, we have the $700 billion Bush bank bailout, the $700 billion "stimulus package" Obama wants by inauguration to "jolt this economy back into shape" and the $800 billion fund Hank Paulson created to get consumers borrowing and buying again.

These come on top of Bush $455 billion deficit, the $29 billion bailout of Bear Stearns, the $105 billion in pork to grease the $700 billion bailout, the $100 billion to $200 billion to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat, the $140-billion-and-counting for AIG, the $25 billion for the greening of GM, Ford and Chrysler, the $25 billion more to save the Big Three and the $20 billion for CitiGroup.

Now much of this overlaps, and some will be retrieved. But we are still staring at a deficit that could approach $2 trillion.

How would this stack up historically?

A deficit of $1.4 trillion would be 10 percent of gross domestic product, dwarfing the postwar record 6 percent run by Ronald Reagan in the Jimmy Carter recession.

Bewailing the "Reagan deficits" has been a staple of Democratic oratory. This will stop. But the politics of this is not the point, the policy is.

Consider what we are about to do. Bush in 2008 spent 21 percent of GDP. States, counties and cities spent another 12 percent. Thus, one third of GDP is spent by government at all levels. Obama and Co. propose to raise that by another 10 percent of GDP. We may soon be north of 40 percent of gross domestic product controlled and spent by government.

That is Eurosocialism.

And where, exactly, are we going to get the money?

Americans save nothing. We spend more than we earn. Thus the levels of consumer debt, credit card debt, auto debt and mortgage debt. U.S. foreign-exchange reserves amount to a piddling $73 billion.

The only nation with the kind of cash on hand we need now -- if we don't print the money and invite another gigantic bubble -- is China, with its $2 trillion in foreign-exchange reserves. Will Beijing lend back the dollars it has piled up by selling to us?

China certainly has an incentive to keep Americans spending. For our purchases of Chinese-made goods have often been responsible for 100 percent of China's growth. China does not want to kill the American goose that lays those golden eggs -- until the goose can't lay any more eggs. Then they won't need the goose.

But should China decide to lend us the money, what will Beijing demand in interest rates and assurances that we will not default. After all, the U.S. debt is 70 percent of GDP, our savings rate is near zero, and our merchandise trade deficit is still running at 5 percent to 6 percent of GDP.

Unlike the 1950s, we are today dependent on foreigners for two-thirds of our oil and for much of our manufactured goods -- toys, TVs, radios, cameras, cars, shoes, clothes, bikes, motorcycles -- and for the $700 billion to $800 billion we borrow each year to pay for these imports.

With U.S. homeowners, consumers, companies and banks now going bust, why must the nation borrow trillions more to bail them out? So we can maintain our status and standard of living as the last superpower.

Bush and Obama are competing to shovel out trillions of dollars, so we can return to the good times of yesterday.

But wasn't yesterday the root cause of today? Didn't saving nothing and spending more than we earn, purchasing what we cannot afford in cars, consumer goods and houses, buying far more from abroad than we sell abroad -- didn't that cause this crisis and crash?

A family man in America's condition, awash in debt, spending more than he makes, would cut back consumption, find a second job and get out of debt. Or declare bankruptcy, accept the shame and humiliation, change his wastrel ways and start anew.

Is it different for a nation?

Yet we seem to believe we can borrow and spend our way out of a swamp of unpayable debt into which borrowing and spending have plunged us.

We are headed either for default on our debts and bankruptcy as a nation, or something less honorable: a quiet cheapening of the debts we have incurred by inflating and destroying the dollar, robbing our creditors of what we owe them and robbing our own people of the value of what they have earned. And so it has come to this.

What would the Founding Fathers think of us now?

More Bailout Bull Crap

I have been MIA for the last week and will be catching up on posting.

Listening to one the MSM talking melon heads the other night I heard something completely mind-boggling…

The reporter said economists are predicting the economy is worse than expected and is getting worse. The problem? Consumers are not spending money because there is no credit to give. Another stimulus package, along with more bailouts will enable lenders to extend more credit – which will make consumers start spending again.

WTF!!! Have the people running this country gotten more stupid in the past several weeks? They have already admitted they are not sure what will fix our economy and are unable to give a detailed plan on how to fix it. So the plan is to throw more money at it - without trying to fix the problem.

Besides calling Schumer a clueless cad, William Kristol offers this insightful prose - but misses the point...

Indeed, one hopes they’re not too invested in the findings of the economics profession of which they’re such distinguished products — because one suspects many of the conventional answers of that profession aren’t much applicable to the current situation. After all, wasn’t it excessive confidence in complex economic models and sophisticated financial instruments on the part of people well educated in modern economics that helped get us into the current mess?
Complex economic models? These models are of nothing more than a complex pyramid scam - and the bottom has dropped out. It was confidence in an over-inflated market with phantom dollars and accounting that has brought us this crisis. I believe the smarty-pants in DC know what the problem is - they just refuse to admit it.

The problem is, as a country & at every level, we are over-extended! Plain and simple!

Enticing people into spending more by extending more credit doesn't fix the problem - it just puts us in a deeper hole to be again uncovered at a later date. Simply put - it's just an infusion of cash to keep the pyramid scam going.

Steaming Load Award: Carleton University pukes stop charity fund raising, because disease isn’t ‘inclusive’ enough

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: University pukes stop charity fund raising, because disease isn’t ‘inclusive’ enough.

For nearly 50 years, students attending 65 Ivory Towers throughout Canada participated in the Shinearama fundraiser. For the past 25 years, Carleton University has done its part to raise money for the Shinearama's recipient, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This year, the commissars ruling over the Carleton University Student Association, decided to dump the annual charity like a bad habit. Why? Because, the disease isn’t "inclusive" enough to satisfy these knee-jerk campus Korrectniks.

How politically incorrect is cystic fibrosis? Very, because its victims are, predominantly whitey, and - GASP - male! I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you and so were the steaming turds running the student association:
‘...Every year near the beginning of fall classes, during university orientation for new arrivals, students fan out across the city and seek donations from passersby. According to the motion, "all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their (sic) diverse communities."...’ (Vancouver Sun)

If cystic fibrosis isn’t suitably inclusive, what about other diseases that are equally guilty when it comes to being improperly diverse? Should whitey be asked to raise money for a sickle cell charity, when the disease is largely restricted to the melanin-enriched? Should men be asked to raise money for an ovarian cancer charity, which is - DUH - restricted to women? What about having adults raise money to fight diseases which only nail tykes? Where do we draw the line? How far do these Carleton Korrectniks want to take this improperly-inclusive disease ethnic cleansing?

This giant pile of Carleton shit takes Korrectness to a whole new level. When you start dissing a disease for not being inclusive, you’ve got your head shoved WAY, WAY, WAY up your own butt. In fact, it appears to be a new world’s record.

Ironically, the commissars on this student association council, need to attend some remedial ethnicity classes, because the ‘Caucasians’ impacted by cystic fibrosis aren’t all lily white, or male. Cathleen Morrison, chief executive of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, nailed the student association commissars with this objective reality bitch slap:
The rationale for dropping cystic fibrosis as the beneficiary is not correct, she said. CF is diagnosed just as often among girls as boys, although the health of girls deteriorates more rapidly, she said. It is commonly considered an illness that affects Caucasians, but that includes people from the Middle East, South America, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. " 'Caucasian' as we understand it isn't just white people," said Morrison. "It includes people with a whole rainbow of skins." (Vancouver Sun)

I don’t give a flaming damn if a disease only impacts Ivory Tower Korrectniks who got shit poisoning after shoving their heads up their asses. I don’t care if a disease only impacts neo-Marxist shitbags who hate liberty. If I am properly motivated to ‘help my fellow man’ my primary concern is that the folks running the charity aren’t lining their own pockets with my largesse. Obviously, that kind of attitude won’t fly at Carleton, where a disease must be vetted and proved beneficial to the properly-hyphenated, and ONLY the properly-hyphenated.

If you’re looking for the world’s asshole, you’ll find it at Carlton University in Canada, where the giant turds on the student association are clogging the bowl. There’s only one cure for this insanity: FLUSH!

Perpetrated by: Hambo

Monday, November 24, 2008

US Kills Al Qaeda Mastermind of Airline Liquid Bomb Plot

I sure hope Allah has a bunch of virgins – our boys sent him another present…

From National Terror Alert --

In what would be another major blow to al Qaeda, a CIA missile strike reportedly killed the long-sought British al Qaeda figure believed to have coordinated and planned the 2006 plot to use liquid bombs to blow up eight aircraft bound for the United States and Canada.

27-year old Rashid Rauf was killed, according to Pakistani officials, in an unmanned
Predator missile strike against a home in the North Waziristan village of Khaisur shortly before dawn today.

A senior Pakistani intelligence official told his death cannot be officially confirmed until the results of DNA tests are known because the bodies were burned beyond recognition in the attack.

But the official said the U.S. believes it is certain Rauf was killed. More...

Jefferson County YR's come out against Ohio GOP Deputy Chairman Kevin DeRINO

A tip of the Crown to Matt at NaugBlog for this info --

The dissent over Ohio GOP Deputy Chairman, and potential Chairman, Kevin DeRINO, turning the Ohio GOP into a bunch of kool-aid drinking, tofu eating conservatives is continuing to grow.

Billy Valentine, President of the Jefferson County Young Republicans, has released the following...


November 18, 2007
Contact: Billy Valentine

Incoming Ohio GOP Chairman DeWine Part of Problem, Not Solution

Republican Party Leaders in Jefferson County Speak Out Against DeWine’s Comments

STEUBENVILLE, OH — Comments made by incoming Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine have outraged Republican Party leaders in Jefferson County, Ohio. At a press conference, DeWine claimed the Republican Party has lost its way because of issues like abortion and marriage and wants to abandon any focus on the issues.

“What DeWine doesn’t understand is many GOP activists and voters across the state, especially here in Jefferson County, are Republicans because they are pro-life, not the other way around,” said Mary Novick, president of the Franciscan University of Steubenville College Republicans. “If the Ohio Republican Party abandons us and refuses to voice our values, we will abandon the party.”

During the 2008 election cycle, Franciscan University College Republicans made over 42,000 voter contacts. Because of their efforts, John McCain came just shy of winning heavily Democratic Jefferson County by just 50 votes. In 2006, Franciscan University deployed the third-most students for GOTV efforts in the entire nation, and hosted a values voters forum featuring Ken Blackwell and Sen. Mike DeWine. In 2004, Franciscan students staged the biggest protest of John Kerry’s entire campaign, sparking national news coverage.

“We don’t make tens of thousands of phone calls and knock on thousands of doors cycle after cycle for the Ohio Republican Party because of issues like taxes,” said Novick. “Sure we agree with the party on the issue, but its not what motivates us to work so hard.”

Billy Valentine, president of the Jefferson County Young Republicans, said that DeWine is part of the problem, not the solution. Valentine is the former chairman of the Franciscan University College Republicans for the 2006 election cycle.

“Voters have abandoned the Republican Party not because of its message, but because of its corrupt messengers, said Valentine. “DeWine himself is part of the problem, as he voted for former Gov. Taft’s massive tax increase which is a big part of the reason why the Ohio Republican brand is in shambles in the first place. Our party needs new messengers, not a new message. DeWine is part of the problem, not the solution. It is especially obvious because since coming under fire for his comments, DeWine has not tried to make amends, and instead has defiantly denied any wrongdoing, a typical characteristic of failed leadership. He only apologizes for the backlash that has resulted from his comments, not the comments themselves.”

The Franciscan University College Republicans and the Jefferson County Young Republicans are calling on DeWine to retract his comments and to pledge to make sure that social issues remain an integral part of the Ohio Republican Party message.

“DeWine needs to stop defying those who he is supposed to lead, needs to make amends, and needs to reunite the party in a time we so desperately need it. If he is incapable of doing this he shouldn’t be anointed as the party’s leader,” said Valentine.

The Franciscan University College Republicans are affiliated with the Ohio College Republican Federation. The Jefferson County Young Republicans are not affiliated with the statewide party or any other group.


I came to know Billy through blogging and the State of Ohio Bloggers Alliance. Billy Valentine will be a future leader in our party. His leadership qualities and his strong belief in our conservative cause is the type of leadership we need to grow in our party.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time for a "CHANGE" in the Cuyahoga County Republican Party

I believe everyone has a right to a fair defense. Being a Republican, I also believe it is a persons right to make money. But there is a line of integrity that should not be crossed - EVEN if you are an attorney.

The PD comments on the treasure chest of money local attorneys will be raking in over the Cuy Co. corruption scandal. Again - every one being investigated has the right to obtain the best counsel they can - but that counsel has an ethical & moral obligation to decline based on past, present or future conflicts of interest. That is if they have any integrity or sense of duty.

After the RPCC Chairman Rob Frost calls for Russo to step down because of alleged misconduct in office - what the hell is the attorney for our Central Committee doing representing him!?!?!?
The top lawyers who have been retained include several who used to be federal prosecutors in Cleveland. That list includes Bill Beyer, who represents Vince Russo, and Roger Synenberg, who has been retained by Vince's father, Cuyahoga County Recorder Frank Russo.
This, and the results of this last election confirms that the RPCC, the current leadership structure, and the select "social club" members that pull the strings are nothing more than abject failures. The party has become nothing more than a hinderance in our attempts of advancing Republican/Conservative ideals and most importantly improving Cuyahoga County.

Their inability to face and acknowledge their failures, combined with a complete lack of even being relevant in Cuyahoga County politics or events, and with officers openly working against the interest of our party, willfully violate our bylaws and operate in defiance of Chairman Rob Frost - shows a leadership change from top to bottom is in order.

** Correction **
Please note correction;

I had a conversation with Chairman Frost and was kindly informed that Roger Synenberg is no longer legal counsel for the RPCC. Chairman Frost indicated that when he was reelected in January – Patrick O’Donnell was appointed legal counsel for the Central Committee and Dan Carter is the legal counsel for the Executive Committee.

To explain the mistake – Roger was legal counsel for the Central Committee during Frost’s first term as Chairman of the RPCC. At the time of the first post – the RPCC website still had Roger listed as holding this position. Furthermore, a fellow RPCC member indicated in at least two conversations, after Frost’s reelection, that he feels he was led to believe Roger was still representing our party. Regardless, it is incorrect.

Does that change how I feel? Absolutely not! He is still an active, participating RPCC member and I expect better - especially from someone who has held previous leadership positions in our party. Namely – being a past chairman!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What not to say when you are a minister caught having oral sex with a prostitute

This preaching politician should have called Bill Clinton for help in explaining his predicament. Or he should have at least used Bill's - "I never had sex with that women" line...

From The Hartford Courant --
A former president of the Atlantic City Council has pleaded guilty to helping set up a political rival in a videotaped sex session.

Former council President Craig Callaway is already in prison for bribery. He pleaded guilty Friday in state Superior Court in Mays Landing to conspiracy to commit invasion of privacy.

He admitted in a plea agreement to renting rooms in an Absecon motel where Councilman Eugene Robinson was secretly filmed receiving oral sex from a prostitute. Callaway will not have to testify against other defendants.

Robinson, a Baptist minister, has said that the sex was consensual and that money he gave the woman was to buy sodas.

Yeah thats it... she was trying to get him a POP when the can became stuck and she was pulling the lever - with her mouth!

Mount Obama

The dolt has not even been sworn in yet and everything from schools to mountains are being renamed after him!

From Fox News --

The Hempstead Union Free School District board voted unanimously Thursday night to rename Ludlum Elementary School as Barack Obama Elementary School. The change went into effect immediately, school officials said Friday.

Officials for the Long Island district say they think the school is the country's first to be named after the first black president-elect, although similar efforts to rename schools, parks and streets are under way elsewhere.

The Clear Stream Avenue School in Valley Stream, N.Y., also on Long Island, will consider a renaming resolution in December. Students at the Clark K-8 At Binnsmead school in Portland, Ore., are seeking to rename it after Obama. And the prime minister of the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has said he wants its Boggy Peak renamed Mount Obama.

I guess I am getting swept up in the Obama renaming craze too.... I now refer to my dirty underwear as my "Obama's."

(Disclaimer: KRS wants to apologize to any homo's that came to the post thinking, because of the title , you thought it was a sweepstakes or drawing to have your way with Obama.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Steaming Load Award - Korrectnik USMC Officers

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: Marine’s ride banned from all federal installations for ‘offensive’, Jihadikaze-bashing, decals.

"The banning of these decals is political correctness run amok in the military. Our troops are being killed by Islamic terrorists, 9/11 was caused by Islamic terrorists, these terrorists want to destroy America, the Islamic countries persecute Christians and now the military is victimizing a father whose son was killed by Islamic terrorists while serving our nation." (Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center)

Jesse Nieto deserves better from the nation he defended for a quarter of a century as a proud member of the United States Marines. Jesse Nieto’s personal sacrifice hit very close to home, when his son was killed by the Jihadikaze assault on the U.S.S. Cole. At minimum, he deserves more respect from the officers at Camp Lejeune where he’s a civilian worker.

The focal points of his banishment are the two bumper stickers shown in the accompanying images. The views expressed struck a nerve with at least two uniform-wearing Korrectniks who need to be reminded that we’re at WAR with these Jihadikaze rat bastards.

Nieto has worked as a civilian employee at Camp Lejeune since 1994. It was about 2001 when he started displaying various decals and bumper stickers on his vehicle "expressing anti-terrorist sentiments," such as "Remember the Cole, 12 Oct 2000," "Islam = Terrorism," and "We Died, They Rejoiced."

On July 31, he was ticketed on base by two military police officers for displaying "offensive material."

The ticket was issued even though other automobile-mounted slogans such as a Confederate flag with, "If This Offends You… You Need a History Lesson," a "Darwin fish" mocking Christianity, sexually explicit symbols such as silhouettes of nude women, one with "Your Child May be an Honor Student But Your Driving Sucks," and several versions of a cartoon character (similar to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes) urinating on various symbols were allowed, the lawsuit said.

In August, after Nieto refused to remove the "offending" decals, the base magistrate issued a written order that required him to take his vehicle off the base "until all decals were removed" and banning his vehicle from all federal installations nationwide.

The order, the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina said, now prevents Nieto from visiting Arlington National Cemetery, where his son is buried. (World Net Daily)
The rubber hits the road when you read the following tidbit, which reveals that some uniformed Korrectnik got a wild hair up his butt that made him single out Jesse for this asinine, intolerable, abuse:
According to the lawsuit, Lt. Col. James Hessen, the base traffic court officer, ruled that the decals on Nieto's vehicle were "offensive," and when asked to explain, said, "'It's just what I think,' or words to that effect," the complaint states. (WND)
Jesse Nieto devoted 25 years of his life to the defense of his country. He lost his son Marc during the October 12, 2000 attack on the Cole by the Jihadikazes. He deserves better than this. He deserves a lot better than this. We wish him, and his Thomas More Law Center Legal team, a swift and comprehensive victory in this free speech battle against entrenched Military meathead Korrectness.

This kind of bullshit is intolerable in this land conceived in liberty which Jesse’s son gave his life defending.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

Celebrate Victory in Iraq Day on 11/22/08

H/T Hambo at PIG

I cannot think of a better way of saluting our troops and showing our thanks for their hard fought successes in Iraq than by joining the guys at Zombie Time in an online victory celebration declaring - November 22, 2008 as Victory in Iraq Day!

We cannot afford another black eye like the one the long hairs gave our country by spitting on and committing other despicable acts against our returning Vietnam soldiers. Our troops have already endured enough abuse - not only from the terrorist's abroad - but from their own country members.

Even though the left does not like it - winning a war is not a bad thing & we have WON! Our soldiers valiant and victorious efforts need to be recognized!

If you want to participate - click here for more info.

The RINO's Are Coming!

From ALG --

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The GOP - Do We Still Have A Soul?

Here is a great article from Americans for Limited Government....

The GOP: Losing its Own Soul?

By Alex Rosenwald

There’s one thing all of the politicos seem to agree on from both sides of the Aisle, at either end at Pennsylvania Avenue: The Republican Party took a major hit this election year. With Barack Obama now in the White House, and Democrat gains in the House and Senate, many people now feel the GOP really has no relevant role in Washington anymore. Or does it?

Monday, The Washington Times ran a story at the top of Page One, above the fold, describing the feelings of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), who paints a bleak picture for Republicans unless they get their act together soon. Cantor urges the Republican Party “to offer concrete solutions, rather than just “being content to offer principles.” He adds, “It’s the relevancy question.”

Well, Congressman, there’s no doubt that the GOP must offer some good problem-solving solutions, but what good is that if you have no moral compass to direct it? Or, as The Good Book puts it, “What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?” The principles that guide any political party are of critical import to developing concrete solutions to the nation’s most pressing concerns. If the Republican Party wants to be relevant, it must rebuild its brand with conservative principles, like smaller government and lower taxes, to name a few. And then, it must offer “concrete solutions.”

Unfortunately, the GOP didn’t get off to a very good start in Chicago yesterday, where President-elect Obama and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) met to “seek common ground” and “move on” from the past election season, according to an article in Alongside Mr. McCain was close friend, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). According to the report, Mr. McCain and company intended to bring a more bi-partisan tone to the Republican platform.

Now, no shock there, Mr. Graham mentions that there are “areas of bi-partisan solutions [that] are needed.” And there goes the ballgame.

Earth to Mr. Graham: To the Democrats, “bi-partisan” is a code word for “vivisection.” Republicans must not buy into the narrative that their political adversaries have written for them, which is little more than a preemptive obituary.

When Republicans win, the Democrats launch holy war. There is no insult, attack or underhanded assault that could possibly be considered out of bounds. But when the Democrats and liberals win, both parties are supposed to join hands and sing kumbayah. Sure, the Democrats want to bury the hatchet—right in the Republicans’ backs. This is a prescription for disaster and a generation of irrelevance. Mr. Obama should be challenged and fought every step of the way.

There are countless examples of bi-partisan bills that have failed. The Financial Bailout of 2008, supported by Senators McCain and Obama, has only increased the national debt and put the Country in a more challenging downward spiral. Others include: Campaign Finance “Reform, which banned soft money. There is No Child Left Behind, which spends excessive federal money on a program that has produced miserably for helping improve the quality of education in America. And then, there is “The Prescription Drug Benefit”, notably the largest expansion of the welfare state
since the LBJ Years--to name a few of the bi-partisan “achievements” in Washington.

Now, let’s go back to the bedrock question: is the GOP still relevant? Well, if it continues to support failed, liberal policies, it will become little more than a footnote in history for having failed to offer a compelling conservative alternative to the Big Government socialism engineering.

If two people are doing the same job, one is redundant. And it’s usually the copycat who evanesces. So the Republicans have taken a hit. Now, they have to decide whether they want to roll over and play dead, or hit back. Right now, they seem to be reaching for the embalming fluid.

Alex Rosenwald is a contributing editor of ALG News Bureau.

ACTION ALERT: Conservatism in Ohio under attack by GOP Leaders


From my email --

From the desk of....
Diane Stover

Incoming Ohio Republican Party chairman wants to move away from pro-life, pro-marriage message - 2 Action Steps Requested:

Kevin DeWine, soon-to-be Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, held a press conference on Nov. 6, 2008. He told reporters that focusing on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage is causing the Republican Party to lose voters. Kevin DeWine recommended that the Republican Party stop emphasizing opposition to abortion & gay marriage, and instead concentrate on fiscal issues. Scroll to bottom if you wish to read full articles.

Take Action: ---then forward this---

1.) Call your Republican Party County Chairman (from purple list below). Leave brief message with your opinion on Kevin DeWine's remarks.

2.) E-mail members of the Republican State Central Committee. These committee members will vote on promoting Kevin DeWine in January. E-mail them as a group by copying / pasting their e-addresses:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Talking Points:

The Republican Party needs to stand strong for both social & fiscal conservative values. Without pro-life, pro-marriage voters, the Republican Party would have lost by a much bigger margin than it did.

On fiscal issues, Kevin DeWine didn't live by his own advice. As a state rep, Kevin voted for Bob Taft's tax increase--the largest tax increase in state history---plus he voted for the massive Gas Tax Increase & 151 other fee increases (ie, drivers license fee).


Republican Party County Chairmen - Find your county Chair & call him/her:

Adams Harty Wallingford
Allen Keith Cheney 419-228-7040 419-331-5655
Ashland Bob DeSanto 419-289-1710 419-289-1454
Ashtabula Richard Hornstein 440-992-4008 440-576-6925
Athens Pete Couladis 740-589-9914
Auglaize Wayne York
Belmont Kent Moore 740-676-0206
Brown Paul Hall 800-525-4255
Butler Joseph Schwarz 513-893-5292
Carroll David Jones 330-735-2200
Champaign Ron Coder 937-653-6073 937-653-1477
Clark Dan Harkins 937-324-8482 937-307-0607
Clermont Tim Rudd 513-876-3466 513-732-1611
Clinton Roger Bennett 937-382-3778 937-382-3444
Columbiana David Johnson 330-223-1511
Coshocton David Burns 740-622-8960 740-622-2011
Crawford Don Long 419-562-8739
Cuyahoga Robert Frost 216-621-5415
Darke Gerg Fraley 937-548-0313
Defiance Jeffrey Strausbaugh 419-782-2625 419-784-3700
Delaware Teri Morgan 614-888-6085
Erie Jude Hammond 419-433-3031 419-627-6650
Fairfield Steve David 740-689-1746
Fayette Robin Beekman 740-426-6273
Fulton Sandra Barber 419-335-4428 419-337-9282
Gallia Lawrence Tawney 740-446-1856
Geauga 440-834-0680
Greene Marilyn Reid 937-431-5000
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The following are the links and some excerpts from the article that Diane Stover sends in the email...

New Ohio chairman says Republican
party suffering 'identity crisis'

A fixation on social issues, continuing scandals and a worn out message are costing the Republican Party support from the young voters it needs to remain viable, the incoming chairman of the Ohio Republican Party told reporters today.

For too long, DeWine said, social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage have driven the GOP agenda, causing it to lose voters looking for pragmatic solutions to everyday problems. "We have to exchange a fiscal message and economic message in for a social message that has dominated the messaging of this party for the last decade. We have to re-engage the middle class, step up with an agenda that solves problems and puts people first." (Whole Article)

From fellow SOB member Justin Miller at Politicker OH --

DeWine's desire to shift away from social issues leads to uproar
ORP deputy chair Kevin DeWine told reporters at a press conference last Thursday that the party has to, "exchange a fiscal message and an economic message in for the
social message that has dominated the messaging of this party for the past decade," and said the GOP has had a "distracting focus on social issues."

"He's wrong, he's just dead wrong," said Lori Viars, a leading activist and organizer in Republican politics and executive director of the Family First political action committee. Viars said the passage of amendments in 30 states limiting the definition of marriage to between that of a single man and woman shows that social conservatism is still popular. Ohio Right to Life executive director Mike Gonidakis said DeWine doesn't look like an effective future chairman.

"Based on his comments last week, it appears that he just doesn't understand the party and how to energize the base, and quite frankly, and most importantly, how to win elections," he said. Gonidakis said DeWine had a perfect voting record on abortion issues while serving in the state House and was confused as to why he seemingly wants to move the party away from a social-conservative message.

Viars said she personally wants DeWine to step down from the leadership. "Because I think it shows that he doesn't understand the base and that's a problem if you have a party chairman who doesn't understand the base," she said. (Whole Article)

GOP in Ohio searching for fresh identity
Republicans eye expanding base

"If you add to that the growing frustration over a five-year war, the unpopularity of a Republican president, the distracting fixation on social issues, and never-ending ethics concerns both in Ohio and nationally the electorate said it had enough, and I can't say that I blame them," he said.

Mr. DeWine threw out a series of names that he considers to represent the party's future, among them U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, Speaker of the House Jon Husted, Auditor Mary Taylor, and state Sen. Mark Wagoner (R., Ottawa Hills).

"What the party needs is a new set of faces and a new set of ideas," he said. "It's what the party needs to do not just here in Ohio, but what the party needs to do nationally." (Whole Article)

Here is a link to a post that I made on DeWine's desire to turn our party into a "Democrat Lite Party" that doesn't taste great and isn't less filling. In fact, I would say it tastes like, and is FULL of ****!

People once we start down the slippery slope DeWine wants to take us - the frantic sled ride to the bottom - WILL NOT have a happy ending for anyone with conservative values!

Monday, November 17, 2008

U.S. & Iraq sign Troop Withdrawal Agreement

The date the terrorists have been waiting for has been set! Their lucky day comes on December 31, 2011. By this day ALL of our remaining 150,000 troops will be out of Iraq.

From Reuters --
Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari and U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker signed a long-awaited accord on Monday requiring Washington to withdraw its forces within three years. More...

What transpires will be interesting.... The Iraqi Parliament is expected to pass the accord. While the violence in Iraq has decreased and the SURGE many were against obviously worked - setting a date in stone is a big mistake.

With this agreement and signing of this accord we bowed to the pressure of local terrorist Muqtada al-Sadr. Who by the way, should have been the target of a sniper rifle a very long time ago!

"I repeat my demand that the occupier leave the land of our beloved Iraq unconditionally, without retaining bases or signing agreements," al-Sadr said in a statement released by his office in the Shi'ite holy city of Najaf. "If they remain, I will support the resistance ... as long as their weapons are directed exclusively against the occupier." (See pictures of Iraq's revival.)

The terrorist nation of Syria, feeling that only an immediate withdrawal is satisfactory, is stating that with the signing of the accord - the U.S. should apologize to Iraq...

Syria's information minister, Mohsen Bilal, told the AP on Monday that rather than rewarding the U.S. occupiers with the pact, Iraqis should get an apology from Washington for the damage done to their country.

Maybe Obama can send them milk & cookies when he is president and they will all of a sudden love us!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Murders Mother of 5 in front of 4 month old baby

This following story makes me sick! A mother of 5 was brutally murdered in front of her 4 month old daughter by an illegal border-jumping bandito thug.

The worst about this - the illegal murdering border jumper was arrested twice prior to his killing this innocent mother. Each time he was arrested, he admitted to being here illegally and was still released each time.

The blood of this women is on the hands of all the amnesty supporting, open border, "we love illegals" advocates and politicians. I wish the pain and suffering of this woman's husband and five children rests on your souls and the souls of your children.

From ALIPAC --

At 5:02 p.m., Davila pulled into the parking lot outside the Cricket cell phone store on Uvalde Road near Wallisville Road, about a five-minute drive from her house in Houston. The next few moments were captured on the video surveillance camera outside the store.

Davila parked her white Chrysler Aspen SUV and stepped out. She started walking toward the store, leaving Kaylynn buckled into her car seat. An older model Ford Taurus pulled in behind Davila's SUV. A man jumped out and ran to block the door. He and Davila struggled over her purse and car keys.

A witness in the parking lot told detectives Davila screamed for her baby. The man stabbed Davila and ran back to his car, tossing the keys away. She stumbled inside the store, clutching her chest.

.....Timoteo Rios, the man charged with killing Davila, was an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. Rios had admitted to local law enforcement twice before the slaying that he was in the country illegally, but he wasn't deported, according to arrest and immigration records. More...

And Oberlin, Ohio wants to become a sanctuary city, giving thugs like this a safe haven!

The Blind ORP looking for an Identity & a Clue!

Well this is not good for any Ohio conservatives or GOP members....

Kevin DeWine, the Ohio GOP Deputy Chairman & Blowhard Bennett's replacement, sounds like he is taking a cue from the Democrat supporting members of the RPCC. DeWine will be taking advice on rebuilding our lost soul of a party from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern.

From The Columbus Dispatch --

The Republican Party is experiencing an "identity crisis" and must "rethink" how it can compete in the future, the state party's deputy chairman said yesterday after watching Ohio complete its transition from "red" to "blue."

"We have left as a party our conservative roots based in fiscal responsibility and limited government," said Kevin DeWine. "We have exchanged it for large government expansion, arguably the largest government expansion in the history of our nation.

"If you add to that the growing frustration over a five-year war, the unpopularity of a Republican president, the distracting fixation on social issues, and never-ending ethics concerns both in Ohio and nationally … the electorate said it had enough, and I can't say that I blame them," he said.

On Tuesday, Republicans lost the White House to Democrat Barack Obama with Ohio's help, lost two and possibly three Ohio congressional seats, and surrendered control of the state House of Representatives to Democrats for the first time in 14 years.

After monopolizing state executive office as recently as 2006, Republicans hold one statewide executive - auditor.

There was some good news for Republicans. They maintained their 21-12 Ohio Senate majority and their monopoly of the state Supreme Court.

But Mr. DeWine said Republicans must engage middle-class, suburban, women, African-American, and young voters and adopt a "zero tolerance" for misconduct.

"We have to do a better job connecting on campuses," he said. "It's my belief that our party has lost a generation of young voters. The number of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 who look at the Republican Party as a party of choice for them is gone."

Despite Mr. DeWine's talk of a wider, more-inclusive tent, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said the Republican Party closes its doors too quickly to those who might want to come inside.

"There are good Republicans who can't win because the party only approves a pro-life position," he said.

"Of the 53 Democrats [in the House] on Jan. 1, 20 are pro-life. We don't have a litmus test. Kevin's words vindicate my long-held position that the Republican Party is not an inclusive party. They have a number of litmus tests that exclude good candidates."

Republicans are looking ahead at 2010, a crucial state election in which the GOP must make gains or risk sitting on the sidelines for years to come.

Three of the seats on the panel that will redraw state legislative districts in 2011 will be on the ballot in two years - governor, secretary of state, and auditor. If no changes are brought about in that election, Democrats will control that panel 3-2 and be in position to redraw the map that will shape Ohio House and Senate elections for the next decade.

Mr. DeWine threw out a series of names that he considers to represent the party's future, among them U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, Speaker of the House Jon Husted, Auditor Mary Taylor, and state Sen. Mark Wagoner (R., Ottawa Hills).

"What the party needs is a new set of faces and a new set of ideas," he said. "It's what the party needs to do not just here in Ohio, but what the party needs to do nationally."

RINOvich a future leader of our party? The guy should be put out to pasture! That dipweed DeWine would even make a statement so stupid - shows our party's future with him as chairman will not be much better than it is now.

It sounds as if DeWine just got in Columbus last week! Has he not been there for awhile? We have completely ignored younger Republicans over the years and at campaign times. They would much rather spin their wheels on the "get out the vote" concept that no longer is the cure-all for winning elections.

More inclusive tent? One just needs to look at the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County to see blurring our values and becoming more democrat does not work. Many of the big-wigs in the RPCC routinely support democrats - even when they run against Republicans and this does not win us elections. Though it does help the personal & financial ambitions of some - Pogue, Gunning, Synenberg, etc...

Even promoting left-leaning candidates like our loser candidate for County Commissioner, Debbie Sutherland (supported tax increases - questionable on pro-life), does not guarantee victory. A bad candidate, like Sutherland, is a bad candidate. Combine that with poor campaign tactics and a broken party structure, like the RPCC & the Ohio GOP, and it will be a long time before we win decisively again.

Deputy Chairman DeWine the change we need is not being drowned in Democrat kool-aid served up by Redfern!

I want to thank Dave F - a fellow RPCC Central Committee member - for sending this article.