Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bedford High School PTSA/PTA Voter Education Forum


Bedford, Ohio 44146
Contact: Venezuela Robinson, Legislation Chair
(440) 786-9855

The Bedford High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA/PTA) is hosting its annual Voter Education Forum, at Bedford High School, 481 Northfield Road, Bedford, Ohio, on Thursday, October 4, 2007, starting at 7:00 PM.

Listen, learn, and speak to candidates running for mayor in Bedford Heights, Oakwood Village, Village of Walton Hills and candidates for the Bedford Board of Education.

This free forum is neutral territory for a sharing of philosophy, ideas and information, not campaigning. This educational event is open to the public.

A presentation by the Ohio Lottery will occur at 6:30 PM.

For more information call (440) 786-9855 or visit our website at

Bedford Finance Director elected President of Ohio Government Finance Officers Association

From the Bedford Sun Banner --
The city's finance director has been elected president of the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association.

Frank C. Gambosi won the honor during the organization's fall conference Sept. 12 in Columbus. The Ohio GFOA is a professional organization of more than 1,100 members. It was formed to act as a conduit for the flow of information among all local governments.

Gambosi has 28 years of experience in state and local government. He has been Bedford's finance director for 17 years and prior to that served for seven years in the state auditor's office.
It is probably not often when someone says the "Tax Guy" is a nice guy. But Frank is a Hell of a Guy!

The City of Bedford, in fact any city, would be hard pressed to find anyone with half the dedication of Frank. Mr. Gambosi does not only pour his heart and soul into his work for the city, but he can regularly be seen volunteering at community events.

In my interactions with Mr. Gambosi over the years at events and attending council meetings, work sessions, budget hearings, I can only think of positive remarks. I think our city administration could attest that Frank is a great steward of our cities finances.

I would say his attention to detail of the grants/funding for Tinkers Creek Industrial Park and the tax abatement packages for Ben Venue, has helped secure financial stability for our city for many years to come.

I know the guy either has or will soon get ulcers the way he gets so worried about everything - at times I do believe Frank thinks the sky really is falling. I get pictures in my mind of Frank eating Tums like M&M's as he works on our cities finances.

Frank has been awarded the GFOA Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for 19 consecutive years. I am proud to say 17 of them in Bedford!

Congratulations Frank!

Girlieman of the Week - Warren Jeffs

Reposted from Politically Incorrect Gazette (PIG)

Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: September 28, 2007

Girlieman: Warren Jeffs

Girlie Antics: Turning gutless when the law came after him.

Warren Jeffs emerged from his father’s long shadow, when he took over the family ‘business’ and became President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in 2002. According to news reports and stories smuggled out of the secretive sect, Warren ruled with an iron fist. His word was law, and the members were compelled to follow his every whim. If he wanted to you get divorced, you got divorced. If he wanted you to take on another wife, you added another woman to your harem. If he wanted you to move out of your home and live in a tent, you did that too. For all intents and purposes, Warren Jeffs was the law of the land and his pronouncements came directly from Old Ka-Boom.

I have no problem with consenting adults turning over their individual liberty to a self-aggrandizing asshat like Jeffs. I don’t really give a damn if those consenting adults want to practice polygamy. I do have a problem with a rat bastard like Jeffs forcing young girls, who are still too young to make an informed decision -many of them barely in their teens - being paired off to horny old goats by Warren Jeffs. That’s crossing the line and that’s what lead to Jeffs’ girlie antics.

This all knowing, all powerful, I’m Old Ka-Boom’s main man on Earth, clown took off and left his followers to deal with the justice system, when the forces of American justice charged Jeffs with tax evasion, rape as an accomplice, child abuse and much, much more.

For being so gutless in the face of adversity...for victimizing underage girls who were trapped in his cult through no fault of their own...for being a craven coward who started whining and whimpering about ‘religious persecution’ when a Utah jury nailed him for being an accomplice to rape, Warren Jeffs is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pelosi - "Gay Last Supper" not offensive to Christianity

Anybody want to go to the Fair?

The Folsom Street Fair, a taxpayer supported, Gay Celebration in none other than San Fagcisco has recreated their own version of the "Last Supper." As you can see in the above picture, Jesus and his Disciples are portrayed as a bunch of half-dressed, leather clad Village People perverts. The perv's replaced the wine & bread (a sign of Christ) with dildos and sex toys.

Scheduled for this Sunday, the Folsom Faggot Fair is sponsored by Miller Brewing Company, - security will be provided free of charge by the City of San Fagcisco and several city departments helped sponsor the event.

Organizers of the Fagfest, which is expected to draw in over 400,000 homo's from across the gay globe, describe the event as ..... "world-class volunteer driven leather events, providing the adult alternative lifestyle community safe venues for self-expression, emphasizing freedom, fun and frolic, while raising money to benefit San Francisco charities."

Some of the events and promotions at the fair will be put on by the - Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a homosexual group describing itself as "21st century nuns for the queer" that mocks Catholicism. The "Sisters' planned a "Last Supper" ......

"There is no better way to prepare your mortal flesh for the kinkiest weekend on Earth than to nourish your bones and boost your spirit with a divine feast: The Last Supper With The Sisters, at Eureka Restaurant ..."

Several groups, most notably - Concerned Women for America & The Catholic League have protested this event as a direct attack on Christianity. Miller Brewing Company had promised to pull their sponsorship from the event and they did.... from the Last Supper poster and NOT the Last Supper act to be performed by the above Sisters. (No More MGD for me!)

The groups have contacted the media, to no avail. Why no coverage? Because it is not an imaginary attack on Muslims, Fags, Chinks, Japs, Jews, Beaner or any other liberal group or cause. Could you imagine if the event was a Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-American, Pro-Bush or Anti-Illegal Immigration, Anti-Muslim, etc... what type of coverage it would be getting? A few tasteless nooses hanging in a tree just got national media attention and this gets nothing!

The groups have also contacted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenazi, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer along with everyone's favorite - House Speaker Ninny Pelosi and have asked them to speak out and condemn this attack on Christianity as they do on everything else.

Ninny, who will be recieving an award from the Human Rights Campaign for her love & devotion for helping to advance the Radical Gay Agenda, had her office issue a statement.....

"As a Catholic, the speaker is confident that Christianity has not been harmed," said Drew Hammill, the San Francisco Democrat's press secretary.

Christianity not harmed? I agree... Christianity is too strong to be harmed by this, but what about all the people this image and behavior offends? Ninny and her lib logheads are ready to go after a leather chap maker if they so much as chafe a queers ass labeling it a civil rights violation and offensive, but this is OK? Much the same as every other ABC group formed to "Protect" special groups from being offended or having their so - called "rights" violated, if the sun comes up the wrong way for them - but Jesus with sex toys is not offensive?!?

I wonder what type of Hate Crime I would be charged with if I burned a Rainbow Flag, maybe a Rainbow Flag with a big X through it, what punishment if I protested a "Gay Day", Oh I got it... how about a menorah with little Hitler candles! I could only imagine if I drew a picture of a gay Allah wearing a dildo necklace dressed in drag?

Why is it OK for some to repeatedly attack Christianity with impunity, but when the radical gay agenda or another religion, race, is slighted in some obscure way, it is considered a Hate Crime and you are accused of being a homophobe, a xenophobe, racist or religiously intolerant?

Where is the tolerance and acceptance these people preach when it comes to Christianity?

Did I hear - No such thing as a Radical Gay Agenda?

Friday, September 28, 2007


7115 South Boundary Boulevard
MacDill AFB, Fla. 33621


Release Date: 9/28/2007
Release Number: 07-01-03P


BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces positively identified a foreign terrorist killed in an operation Tuesday in Musayyib as a senior al-Qaeda in Iraq member.

Abu Usama al-Tunisi was in the inner leadership circle of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq and was a likely successor to him. Al-Tunisi was the military emir of Baghdad’s southern belt and took over the role of emir of foreign terrorists when al-Masri became the overall leader.

Al-Tunisi facilitated foreign terrorists and helped equip them for improvised explosive device attacks, car-bombing campaigns and suicide attacks throughout Baghdad. Foreign terrorists conduct most of the high profile attacks in Iraq. Over 80 percent of the suicide attacks are conducted by foreign terrorists.

During an operation Sept. 25, Coalition forces targeted al-Tunisi and other al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders. Credible intelligence from several previous operations led Coalition forces to the location of a known al-Qaeda in Iraq meeting and supporting aircraft attacked the time sensitive target. Al-Tunisi and two other terrorists were killed during the attack.

Reports indicate that al-Tunisi was involved in the planning and operation of numerous attacks on Coalition forces and is believed to have operated in Yusufiyah since the second battle of Fallujah in November 2004.

Al-Tunisi, like the other top leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq, was not Iraqi. He was Tunisian and had been in Iraq since at least 2004.

“This is one more al-Qaeda in Iraq criminal who will never kill another innocent civilian,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. “We will relentlessly pursue all terrorist leaders who threaten Iraqi citizens, their elected government, and Iraqi and Coalition forces.”



7115 South Boundary Boulevard
MacDill AFB, Fla. 33621-5101


Release Date: 9/28/2007
Release Number: 07-01-03P
QARGHULLI VILLAGE, Iraq — Coalition Forces discovered a cache which contained Sept. 11, 2001 propaganda in a house in Qarghulli Village, Iraq, Sept. 26.

Soldiers of the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment “Polar Bears,” 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) discovered the cache while conducting Operation Rock Sweep V and VI.

The purpose of the mission was to target specified al-Qaeda operatives identified to be planning and coordinating attacks against Coalition Forces and concerned local citizens in the area.

While conducting the operation, Soldiers searched the targets’ houses looking for illegal weapons.

In one house they discovered a cache that consisted of three blasting caps, a ski mask, a terrorist manual which included directions on constructing vehicle improvised explosive devices, propaganda featuring the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two cell phones and a card to activate the cell phones.

The propaganda was a small booklet featuring images of the attacks and a script praising the attacks.

“Our assessment is that these guys were getting ready to launch attacks during the Ramadan celebration,” said Lt. Thomas Ceislak, battle captain for 4-31 Inf. Regt. “We got the intelligence for this raid from earlier questioning of detainees and from tips provided by our source network”
The owner of the house was detained and is being held for questioning.

The blasting caps were destroyed during a controlled detonation and the other items are being inspected for further intelligence value.

Recall Drive on for Pepper Pike Mayor Bruce Akers

I wanted to post on a great find by Jill at WLST about RINO Mayor Bruce Akers of Pepper Pike. Jill found a site that is actively promoting the recall of Akers.

This is pretty funny.... although his Platform of Defeat he presented to the RPCC was finally approved at our meeting the other night, it was not without abuse. The Akers "Platform of Defeat" was tabled in the first meeting, at the recent meeting most of the platform was stripped of Akers RINO ideas and allowed to pass.

Now with Jill's post about the recall site, we find there are people, other than rank & file RPCC members, that think Akers needs to go......

Sponsored by Larry Sheldon

600 votes signatures are all that are necessary to put this on the ballot

That's 15 people getting 40 signatures each - do you know 40 dissatisfied residents?

Click HERE to view the flyer - feel free to print it and distribute it to your friends and neighbors!
Click here to go to the site.

Dennis & the "Dupes"

The Cleveland Rag Dealer, took a well deserved shot at the Cuyahoga County Republican Party and their feeble attempts to oust boy blunder - Dennis Kookcinich.

Noting previous articles on Kookcinich's ridiculous run for President and calling his impeachment attempt of Cheney a monumental waste of time & energy, the PD calls the RPCC's plan to oust Kookcinich equally ludicrous. Taking the RPCC to task and pointing out their inability to win a race, the fishwrap calls their "new plan" ridiculous.

Seeing how effective their Pork Barrel Buffet pieces on the local dems are working (sarcasm), the Dupes of Kuyahoga have launched a website and a petition drive to oust Kookcinich from office. You can bet this will be as ineffective as the Pork Barrel Buffets and pretty much will have the same results - NOTHING!

The PD offers some advice....

Memo to Cuyahoga County Republican Chairman Rob Frost and his perennially unsuccessful party: If you really want to take away Kucinich's House seat, there's an election in a little more than 13 months. Find a good candidate and seriously lay out the issues. Argue that Kucinich is ineffective in Washington and out of touch at home. He certainly gives you plenty of ammunition.

Make that case to the voters and see what happens. Don't waste time on a sideshow so foolish it makes Kucinich look like a statesman. More....
Unfortunately a foolish sideshow is about all that could be mustered up. Anything other than a sideshow would be difficult when there are some in the RPCC that support Kookcinich and other democrat candidates.

Just like the RPCC misfired on not coming out against the forced Convention Center/MedMart sales tax increase, because of the "social clubs" love for RPCC member Mal Mixon's personal interests & Invacare, the ammunition Dennis supplies will also be a spent shot.

Routinely ignoring the RPCC bylaws - former RPCC Chairman and current member of the Executive & Finance Committee, Roger Synenberg, has actively supported local Cuyahoga democrats for many years. Snakenberg was the person who first spoke on behalf of Rob Frost becoming our chairmen ~ now his open support of democrats works against Frost and our party.
Rino Snakenberg's favorite dem? Dennis Kookcinich! Tubbs-Jones is his second favorite....

From Open Secrets --

SYNENBERG, ROGER 3/29/2007 $1,000 Kucinich, Dennis J
SYNENBERG, ROGER 4/21/2006 $1,000 Kucinich, Dennis J

SYNENBERG, ROGER 8/3/2006 $1,000 Jones, Stephanie Tubbs

Find a good candidate? First we need to learn how to support our current ones!

Finally having a good viable GOP candidate, Lakewood Councilman Ryan Demro, running for the Mayor's seat in Lakewood, we see a great example of how some members of the "social club" show their 'love' for our candidates....

RPCC member showing his true colors -Former interim director of the Executive Committee and current RPCC Parliamentarian, Dave Harbarger (also former Lakewood Mayor) showed how some in our party may not belong.

Hamburger the "social club" blowhard, recently removed the Demro sign from his yard and declared his support for the current democrat Mayor. This would be consistent with Hamburger's former support of Mary Rose Oakar.

So.... it will be difficult for the RPCC to credibly attack Kookcinich when RINO Snakenberg routinely supports him and makes donations enabling him to babble his Anti-American garbage. And instead of developing candidates and getting candidate helpers, you get "Hamburger Helper" - so our party is stuck with few good candidates or we are stuck promoting retread RINO's like Mayor Sutherland for higher office.

The Three Stooges; Hugo, Evo & Mo

The forces of ignorance unite!

After being ridiculed at Columbia University, Ahmadinejad trotted off to visit the other two stooges, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela....

"Together we are surely growing stronger, and in truth no one can defeat us," the Iranian leader said.... Apparently referring to the U.S., he said, "Imperialism has no other option: Respect the peoples (of the world) or accept defeat."

"We will continue resisting to the end in the face of imperialism," Ahmadinejad said. "And the age of imperialism has ended."

Chavez embraced the Iranian leader, calling him "one of the greatest anti-imperialist fighters" and "one of the great fighters for true peace." More....

Rumor has it that Dennis Kookcinich is the stand in Stooge - Shemp.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gay Voters' Guide to the GOP

Salon Magazine has created a GOP Guide for Gay Voters.

The Gay Guide gives descriptions of the GOP candidates with such titles as - Rudy Giuliani: The Party Bender, John McCain: The Almost Agnostic, Fred Thompson: The Third Way, Mitt Romney: The Switch-Hitter....

From Salon --
Imagine this: You are a gay man or a lesbian woman who just can't stand Democrats. Maybe you are rich and you don't want anyone to raise your taxes. Perhaps you are just determined to stay the course in Iraq, privatize Social Security, and drop oil wells into the Alaskan wilderness. Jack Abramoff might even be an old drinking buddy.

What is a right-leaning homosexual to do in this presidential election? Start by taking a closer look at the candidates in the Republican field. There is substantial variation, and not just in their positions on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. More...

How Gay is this!?!

School unsure of what to do with Brenda "I Killed my Baby" Slaby

The West Clermont School Board continues to drag their feet and refuses to do the right thing in dealing with Asst. Principal Brenda "I Killed My Baby" Slaby....
Batavia, Ohio - A southwest Ohio school board is meeting with its lawyer to get an update on the job status of an assistant principal whose toddler died in the back seat of her SUV last month.

Forty-year-old Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby has been on paid leave since her 2-year-old daughter died while strapped in her car seat for more than seven hours on a day when the temperature reached nearly 100 degrees.

Nesselroad-Slaby is an assistant principal at Glen Este Middle School. West Clermont school officials have not decided whether she will be allowed to return, and they don't expect any decision Friday.

After the meeting, officials with the school district told ONN affiliate,WKRC- Local 12, they had made no formal decision but had "given our attorney the authority to proceed." The official would not elaborate on that statement.
"I Killed My Baby" Slaby should be in jail NOT on paid leave! It is simply amazing that people who are responsible for protecting children, would even think twice about allowing this lady to return to work. Click here for previous posts on the Baby Killing Asst. Principal.

To express your outrage over this please contact Glen Estes School (513)947-7700 / Fx (513)753-3462.

Ganley Auto Group Accused of Racism

Bedford car dealer, Frank Nero Lincoln Mercury, which is part of the Ganley Auto Group family has been accused of racism and is facing a lawsuit filed by the EEOC in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio in Cleveland.
Larry Vandiver, a black employee, filed a complaint about Nero with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission last year. He claimed that the dealership put sales by black salesmen through greater scrutiny than those of white workers; that it denied advancement opportunities to black workers; and that general manager Jay Walsh frequently referred to blacks using derogatory terms, including the n-word. More....

Attorney's for the EEOC have said the suit was filed after negotiations over the past year failed to correct or address any of the issues.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

France cracks down on Illegal Immigrants

I am almost speechless - France is getting tough! If they keep acting like this, I might just change my mind about sending the Statue of Liberty back to them....
PARIS (AP) - A Russian boy suffers head injuries after falling from a window while trying to elude police. A North African man slips from a window ledge and fractures his leg while fleeing officers. A Chinese woman lies in a coma after plunging from a window during a police check.

As France races to deport 25,000 illegal immigrants by the end of the year—a quota set by President Nicolas Sarkozy—tensions are mounting and the crackdown is taking a toll.

But with three months left in the year, police have caught at least 11,800 immigrants, less than half the target, so Sarkozy has ordered officials to pick up the pace.

"I want numbers," Sarkozy reportedly told Brice Hortefeux, head of the Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co- Development, which Sarkozy set up after taking office in May. "This is a campaign commitment. The French expect (action) on this."

The president, who cultivated a tough-on-crime image while serving as Interior Minister, says France needs a new kind of immigrant—one who is "selected, not endured." More....
Let's hope he comes and explains "selected, not endured," to President Bush and the rest of the border blurring politicians!

Columbia University & Ahmadinejad - An opportunity not to be missed

Citing "Columbia's long-standing tradition of serving as a major forum for robust debate," Columbia President Lee Bollinger, defends the universities decision to allow Iranian President Ahmadinejad a national stage to spew his hate filled Anti-American views.

Iranian President Imachickenhead canceled a visit here last year because of security reasons, logistics and outrage expressed by a Jewish group for his denial the Holocaust ever existed and his desire to wipe Israel of the face of the earth.

There will be a group protesting this appearance and outrage has been expressed by several elected officials and groups - but Columbia is choosing to ignore them....
City Council speaker Christine Quinn called Thursday for the university to rescind the invitation, saying "the idea of Ahmadinejad as an honored guest anywhere in our city is offensive to all New Yorkers."

Quinn, a Democrat, said Ahmadinejad was coming to the city "for one reason — to spread his hate-mongering vitriol on the world stage."

His comments defy logic, history and reason," Gov. Eliot Spitzer said. "He is someone whose views we scorn. But that said, he is here in the state and will be protected by the NYPD and state police and everyone else." More....

This is actually a good opportunity for the US and other countries. An opportunity that should not be missed.... and a Marine Sniper does not miss!

Romney's secret Love for Rainbows

Moron Republican Presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney keeps telling people he is a conservative, BUT there is something about his love for rainbows that makes me question this.

"While running for governor in 2002, Romney and his running mate, Kerry Healey, distributed pink fliers at a 'Gay Pride' parade, declaring 'Mitt and Kerry wish you a great Pride weekend.' He backed domestic partner benefits for public employees, winning the endorsement of the national Log Cabin Republicans. In his inaugural speech, he promised to defend civil rights 'regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race.'," Vennochi wrote.

As WND reported, Romney's claims he did everything possible "within the law" to throttle homosexual marriage after the Massachusetts Supreme Court issued an opinion saying denial of marriage to same-sex couples violated the state constitution have been refuted by several constitutional experts who say that just isn't so. More....
During his Governor campaign, Romney could have used- If you're a Fairy, vote for Mitt & Kerry!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Girlieman of the Week - Bobby Fish

Reposted from Politically Incorrect Gazette

Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: September 21, 2007

Girlieman: Bob Fish
Girlie Antics: Changed company name to appease Korrectniks

Together with a partner, Bobby started his outpost of coffee wrangling capitalism in 1995. Since then, the Michigan-based chain of coffeehouses has grown to 77 stores in Michigan and 8 other states. The growth is thrilling for chief executive Bobby who, no doubt, dreams of a Starbucks class coffee wrangling empire. Eager to branch out, Bobby is trying to anticipate any problems. He thinks he found one, and it’s the firm’s name: Beaner’s Coffee.

Beaner’s Coffee works just fine for me, but Bobby is feeling girlie and furtive about it these days. I might see his point if he was being hammered by outraged Sombrero Stompers who find the name egregiously insulting, but that isn’t the case. There have been some ‘inquiries’ about the name by busybodies who wonder if Beaner’s Coffee knows about that other use of the term ‘beaner’.

Did Bobby shrug it off and find a way to turn a potential insult into a humorous ‘badge of honor’? Nope. Going girlieman right down to his wadded silk panties, Bobby is risking all that he’s built up under the Beaner’s Coffee brand by changing the name to "Biggby Coffee": "That just doesn't really fall within our mission to have a name that is derogatory. We felt it was important to do the right thing and change the name." (Bobby as quoted by AP).

For surrendering to Korrectness without a fight, when nobody was pressuring him...for squandering a golden free publicity bonanza that would ensue from a Ethnocrat whine-a-thon against ‘Beaner’s Coffee’...for being a cringing cretin who needs to grow a pair, Bobby Fish is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

-- Hambo once again does a fine job of grinding up these cavers to Korrectness like this Balless Barista Bobby Fish.

Go check out PIG's weekly Golden Oink Awards.... where they bestow this prestigious honor on the Witty and the Witless, Morons, Miscreants, Misfits, Human Gene Pool Volunteers, the rule makers and rule breakers. Hambo also touches on the GREAT new concept of "term limited" marriages.

One Big Happy North American Union

The Great Plains International Conference in Denver put on by Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor Coalition, was meant to discuss infrastructure and developing economic opportunities in the Great Plains region.

Thrilled spitless they had a national stage, Mexican officials wiped the refried beans from their chins and promoting their Meximerica desires...
Referring to Europe, Evaristo Lenin Perez of Ciudad Acuna – a sister city of Del Rio, Texas – told the Great Plains International Conference, "It's a model we need to follow quickly."

Perez later told WND, "If only people know the benefits of opening the borders and working together, improving the quality of life for all, then no one would be opposed to the idea of a North American Union."

"We need to begin by building the infrastructure in the three countries, investing in Mexico, and then we can sell the main idea that Mexicans should stay in Mexico. We just need to create an equal level for all," Perez said.

Ignoring the sacrifices and blood spilled to found the United States of AMERICA and not Meximerica, Del Rio, Texas, Mayor Efrain Valdes throws in his support for a North American Union....

....Valdes told conferees he came to build relationships he hopes will last for decades to come.

"We are all North Americans," he said. "Three countries, but we are all North Americans." More....

Somebody pinch me and tell me this is just a "Bad Dream"!

Dupes of Kuyahoga

The fish wrap, Cleveland Rag Dealer, has an article about the fleecing the residents of Cuyahoga County are about to take in the public financing (Korporate welfare) of the proposed Convention Center and Med Mart.

The article notes that Cuyahoga County "bucked a national trend" in the way that the local citizens will be forced to pay for the $450 million "House that Timmy & Jimmy Built."
Nationwide, taxes on hotel guests rank as the No. 1 revenue source for convention center construction and expansion projects, said Craig Nauta, managing director for the Dallas-based Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

"The general theory is to tax visitors instead of voters," he said.

OK, does anybody know WHY Cuyahoga County could not do it this way? Come on, give it a shot - it's a no brainer!

One reason is because there are not enough visitors coming to the area (Go Figure?!?) to make that a viable source of funding. The other reason is.... even IF there were enough visitors, the existing tax structure we are saddled with is already paying for other crap that was supposed to "revitalize" the area...
Bed tax proceeds help run the current convention center and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland. In addition, another chunk of the tax pays for the construction debt on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (through 2014) and Quicken Loans Arena (through 2023).

Car rentals in Cleveland are already saddled with taxes that help pay for the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Rentals at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport also are assessed fees for a rental-car center and shuttles between the airport and the center.

Just in case anybody is confused, let me sum it up -

Usual funding sources can't be used because we already have and continue to waste that money on other failed silver bullets and for obvious reasons - NOBODY wants to visit Cleveland!

The fishwrap continues on and lists how responsible leaders of other cities have successfully built convention centers and other projects, not using public funds because they did not squander all their opportunities like the demokrat leaders of this area have.

Wait! Did I hear somebody mumble about the local republicans? Did they say, "the hypocrites of..." oops - "the 'Party of Lower Taxes' will not let this happen without a fight?" Did I hear, "maybe the local republican party can finally do something effective?" WRONG!

Well, at first we puffed out our chest's and said we would fight this forced tax, that there were other ways of funding this project. Then the RPCC John Kerry'd you and flip-flopped pulling our objections.

Well, maybe not flip-flopped... more like "Bitch Slapped"! Being appeased with an empty promise of a 20 year cap on the forced sales tax increase, the RPCC, was told to trot off and go back to writing your stupid little ineffective Pork Barrel Buffet's that nobody reads!

Sorry, some of us true conservatives tried, only we had NO SUPPORT from the local RINO's controlling the RPCC.

Yep, the RPCC, now known as the "Dupe's of Kuyahoga Kounty", the party that can't win an election in Kuyahoga Kounty -unless they buy it by donating to demokrats (Good Job Roger!) - collectively sat on their asses. Some of us RPCC members were out there working hard to get signatures, but not on behalf of the "Dupes."

You see "Boss Hog" (Jimmy), knowing the local RINO mayor's have no respect for the current leadership of our party, dispatched Sheriff Roscoe P. Coletrain (Fred "Token" Nance) to have a talk with Enos (Rob Frost). Not leaving nothing to chance, he also solicited the help of Daisy ( Debbie Sutherland - EWWW!). Knowing Enos is smitten over Daisy's RINO like ways, Boss Hog was sure this would blur Enos' RINO glazed over eyes. And boy did they!

So to end this journey through the Korners of Kuyahoga Kounty & the Konvention Center, Boss Hog gets his way, the "Dupes" are scribbling in the corner with krayons and the residents get skrewed again!

Great same old story!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Al-Qaeda Leader in Iraq Killed


7115 South Boundary Boulevard
MacDill AFB, Fla. 33621-5101
Phone: (813) 827-5894; FAX: (813) 827-2211; DSN 651-5894


Release Date: 9/19/2007

Release Number: 07-01-03P


BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed an al-Qaeda in Iraq military advisor during an operation Aug. 31 west of Tarmiyah.

Coalition forces conducted a precision operation west of Tarmiyah Aug. 31. The assault force followed a vehicle containing two suspected terrorists and attempted to get the driver to stop. When the driver resisted capture, the assault force fired on the vehicle. Both the driver and the passenger were killed in the operation. Coalition forces later identified one of the men as Abu Yaqub al-Masri.

Al-Masri, who is also known as Zakkariya or Doctor, was a military advisor to al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in Baghdad and the surrounding belts. He provided guidance and direction for attack planning, coordination and execution.

Intelligence reports indicate al-Masri was directed by senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders to plan attacks that would cultivate sectarian strife. The former al-Qaeda in Iraq military emir of Baghdad, now detained by Coalition forces, described al-Masri as director of the “car bomb division.”

Al-Masri was one of the primary architects behind the Nov. 26 car bombings in Sadr City that killed 181 Iraqi civilians and injured another 247. He also planned major attacks on the bridges in the Rusafa area to isolate the Shi’ite population there.

Al-Masri previously fought against Coalition forces in Afghanistan and is linked to several senior leaders of al-Qaeda.

He was allied with Dr. Ayman Zawahiri, bin Laden’s second-in-command. He was also close to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq killed in a Coalition air strike in June 2006.

“Coalition operations are disrupting and destroying al-Qaeda’s terrorist networks,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesperson. “There is nowhere to hide.”


Al-Qaeda - "On our way to Victory"

In an attempt to rile up the Al-Qaeda jihadikazes, Bin Laden's cave dwelling counterpart, Ayman al-Zawahri, released another tape calling on muslims to continue their fight around the world.....
"Stand oh nation of Islam under the victorious banner of the Prophet ... and campaign against the Crusader banner of [ President George] Bush," al-Zawahri said in a new video aired on Thursday.

"Go forth ... to the mujahideen, bear them arms, back them, defend them and don't be intimidated by the power of America for these two blessed attacks have revealed that it is a power of iron and fire, with no faith or morals or principle."

"What they claim is the strongest power in the history of mankind is today being defeated in front of the Muslim vanguard of jihad six years after New York and Washington," said al-Zawahri, who was speaking in front of a packed book case. An assault rifle leant against it.

"The coalition of the Crusaders has begun to fight the fight of the desperate ...

So then according to his statements, our War on Terror and the Iraq War will be over soon. This must be what all the "smart" liberals, demokrats and peacniks have been talking about!

Since these "allah loving ass hats" hate Bush so much, one could only assume when he is out of office, Al-Qaeda and all the terrorism will stop and everyone will live happily ever after!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arf, Arf - Carnival of Ohio Politics #83

It's in and it's done! It's barking loud & proud - the Carnival of Ohio Politics #83 is ready for your enjoyment!

Having the pole position this week, Jill at WLST once again "raced" these posts through her mind and took the checkered flag with another winner.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nightmare "Dream Act" supported by Sen. Sherrod "Amnesty" Brown




What to do:


Call DC toll free at 1-866-340-9281 and ask to be connected to your US Senators' offices.
(If lines become busy, try 1-877-851-6437 or 1-866-220-0044.)

What to say:


  1. Vote NO on Amendment 2237 that would attach the Nightmare Dream Act Amnesty.

  2. Vote NO on any measure to increase H-1B visas and permanent greencards for foreign workers to take jobs from American workers and students.

  3. Vote NO on any attempt to increase H-2B visas for seasonal foreign workers to take jobs from America's unemployed and working poor.

For details about the NIGHTMARE DREAM ACT: CLICK HERE.

What else can I do?

Call DC toll free at 1-866-340-9281 and ask to be connected to your US Senators' offices. If lines become busy, try 1-877-851-6437 or 1-866-220-0044.

Call President Bush too! White House: 202-456-1111 Get your friends and family to make calls too!

OJJPAC points out that -


Once again voting against the wishes and interests of average Democrats.


Reposted from Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

Bad "Dream Act" - The Nightmare of Backdoor Amnesty

I received an email today from Steve Salvi of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC. Steve is a real whiz kid when it comes to all aspects of illegal immigrants and has a slew of information listed on his site.

I want to thank Steve for sending me the following information on this back door attempt at amnesty for illegal immigrants.....
The DREAM Act (S. 774) is a nightmare. It is a mas­sive amnesty that extends to the millions of illegal aliens who entered the United States before the age of 16. The illegal alien who applies for this amnesty is immediately rewarded with "conditional" lawful per­manent resident (green card) status, which can be converted to a non-conditional green card in short order. The alien can then use his newly acquired status to seek green cards for the parents who brought him in illegally in the first place. In this way, it is also a back­door amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who brought their children with them to the United States.

What is less well known about the DREAM Act is that it also allows illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition rates at public universities, discriminating against U.S. citizens from out of state and law-abiding foreign students. It repeals a 1996 federal law that pro­hibits any state from offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens unless the state also offers in-state tuition rates to all U.S. citizens. More....

Knick-Knack give your Bone a Wack

Soon to have the table of justice turned on him, Garfield Heights Prosecutor James McGrath IV was arrested for repeatedly shaking a "stick" at a women. After confronting the women at local gas station with this "stick", McGrath proceeded to follow the women when she pulled off, (911 Call).

You might be thinking it must have been over a misunderstanding. Well it was a misunderstanding alright....

Garfield Heights City Prosecutor James McGrath IV was arrested early Tuesday in Cleveland after a woman accused him of repeatedly flashing and masturbating in public.

Brigid Heron, 30, of Euclid, told police she was pumping gas at a station near East 116th Street and Miles Avenue when a man in a green pickup truck wearing a light blue shirt and tan pants exposed himself to her and masturbated while "laughing sickly." More....
I wonder what sort of defense his attorney will present for Mr. McSpank IV?

Well your Honor, my client was holding his hose and pumping..... Damn, sorry! OK, Well your Honor, Mr. McGrath was wanting to put his hose in a tank..... Aww shit!

Your Honor, I apologize.... my client is a closet crack head and he was on 116th & Miles at 3:00am looking to score some rock and a crack whores, he enters a plea of "Dumb Ass"!

Maybe he should call Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig for advice.

Barry Man-I-blow fueds with "The View"

Wow, it has been a long time since I have had the chance to make fun of Barry Man-I-blow or Barry Banana Nose.

Manilow was scheduled to be a guest on TV talk show "The View". Prior to his scheduled appearance the Diva Manilow issued ultimatums to producers that he refused to be interviewed by Elizabeth Hasselbeck, calling her dangerous & offensive....
I had made a request that I be interviewed by (co-hosts) Joy (Behar), Barbara(Walters) or Whoopi (Goldberg), but not Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request so I bowed out," he said in a statement on his Web site (

"It's really too bad because I've always been a big supporter of the show, but I cannot compromise my beliefs."

Calling his demands "completely disrespectful" producers of "The View" canceled his appearance.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Terrorists for Sheehan

The American Traitor - Cindy Sheehan, who is running against House Speaker Ninny Pelosi as an independent in CA has recently landed a big support group of the demokrat party.

Long known to support and influence policy of the demokrat party, muslim terrorist are starting to declare their support for Sheehan, the candidate that looks like a man in a wig.

One would have thought Ninny's tea with Assad would have assured a slam dunk in getting support from the terrorists, but it does not look that way....

"You [Sheehan] give us hope and you show us that there are different Americans than those whom we know," stated Ramadan Adassi, chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the West Bank's Anskar Refugee Camp.

Abu Hamed, leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades in the northern Gaza Strip, urged Americans to listen to Sheehan.

"I hope that all the Americans will understand what this great mother understood. We hope you do not consider this mother as a humanitarian case who speaks from her own pain, because she is saying the truth. I hope you will take her as a good example." More...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Anti-War protester can't find soldier, kills civilian with axe instead

Have we not heard the muslim loving war protesters say this before - We support the troops, but not the war!

Well is looks like they forgot to tell one of the peacenik pals -
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - A U.S. citizen has confessed to using an axe to kill a Dutch student after failing to find a soldier to attack, his lawyer said Tuesday.

The suspect, Carlos Hartmann, 41, of Tecumseh, Mich., has confessed to the Sept. 8 killing on a train platform in the southern city of Roosendaal, defence lawyer Peter Gremmen said.

Gremmen said Hartmann wanted to punish the Netherlands for its support of the war in Iraq.

"He hates soldiers, and says that the army kills people, so it would be legitimate if he were also to kill someone . . . from the American military - or from its NATO allies," Gremmen said in a telephone interview.

When he failed to find a soldier at the Roosendaal train station, "he got such a crazy, disturbed idea that he killed a civilian," Gremmen said.

Couldn't find an American soldier! I wish he would have.... I am sure they would have quickly dispatched of this little peacenik piss ant!

Rolaid Theft Ring led by Seneca County Commissioner

I am still trying to figure out if I should shake my head in disbelief or laugh at the stupidity of this one....

Seneca County Commissioner Michael Bridinger was arrested in Tiffin, OH at an IGA store for stealing - ROLAIDS!

Police reports indicate this has happened at least three times since the beginning of September. Shocked yet? Wait it gets better!Commissioner Humdinger has a reputation around town for being the "Rolaids Thief."

After hearing the "Rolaid Thief" was caught, other prior incidents of his antacid antics began to surface. A manager at the local Circle K, Brenda Reinhart, said recognizing the commissioner when he would pull up, they routinely readied themselves for the heavy hoister of heartburn heaven....

"At least three or four of us who saw it happen and just couldn't believe it. We were blown away by it," said Reinhart. "It happened, I bet you, a couple time a week for a long period of time."

Reinhart says she would watch Bridinger in the store, and tip the other clerks that he had stolen something.

"I was down the aisle and I just gave [the other clerk a signal,]" said Reinhart. "When he came up to the counter, [the other clerk asked] 'Is there anything else?' He said no, and she said, 'Would you like to pay for the Rolaids you put in your pocket?'"

"He took them out and said, 'Oh, yeah,' and paid for them," said Reinhart.
Commissioner Humdinger has plead Not Guilty and is awaiting trial. Dismissing security video from the store, his defense attorney is dismissing the account as rumor and innuendo.

OK to use Taser on Americans - Not Illegals

Here is another case of the backwards thinking of the Korrectniks in our country that we are forced to deal with....

The U.S. Office of Detention and Removal Operations issued a new policy where it is OK to use Tasers to control inmates who are U.S. citizens but not the bandito, peach picking inmates who are in the country illegally.

Not wanting to be bad hosts, this policy also stipulates that illegals must be given "beds" not "pads." Any facility holding illegals must adhere to this policy if they want to continue receiving reimbursement for housing illegals.

One Colorado Sheriff, Summit County Sheriff John Minor, who's facility houses illegals has told them to take their money and stick it -

"I figure if it's good enough for an American citizen to get Tased, it's good enough for an illegal alien to get Tased if they get out of line," Minor said.

"If we were an ICE contract facility, they would require me to tell my deputies they can't have Tasers," he said. "My response is, 'Have a nice day....

GOP candidate for president, Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. is speaking up over these insane restrictions detention facilities are being forced to deal with if they house illegals and expect to receive federal funding.
"I think most citizens would think it extremely bizarre for the federal government to say that Tasers must never be used on an illegal alien when their use is legal for citizens," Tancredo said. "I hope that DRO will pull back from any effort to impose its 'Taser rule' on jails operated by local law enforcement.

"I also have other questions about the DRO detention standards imposed on local jail facilities," Tancredo said in his letter. "Where in federal law or regulations is it mandated that illegal aliens held in custody must have an assigned 'bed' rather than a 'pad' when the use of pads is legal for U.S. citizens? Why is there different standard for the accommodation of illegal aliens than for citizens?"

China Recalls Leukemia Drug

From Fox News --

BEIJING — Chinese authorities ordered the recall of tainted leukemia drugs blamed for leg pains and other problems, state media reported Sunday, the latest crisis to strike the country's embattled food and drug industries.

Most of the drugs involved — methotrexate and cytarabin hydrochloride — have been recovered and authorities have traced the remainder, the Xinhua News Agency said. The report did not say if any of the drugs had been exported. More....

Peaceniks Protest / 190 Arrested

The peaceniks were out in force protesting the Iraq War yesterday. Organizers estimated there were 100,000 protesters, other sources put the number at several thousand. These card carrying Anti-Americans went marching through downtown Washington to the Capitol steps to stage a "Die In."

This Anti-American protest lacked the usual "star power" with only American Traitor, Cindy Sheehan, in attendance. Not having time to participate in this silly charade, other famous Americans traitors, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, BaROCK Osama, Sean Penn, Kookcinich, etc. stayed at home to work on fixing their Global Warming lies for Al "Energy Whore" Gore.

These so-called "peaceful protesters", as they usually do, ended up resorting to civil disobedience. Not getting the reaction or having the effect they wanted during the "die in," the protesters started throwing rocks & bottles at police, then began climbing over barricades blocking the Capitol steps.

To help them with their "die in" I feel a little re-creation of Kent State would have been very fitting, but Capitol Police would not take my advice and arrested 190 of these idiots.

While these above idiot peacniks were creating propaganda for the terrorists, there were about 1000 Americans staging a counter protest, with no arrests, near the Washington Monument....

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson, speaking from a stage to crowds clad in camouflage, American flag bandanas and Harley Davidson jackets, said he wanted to send three messages.

"Congress, quit playing games with our troops. Terrorists, we will find you and kill you," he said. "And to our troops, we're here for you, and we support you."

Thanks Buzz!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crocodile Tears: Baby Killing Mom Speaks

When the story on Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, the Asst. Principal who left her baby to bake in her SUV, first broke my initial thoughts were that this women, committed one of the worst crimes possible.... she effected the death of her child.

The thought of a helpless baby screaming for her mom, struggling to get out of her baby seat as she baked to death inside her mom's 100 degree SUV for 8hrs outraged me. I thought this is impossible, it couldn't be an accident - she had to do it on purpose. Now I am convinced!

Nesselroad-Slaby's supporters and defense attorney, Clermont County Commissioner R. Scott Croswell, have called this tragedy a terrible accident. Overruling the police department, ignoring her conflicting statements and refusing to acknowledge prior incidents, dunder head Clermont County Prosecutor Don White, also considered this an accident & not negligence or reckless citing - "that's the reason no charges were filed."

Taking into account Nesselroad-Slaby's conflicting statements to police, school security video, returning to her vehicle twice and being warned on several previous occasions about leaving her children unattended I felt she should have been at least charged with Child Endangering.

Forgetting your 2 yr old for 8hrs to bake in an SUV is not an accident in my opinion it is nothing short of negligence. My ex can give a long list of "parental accidents" I had when Little King was 2 years old- giving a bath and getting soap in his eyes, wrong sippie cup, wrong "Wiggles" tape, giving him two baby ducks one Easter (I spent a lot of nights on the couch for that one!), and something that happened every time I tried to change a diaper, which was not often.

Nesselroad-Slaby's is now talking about the death of her daughter and quite frankly, her statements make me want to puke!

"Live for the positive and work through negative, that's what I've done every day at that job," Nesselroad-Slaby said in an interview published Friday. "If they would let me, I'd love to go back."

"I feel like the staff needs me in that job," she said. "I serve a purpose. Kevin Thacker, principal of Glen Este Middle School) and I are opposites, so we complement each other."

"No one can ever imagine what it's like to pull your baby out of the car like that," she said. "I knew she was gone. My life will never be the same."

"I don't know how you punish somebody for something that was an accident," Nesselroad-Slaby said. "A law is to prevent something, but you can't prevent something that's an accident."

"I felt like I had to be super-mom and super-administrator," she said. "I talked to people at lunch that day about my kids, and it didn't even click" that her daughter was in the vehicle, Nesselroad-Slaby said.

"I know it was an accident. I know it was a mistake," she said. "But as a mother, it's something you never forget. Mothers want to protect their children."

"I love my kids more than life itself. It was a horrible accident. ... I don't know how it happened. It will live with me forever." ....Nesselroad-Slaby said, "No one will ever be able to understand what happened - because I never will myself."

In an interview with police, Nesselroad-Slaby told a detective, "I was trying to be everything to everybody, and I failed my daughter."

No Brenda, you didn't fail her.... you KILLED her!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Girlieman of the Week: Phil Burress

From Pigazette --

Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: September 14, 2007

Girliepunk: Phil Burress, Ayatollah of Ohio
Girlie Antics: Subverting Liberty Through Nanny State coercion

Phil Burress is a man with a plan and, when he’s finished, the Buckeye State will be a Cross Cult theocracy under his direct control. Under Ayatollah Phil, Ohio will be indistinguishable from Afghanistan under the Taliban, Iran under Phil’s hero, Ayatollah Khomeini, or the Sandbox with its religious gestapo.

‘... Mr. Burress plans to take his grass-roots movement in Ohio to a new level, using a computer database of 1.5 million voters to build a network of Christian conservative officials, candidates and political advocates.

He envisions holding town-hall-style meetings early next year in Ohio's 88 counties to identify issues, recruit organizers and train volunteers. With a cadre of 15 to 20 leaders in each county, he says he believes religious conservatives can be running school boards, town councils and county prosecutors' offices across the state within a few years.

"I'm building an army," Mr. Burress said. "We can't just let people go back to the pews and go to sleep."...’ (New York Times, 11/26/04)

Phil Burress is that most dangerous kind of despot, a man who is so terrified of his own cravings - he’s a self-confessed porn addict - that he’s compelled to remove any/all temptation, through Nanny State coercion. Phil is such a such a gutless pile of steaming turds that he has his wife watch the porn that ‘offends’ him. He makes her write summaries of the porn action for the Ayatollah to use when soliciting more Nanny State assaults on inalienable individual liberty.

Funded by anonymous ‘deep pockets’, Ayatollah Phil rammed through Ohio’s defense of marriage initiative that thrilled GLAAD BAAGs spitless. Refusing to rest on his laurels, Ayatollah Phil aimed his Cross Cult Jihadikazes at Ohio’s Elected Tormentors and terrified them into passing SB16 a bold frontal assault on booty parlor capitalists.

In its original form, the bill would force booty parlors to shut down at midnight. During operations, the patrons and dancers would be banned from touching. It also imposed a 6 foot no fly zone - a bubble - around the dancers that persisted, even AFTER the dancer changed into her street clothes.

It appears that the Buckeye State’s Elected Tormentors trimmed off some of the most Draconian elements of Ayatollah Phil’s booty parlor restrictions, but left enough in place to cripple booty parlor capitalists. The 6 foot bubble is MIA in the version posted on the state’s site. The midnight closing is still there, but it allows booty parlors with a liquor license to stay open until closing time, as long as they don’t have any ‘nude’ dancing after midnight.

For being a cringing coward who can’t control his own impulses...for using the Nanny State’s monopoly on the use of force to impose his narrow, Draconian delusions of morality on Ohio’s sovereign individuals...for being a goose-stepping pile of Morality Nazi shit...for anointing himself the theocratic dictator of Ohio, Ayatollah Phil Burress is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

Parting shot: I apologize to all those Girliemen who are, quite rightly, outraged that I impugn their hard-won status by lumping a liberty-hating, theocratic son-of-a-bitch like Phil Burress in with them. Until we create a “Steaming Turd of the Week” award, you’ll just have to suck it up and get over it.

Note from The King: Thanks Hambo!

Click here if you want to help stop Ayatollah Phil the G-String Gestapo and his Goose Stepping band of Cross Cult Jihadikazes.

Iranian Human Right Abuses

Iranian authorities are cracking down and arresting more youths as part of the regimes plan to "eradicate corruption".

The authorities may call it 'corruption', when it really is people are getting tired of the repressive regime and are starting to act out against the government.

At the same time, Canada & Portugal have criticized the Iranian government on their blatant abuses of human rights, during a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Canada's John Von Kaufmann said Iran's "deteriorating human rights situation" contravened its obligations under both international and domestic laws.

"Canada is concerned by the treatment of women as second class citizens under Iranian law and the suppression of peaceful demonstration in support of women's rights," he added.

And as usual, the UN issues a toothless statement and Iran, as usual, ignores it. Dissent in Iran is most often met with unabated police brutality. Women have almost no rights and are routinely forced into prostitution.

In the 2007 Amnesty International Annual Report it notes that Iran continues to hand out sentences of flogging, amputation, eye-gouging, public hangings, execution of children, & people are still being stoned to death. My favorite is being thrown off a cliff in a burlap sack.

I recently posted on how four men had their hands cut off for robbery. Under sharia law offenses such as adultery, homosexuality, armed robbery, apostasy and drug smuggling are punishable by death.

Amnesty International, which says Iran has one of the highest rates of executions in the world, last week said it had recorded 210 so far this year, against 177 for all of last year.

Portugal's envoy, speaking on behalf of the 27-member EU, said: "We are very concerned with the human rights situation in Iran, in particular with the rising number of executions."