Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take Ohio Back for Ohio

From the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots --

Fellow Tea Party Patriots

As we continue the fight to save our country, we must not lose sight of the problems plaguing our state of Ohio. AS we all know, and as numerous reports, studies, and polls show, due to archaic tax laws and business killing policies - Ohio is dying a slow death.

As witnessed with our blown state budget, which is now akin to a Grand Canyon size gap, we must also concentrate our efforts here at home.

It is time for us to "Take Ohio Back for Ohio"

There is currently a package of 10 "job creating, tax-lowering, student & economic development -friendly" proposals in the Ohio House Economic Development Committee that are not only receiving no attention -- but they are being ignored. We cannot allow this to happen!

The Tea Party Patriots and all our fellow conservative groups in OH must save our state from hemorrhaging more jobs and further plunging into an economic abyss - we must Take Ohio Back for Ohio!

Our first step is to get educated on the "Future of Ohio" package languishing in the OH House. We have contacted the office of State Rep. Nan Baker (R-Westlake), the ranking minority leader on the OH House Economic Development Committee, & State Rep. Todd Snitchler (R-Uniontown) for more information on these proposals....

"Future of Ohio"
  • Employer tax credit to hire unemployed Ohioans: H.B. 277 (Todd Snitchler) would authorize a nonrefundable tax credit for hiring and employing previously unemployed individuals. Ohio businesses that hire previously unemployed individuals will receive a $2,400 tax credit for each such employee that they employ. Each credit will be claimable for up to two years so long as the employee was unemployed for four consecutive weeks immediately preceding their hiring date; the employee is lawfully employable in the United States; and the employee is continuously employed by the employer claiming the credit for a period of two years.

  • Small business capital loans: This bill would authorize the creation of a low to zero interest loan program for small businesses through the local business linked deposit program.

  • Tax credits for Ohio graduates: H.B. 144 (Cheryl Grossman) would grant an income tax credit eliminating tax liability for five years for individuals who obtain a baccalaureate degree and who reside in Ohio. Eliminating the state income tax liability for graduates will allow them to use the extra money to help pay back their student loans and other debts incurred during college, as well as attract college students from other states.

  • Tax credits for specialized crafts: This bill would apply the income tax provisions of H.B. 144 to any person in a trade who has reached the journeyman status or its equivalent.

  • Estate tax relief: This bill would reduce the estate tax, authorize townships and municipal corporations to exempt from the estate tax by initiative any estate property located in the township or municipal corporation, and distribute all estate tax revenue originating in a township or municipal corporation that does not exempt property from the tax to the township or municipal corporation of origin.

  • Small business regulatory reforms – S.B. Companion 3 (Keith Faber): S.B. 3, a package of small business reforms, is currently under consideration in the House State Government Committee and has been under debate since mid-March. In order to expedite passage of S.B. 3’s key provisions, we drafted companion legislation covering three key proposals to help businesses cut through bureaucratic red tape and provide accountability in crafting agency regulations.

  • Small business resource portal: This bill would direct ODOD to create an online small business resource center (expanding upon the existing Ohio Business Gateway) on its internet website, to serve as a clearinghouse of information relevant to Ohio businesses.

  • Private Sector compensatory timeS.B. 17 Companion (Kevin Coughlin): This proposal would provide more flexibility, allowing an employer to instead provide compensatory time, or paid time off of work. The intent of this legislation is to enable employers to provide a more family friendly work environment by providing flexibility for their employees. S.B. 17

  • Tracking job placement success: This bill would require the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to submit annually to the leaders of the General Assembly a copy of the report submitted to the United States Department of Labor pursuant to the federal Workforce Investment Act and to make a copy of the report available on the department's website.

  • Analyzing company exodus: This bill would require the Ohio Department of Development to produce a report of companies that have relocated out of Ohio, develop a standard questionnaire to elicit the reasons why those companies have chosen to leave Ohio, and share its findings with the legislature.
You can click here to read the press release.

Now -- to get this going, with the same energy we've already shown in our battle against a country-killing Cap & Trade bill and government run health care, we are asking phone calls, emails and letters be sent to Gov. Strickland, OH House Speaker Rep. Armond Budish, Democrat members on the OH House Economic Development Committee & your local OH State Rep's and urge them to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to saving jobs and saving our state!

Governor Strickland

Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6108
Phone: (614) 466-3555
Fax: (614) 466-9354
Email: Click Here

Speaker of the House

Armond D. Budish (D-Beachwood)
Address: 77 S. High St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-5441
Fax: (614) 719-0008

Economic Development Committee


State Representative Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland)
Address: 77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-1414
Fax: (614) 719-0011


Representative Denise Driehaus (D-31st District)
Address: 77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-5786
Fax: (614) 719-3585

State Representative Michael DeBose (D-Cleveland)
Address: 77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-1408
Fax: (614) 719-3912

State Representative Timothy J. DeGeeter (D-Parma)
Address: 77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-3485
Fax: (614) 719-3911

State Representative Jay Goyal (D-Mansfield)
Address: 77 S. High St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-5802
Fax: (614) 719-3973

State Representative Tracy Maxwell Heard (D-26)
Address: 77 S. High St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-8010
Fax: (614) 719-3580

State Representative Matt Lundy (D-57th District)
Address: 77 S. High St
12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 644-5076
Fax: (614) 719-3957

State Representative Dennis Murray (D-Sandusky)
Address: 77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 644-6011
Fax: (614) 719-6980

State Representative Debbie Phillips (D-Athens)
Address: 77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-2158
Fax: (614) 719-6992

State Representative Raymond Pryor (D-Chillicothe)
Address: 77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 644-7928
Fax: (614) 719-6985

State Representative Peter S. Ujvagi (D-Toledo)
Address: 77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 644-6017
Fax: (614) 719-6947

Click here for all Economic Development Committee members. Click here to find your OH House Representative.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sen. George Voinovich Wins Golden RINO Award -- Again!

It's almost like every time he opens his pie hole Sen. Voinovich says something dumber than he did before. Making a RINO Hall of Fame run for the Gold -- Sen. RINOvich wins his own award -- AGAIN!

With a political career starting in Cuyahoga County, where many of his tax loving RPCC RINOette' still swoon over him, the following should come as no surprise. This time the Curious Conservative - Sen. George RINOvich - in his true RINO-like character wants to form a bipartisan committee so they can discuss tax increases to pay for Chairman's O's "I got America's checkbook, let's go shopping" spending spree...
Sen. George V. Voinovich said last week that a federal tax hike and spending cuts are necessary to eliminate the federal debt, balance the budget and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Speaking after a climate-change conference in Hilliard on Monday, the Republican reiterated his call for a bipartisan commission of lawmakers and Obama-administration officials to make recommendations on tax increases and budget cuts. Congress would have an opportunity to forge a compromise from those recommendations and vote for or against the package.

Responding to a question about whether the state needs to increase taxes to fill a potential $1 billion hole in the state budget, Voinovich said: "I wish we had to do it on the federal level. What we've been doing on the federal level is we've been unwilling to pay for or do without things, and we've been borrow and spend, borrow and spend. . . .

"We have a $12 trillion national debt and budgets that are not going to be balanced for as far as we can see, and our credibility in the world is in jeopardy, and our credit's in jeopardy, and we just sit there and do nothing about it. So, what you have to do is -- I want a commission -- we're going to have to increase taxes, and we're going to have to reduce spending."
(Columbus Dispatch)
Hey, Curious George -- your credibility with 'real' conservatives has been shot a long, long time ago!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Girlieman of the Week Award -- Messiah Barry

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: September 25, 2009

Girlieman: Messiah Barry
Antics: Belly crawling cowardice

I know what you’re thinking and I tend to agree. Making Messiah Barry Girlieman of the Week reeks of picking low-hanging fruit. Why him? Because the latest stop on his ‘America sucks, but it’s not my fault’ tour pissed me off, in a BIG way. I considered making him a Steaming Load, but this pathetically pandering POTUS pissant would probably consider it a compliment. Instead, I’m stooping to calling an alleged man who was born without balls, and has a spine made out of silly putty, a ‘Girlieman’.

With his popularity, slowly, inexorably, waning, as ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ snaps Americans out of their Obama zombie fog, Messiah Barry took his show on the road. Full of himself and ‘it’, he fed his insatiable ego with a pit stop at the Black Helicopter Club. As usual, this pathetic prompter-addicted pissant pandered to the international rabble, by feeding their America hating fervor.

Desperate for any scrap of approval, this gutless wonder took his America sucks rhetoric to new lows. He apologized for the success of American capitalism and vowed to execute it with a Globally Warmed, ‘Cap and Trade’ noose. He apologized to the tyrants, despots and scumbags in the audience for America’s history of promoting liberty in all the dark places where tyranny thrives. He vowed that America would, henceforth, stand down and never again go it alone, when a wrong needed to be righted. He apologized for standing shoulder to shoulder with our friend, Israel, and made it clear that Uncle Sam will look the other way when Iran nukes Israel into oblivion. He apologized for America’s military might and promised to leave the USA defenseless by scuttling our nuclear arsenal. He apologized for America’s world leader role, vowing to put the USA at the rear of the line in the roster of nations.

When he wasn’t apologizing for America’s strength, leadership and greatness, Messiah Barry was stroking his own ego, by bragging about his success at destroying us from within. In short, he groveled for personal acclamation and accolades, by beating a hasty retreat from the once great nation he’s supposed to lead.

Messiah Barry is a gutless guttersnipe who will bend over to take it from anyone, as long as the ‘stallion’ terminates the butt service with a pat on Barry’s scrawny butt. You’re a narcissistic piece of shit, Barry. You’re a scumbag who will sacrifice anyone, anything, to feed your egregiously inflated ego. You’re all that, and more, including the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

East Cleveland Mayor does NOT deny he is a Cross-Dresser!

It turns out the Mayor of East Cleveland, Eric Brewer, who's flaming tongue is always ready to spew fire at any of those that go against him - may actually be a 'flamer' himself and might want to think about changing his name to Erica....

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer is speaking out about pictures on the Internet possibly showing him wearing women's clothing.

The pictures were reportedly taken from Brewer's personal computer.

In a statement released Thursday, Brewer did not say if the pictures are real, but he did apologize to the people of East Cleveland for what he calls his opponent's campaign tactics.

Brewer's opponent, East Cleveland Council President Gary Norton Jr. said he's known about the pictures for several years but he doesn't know who put them out there.

"I hate that this issue came up in this campaign," said Norton. "I did not want to make this a circus. We run a clean, above board campaign. We intended to do that all the way through. We never would have put anything out like this. I don't want to make it an issue. East Cleveland deserves much better than this."

I would say since he did not deny it, didn't claim it was for Halloween, or claim he was just joking (even though 'real' guys don't joke around by dressing up as a girl) - that he is a dress-donning fruitcake must be true.

In other interviews, Mayor Erica also refused to deny the pics were of him. Many also claim that Mayor Erica's cross-dressing has been a long known secret. I guess now that his closet is open for the world to see -- Mayor Erica is not denying it but apologizing for it.

Rumor has it that if Mayor Erica wins the election this Tuesday he will be offering his swishy-hipped strutting self to lead the parade for the Gay Olympics that might be coming to Cleveland.

You go girl!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Left Comparing legal Irish Immigrants with Border-Jumping Illegal Mexican Immigrants

As we get closer to the fight against amnesty for illegal immigrants it appears the open border lovers in this country will stop at nothing. We have already witnessed the Ruler of the Red Shed, President Paco, lie on national TV about illegal immigrants getting coverage under the proposed socialized Health Care reforms.

Now we see the left selling out Irish immigrants by trying to portray illegal immigrants the same as legal immigrants....
Congressman Luis Gutierrez is to introduce an immigration reform bill in the House of Representatives sometime in the next few weeks.

The announcement was immediately welcomed by Sheila Gleeson, executive director of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers.

The estimated 50,000 Irish immigrants, who followed in the footsteps of their families, friends and neighbors across the Atlantic, have been living in the shadows for too long" said Boston-based Gleeson.

"It is time to fix our immigration system to allow contributing, taxpaying immigrants an opportunity to contribute fully to the country that they have come to call home," she said. (ALIPAC)

Of course we all know our country was built on the backs of hard working immigrants who came to this country for nothing more than a better life and opportunity for themself and their children. These immigrants came over and while protecting their heritage, they assimilated into our society, abided by our laws and cherished their new home.

These legal immigrants asked for nothing! Unlike the illegal immigrants destroying our country today they did not demand signs be put up in their native language, they did not ask for special priveleges and they were ashamed to take handouts. Again, unlike the illegal immigrants of today, they worked hard, many were treated like dirt even though they contributed to society. The only thing important for many of these immigrants was that one day they would be an American citizen.

And then we have the burden of the burro riding banditos south of the border who care a less about our laws or becoming American...

One in three Mexicans would migrate to the United States if they had the chance, and many would go illegally at a time of rising drug violence in Mexico, a survey released on Wednesday showed.

The survey by the Pew Research Center, a Washington-based public opinion research organization, found that 57 percent of Mexicans believe those who move from Mexico to the United States enjoy a better life.

Around 11.9 million illegal immigrants, mostly Hispanic, live and work in the United States, including millions of Mexicans. Americans are divided about how to handle them. (ALIPAC)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baucus' Health Care Bill Bogged Down with 564 Amendments

This pretty much shows the Democrats do not know if they are coming or going with their push for socialized Health Care. With all these proposed amendments, if the Tea Party Patriots & Town Hallers keep it up -- it very well may be going. And that is a good thing!

From Health Care Horserace

The release of Senate Finance Committee chairman Max BaucusAmerica’s Healthy Future Act of 2009 was supposed to put the health care reform debate on the fast track as the White House and Congressional Democrats scramble to have at least a Senate bill in place by October 15th - the deadline for Harry Reid’s nuclear option of budget reconciliation. Instead a whopping 564 amendments to the bill have been filed ahead of the Finance Committee’s mark-up session which is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.

While there is little chance the Baucus bill will come out of mark-up looking anything like the one he introduced last week, the question on the minds of most following the debate is which direction the mark-up will take the bill in. Will the resultant bill actually resemble the bipartisan approach President Obama has claimed to desire? Or, will the amendment process move the bill in the direction of the House bills which include a public option as the centerpiece of health care reform?

The amendments run the gamut and represent just how deeply divided Democrats are within their own party - More...

Is Cap & Trade Dead?

From the American Conservative --
Clyde Middleton and I just concluded a blogger conference call with the House Whip Team. On the call were Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), and Erik Paulsen (R-MN).

The major news from the call was that Cap and Trade is, according to Rep. Jordan, “all but dead in the House.” Rep. Paulsen, a freshman, noted that many of his freshman colleagues on the other side of the aisle were forced by the leadership to vote for the House bill without the opportunity to read it. Once the bill is reconciled in conference committee with the Senate bill and sent back to the House for a final vote, many of them that voted “yes” the first time around will vote “no” now. Many of these Democrats (and Republican Rep. Kirk) got a lot of blowback from constituents over the August recess, an indication that pressure brought to bear on them has had the desired effect.

There was unanimous agreement of the Reps. on the call that it is “very likely” Cap and Trade is dead.

On the health care front, it was confirmed that the Senate closed a loophole in its bill (after Joe Wilson’s outburst) that may have allowed illegals to obtain benefits. The Senate added a citizenship verification provision. However, as of today, none of Democrat House bills has any such verification. One rep. likened the situation to border security; while illegal immigration is against the law, unless you enforce it, people get it. Without a verification provision in the health care bill, illegals could skirt that law as well.

When Clyde asked Rep. Paulsen if he had received a response from Sen. Baucus concerning a September 16, 2009, letter Rep. Paulsen had sent concerning a $40 billion tax on medical device manufacturers, his response was simple: No. Rep. Paulsen went on to discuss his and other representatives from both sides of the aisle have with this tax provision which falls onto not just large companies but small businesses, too.

Audio of the call is here.

We predicted the demise of Cap and Trade here yesterday. Seems that at least some members of the GOP agree with that assessment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OH Supreme Court Rules 'Back Door Tax' on Groceries is OK

Since we are not already burdened with too many taxes in OH our robed Republican rubes riding the big bench in Columbus ruled it is OK for gross receipts of grocery stores to be taxed...

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled the state can continue to collect a business tax when it’s applied to grocery store food sales, avoiding what could have been an $188 million annual hole in the state budget.

In a 6-1 decision, the court upheld the collection of the Commercial Activities Tax on food sold by grocery stores and others for offsite consumption. The Ohio Grocers Association had argued that applying the tax to food sales violated the state Constitution, which prohibits sales taxes on the sale of food that’s taken off store premises to eat.

The tax amounts to 26 cents per $100 in sales over $1 million, or a flat rate of $150 for the first $1 million in sales, as long as sales are above $150,000. State tax officials estimate the portion of the tax collected on food receipts would amount to about $188 million a year.

Lawmakers have called the tax as one levied on the privilege of doing business in Ohio, but grocers argued the payment amounted to a sales tax.

The court rejected that argument, noting that state laws are given a strong presumption of constitutionality and that the court was required to uphold the tax if it may “plausibly be determined as permissible.” (Canton Repository)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help State Sen. Tim Grendell Stop Corrupt Public Employees from crying "Victimhood"

The one State Senator willing to stand for something and the one we can continually count on as truly being a voice for OH residents down in Columbus is again fighting to protect our best interest.

State Senator Tim Grendell, unlike many other elected officials, see's a problem or something wrong and he acts. Grendell wants to close the loophole in OH law allowing some elected officials & public employees convicted of corruption from collecting thier pensions.

State legislators passed the pension forfeiture law last year following a series of public scandals ranging from Ohio Gov. Bob Taft and Coingate to an embezzling downstate sheriff. The crimes triggering forfeiture include bribery, a pattern of corrupt activity and theft in office.

But it appears most of the eight public employees found guilty so far in the federal probe have jobs that do not fall within thescope of the state forfeiture law. Only J. Kevin Kelley could be affected -- and only because of his role as an elected Parma school board member, not in his position with the Cuyahoga County engineer's office.

Convicted employees must hold jobs of sufficient importance to lose their pensions. Positions include elected officials, members of boards or commissions appointed by the governor or attorney general, public employees required to file disclosure statements with the state, prosecutors and law directors, as well as local and state police.

"You're trying to get the guys who can improperly benefit from the use of public funds," Grendell said.

Speaking on the Bob Frantz Show the other evening, Senator Grendell is urging everyone to contact your State Senator and ask they join him in sponsoring this legislation.

You can find your State Senators contact information by clicking here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Cleveland Dream Will Be Funded By Tax Dollars

We are just so lucky here in Cuyahoga County!


Because the institution of integrity shown by our Democrat leadership, the eagle-eyed watchdog's in the local GOP and utterly awesome business leaders of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, this area is just a thriving metropolis with people stepping over each other too get here. And as we all know -- unemployment in this area and across the state is almost non-existent!

We all remember the Med Mart that turned this area, as promised, into a Medical Mecca. As the thousands of doctors and health care executives fill our area hotel rooms injecting untold amounts of dollars into our billowing local and state economy -- once again, by using our tax dollars we will be blessed by these brain trusts and they will recreate the faltering Flats.

From the PD --
Buildings could start rising early next year on the east bank of the Flats, the result of $54 million in new public loans and grants being assembled to get the stalled development moving again.

The city and statefunding, announced Tuesday, will smooth the road toward construction of a slimmed-down, $270 million first phase of the Flats East Bank project - including an office building to house accounting firm Ernst & Young and law firm Tucker Ellis & West.

Plans for the first portion of the project also include a hotel, stores, restaurants, a health club and 14 acres of public parks and green space. All of that could be finished by spring 2012.

The news provides a life raft for the Flats East Bank development, (Continue)

With State & Local coffers overflowing and our elected state-wide officials having "Skip the Silver Dollar across the Scioto River" contests every Saturday in Columbus -- what better way can there be of spending these unneeded tax dollars.

The Fight to Replace Dead Ted

Concerned that poll numbers show support for a socialized hell-th care plan sinking faster than a rock, or Rosie O'Donnell in a swimming pool, and unable to play by the '04 rules the Massachewshit Democrats crafted for replacing a Senator, Chairman O is now using his influence as Ruler of the Red Shed in gerry-mandering the Senate pick for replacing Dead Ted...

From --
Gov. Deval Patrick said Friday that President Barack Obama had personally talked to him about changing the Senate succession law in Massachusetts, and White House aides were pushing for him to gain the power to temporarily replace the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy amid the administration's health care push.

A month after a White House spokesman labeled the issue a state matter, Patrick said he and Obama spoke about changing the law as they both attended Kennedy's funeral in Boston last month. He also said White House aides have been in contact frequently ever since and pushing for the change so they can regain their filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate.

"He and his whole team have been very clear about that," Patrick told reporters after holding a Cabinet meeting near his Berkshire Mountains vacation home.

Obama presidential counselor David Axelrod has contacted Massachusetts officials and the Massachusetts branch of Obama's political arm, Organizing for America, has sent out e-mails advocating for the change.

King's Translation --- "since Obama's nuts' at ACORN are on the hot seat by finally being exposed for the fraud and tools of the progressive democrats that they really are... Chairman Obamao will be reorganizing them under his new propaganda team of 'Organizing for America' and use them in his force-feeding of socialized hell-th care on us."

Along with 16 Republican Mass. House members there were 42 Mass. House Democrats that showed some integrity in voting against giving Massachewshits Gov. Patrick a carte blanche pick for this seat. Debating the bill this Monday, it appears the vastly outnumbered GOP state Senators for Mass. ( 5-40) don't have a fighting chance in stopping this.

In talking about filling 'seats,' the famous lisping legislator that likes putting "things" where they don't belong and likes having "things" put where they don't belong, Barney Frank offers up his blatantly one-sided hypocritical view...

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass. said Friday that qualms about whether to allow the interim appointment shouldn't be used to help defeat major policy issues like expanding Americans access to health care.

"Public policy questions important to everyone in America shouldn't be decided by a tragedy of death or some other non-electoral factor," Frank said.

Huh, Frank had no qualms about his gay lover running a queer male prostitute ring out of his home -- but this bothers him! And of course, it was OK for the Dems to invoke Dead Ted's name on the health care bill before he was even lowered into the ground.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liar, Liar, Your Health Care Plan is on Fire!

Since when is telling the truth a bad thing? Since when is standing firm and exposing a liar a bad thing?

Had Rep. Joe Wilson NOT spoken out when he did, at what I believe was a PERFECT time and could be considered 'firing for effect', do you think the exposure of these lies would have gotten the same coverage from the MSM?

From SCF --

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) was right. The President was being dishonest when he said the House health care bill does not providing benefits to illegal immigrants. It does.

  1. According to the Congressional Research Service, HR 3200 "does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens participating." The system would essentially operate on an honor system by illegal immigrants.

  2. HR 3200 provides State Medicaid agencies with the ability to set eligibility standards for the low income subsidies. Since States are given a 100% federal match, there is nothing to discourage them from setting loose standards that allow illegal immigrants to be enrolled in the program.

  3. With the help of the National Council of La Raza, House Democrats defeated two amendments offered to HR 3200 that would have added explicit taxpayer protections to stop benefits from going to illegal immigrants.

  4. Senate Democrats promised Friday to include NEW citizenship verification requirements in their health care bill, proving that Joe Wilson was right about giant loophole in the House bill.
Although he waivered at first by contacting the Ruler of the Red Shed, President Pinocchio, giv, Rep. Wilson put his big girl panties on and stated today that he will not apologize a second time for speaking the truth.

Good for Rep Wilson!

Should Congress create a new government tourism advertising agency to provide corporate welfare to the U.S. tourism industry?

In another show of what the Ohio Republican Party considers good conservative leadership, Sen. George RINOvich cranks it up and delivers another kick in the Buckeyes of Ohio conservatism. But remember, we should be greatful that the ORP ensures our future by finding and supporting great conservatives such as RINOvich.

From the Senate Conservatives Fund --

This new $400 million program, which is part of the Travel Promotion Act, allows the government to pay for tourism advertising around the globe. It's a lot like "Cash for Clunkers," only this time the handouts go to mega corporations that want someone else to pay their advertising bills.

Writing in the Washington Post today, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) describes it this way:

The advertising fund would be controlled by leaders of America's tourism industry -- giant corporations such as Disney, Loews and Marriott. Keep in mind, those companies are not in distress -- they're thriving. Disney, for instance, posted profits of $4.4 billion last year, and bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion just last week.

In order to make this crazy idea less objectionable, the authors of the bill pay for the new bureaucracy with new taxes on foreign travelers coming to the U.S. Of course such a fee is counter-productive to the stated goal of "travel promotion" and it will most certainly lead to higher travel fees for Americans traveling abroad. The EU has already announced that any new fee will trigger reciprocal fees on Americans traveling to its countries.

We realize that passing this program may help some of the tourism interests in Las Vegas and provide a political benefit to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who is suffering in the polls and could face a stiff challenger in 2010. But we hope some of his Democrat colleagues have the courage to oppose his boondoggle.

The Senate voted to cut off debate and advance the bill on Monday, demonstrating that Senators didn't learn much in August. Only 19 Republicans opposed it.

Sen. RINOvich joined other questionable conservatives such as, Susan Collins (R-ME), Lindsey Graham-nesty (R-SC) & Olympia Snowe (R-ME) in supporting this corporate welfare bill.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: America’s Educrap establishment is using Messiah Barry’s September 08, 2009 speech to enlist the tykes in the Cult of

I have been notified by Hambo that, as sometimes happens, their was a 'floater' left in the bowl from this weeks earlier flushing of Politically Incorrect Gazette's Steaming Load Award. Never one to short change us on flushing out the stinkers of this country, Hambo pinches out another one and gives us a double flush...

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load Award: America’s Educrap establishment is using Messiah Barry’s September 08, 2009 speech to enlist the tykes in the Cult of Obama.

Messiah Barry’s speech, just the thought of it, doesn’t thrill me spitless, but I’m not going postal over it, for the obvious reasons. We need to face the bitter fact that this speech is the kind of ‘tooting his own horn’ crap that a malignant narcissist like Barry is compelled to do. I’m not crazy about this yammering to the kiddies, but I don’t think that the speech itself is the real danger.

To expose the danger, we need to get real about what Barry will, and won’t, do. According to the Department of Educrap, Barry will drone on, endlessly, about studying hard, and the importance of a good education:

"The President will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning. He will also call for a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, parents and educators to ensure that every child in every school receives the best education possible so they can compete in the global economy for good jobs and live rewarding and productive lives as American citizens."

As much as I despise and distrust him, I doubt that Prompter Punk will stare into the camera and say "You must worship me, the way I worship myself. If I’m my own icon of perfection, I must be yours, too."

Okay, this speech is Prompter Punk bull crap time, and that’s nobody’s idea of a good time, as Barry’s falling poll numbers show. Like I said, I don’t see Barry as the problem. I DO see America’s Educrats as a clear and present danger to the intellectual sovereignty of America’s school age kids. Is that pagan scribbler paranoia? Not exactly.

We’ve already seen it played out, a few days ago, when some Utah Educrats played a tape of tyke-venerated celebrities, popular entertainers like Asston Kutcher, pledging their allegiance to Messiah Barry personally. They didn’t pledge allegiance to America, or the American people. They pledged allegiance to the Marxist Messiah. Is that the kind of message you want rammed down the throats of your children, your grandchildren, anyone’s children?

Was this an isolated case? Perhaps, but the rules of engagement posted by the Department of Educrap concerning Messiah Barry’s speech, contain some troubling elements. For example, a fter the speech, teachers are instructed to ask the tykes to discuss questions like:

  • What do you think the president wants us to do?
  • Does the speech make you want to do anything?
  • Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?
  • What would you like to tell the president?

The item that sent up a Red Shed flag for me is this optional, teachable moment, element:

  • [Have students] write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.

Another troubling element to these rules of engagement is the fact that from start to finish, the focus is all Barry, all the time. It is, in other words, an exercise aimed a stroking Messiah Barry’s universe-size ego. The kids are little more than useful idiots enlisted to further inflate the ego of this legend in his own mind.

Is this Prompter Punk speech a turd that needs to be flushed? Yes, because it gives cultural Marxists with teaching credentials another excuse to do what comes much too naturally: indoctrinate their captive audience instead of educating them. For that reason, and for that reason alone, Barry’s speech to the kiddies needs to be flushed out of our misery.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

Stop the OH GOP from Disrespecting 9/11

Only the tools running the Ohio Republican Party could be so tasteless!

From CTPP --

Tea Party Patriot Action Alert

As we near the date of 9/11, the day of one of the most vicious attacks on American soil, many of us will be going to an event honoring the fallen, their families and the heroes of that day. As everyone did 8 years ago, and for some time afterwards, partisan politics were put aside and we came together as Americans. Our leaders acted in the best interest of America and “for which we stand.”

Unfortunately, as this fateful and sacred day in our country’s history nears, instead of being respectful by honoring, commemorating and remembering the victims and their family and instead of putting partisan politics away for a day, the Ohio Republican Party insists on donning their Elephant lapel pins and going to work.

In the most disgraceful way, the State Central Committee for the Ohio Republican Party will be meeting at 10:00AM on Fri. 9/11 at the Hilton Polaris (8700 Lyra Dr. / Near the Polaris Mall) to give out state party endorsements for the May 2010 primary.

After speaking with quite a few other Cleveland Tea Party Patriots (CTPP) who were also upset about this meeting, I contacted Chairman DeWine’s office to express our concerns. I identified myself as one of the CTPP coordinators, and that I was calling with some concerns about an upcoming endorsement meeting.

It was stated that we find it offensive, and most importantly disrespectful, that the OH GOP feels the need to hold partisan political meetings on 9/11 for the reason of giving out party endorsements. Surely, with the primary race over 6 months away -- there could be no rational or justifiable reason for giving out endorsements on this sacred day. (Or so I thought!)

Furthermore, it was stated that we feel party endorsements should not be given out in primary races and that the candidates should be elected on the merits of their accomplishments and/or their proposed platforms. I then requested, that if the endorsements must be given for primary races, that at least in good taste, the endorsement meeting should rescheduled for another day.

Since the OH GOP Chairman, Kevin DeWine, or his Executive Director, Jason Mauk, refuses to return calls, we are left to go by what was stated by DeWines office staff on his behalf....
In response to my above remarks it was confirmed the meeting is being held on 9/11/09, that the endorsement meeting will go on regardless of the date and something will be done to remember the victims. It was further stated by the Chairman’s office that, “the GOP Chairman in ALL 88 county’s and ALL of the members on the OH GOP State Central Committee felt the need to ‘direct’ voters in the primary on who to vote for and that is why the endorsements will be given.”

As we can clearly see, while the OH GOP claims they hear our Tea Party Patriot message that -- we are free-thinking conservative voters, we don’t need their 'direction' & are tired of being told who to vote for -- their actions do not show it.

If you feel it is disrespectful and offensive to meet and give out party endorsements on 9/11 and you do not to need to be told who to vote for - we are urging you to contact the OH GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine, all 88 County GOP Chairman and all GOP State Central Committee members and ask that the endorsement meeting be canceled on this sacred day and no endorsements be given out for any primary races.

If the OH GOP Chairman DeWine refuses our requests we will request that any candidate, in honoring the victims and the heroes that stood up for our freedom on that sacred day, refuse the endorsement on the grounds that 9/11 should be national day of remembrance free of partisan politics.

Take Action:
---then forward this---

1.) Call OH GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine (614)228-2481

2.) Call your Republican Party County Chairman (from the list below). Leave brief message with your opinion on the endorsement meetings.

3.) E-mail members of the Republican State Central Committee. E-mail them as a group by copying / pasting their e-addresses:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Republican Party County Chairmen -

Find your county Chair & call him/her:

Allen Keith Cheney 419-228-7040 419-331-5655
Ashland Bob DeSanto 419-289-1710 419-289-1454
Ashtabula Richard Hornstein 440-992-4008 440-576-6925
Athens Pete Couladis 740-589-9914
Belmont Kent Moore 740-676-0206
Brown Paul Hall 800-525-4255
Butler Joseph Schwarz 513-893-5292
Carroll David Jones 330-735-2200
Champaign Ron Coder 937-653-6073 937-653-1477
Clark Dan Harkins 937-324-8482 937-307-0607
Clermont Tim Rudd 513-876-3466 513-732-1611
Clinton Roger Bennett 937-382-3778 937-382-3444
Columbiana David Johnson 330-223-1511
Coshocton David Burns 740-622-8960 740-622-2011
Crawford Don Long 419-562-8739
Cuyahoga Robert Frost 216-621-5415
Darke Gerg Fraley 937-548-0313
Defiance Jeffrey Strausbaugh 419-782-2625 419-784-3700
Delaware Teri Morgan 614-888-6085
Erie Jude Hammond 419-433-3031 419-627-6650
Fairfield Steve David 740-689-1746
Fayette Robin Beekman 740-426-6273
Fulton Sandra Barber 419-335-4428 419-337-9282
Gallia Lawrence Tawney 740-446-1856
Geauga 440-834-0680
Greene Marilyn Reid 937-431-5000
Guernsey Donald Brown 740-439-3443 740-432-5638
Hamilton Alex Triantafilou 513-381-5454
Hancock Rick White 419-422-3824
Hardin James Crates 419-675-7272 419-673-1129
Harrison Dennis Watson 740-968-0112
Henry David Grahn 419-592-5520 419-592-3503
Highland Kay Ayers 937-393-6512
Hocking Rod Hedges 740-385-6044 740-385-5392
Holmes Robin Hovis 330-674-3763 330-674-5000
Huron David Kniffen 419-668-4622 419-668-7576
Jackson Alan Stockmeister 740-286-2122
Jefferson Rick Desmar 740-283-3981
Knox Ken Lane 740-397-2462 800-307-8038
Lake Dale Fellows 440-352-0704
Lawrence Ray Dutey 740-532-1760 740-533-4308
Licking Richard Salvage 740-973-5440
Logan Robert Erwin 937-593-7120 937-593-9065
Lorain Robert Rousseau 440-235-6298
Madison Pete Kitchen 614-879-7044 614-879-6400
Mahoning Mike Smith 330-482-0200
Marion Karyle Mumper 740-389-4329 740-244-4344
Medina Ralph Berry 330-723-0415
Meigs Charles Barrett 740-742-2578 740-992-2911
Mercer Owen Hall 419-586-4078 419-586-7728
Miami John O'Brien 937-339-1112 937-332-6912
Monroe Roger Clause 740-567-3168
Montgomery Patrick Flanagan 937-434-0734 937-223-5200
Morgan Dean Cain 740-559-2248
Morrow Dan Osborne 419-947-3435
Muskingum Pat Hennessey 740-454-2841 740-454-1221
Ottawa Terry Lowe 419-898-0628 419-898-6874
Paulding Tony Langham 419-399-4933
Perry Dave Freriks 740-342-4130 740-605-0647
Pickaway Jeffrey Call 740-869-3884
Portage Norm Sandvoss 330-297-5718
Pike Doug Miller 740-493-2459 740-493-3199
Preble Hal Yoder 937-456-8148
Putnam Gary Grant 419-596-3327 419-596-3848
Richland Mike Smith 419-524-1808
Ross Ron Fields 740-775-2323
Sandusky Lee Shaffer 419-665-2316 419-332-1527
Scioto Dr. Terry Johnson
Seneca Charles Knight 419-435-4000
Shelby Ralph Bauer 937-295-3714 937-497-7222
Stark 330-456-6333
Summit Alex Arshinkoff 216-650-5055 330-434-9151
Trumbull Craig Bonar 330-638-3251 330-392-2511
Tuscarawas Doug Wills 330-343-6131
Union Jim Westfall 937-642-0869
Van Wert Martin Burchfield 419-238-5198 419-238-6553
Vinton Patricia Napier 740-385-5898
Warren Les Spaeth previous 513-398-4761
Warren Tom Grossmann 513-357-9384 513-754-8660
Washington Marilyn Ashcraft 740-373-6830 740-732-2331
Wayne Jim Carmichael 330-264-4744 330-466-1474
Williams Bob Winzeler 419-485-3543 419-485-3147
Wood John Miller 419-354-5927
Wyandot Sherman Stansberry 419-294-3237

Go Get 'em Patriots!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor's Killing America Day

I’ll be enjoying the day off today, but I sure as hell won’t be celebrating the “labor movement.” A more accurate name for this date would be “ Labor's Killing America Day.”

This day no longer represents the movement it was meant to recognize. This may come as a surprise for some of my conservative counterparts – but I am a supporter of unions. This does not include many of the UAW workers who, along with their union leaders, raped our automobile industry or the Teachers Unions who are complicit in dumbing down and the progressive indoctrination of our children. I do not support the business-killing, American-hating unions of today – but for what the concept of unions once represented.

The unions no longer represent the rank & file workers they were created to protect from companies paying slave labor rates, working in unsafe or hazardous working conditions, etc, by allowing workers to organize and fight back through the use of collective bargaining agreements.

Today, dues paying union members are no longer the main concern of union leaders. The leaders of these unions no longer speak or fight for the rank & file workers they were formed to represent. At one time the unions fought so workers could have the right to have secret sign up cards and voting for organizing purposes. This was done so businesses couldn’t retaliate against workers wanting to organize. Now, the unions are against this practice. Why? So they can easily retaliate against those workers not wanting to unionize.

I work with union workers everyday and all day long. Many of these union guys no longer feel the unions represent their best interest. Many of them, who were/are die-hard supporters of our troops, are shocked when they are told that the unions had Cindy Sheehan come to Cleveland for an anti-war rally. Their jaws drop when they learn her trip and five-star hotel stay were paid for with their hard earned unions dues. They start stuttering in disbelief when told that in Mexifornia, the unions are fighting for border jumping illegal immigrants to have the same working rights as legal Americans – and their union dues are funding this fight.

These same guys are even more disgusted when they learn of union leaders in OH approving of some union thugs protesting at the homes of fellow union members who stayed on strike as long as they could but had to go back to work so they could feed their families. And let’s not forget how some of these union thugs have become Obama’s goose-stepping goons handing out beat downs for those willing to speak out against health care.

But again, this is from the unions business-killing leadership, as again, I have yet to find any of the union guys I know supportive of their union leaders helping steer us on this left turn to socialist hell.

In fact, many of the union workers I know, support the Re-Awakening we are seeing in our country today. I bet if you speak with friends of yours in the unions – you will find the same sentiment. Then top it off and ask them is they get paid for the day off meant to recognize them. The union goons & goonettes you see at these rally’s are the same as the mush-for brains party hacks evident in both the Democrat & Republican party’s.

The membership of unions today has plummeted, yet their power and influence over Washington has increased. So it is clear that the union leaders of today are nothing more than another political arm of the donkey’s in the Democrat party and the progressive pukes destroying our country with their socialist agenda.

Reinforcing this statement, Chairman Obama will be giving a sermon today at a “Labor Rally” in Cincinnati in attempts to fire up his goose-steppers and kick start his faltering socialized health care proposals.