Monday, August 31, 2009

Anti- Gun Senator George Voinovich continues his charade of pretending to support 2nd Amendment

I just love when politicians try and rationalize their votes. Here we have the ever famous curious conservative - Curious George RINOvich - doing his best to convince angry gun supporters from OH he really is pro-gun and supports our 2nd Amendment...

From Buckeye Firearms --

On July 22, 2009, Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio) voted against a national reciprocity amendment that would have allowed persons with a concealed handgun license to carry their guns in most other states (Amendment 1618 to S1390). Later, in trying to explain his vote, Voinovich told told editors at the Columbus Dispatch that the Republican party's biggest problem is that Ohioans just can't relate to pro-gun Republicans from the South.

And now, one month later, via a letter of response to angry constituents, Voinovich is trying to explain that he is really their friend. If you believe that, he probably has some great swampland in Florida to sell you too.

Senator Voinovich starts his letter by quoting the Second Amendment. Maybe he should try reading it himself. He then mentions his co-signing an amicus brief in the Heller v D.C. gun case and a couple other pro-gun votes. While those are nice, it does not make him pro-gun.

George Voinovich is like a child molester that lists out some good things he has done, as if that offsets the bad things. That is not the way I measure my friends, or my legislators. More...

Click here to read RINOvich's letter.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Will Political Dissent be Silenced by Obama's Internet Police?

H/T to Dr. Doo2little over at Cleveland Tea Party Patriot blog for this one.

I fully understand that cyber warfare and cyber attacks are a national security threat. With that I am willing to have some of my rights intruded upon in the name of us having a secure nation -- but only too a limited extent. Though some on the left went totally ape shit over the Patriot Act, I had no problem with it. I did not find the wire taps intrusive... if you were not planning to attack our country -- then you had nothing to worry about. I may be wrong, but, other than terrorists, I have yet to hear about someone being convicted of a crime from the wire taps.

Fast forwarding to present day... any restrictions placed upon the American public should be viewed as questionable. Why? Because collectively the new administration has launched a full frontal assault on being American and everything for which we stand. When this administration says, " in the best interest of our country..." or, "... in the name of National Security," the echoes of Hugo Chavez and other Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, Communist, etc... dictators ring through our halls of justice & freedom.

Never in the history of our country has an elected U.S. President used his office as a tool of stripping away our rights or turning fellow Americans against each other more than President Obama. Using the Dept. of Homeland Security to label outspoken individuals as extremists, instruct the FBI to open files and investigate organizers of any so-called anti-government rallys and the dispatching of union thugs to beat socialized health care naysayers are just a few things President Obama has done as he forcefully tries imposing his socialist views on our country. This modern day constitutional assault on any and all free thinking legal citizens of the United States is of historical proportions.

Now, and again chirping in the name of "national security," Obama is planning on expanding their insidious reach into our lives by creating the Internet Police giving him emergency access to our personal information and the authority to shut down websites....
Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

The new version would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and do what's necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the proposal include a federal certification program for "cybersecurity professionals," and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license.

Probably the most controversial language begins in Section 201, which permits the president to "direct the national response to the cyber threat" if necessary for "the national defense and security." The White House is supposed to engage in "periodic mapping" of private networks deemed to be critical, and those companies "shall share" requested information with the federal government. ("Cyber" is defined as anything having to do with the Internet, telecommunications, computers, or computer networks.) More...

Even without imposing the Internet Police, some Internet search engines have already taken it upon themselves to become Obama's Goose-Stepping Internet Goons. As I posted here when Google recently blocked access to the website of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) through their search engine.

Sportsmen Need to Block the Anti-Hunting & Fishing "Czar"

Hopefully the below post will awaken the sportsman out there that support the Ruler of the DC Red Shed -- Obama. For the ones that think this outrage is only about Cap & Trade or being against Socialized Hell-th Care -- understand something -- this outrage is about the stripping of our God given & Constitutionally protected rights.

Maybe now that they will soon be attacking hunters you will get you off your tree stand sitting butts...

From Buckeye Firearms --
Cass R. Sunstein may not be a household name, but make no mistake, in academic and legal circles he is a rock star. His nomination by President Obama to serve as the head of the powerful Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), otherwise known as the "Regulatory Czar", appears on track and has received a lot of accolades from those who make a living inside "the Beltway" of Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, Sunstein's record outs him as a rabid animal rightist who has gone so far as to state that animals may deserve the right to sue and, for sportsmen, most chillingly, that "we might ban hunting altogether, at least if it's sole purpose is human recreation."

The Obama administration is already crowded with people who hold similar viewpoints as Sunstein. It is common knowledge that Attorney General Eric Holder is a champion for gun control. Also with sordid conservation pasts are Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack who vetoed a bill to allow dove hunting when governor of Iowa and Lisa Jackson, head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who worked overtime as a New Jersey bureaucrat to stop bear hunting in the state.

Senate-whore Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D- NV), will be pushing this for a vote to confirm Cass Sunstein's nomination when the Senate starts up after Labor Day.

So, if you want to continue enjoying the outdoors, put down your Buck Hunting Magazine, contact your Senators and tell them to vote no on Sunsteins nomination. Click this link for the phone numbers of your Senators.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obama's Self-Appointed Goose-Stepping Goons

I find it funny that the BD/SM loving Democrats continue defying all logic by hosting Town Hall meetings. It's almost like they think they will come up with something clever to say and "poof" we will all go away. I'm thinking maybe they' re hoping they can get a You Tube worthy moment by finding one where maybe their supporters of socialized health care out number the opponents.

In one of the latest Town Hall tussles in Reston, VA, an aptly named ass-crack of an police officer, Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr, takes it upon himself to become one of Obama's self-appointed, goose-stepping goon's by declaring martial law on the freedom of expression.

Taking issue with a poster depicting his leader as the "Joker," Officer Ass-Crack imposed the new Obama version of "Selective Free Speech."

From WND --

A video of the town hall held earlier this week by Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., shows an unnamed protester standing on school grounds carrying a sign that read "Organizing for National Socialist Health Care – The Final Solution" and depicted Barack Obama in the Joker's makeup.

Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. then told the protester that even though others were holding signs, his sign was unacceptable because of the depiction of Obama.

"But you got this with a picture," Cheeks said, explaining why the protester was being singled out from the others. "That's the difference. This has got a picture on it. That don't have a picture on it.

"Sir, leave the picture down," the officer said. "If you put the picture back up, you'll be charged with trespassing."

The protester continued the argument, wondering how his presence among hundreds of others at the town hall meeting could be deemed trespassing.

The officer answered, "If I told you once to take it down and you put it back up, I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with."

Unable to turn the Town Haller in at the Ruler of Red Shed's "Neighbor Fink Link" -- created especially for silencing these type of so-called "anti-socialized health care hooligans" trying to exercises their God-given & Constitutionally protected rights -- the colonically challenged ass hat of a handcuffer just threatens to just make up a law and charge the guy.

How American!

Well if that sign got Officer Cheeks all tightened up, after buffing up his shiny black knee high boots, I'm sure this sign would have him herding you off into a cattle car.

Click here and you can see video of the incident and a brief run down on many of the Town Hall tussles.

United Arab Emirates 'seizes N Korea arms shipment' bound for Iran

I know it is far fetched... but for some reason the below post just reeks of Bill Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton!

The United Arab Emirates has seized a cargo of North Korean weapons being shipped to Iran, which would have violated a UN embargo on arms exports from the communist state, Western diplomats say.

The UAE reported the incident, which occurred two weeks ago, to the Security Council sanctions committee on North Korea, diplomats said on Friday.

The committee sent letters to Tehran and Pyongyang on August 25 informing them of the seizure and demanding a response within 15 days. The weapons seized on August 14 included rocket launchers, detonators, munitions and ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades, it said.

"The cargo was deceptively labelled," said a diplomat "The cargo manifest said that the ship contained oil boring machines. But then you opened it up and you found these arms." (Al Jazeera)

Could the UAE have accidently stumbled upon a secret deal made in exchange for the hostages released during Slick Willies visit?

Second Amendment: Beware Permit Holders

From the US Patriot Post --

Concealed handgun permit holders are the target of a recent report issued by the Violence Policy Center, an anti-gun advocacy organization that says, "Gun violence is more than a crime issue; it is a broad-based public health crisis of which crime is merely the most recognized aspect." The report, entitled "Law Enforcement and Private Citizens Killed by Concealed Handgun Permit Holders," is quite possibly the shoddiest piece of investigative research available -- an obvious effort to manipulate a particular set of circumstances to support the Center's efforts to undermine Second Amendment rights. The report relies on news stories rather than hard data to support its claims that between May 2007 and April 2009, permit holders were responsible for the deaths of 51 people.

As Bob Owens of Pajamas Media notes in his analysis, "Of the 31 incidents cited by the Violence Policy Center in its report, eight did not involve the use of concealed weapons. One used no weapon at all, four used rifles, one was a negligent discharge, and three were incidents of domestic violence where non-concealed handguns were used." Owens concludes, "All told, 30 of the 57 people that the Violence Policy Center suggested were killed as a result of concealed carry should not have been included in any study citing concealed carry of handguns as a significant contributing factor."

The VPC is funded to the tune of $700,000 per year by The Joyce Foundation, where Barack Obama served as director from 1994-2002. In 1999, Joyce began a significant attack on 2nd Amendment rights, a move that ultimately had bearing in the Heller Supreme Court appeal. While Obama maintains that he supports individual Second Amendment rights, the actions of the Joyce Foundation that he directed, and the latest attempt by the VPC to tag concealed carry permit holders as the villains, should serve as a reminder that the Left will never stop trying to
subvert our fundamental constitutional rights.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cuyahoga County Reform: Lipstick on a Pig!

In Cuyahoga County we have several reform issues on the ballot coming up this election. One -- "New Cuyahoga Now" is crafted by County Prosecutor Bill Mason, Parma Hts. Mayor Martin Zasnotti and the Greater Cleveland Partnership. (Side note: Mason's wife was just linked to the corruption scandal).

The other plan put forth is by Commissioner Tim "Blow Hard" Hagan and Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones -- this plan would elect a panel of 15 people to study, have community input, formulate a plan for reform and put it up for a vote of the county. Two seperate slates of candidates have been placed on the ballot for voters to choose from. One is mostly Democrats the other is mostly Republicans.

This weekend we will have a more in-depth post on the details of both reform plans. In this post, I will only concentrate on the hypocrisy of the latest PD article detailing these competing reform issues and who is backing what. Until then, you just got to love the spin and lies on this one.

Putting their arguments before the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, the two sides squared off on which reform should be listed first on the election day ballot....
Attorney Steven Kaufman argued that New Cuyahoga Now filed petitions first and therefore should get the top spot on the ballot. He also argued that the commissioners' issue, which never appeared on an agenda or was debated publicly, was not complete until supporters filed petitions on Aug. 20. (PD)

I don't understand why Mr. Kaufman is so upset and, though true, I find it intentionally misleading that he would slam the commissioners reform proposal for not being publicly debated.

Why? Forgoing the fact that Mason/Zasnotti & the GCP have been intimately responsible for the failures of Cuyahoga County -- the Mason/Zasnotti/GCP plan "New Cuyahoga Now" had not only NO community input, but it had NO input from any of the surrounding suburbs or the City of Cleveland. In fact, the commissioners reform proposal will allow for community input whereas the "New Cuyahoga Now" reform plan offer no chance of community input.

Stay tuned this for the upcoming post on the Cuyahoga County Reform. as both slates will be reviewed and the plans will be exposed for what they are -- lipstick on a pig and nothing more than a cosmetic change.

Teddy & The Pearly Gates

From PIG

Girlieman of the Week Award: NY Gov. David Paterson

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: August 28, 2009

Girlieman: Governor David Paterson
Antics: Blames failures on racism

With his approval ratings in the crapper - 30% now, but they have been as low as 18% - New York Governor David Paterson isn’t thrilled spitless about his chances of being elected to the governorship. Getting the job, after Eliot Spitzer’s hooker scandal made room for Davie at the top, was a piece of cake, but keeping the job that he now holds isn’t going to be a slam dunk. Why? His policies, his pathetic performance, haven’t been a voter-inspiring success.

With Attorney General Andrew Cuomo ready, willing, and eager to give himself a promotion up the political food chain, Davie boy isn’t looking forward to the forthcoming election cycle. Feeling vulnerable, and unable to present a convincing argument for his candidacy, David Paterson played a depressingly familiar card from the bottom of the deck, the Race Card:

Gov. Paterson blamed a racist media Friday for trying to push him out of next year's election - launching into an angry rant that left even some black Democrats shaking their heads. "The whole idea is to get me not to run in the primary," Paterson complained on a morning radio show hosted by Daily News columnist Errol Louis.

He suggested that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the country's only other African-American governor, also is under fire because of his race. "We're not in the post-racial period," Paterson said. "The reality is the next victim on the list - and you can see it coming - is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than trying to reform a health care system." (N. Y. Daily News)

Did this ‘racist media punks are out to get me’ bull crap work? Not exactly. Melanin-Enriched state Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn), thinks that Davie needs to grow a pair:

"He's given the media more than enough to feed on with the incompetence shown in his administration. To quote Michael Jackson, he should start with the man in the mirror."

The only person impeding David Paterson’s political ambitions is David Paterson. His suckage as New York state’s chief executive is his own doing. For blaming the great white bigot...for his steadfast refusal to accept responsibility for his own actions, Governor David Paterson is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sea of Government Health Care

From Get

Sittin' on the Front Lawn of Zack Space... Watching the Tide of National Health Care Roll Away

From Cleveland Tea Party Patriot Blog



Coach Dave Daubenmire 740 507 3211
Zack Space 740 452 6338

Local football coach vows to continue round the clock vigil, granted permission to stay by Zanesville City Hall

Zanesville - - With the summer sun beating down on Fourth Street, Coach Dave Daubenmire is still smiling his wry smile.

Sitting beneath Democrat Representative Zack Space's Congressional plaque outside the Congressman's office, "Coach" said he won't quit until Zack Space hosts a town hall. And twelve hours into his pledged round-the-clock vigil, the Fairfield Christian Academy football coach remains vigilant.

"I'm doing this for my kids and grandkids," says Coach Dave. "And I don't even have any grandkids yet."

"This is taxation without representation. My unborn grandkids are already being shackled with a debt inflicted by Congressmen like Zack Space who won't even meet with their constituents," insists Daubenmire."

Answering his cell phone from a collapsable chair, Daubenmire is only leaving his post when he breaks for practice between 2 and 6 PM.

The football coach has already garnered media attention from country station T-100, WHIZ TV, WCLT News and the Zanesville Times Recorder.

"I'm more interested in the people passing by," says Coach. "Almost everyone of them has been supportive."Zanesville City Hall has also supported Daubenmire's right to protest."

As long as he's peaceful and just sitting in a chair, he has a right to be there," said Robert Brandford, Zanesville Public Safety Director.

Brandford conferred with Chief of Police Eric Lambes on Daubenmire's protest and determined that Coach can stay. "Americans have the right to free speech, the right to protest and the right to assemble peacefully," said Brandford.

Initially concerned that he might be forced to move, Daubenmire can sleep comfortably (or at least legally) tonight on Fourth Street.

Good for Coach Dave!

I know we have spoken with several aides for Zack Space and they have confirmed he will not having any public Town Halls and will NOT be meeting with constituents. We have left at least a minimum of 10 messages for Space's Chief of Staff to contact us -- none have been returned.

Gear up Patriots... when the congressional clowns go back in session -- Space must be a target and he can be influenced. If Space understands the make up of his district and wants to stay in office... he will vote no on nationalized Hellth Care.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chairman Obamao's Czar Watch

Two more quality appointments by Chairman Obamao...

Adolfo Carrion, White House, Director of Urban Affairs

  • Carrion is under investigation because of work done on his house by a contractor that needed his assistance in a zoning issue. The contractor received the zoning change it needed and Carrion paid less than half the cost of the
    estimate for the work on his house.

  • Even the left-leaning Committee for Responsibility and Ethics blasted Carrion saying, “If the era of pay-to-play politics is over, Adolfo Carrion didn’t get the message.”

  • Carrion spent more than $50,000 of his contributor’s money on a party for himself after he was named to his current position.

  • Carrion’s appointment was announced on February 19, 2009. His position does not require Senate confirmation.

Van Jones, White House, Special Advisor, Council on Environmental Quality

  • Jones is another appointee who sees racial issues in everything.

  • Jones blames Bush for causing Hurricane Katrina(the hurricane itself) due to his energy policies.

  • Jones’ writings contain so much vitriol that it is evident he doesn’t deserve any appointed position, especially on in the White House.

  • Jones was appointed to his position on March 10, 2009. His position does not require Senate confirmation.

These are just a sample of the people President Obama is placing in positions of power within his Administration. If you want more information on these three and many others, please visit: Get

How 'bout that change?!?

Charles McNeeley, former Olmsted Township Police Chief Sentenced for Gay Metro Park Rendezvous

Earlier this year the former top "lick-a-sack" law enforcement officer with the Olmsted Township Police Dept., Charles "Touchy Feely" McNeely, using his wifes cancer as an excuse, finally had his day in court for his open mouthed Metro Parks antics...
Former Olmsted Township Police Chief Charles McNeeley was sentenced Monday for public indecency. The 60-year-old Olmsted Falls resident pleaded no contest, was found guilty and paid a $200 fine. He also paid $105 in court costs. A 30-day jail sentence was suspended; he will be on probation for 3 1/2 years.

A woman ranger said she saw McNeeley, standing outside a car, unzip his pants and expose himself to 61-year-old Daniel Crown, of Brooklyn, who was seated in the car.

He told the ranger that he was going to give Crown oral sex, she wrote in her report. Crown said that he couldn't perform, due to medical conditions.

McNeeley asked the ranger to just issue him a warning. He blamed his behavior on the stress of his wife being diagnosed with cancer. (PD)

I'm still trying to figure out the... "My wife is sick so I need to suck one theory."

Cambridge PD institutes "Gate's Rule"


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Democrats were Duped by Obama

Well it is not his birth certificate, but it confirms what many of the Democrats duped in the last election are now finding out - Obama is NOT a member of the Donkey Farmer Party - but a Socialist....

President Obama participated in a controversial 1990s political party with a socialist agenda, recalls a major member of the organization known as the New Party.

WND previously reported on newspaper evidence showing Obama was a member of the New Party, which sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

"A subcommittee met with (Obama) to interview him to see if his stand on the living wage and similar reforms was the same as ours," recalled Marxist activist Carl Davidson.

"We determined that our views on these overlapped, and we could endorse his campaign in the Democratic Party," Davidson said. (WND)

Wow, buyers remorse must suck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Could Pam O'Bannon Tell You Where Bedford Muni Court Is?

Thanks to King's post last week about the real Pam O'Bannon,, it piqued my curiosity about the race. Let's face it, judicial races as a whole, especially muni court races, often fly below the radar.

After doing some further research on O'Bannon, King is 100% right (which shouldn't come as a surprise) about her qualifications to serve as judge.

According to this article from the Bedford Sun, O'Bannon has never been in the courthouse, let alone practiced before the Bedford Municipal Court. Yes, you read that right - this candidate for judge has never worked in the court she now wants to serve.

This would be like hiring a doctor to perform a surgery on you despite the fact that she has never set foot in a hospital or an operating room.

The communities that comprise the Bedford Muni Court (Bedford, Bedford Hts., Warrensville Hts., Oakwood, North Randall, Glenwillow, Solon, Orange, Moreland Hills, Bentleyville, Chagrin Falls, Chagrin Falls Twp., Woodmere, and Highland Hills) deserve better than this.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama Emails White House Propaganda on our Dime

Are there any history buffs out there?

I have already admitted that 12th grade at Bedford High School was the best three years of my life. I've acknowledged that most of the time in History Class I was in the bathroom smoking (cigarettes of course LOL) or thinking of how I could get thrown of class again. That being said, I can really use some help with the following post.

Since his election the big eared Ruler of the Red Shed running this country has asked fellow citizens to turn each other in if they do not agree with the government, labeled all that do not agree as extremists, secretly monitors a persons actions, opened secret files on people, taken over industries in the name of national security, is making a move to take over the education of children, is monitoring and/or restricting media outlets and is now using government funds for sending out unwanted & unsolicited government propaganda...
The White House hired a private communications company based in Minnesota to distribute mass e-mails, helping to shed light on how some recipients received e-mails in support of President Obama's health care plan without signing up for them, FOX News has learned.

The company, Govdelivery, describes itself as the world's leading provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions and says its e-mail service provides a fully-automated on-demand public communication system.

It is still unknown how much taxpayer money the White House provides to Govdelivery for its services.

The revelation comes after the White House acknowledged this week that people were receiving unsolicited e-mails from the administration about health care reform and suggested the problem was with third-party groups that placed the recipients' names on the distribution list. (Fox News)

I know this has happened in country once before... can anybody help?

Liberal PACs Trouncing Conservative Counterparts in Political Donation Race

And who is it the Democrat party really represents?

From Open Secrets --
It's a glorious time to be a Democrat if you're hoping for some serious advocacy action from the nation's monied liberal establishments.

Through the first half of 2009, left-leaning political action committees have obliterated their right-leaning competition in spending, a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of federal campaign finance data indicates.

ActBlue headlines the list, having spent more than $8.45 million between January and June. It's followed by abortion rights organization EMILY's List ($5.43 million); ($5.2 million); the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees ($3.82 million) and Service Employees International Union Local 1999 ($3.47 million).

Not until 6th place does a conservative group crop up -- the National Republican Trust PAC, which has spent $2.59 million this year, through June 30.

Then in 11th place is the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, which while leftist, is hardly a supporter of President Barack Obama. (LaRouche ran numerous times for the Democratic presidential nomination, failing each time to secure it -- or even much interest from voters.)

Consider the new poster the Lyndon LaRouche PAC is touting, featuring a photograph of Obama with an Adolph Hitler moustache. LaRouche himself also recently described Obama as "a little piece of crap" who is risking assassination at the hands of the British government. No joke, folks.

While these expenditures are going toward advocacy of all stripes -- television ads, mailings, workers' salaries, etc. -- political candidates themselves are also beneficiaries. Particularly Democrats.

In terms of donations to candidates, 17 of the top 20 PAC contributors have given more to Democratic candidates than Republican candidates during 2009. The trio of trend-busters? The United Parcel Service, American Bankers Association and AT&T.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Taliban Chief named in Pakistan

It appears the goat humping Jihadikazes in Pakistan may have a new leader...

The announcement was made by Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, the deputy of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), or Pakistani Taliban Movement, on Saturday.

Mohammad said that Hakimullah Mehsud had been unanimously appointed by the movement’s shura (council) as successor to Baitullah Mehsud at a meeting in north Pakistan on Friday.

Mehsud is believed to have been killed in a US missile strike earlier this month in the South Waziristan tribal district bordering Afghanistan. But Taliban commanders say Mehsud survived the attack but is seriously ill.

"Baitullah is alive but he is seriously sick," Mohammad said, adding: "God forbid if Baitullah is dead, Hakimullah will be his successor." (Al Jazeera)


Is Google Acting as Obama's Internet Police?

Hmmm, suppressing free speech and expression? I know I read about this type of stuff in some other country, but can't remember where.

Oh well, it looks like Google is now requiring all employees to wear Brown shirts...

From ALIPAC --

For Immediate Release

August 20, 2009

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC),, (866) 703-0864

ALIPAC is issuing an emergency broadcast to our 25,000 supporters and media contacts across the web, blogosphere, and talk radio channels in America!

WARNING! Google is now blocking the worlds largest archive of information about the negative impact of illegal immigration on American citizens from view via false warnings of Malware.

Public access to the extensive information archived by ALIPAC over the last five years has been blocked on Google, by Firefox web browsers, and on Twitter!

"Google's own software admits we have no viruses or malware on our site," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The readings indicate that Google scanned our site on the 19th and we were clean and now they are arbitrarily blocking us for the second time this week. Our technicians tell us our site is clean and Google will not offer us any explanation or assistance despite mulitple attemps to reach out to them."

ALIPAC is now declaring an emergency and making the claim that the blocking of is politically motivated and involves wrongful acts by Google employees or the broader influences withing the Google corporation.

All other major online virus protection services are declaring that is not infected including Norton Antivirus, McAfee, and AVAST.

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt is an active member of President Barack Obama's campaign. Google has also hired the widely discredited left wing progaganda group called the Anti Defamation League to police political content on Google and Youtube. Google employees that are H1B visa holders replacing American workers are regularly seen on pro Amnesty websites plotting against ALIPAC!

"We are seeing a clear and orchestrated pattern of censorship across American emanating from the Obama administration and the Open Borders Lobby that plans to launch new AMNESTY legislation within two weeks," said William Gheen. "If you type in 'illegal immigration' on Google you see large advertisement expenditures from multiple multi million dollar groups that support AMNESTY for illegal aliens. They are trying to silence Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs and have them fired! We support Glenn and Lou and now Google is putting an electronic muzzle on our website without due cause!"

ALIPAC is asking for emergency assistance from talk radio shows and members of the media to warn the public. Activists are asked to share this emergency alert with others via online posts and e-mail forwards.

All Americans that support free speech and are against amnesty for illegal aliens are asked to abandon use of Google or any advertising on Google and switch to another search engine.

"We need everyone to fight back and speak out while they can," said William Gheen. "Google is the most powerful site on the web, but they can be bypassed and defeated."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC plans to seek the assistance of attornies and members of law enforcement to help restore public access to the world's largest archive of information about illegal immigration prior to the launch of new amnesty legislation.

For more information or to schedule interviews visit or one of our sister sites at or


Paid for by Americans for Legal Immigration


Obama's Death Book for Veterans

Doug over at the Cleveland Tea Party Patriot blog, who has been home less than a year from active duty in Iraq, posted a great column by Jim Towey of the Wall Street Journal. The column is about the end of life decisions program Chairman Obamao has re-started in our veteran homes. The program is called "Your Life, Your Choices," Doug rightfully calls it a Death Book...

CTPP Blog (via WSJ) --
If President Obama wants to better understand why America's discomfort with end-of-life discussions threatens to derail his health-care reform, he might begin with his own Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He will quickly discover how government bureaucrats are greasing the slippery slope that can start with cost containment but quickly become a systematic denial of care.

Last year, bureaucrats at the VA's National Center for Ethics in Health Care advocated a 52-page end-of-life planning document, "Your Life, Your Choices." It was first published in 1997 and later promoted as the VA's preferred living will throughout its vast network of hospitals and nursing homes. After the Bush White House took a look at how this document was treating complex health and moral issues, the VA suspended its use. Unfortunately, under President Obama, the VA has now resuscitated "Your Life, Your Choices...."

This hurry-up-and-die message is clear and unconscionable. Worse, a July 2009 VA directive instructs its primary care physicians to raise advance care planning with all VA patients and to refer them to "Your Life, Your Choices." Not just those of advanced age and debilitated condition—all patients. America's 24 million veterans deserve better. More...

Absolutely incredible!

So if this is the way they treat our vets who have served our country, how do you think the general public will be treated under socialized government health care? And then in Obama's own scripted words he uses the US Post Office as his example of a well run quasi-government program!

Let's see... sounds like Granny Gertrude would have a better chance of living by having her prescriptions delivered by the Pony Express and fixed a lopped off limb herself using a butterfly bandage and a bottle of rubbing alcohol instead of Obamao's socialized hellth care based on veteran death books with the near bankrupt US Postal Service type management.

Walton Hills Mayor Quits NY Mayor Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Mayor Group

Did you ever think that somebody being a free thinking individual and just doing the right thing would make national news? If they don't drink korrectnik kool-aid it does.

Walton Hills Mayor Marlene Anielski and candidate for 17th Ohio House District seat has no problem standing up and doing the right thing. Anieleski, who has proven throughout her career that she is a free thinking individual, is again going against the tide of the popular thing to do & is standing up showing she cannot be forced into supporting anything that infringes on our constitutional rights...

From Buckeye Firearms --
On Tuesday, Buckeye Firearms Association broke the news that Village of Walton Hills, OH Mayor Marlene Anielski had submitted to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg her resignation from the gun control front group known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

Since then, the news has been spread far and wide, and Anielski is doing some high-profile interviews to further explain her motivations for the resignation.

That same day, NRANews' Ginny Simone delivered a live report on the positive news as her lead story during "The Daily News" show. A podcast of that broadcast is available here.

Simone also conducted a telephone interview with Mayor Anielski on Wednesday, and delivered another live lead-story report which included that taped interview. That podcast is available here.

Gongwer News Service has also picked up the story, in a report entitled "House candidate quits gun control group":

Walton Hills Mayor Marlene Anielski, a Republican candidate for the 17th Ohio House District seat, resigned from a gun control group organized by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to the Buckeye Firearms

Ms. Anielski said she became concerned about the direction of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which she said is looking to "shift blame" for violent crime to law-abiding gun owners.

"I am dedicated in defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities, including self-defense and competitions," she wrote. "We need to defend our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms."

Ms. Anielski is running for the House seat being vacated by Rep. Josh Mandel (R-Lyndhurst).

And this is exactly why I think the world of Mayor Anielski... she is not afraid to stand up and do the right things! I agree illegal guns are bad and it is highly admirable that Anielski refuses to be brought into the political gamesmanship of turning this into an attack on the 2nd Amendment rights of every day Americans.

It should also be noted that Mayor Anielski was only one of three mayors in Cuyahoga County that felt the forced sales tax increase for the still yet to be built Med Mart should have been placed on the ballot for a vote of the residents.

When elected to the OH House, Anielski will finally give the residents of this area the voice we have been sorely lacking in Columbus.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Growing of Obama's Little Nuts

Girlieman of the Week Award: Congresspuke Alan Grayson

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: August 21, 2009

Girlieman: Congresspuke Alan Grayson

Antics: Makes last week’s gutless wonder look like an
icon of courage.

Last week, I opined that our winner, Congressman Tim Bishop, took gutless and girlie to a whole new level. I was right, then, but Timmy boy just got left in the dust by Flori-DUD Congresspuke, Alan Grayson.

Eager to avoid the infamy that comes from being a ‘Milk Carton Politician’, freshman Demoncrat Congressman, Alan Grayson (Flori-DUD), decided to bite the bullet and face his constituents at a town hall meeting.

Courageous to a fault, Alan showed his true colors with these putrid particulars:

  • He issued a press released announcing the meeting a mere 24 hours before the festivities.

  • He located the town hall meeting at the notoriously ‘neutral’, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 606 Union Hall.

  • The room in question only seats 125 people.

  • Alan’s town hall meeting was scheduled immediately AFTER local Demoncrats held a meeting in the same room.

  • Eager to encourage a frank, open, discussion, Alan let the union head-breakers man the microphones.

Talk about a stacked deck! A free ranging rational adults can’t get inside to ask those pointed questions, because the room is already packed with Demoncrats and IBEW headbreakers. If a roving sovereign individual did get in, the union thugs in charge of the microphones would keep them from speaking their piece.

This punk’s constituents must be thrilled spitless to have a Alan "Taking Gutless to New Depths" Grayson (mis) representing them in Congress.

Alan Grayson did the impossible, he made a gutless wonder like Tim Bishop look courageous. For those, and other, noxious antics, Congressman Alan Grayson is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

Steaming Load of the Week Award: MSNBC works overtime to transform a sovereign individual who happens to be BLACK, into the great white bigot militia

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: MSNBC works overtime to transform a sovereign individual who happens to be BLACK, into the great white bigot militia member.

His name is Chris and his 15 minutes of fame started, when he showed up to at ‘spontaneous’ rally promoting Messiah Barry’s DeathCare. Chris wasn’t there to kneel at Hopey McChange’s feet. He was there to punctuate his opposition to the Red Shed’s Marxist assault on our liberty, by wearing an AR-15 slung over his shoulder and a holstered handgun strapped to his hip. When questioned, on camera, by local reporters, Chris, who was clean-cut, and nicely dressed, defended our inalienable individual liberty eloquently, expertly, without resorting to name-calling. He is, to say the least, very impressive and a one of the rugged American individuals, whom we venerate, here in the FSOP.

In addition to being a eloquent spokesman for our liberty, Chris is also the Broadcast Blowjob Brigade’s worst nightmare. He’s a rational adult, a sovereign individual, who also happens to be BLACK. To a rational adult, Chris’ race falls squarely in the "so what?" column, but, at MSM outlets, in general, and at MSNBC, in particular, it’s intolerable. What to do?

If you’re what passes for a ‘journalist’ at MSNBC, you ‘tweak’ this nightmare, by spending HOURS editing all traces of the ultimate inconvenient truth - a sovereign, Obama sucks, individual who happens to be black - from your so called ‘news’ report. How? You crop the image of Chris down to a tight shot of the AR-15 worn by a man wearing a white dress shirt and dark slacks. When you’re done, all traces of Chris’ race, all traces of an eloquent - liberty loving - individual who happens to be black, have been expunged.

Just getting started, MSNBC then spewed deliberately inflammatory bullshit about armed and dangerous great white bigots painting a bull’s-eye - in the most literal sense - on America’s first Melanin-Enriched president:

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer: "A man at a pro-health care reform rally just outside wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip. The Associated Press [reported] about a dozen people in all at that event were visible carrying firearms.

The reason we're talking about this—a lot of talk here Dylan—because people feel like yes, there are Second Amendment rights, for sure, but also there are questions about whether this has racial overtones. You have a man of color in the Presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waists."

If the full impact of this blatant bullshit eludes you, here’s how Neal Boortz summed it up:

OK .. let's ferret out the "facts" contained in Contessa's news story.

* We had a rally for ObamaCare
* A man at that rally was carrying a semiautomatic assault rifle
* The man carrying the rifle was white.

If you want to see this MSNBC stinker, AND a compelling YouTube video, which will let Chris dazzle you with his eloquent - passionate, without bellowing - defense of our liberty, you can find it on Neal Boortz blog: Here

By now, every rational adult knows that MSNBC is (alleged) journalism’s asshole, so we shouldn’t be shocked, that it poops out a Steaming Load as humongous as this one. The only thing ‘new’ here is that Chris "The Tingler" Matthews, Keith Assholemann, that Ed Schultz piece of shit, and Rachel Maddow, aren’t the biggest turds in the bowl.

MSNBC’s crapper is full to overflowing. It’s time to call in the rational adult version of Roto Rooter and FLUSH this steaming pile of turds out of our misery.

More Money for the Med Mart

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the public fleecing the residents of Cuyahoga County are taking over the Med Mart. Yes, after all that crowing from the Commissioners, namely Tim Hagan, and the business blowhards of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (or Greater Cleveland Politboro), that if we did not "git 'er done" right away -- we would lose this golden opportunity of putting Cleveland on the map.

As time goes on and as we watched our Commissioners and other area leaders plod through this fiasco of lies we are learning, this so-called golden opportunity, like I predicted, would turn into another silver butt-bullet paid for on the backs of Cuyahoga County residents -- as usual.

From the PD --
Cuyahoga County commissioners today hired a law firm to negotiate the next Medical Mart agreement.

At an afternoon meeting -- scheduled for a Monday because of vacation plans -- the commissioners voted unanimously to pay $75,000 to Thompson Hine for a construction administration agreement with Chicago-based MMPI.

Contract attorney Jeff Appelbaum is creating the document, which fleshes out design and building details not covered in the original development agreement in April.

For the first contract, Squire Sanders & Dempsey lawyer Fred Nance was paid $175,000.

Still fiddle-F'ing around 2 years after we were told it has to be done right away!

And yes, this is the same Fred Nance that --
  • Bitch slapped Rob Frost (RPCC Chairtwit) into supporting the forced sales tax increase to fund this yet to be built blunder.

  • Tried selling us Sam Miller's swampland at a higher price as he represented the GCP and Cuyahoga County at the same time.

  • The same Fred Nance that negotiated for the City of Cleveland when it bought the I-X Center for $66.5 million -- twice what the only other bidder was offering.

  • The same Freddy that was the legal advisor for construction of Browns Stadium -- a project so rife with chaos and theft that the city has no idea what the final cost was.
So should we be surprised that we are paying more money for something that should have already been done -- in Cuyahoga County -- Hell No!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Join the Recess Rally 8/22/09 -- Say NO to Socialized Hellth Care

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

Action Alert

August 18, 2009

Contact: Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

Operation Recess Rally
Stand Against Socialized Health Care

August is recess month for Congress. The month during which our Senators and Congressmen return to their districts to converse with their constituents, usually in the form of Town Hall meetings. This August the Town Hall meetings have been few and far between, apparently because our representatives are unwilling to listen to the message they know they will hear:
"No socialized health care!"

Now is the time to take the message to their offices. This coming Saturday, August 22, 2009 participating in a nation wide rally, we will gather in large numbers at the offices of every Senator and Congressman to let them know beyond any shadow of a doubt that we oppose the take-over of our health care system by our government.

We need this rally to be huge! Please make every effort to go to one of your local Congressional offices at noon this Saturday.

Here is a list of local offices:

Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D – 10)
14400 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107-4408

Representative Marcia L. Fudge (D – 11)
4834 Richmond Road, Suite 150
Warrensville, OH 44128

P.S. There are currently 15 charter bus seats available for the trip to Washington D.C. for the 912 March. See the 912 MARCH page on the website ( for details.

Casinos in OH get CPPA Endorsement

I have long supported gambling in OH, just never the way it has been presented on the ballot. After missing the boat for who knows how many years, there is a plan with sense that may finally get casinos in OH.

A big plus for Issue 3 is that the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Assoc. just endorsed the measure...
The Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association on Wednesday endorsed a plan to change the Ohio Constitution to allow casinos to be built in four cities around the state -- Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. The measure, allowing one casino in each city, will appear on November's statewide ballots as Issue 3.

Loomis said building a casino here will keep money in Cleveland that is spent at casinos in neighboring states, will add tax money for the city and will not add crime to the city. After talking with police in cities with casinos, Loomis said it's more likely that a casino will attract more people to downtown so that crime falls rather than bringing problems.

Under Issue 3, Gilbert would be allowed to build and operate a casino in Cleveland and one in Cincinnati. The company Penn National Gaming of Pennsylvania would build casinos in Columbus and in Toledo, where it already has a race track. Those would be the only four casinos allowed unless voters pass another amendment to the state constitution.

Gilbert's committee pushing casinos, once called the Ohio Jobs and Growth Committee, is now using the name "Yes on 3." (PD)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Huddling of the Huns: Talk to Chairman Obamao in a Conference Call 8/20/09

Below you will see OFA claims 60,000 of their members stopped by congressional office in support of Obamacare - this post here states otherwise and that pales in comparison to the over 1.2 million people that have signed the Free Our Heath Care Now petition. (Click here to sign it)

From my Spam Bag --

President Obama is holding a live strategy meeting on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time for all Organizing for America supporters. I hope you can join us, online or by phone.

The President will update us on the fight to pass real health insurance reform -- what's happening in D.C. and what's happening around the country. He'll lay out our strategy and message going forward and answer questions from supporters like you. And we'll unveil the next actions we'll organize together.

This is a critical time in this President's administration, and in the history of our country. I hope you can join us. Here are the details:

What: Organizing for America National Health Care Forum

When: Thursday, August 20th, 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time

RSVP and submit a question for the President.

The President wrote to us a few weeks ago to ask us to go the extra milethis month in the fight for health insurance reform. And so far,you've stepped up in a big way: Last week, an astounding 60,000 Organizingfor America volunteers stopped by representatives' and senators' local offices. You told your health care stories to staffers and members of Congress -- of losing insurance after getting laid off, of being denied coverage upon finding out about a serious illness. And you thankedthose supporting real health insurance reform for all the work they've done so far.

But these local office visits were only part of the story. The D.C. media has been trumpeting coverage of town halls disrupted by angry opposition to reform. But the reality on the ground is very different.

Organizing for America supporters are showing up in huge numbers at thesemeetings all across the country -- outnumbering opponents of reform, oftenby overwhelming margins.

You've organized 11,906 local events in all 50 states -- from press conferences to community discussions -- since we launched our big campaign for reform in June. And you've made hundreds of thousands of calls to Congress.

Your work so far has been incredible. But the special interests and partisan attack groups who oppose reform will not let up, and they will tell whatever lies they can to spread fear. There's a lot more work for all of us to do. This Thursday's meeting is our chance to huddle as a team, get the latest information and talk about how we're going to achieve this victory. You don't want to miss it.

Click here to RSVP and submit a question for President Obama:

Hope you can make it,

David Plouffe

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Idiots

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cuyahoga County says -- "Browns Fan's are Slobs"

I don't think I have ever posted about sports on here -- but there's always a first! And when you talk about stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, losing mentality and a continual wallet-raping of the citizens who or what is the first thing that usually comes to mind -- Cuyahoga County and/or a Cleveland sports team.

Don't you just love the thinking.... since you idiots pay Hobnob & his future terrorist cousin Habeeb $25 for parking at a Browns game.... why can't we gouge you guys too?!?
Football fans will pay from $3 to $25 at the county's two public lots, depending on what surrounding lots are charging on event days, said Deputy Director of Central Services Bartholomew Leneghan.

"We want to keep it full, of course," Leneghan said after Monday's commissioners meeting. "We just want to be competitive."

The meeting agenda called for a vote on increasing prices from $15 to $25 at the Huntington Garage, beneath the old courthouse at Ontario Street and Lakeside Avenue, and from $20 to $25 at the small Courthouse Square surface lot, on the northwest corner of Lakeside Avenue and West Third Street.

Now, after taking away half the drunken fun of going to a Browns game, by turning the legendary tail-gating party's of the loyal Browns fans into dress up Barbie, jacks, pick up sticks and pansy picnics and being forced to mortgage off your first kid so you can afford taking the second kid to a game, buy a over-priced flat beer and have enough nickels to buy a stale hot dog for stuffing in his pie hole long enough to stop him from whining, "I'm cold, the Browns suck & I want to go home" before half time -- you now have to sell the second kid just for parking (this will allow you enough for two overpriced flat beers too).

But it gets better.... besides price gouging of the idiot fans that travel to the stadium paid for by smokers (who can't smoke there) so they can watch the local football team masquerading as the Cleveland Browns who, because they will again suck swollen donkey balls and will have a hard time filling the stadium this year, the other reason given for the price increase -- because Browns fans are slobs....
County Administrator Jim McCafferty said the county needs the hike because of a $300,000 deficit in a garage fund.

Fewer cars have been parking in the garage this year, he said. And costs -- including the overtime paid to custodians to clean up food, beer and pop left strewn over the spaces -- are increasing.

"It's so the rest of the taxpayers don't have to pay to clean up," McCafferty said. (PD)

If Mr. McCafferty and the Commissioners are SOOOO concerned about the tax payers of Cuyahoga County paying for irresponsible actions of others... why don't they use the money from the forced sales tax increase for imaginary Med Mart we had to have built two years ago?

A 1934 Cartoon: Fitting For Today

Majority of Americans Support "Carry Conceal"

Initially, even though I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I was not too supportive of "Carry Conceal" laws. This stems from countless times of having a gun pulled on me, years of being shot at and held at gun point during my time as a repo man. I never carried a gun -- and always got what I came for. I felt carrying a gun would have created more problems.

I thought "Carry Conceal" would enable pencil neck geeks to now think they were Dirty Harry and start escalating situations because of a false sense of security of being armed. My fears were unfounded and are no longer a concern. I should have remembered -- responsible gun owners act in responsible ways.

The fears of others about "Carry Conceal" appear to have subsided. Facts now show most Americans are supportive of "Carry Conceal" laws...

From Buckeye Firearms --
The United States Senate recently voted on an amendment that would have allowed Right-to-Carry permit holders to carry in all other states that also grant carry permits. The amendment, sponsored by Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and David Vitter (R-La.), won a significant majority of votes, 58 to 39, but failed to reach the 60 votes needed to avoid a Senate filibuster.

Anti-gun senators have long argued that the majority of Americans do not support firearm freedoms. They made this erroneous claim once again during the debate on the Thune/Vitter amendment. Now, a new poll has proven them wrong.

Conducted by Zogby International and The O'Leary Report, the poll looked at Americans' opinions on some key issues related to the Second Amendment. One of the questions asked: "Currently, 39 states have laws that allow residents to carry firearms to protect themselves, only if they pass a background check and pay a fee to cover administrative costs. Most of those states also require applicants to have firearms safety training. Do you support or oppose this law?"

It will come as a shock to the 39 senators who voted to deny law-abiding Americans their right to self-defense when traveling outside their home states, but the results showed that 83% of Americans support Right-to-Carry laws.

The poll also revealed that support for Right-to-Carry crosses party lines, with 86% of independent voters and 80% of Democratic voters supporting Right-to-Carry. This is no surprise to gun owners, however, who have long known that the majority of Americans support the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense.

The anti-gun community is trumpeting its 39-vote procedural "victory" as a major achievement. But just like the vote in the Senate, the overwhelming majority of Americans are on our side.

2A supporters in OH should know that our Senawhores, Sherrod Brown & Curious George RINOvich voted against reciprocating Carry Conceal laws.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bedford Municipal Court Race: Will the Real Pam O'Bannion Please Stand Up?

This off-year, there are only two contested municipal court races in Cuyahoga County. One is in Parma. The second is right here in Bedford for the seat that currently belongs to Peter Junkin.

You might remember Junkin's name for two reasons. First, it surfaced back in the winter in connection with the on-going FBI probe into county corruption. Second, because he lost to perennial candidate (and before the May primary) and loser Pam O'Bannon. (For the record, I believe Judge Junkin will be cleared of any wrong doing)

Although O'Bannon may not be a good lawyer (she was quietly pushed out of the prosecutor's officer at a time when Stephanie Tubbs Jones was the prosecutor and Marcia Fudge was O'Bannon's supervisor) and isn't that good of a candidate, she has nailed down the art of stealth campaigning.

For instance, she ran against incumbent county judge (and now federal judge) Chris Boyko in 1998. How did she do this? Well, on the west side voters only knew her by her Irish-inspired yard signs bearing her name "Pamela O'Bannon." These voters, therefore, were led to believe that she was the typical Irish girl next door they grew up with.

However, many voters on the eastside were introduced to this Pam O'Bannon:

Well, in 2009, it seems as if Pam O'Bannon has taken the art of deception one step further. At the Solon Homedays parade this year, held at the end of July, this was the Pam O'Bannon that greeted Solon residents.

As you can see, even in this post-racial era of Obama, O'Bannon is still trying to play racial politics. The fact that she is doing so is despicable in and of itself. The fact that it's a judicial candidate doing so is even more egregious. She's supposed to be campaigning for an office where everyone is to be judged fairly, without regard to race, religion or gender, and the law is to be applied equally. Yet she sees fit to try to deceive voters into voting for her simply on the basis of her name.

Given this duplicity, and the fact that she is also intwined intimately ( with the largest corruption probe in the history of our county, is this really who we want sitting as a judge for the fourteen communities the Bedford Municipal Court serves?

New Obamao group attacks Glenn Beck

Thinking the outrage by Americans upset with the 90 degree left turn off a socialist cliff our country is taking under the direction of Chairman Obamao and his push for rationalized & socialized hellth care would subside (like it usually has in the past when the outrage WAS manufactured by the GOP), the lefty's just continued praying to their Ninny Pelosi statues and usually drifted off into a peaceful sleep holding their Obama dolls as they counted socialists instead of sheep.

Seeing that this outrage over the U.S. becoming a more socialist style country has not only grown but has exploded, the liberal left is starting to fight back.

I was first alerted to their "Johnny come lately" resistance when I stumbled across this post by a local lefty - Tim "I like Little Boys" Russo - the Progressive Perv. In the post Timmy the Teen Tickler was promoting attacks against the Glenn Beck show by targeting his advertisers. A quick Internet search showed he was only teaming up with other progressive pukes being led by the nose by Color of Change. Color of Change appears to be the new "wanna be" NAACP group formed to protect President Obama and further advance the "victim hood" status so often promoted by these types of groups.

Here is a post made by Color of Change founder James Rucker on the electronic bible for leftys -- the Huffington Post...

Last week, after Glenn Beck called President Obama a "racist" who has a "deep-seated hatred for white people," we asked ColorOfChange members to call on Beck's advertisers to pull their funding from his show. More than 50,000 people have already joined the call, and today we have great news to report -- advertisers are starting to listen:

Three companies who run ads during Glenn Beck -- NexisLexis-owned, Procter & Gamble and Progressive Insurance -- today distanced themselves from Beck. LexisNexis has pulled its advertising from Beck and says it has no plans to advertise on the program in the future. Both Procter & Gamble and Progressive Insurance called the Beck advertising placements an error that they would correct.

Since we released our statement announcing the news this morning, another company, S.C. Johnson (Pledge, Ziplock, Off!) told us that it was a mistake for their ads to be running on Beck's show, and that they'd make sure it wouldn't happen again in the future. (UPDATE: Our contact at S.C. Johnson wanted us to clarify that they have had no knowledge of their ad running on the Glenn Beck show (they wanted to verify this for themselves), and if it did happen, it was not something they requested.)

This is great progress, and it shows how effective it can be when thousands of people tell advertisers not to support this kind of hateful rhetoric. Now we need to step up the pressure on Beck's other advertisers. More...

The selective anger over these race-baiting type groups like Color of Change is so predictable. They are upset over Beck calling Obamao a racist; though it has yet to be proven he, Obama, is in fact a full-fledged overt racist, his actions and words to date show he does use racial profiling when selecting appointments for offices and when it comes to the application of the law.

Holder? Sotomayer? Stupid Officer Crowley? Gun-toting, Bible-thumping Rednecks? Rev. Wright?