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Girliemen of the Week Award: The Suits at Microsoft

From PIG --

Girliemen of the Week Award

Date Awarded: October 30, 2009

Girliemen: The Suits at Microsoft
Antics: Cringing Korrectness

Eager to make computer users forgive and forget the infamous Windows Vista debacle, the suits at Microsoft decided to team up with the producers of a popular boob tube cartoon series, ‘The Family Guy’. In exchange for Microsoft’s sponsorship, the show’s producers would write a special episode of their show which would promote the newest version of Billy Gates’ operating system, Windows 7.

We don’t know what Microsoft envisioned, when it $igned on for ‘a variety show episode called Family Guy Presents: Seth And Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show, featuring animated and live sketches’. We do know that they were shocked, shocked, I tell you, over what they got:

Microsoft executives were shocked to discover that quips lined up for the show were not PC. Jokes planned for the special edition covered incest, the Holocaust and deaf people. The company will no longer back the programme in a deal said to have been worth millions. (Daily Mail)

Obviously, nobody in Microsoft’s executive suites bothered to watch episodes of ‘Family Guy’, before they ponied up million$ for a special episode. If they had done their homework, they’d know how politically incorrect the show’s writers - Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein - really are. If they had done their homework, they’d know about past ‘Family Guy’ controversies: prior episodes featured jokes about abortion, Mother Teresa, pedophilia, and much, much, more. Instead, they blundered into an show biz icon of inKorrectness, then, in a gutless and girlie panic, set their hair on fire. LOSERS!

Microsoft’s suits need to grow a pair, a badly needed ‘sprouting’ which is long overdue. Since, they can’t, or won’t, get over it, the FSOP is forced to make these cringing, computer code wrangling, cretins, the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girliemen of the Week.

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Brit Korrectniks Paint A Bull’s-Eye on Free Speech

Steaming Load: Brit Korrectniks Paint A Bull’s-Eye on Free Speech

Despite inhabiting Earth for 67 years, Christian Pauline Howe, was still unprepared for the antics she witnessed at a local GLAAD BAAG Pride prance-a-thon. Horrified by the experience, our heroine sat down and wrote a impassioned letter to the Elected Tormentors on the Norwich City Council. It was, as things turned out, a reality check which made a strong impression on the Norwich nitwits:

She fired off a letter to the council describing the march as a 'public display of indecency' that was 'offensive to God'.

She wrote: 'It is shameful that this small but vociferous lobby should be allowed such a display unwarranted by the minimal number of homosexuals.'

The letter went on to describe homosexuals as 'sodomites', said homosexuality had 'contributed to the downfall of every empire' and added that 'gay sex was a major cause of sexually transmitted infections'. (Daily Mail)

Did the local council pay attention? You better believe it, Sparky:

[Our heroine] received a response from the council's deputy chief executive, Bridget Buttinger, who said it was the local authority's "duty... to eliminate discrimination of all kinds. The content of your letter has been assessed as potentially being hate related because of the views you expressed towards people of a certain sexual orientation. Your details and details of the contents of your letter have been recorded as such and passed to the police."

The two police officers later turned up at her home in Poringland, near Norwich, and informed her the contents of her letter had caused offence.

That’s right, PIGsters, for exercising her free speech birthright to express her moral objections to GLAAD BAAG fun and games, Christian was put on a ‘hate crimes’ watch list and given a tongue lashing by a pair of Korrectnik badge packers. Ironically, while the Norwich (in)justice system defends their heavy-handed antics, Christian Howe is getting some support from a GLAAD BAAG equality group, Stonewall, who deemed the Norwich response ‘Disproportionate’.

In this case, the principle is much more important than the particulars. Christian Howe’s only crime is daring to express her heartfelt opinion. She didn’t make any threats, she just gave the local council a piece of her mind. That might not be popular in Korrectnik infested J.O.E., but, whether the Korrectniks like it or not, it is - as Christian would insist - her God-given birthright.

As a sovereign individual, I am not compelled to agree with Christian’s opinion. I am, however, required to support her inherent right to express her heartfelt opinions, without unwarranted, Nanny State, interference.

The Swine Flu Police; Government Controlled Health Care in Action!

In the battle over reforming health care in this country we have heard both sides share their version. One of the many reasons most conservatives are against any form of government option is, first, our government screws up just about everything they touch. One of the other arguments against a government options is that it will eventually lead to rationalizing of health care, which will mostly effect seniors, and Death Panels will be created.

The left claims -- nope, never, uh-ugh & no way would this ever happen.

Let's use the way Dr. Obama & his Swine Flu Police are handling the Swine Flu epidemic as a way of seeing how that "there will be no rationalizing of health care with a government option" argument is going for them...

From the New York Times --

“I explained to people 65 or older, ‘The reason we are doing this is for children,’ ” said the official, Jonathan E. Fielding, the director of the county’s Department of Public Health. “I told them: ‘They are at very high risk for this flu, and you’re at low risk. I am sure you wouldn’t want to get a shot that left a kid who is at risk in harm’s way.’ ”

“We have made it very clear as to who we believe should go to the front of the line,” said Thomas W. Skinner, a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who added, “There very much is an honor system here in place with us relying on the general public to do the right thing and step aside.”

Dr. Michel Cohen, a pediatrician at Tribeca Pediatrics in New York, said he had limited his doses to children with extremely high risks, like cystic fibrosis and serious asthma. No others were permitted a shot, he said. More...

Sending seniors away for lack of vaccines.... sounds like rationing to me. The CDC saying this should be like an honor system... sounds the same as telling seniors they should be 'socially responsible' when it comes to health care.

Translation -- if you are so old that you fart dust, go home and die because we are not wasting medical resources on you.

A review of the Taxes in the Wicked Witch of the Left's proposed Health Bill

After reading the below post at the Cleveland Tea Party Patriot blog I can understand why the Wicked Witch of the Left, Speaker Ninny Pelosi, purposely excluded all but her hand selected band of winged monkeys when the left's country killing health care reform bill was unvieled.

From CTPP --
From Americans for Tax Reform --

H.R. 3962, the "Affordable Health Care for America Act" has been introduced--all 1990 pages of it. This gargantuan beast contains thirteen new tax hikes. Here they all are, with description and page number (PDF version).

Employer Mandate Excise Tax (Page 275): If an employer does not pay 72.5 percent of a single employee’s health premium (65 percent of a family employee), the employer must pay an excise tax equal to 8 percent of average wages. Small employers (measured by payroll size) have smaller payroll tax rates of 0 percent (<$500,000), 2 percent ($500,000-$585,000), 4 percent ($585,000-$670,000), and 6 percent ($670,000-$750,000).

Individual Mandate Surtax (Page 296): If an individual fails to obtain qualifying coverage, he must pay an income surtax equal to the lesser of 2.5 percent of modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) or the average premium. MAGI adds back in the foreign earned income exclusion and municipal bond interest.

Medicine Cabinet Tax (Page 324): Non-prescription medications would no longer be able to be purchased from health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). Insulin excepted.

Cap on FSAs (Page 325): FSAs would face an annual cap of $2500 (currently uncapped).

Increased Additional Tax on Non-Qualified HSA Distributions (Page 326): Non-qualified distributions from HSAs would face an additional tax of 20 percent (current law is 10 percent). This disadvantages HSAs relative to other tax-free accounts (e.g. IRAs, 401(k)s, 529 plans, etc.)

Denial of Tax Deduction for Employer Health Plans Coordinating with Medicare Part D (Page 327): This would further erode private sector participation in delivery of Medicare services.

Surtax on Individuals and Small Businesses (Page 336): Imposes an income surtax of 5.4 percent on MAGI over $500,000 ($1 million married filing jointly). MAGI adds back in the itemized deduction for margin loan interest. This would raise the top marginal tax rate in 2011 from 39.6 percent under current law to 45 percent—a new effective top rate.

Excise Tax on Medical Devices (Page 339): Imposes a new excise tax on medical device manufacturers equal to 2.5 percent of the wholesale price. It excludes retail sales and unspecified medical devices sold to the general public.

Corporate 1099-MISC Information Reporting (Page 344): Requires that 1099-MISC forms be issued to corporations as well as persons for trade or business payments. Current law limits to just persons for small business compliance complexity reasons. Also expands reporting to exchanges of property.

Delay in Worldwide Allocation of Interest (Page 345): Delays for nine years the worldwide allocation of interest, a corporate tax relief provision from the American Jobs Creation Act.

Limitation on Tax Treaty Benefits for Certain Payments (Page 346): Increases taxes on U.S. employers with overseas operations looking to avoid double taxation of earnings.

Codification of the “Economic Substance Doctrine” (Page 349): Empowers the IRS to disallow a perfectly legal tax deduction or other tax relief merely because the IRS deems that the motive of the taxpayer was not primarily business-related.

Application of “More Likely Than Not” Rule (Page 357): Publicly-traded partnerships and corporations with annual gross receipts in excess of $100 million have raised standards on penalties. If there is a tax underpayment by these taxpayers, they must be able to prove that the estimated tax paid would have more likely than not been sufficient to cover final tax liability.

Instead of a house falling on the Wicked Witch of the Left, it appears with this version of Hell-th Care, unless it is stopped, the "House" may fall on the American public.

Anybody got a bucket of water to douse her with?

Happy Halloween!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Out of Office Politicians don't fade away... they become lobbyists

Often times our elected idiots on the Hill talk about about how bad lobbyists are, how they are the problem in D.C.

Well it seems as if D.C. is the Farm Team for lobbying firms...

From Open Secrets --
The physical distance between Capitol Hill and K Street is only about a mile. But armed with the knowledge that walking that path can be lucrative, many lawmakers decide to make the trek -- and stay put. Some even do so regardless of whether their congressional terms are over.

Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) is the most recent example. Within two weeks of announcing his early resignation from Congress last month, Martinez had landed a job at lobbying firm DLA Piper. Under federal law, Martinez will have to wait two years before he can lobby his former colleagues, but in the meantime, he'll be advising the firm's clients based on the inside knowledge he gained after five years on the job. More...

So as we see, out of office or old politcians don't fade away.... they just dig deeper into our pockets!

Click here to see all the politicians you thought were done destroying our country.

DNC promotes 'Desecrated flag' video

From Politico --

One of the 20 finalists in health care video contest run by Barack Obama’s campaign arm features a mural of an America flag splattered with health care graffiti until it’s covered completely by black paint.

In the video – which is accompanied by the sound of a heart monitor pumping and then flat-lining – words such as “pre-existing conditions,” “homeless” and “death panel” ultimately obliterate the flag, which reappears on screen seconds later with the words “Health Will Bring Our Country Back to Life” on the blue field where the 50 stars usually are.

According to the Organizing for American Web site, the 20 finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is Bedford Municipal Court Candidate - Pamela O'Bannon -- trying to ACORN her way in office?

This blog has stated several times that Pamela O'Bannon is not fit to serve on Bedford Court. I will take it a step further... O'Bannon is not fit to serve free lunches at a homeless shelter let alone serve on a court in which she adjudicate law and will be dealing with peoples lives.

The latest mishap for this hopeful judicial misfit was, instead of being out on the campaign trail knocking doors meeting the voters, O'Bunyon is utilizing "robo-calls" in her race against Harry Jacobs to win a seat on Bedford Municipal Court.

But one of O'Bunyon's supporters, a State Senator from OH, was campaigning for her in an ACORNish way.....

From Channel 3 WKYC --

State Senator Nina Turner (D-25th District) says she has pulled a telephone campaign phone message she recorded in support of Bedford Municipal Court candidate Pamela O'Bannon.

The automated phone calls, also known as "robo-calls," were being automatically dialed to voters in communities in the Bedford Municipal Court district.

Turner's message in support of O'Bannon says, in part, to "vote early, vote often, vote Democrat."

When informed that a constitutent had brought the call to the attention of WKYC, Turner said it was not her intention to encourage people to vote multiple times.

"What I was saying is that people should become involved in the electoral process," she told WKYC. "That they should vote in every election, in the primaries and special elections."

"It was never my intention to encourage anything illegal," Turner said.

It may not have been Turner's intentions to do anything illegal, but... well, lets just say -- O'Bunyon has been linked, but not yet charged or cleared, in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal.

To be honest... I'm really surprised they did not say the calls were really being made for the OTHER Pam O'Bannon.

A Look Inside: State Lawmakers Hard at Work

Here is great action shot of some State of Connecticut lawmakers hard at work during budget hearings...

Republicans are calling on state Rep. Barbara Lambert, D-Milford, to “apologize” to residents for bringing “nationwide ridicule” to the city after a photo caught her playing solitaire during state budget deliberations.

The Associated Press photo, shot 12 hours into the session Monday, showed Lambert and another lawmaker playing card games on their computer screens while state Rep. Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, was speaking. (New Haven Register)

The West Virginia Money Man Opposing Issue 3

A FOX Hunting we will go!

From The Rockford Tea Party

Cap & Trade will increase OH jobs?

I was never one to put too much in studies. Anyone can create, conduct or fabricate a study so the end results are to their benefit or the the desires of the people paying them to conduct the study.

(Cuyahoga County residents -- Remember the Greater Cleveland PArtnership did a study telling us the Med Mart should go on Sam Miller's swampland?)

This below study that claims that Cap & Trade will create jobs in OH and through magical math eventually increase household income...
The more a congressional climate-change bill cracks down on greenhouse-gas emissions, the better the long-term prospects for Ohio's economy, according to a report yesterday by renewable-energy business advocates.

Ohio would gain up to 61,000 jobs by 2020 and see its economy grow by $3.7 billion if a stringent climate-change bill becomes law, says the report released by the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy.

There would be some short-term increases to Ohio's energy costs, acknowledged Eric Zimmer of Tipping Point Renewable Energy, one of the businesses that released the study and a member of the clean economy council.

But a strict carbon cap would soon lead to energy-efficiency savings and alternative energy innovation, and by 2020 the average household income would increase by $992, in 2008 dollars, the study says. (Columbus Dispatch)

Without even getting into the argument of how many OH coal workers this will put out of work, what good does the 2008 dollar value do for us in 2020? The way the economy is going the U.S. dollar will problably not even exist in 2020.

Doggone It!


Barack grants "Super Special Sissy Status" for Gays

President Obama is a real prize!

With a flick of the wrist PBO shows his love as he bends over for the Radical Gay Agenda by considering Gay Rights a Civil Rights issue, and creating a 'Super Special Sissy Status for the boa wearing bone boppers.

In this limp wristed moment not only did President Barack "it's OK to love man sack" Obama diminish the struggles, but he equated the so-called struggles of the Radical Gay Agenda with years of Civil Rights struggles by blacks and women across America....

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, praised President Barack Obama today for signing the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law. The new law gives the Justice Department the power to investigate and prosecute bias-motivated violence where the perpetrator has selected the victim because of the person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. The legislation was added as a provision to the FY 2010 National Defense Authorization Act earlier this Summer. For a comprehensive retrospective and historical overview of hate crimes advocacy visit:

“This law honors our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters whose lives were cut short because of hate,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Today’s signing of the first major piece of civil rights legislation to protect LGBT Americans represents a historic milestone in the inevitable march towards equality. Although this is a major step in fighting the scourge of hate violence, it is not the end of the road. As a community, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to changing not only laws but also hearts and minds. We know that hate crimes not only harm individuals, but they terrorize entire communities. After more than a decade of advocacy, local police and sheriffs’ departments now have the full resources of the Justice Department available to them.” (Turning Left) Picture added cuz it's funny!

The Human Rights campaign, the new mouth piece for the confused cadre of GLAAD baggers & LGBT members issued their study of sissy's and found out that companies across the U.S. are also embracing the "Super Special Sissy Status"

More than 300 firms have now received perfect 100 percent scores in this fall's Corporate Equality Index, produced annually by the Human Rights Campaign which ranks businesses on their "treatment" of employees who have chosen homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.

The list, which saw a 20 percent increase this year in the number of perfect scores... (WND)

Click here to read all the pro-gay companies.

Anti-Issue 3 Hypocrites; Jeff Jacobs & Truth PAC

I will be posting a video about this a little later today, but here is a story done by the not fit to line a bird cage with or potty train a puppy on local fishwrap - the Plain Duller.

It appears that Jeff Jacobs, the money behind Truth Pac (anti-Issue 3), after not being able to secure a private deal with Penn National Gaming and Cav's owner Dan Gilbert, the players pushing Issue 3 for casino's in Ohio, only decided to come out against Issue 3 after he could not protect his out-of-state gambling interests.

Sounds like Jacobs feels gambling is OK as long as HE is making money on it!

The PD --

In March, Cleveland developer Jeff Jacobs made one last effort to deal himself in on the Issue 3 casino plan and threatened to spend part of his vast wealth to oppose the measure if he didn't get his way.

In an e-mail to three executives from Penn National Gaming, the Pennsylvania company bankrolling Issue 3 along with Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert, Jacobs warned that he had already hired a nationally known campaign strategist to defeat the proposal.

"Before I gear up for this effort I thought that I would throw out one last proposal for you to consider," Jacobs wrote to Steven Snyder, Eric Schippers and Tim Wilmott.

Under the proposed deal, the casinos would have shared profits with Jacobs' race track and entertainment businesses in exchange for those businesses signing on to a non-compete agreement.

But the deal didn't happen and Jacobs, who now calls the casino proposal a bad deal for Ohio, is funding a campaign against it. He acknowledged through a spokeswoman Wednesday that he wrote the e-mail, but said it was being taken out of context by the Issue 3 side.

In the e-mail, Jacobs expressed concern that Issue 3, the November ballot issue that would place casinos in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, would harm business at the state's horse racing tracks and his Nautica complex in the Flats.

Jacobs also has interests in a horse racing track near Columbus and casinos in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In the e-mail, he floated a deal that would place electronic slot machines at five race tracks and Nautica, and they would agree not to compete with the full-service casino games.

"In exchange for this long-term non-compete agreement, your three developments would pay 'x' percentage of annual gross revenue to these six affected entities," Jacobs wrote. More...

Jacob's sounds more like a South Side Shake Down artist to me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Talk about BIG Government!

I found this on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website...
With more than 1.8 million civilian employees, the Federal Government, excluding the Postal Service is the Nation’s largest employer.

About 9 out of 10 Federal employees work outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The Federal Government is the Nation’s single largest employer. Because data on employment in certain agencies cannot be released to the public for national security reasons, this total does not include employment for the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

The Post Office is a quasi-government agency and receives government funding, but let's give a "pass" on that one.

If you want to shake your head in big government disbelief, here is the link for the BLS. Here you can read the roles & descriptions of the bureaucratic bevy of unnecessary, unproductive, unresponsive agencies and departments that billions of our dollars are wasted on. warns Democrats against Obama Care

Proving that Obama Care is facing struggles the hired guns, more affectionately known as the progressive puke spewers, from the ACORN surrogate - - have issued a warning to any free-thinking Democrat that is thinking about coming out against government run health care...

From Fox News -- issued a warning Tuesday to any Democrat who might join Republicans to filibuster a government-run insurance option -- if you oppose the government option you will lose support from the organization's 5 million members.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Monday that the Senate's version of a health care reform bill will include a so-called public option. issued its e-mail to its supporters threatening revolt one day later.

The group said it surveyed its members over the weekend and found that "93 percent of MoveOn members agreed that any senator who helps block an up-or-down vote on a health care bill with the public option should lose the support of all five million of us -- no donations, no volunteering, and no help getting out the vote."

To ensure conservative Democrats will not oppose the public option, the group is launching an "emergency campaign" to urge them to support an up-or-down vote.

Despite its support, the group added that Reid's bill is still problematic.

"The 'opt-out' version of the public option has real problems," the e-mail said, adding that "the most conservative states in the country would likely opt out, potentially leaving millions of uninsured folks without access to the affordable health care a public option would provide."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rep. Patrick Kennedy gets a Public Slapping from Catholic Church

Always ones to disgrace and use the Catholic Church to serve their political needs, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, of the abortion loving Kennedy Klan, earns a well deserved and long overdue & public slapping for statements regarding the churches position on health care reform...
In the interview on Wednesday, Oct. 21, Kennedy said the Catholic Church was only fanning “the flames of dissent and discord” by taking the position that it will oppose the health care reform bill under consideration in Congress unless it is amended to explicitly prohibit funding of abortion.

“If the church is pro-life, then they ought to be for health care reform because it’s going to provide health care that are going to keep people alive,” Kennedy told

In his Friday statement, Bishop Tobin said: “Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s statement about the Catholic Church’s position on health care reform is irresponsible and ignorant of the facts. But the Congressman is correct in stating that 'he can’t understand.' He got that part right.

Monday, October 26, 2009


In his short time in office, it has been confirmed that President O-"almost a hole in one"-bama has held, swung, stroked his shaft and played with his balls more than Bush did in a two year period.

From Politico --
President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he's already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

CBS' Mark Knoller — an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related — wrote on his Twitter feed that, "Today - Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office:

24. Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months."

This news comes on the heels of today's news that Obama played golf with a woman — chief domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes — for the first time since taking office.

Learning PBO was forced to play with white balls, Rev. Je$$e Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton will hold a rally decrying the blatant racism.

Something smart printed in the Plain Dealer?

Believe it or not, the Plain Dealer has ONE columnist that has a clue...

Do we, the people, matter when the left is so close to seizing health care? - Kevin O'Brien

A newly released battery of polls confirms the worst fears of the White House and the Democratic leaders in Congress.

What? That the stimulus is turning out to be a monumental failure in the present and is consigning future generations to an economy crushed by government debt? No, that's future generations' problem.

That President Barack Obama's feckless dithering over Gen. Stanley McChrystal's request for more troops in Afghanistan puts troops in the field at risk and dims the prospect of U.S. success? Heck no. Political victories are what matter, and an Obama fund-raiser just nicked a bunch of Wall Streeters for $2 million-plus - then he told them to shut up and surrender to his plans for government micromanagement of the economy's financial sector.

That Glenn Beck might turn up another Obama administration radical praising Mao, signing a petition saying 9/11 was an inside job or talking about his conversion to communism? Well, that's a legitimate fear, but it's not at the top of this list. Besides, there's always room under the presidential bus.

Their worst fear is that Americans will figure out that health care "reform" - the House version, the Senate version, the White House version, they all lead to the same government control - is a scam.

Brand-new polling shows that Americans are catching on.

The Democrats knew they were in trouble if they couldn't get their rush job done by August. But then came the town halls, the tea parties and the sudden, wide spread rediscovery among congressional Republicans of a long-misplaced item of anatomy: backbone. They noticed it once their backs were pinned to the wall.

Information seeped out. Analysis happened. The Congressional Budget Office didn't get the first "play nice" memo.

As a result, Americans have been steadily drifting, walking or running away from the Democrats' health care power grab.

Last week, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that despite the Democrats' best efforts to ignore, fuzz, hide or flat-out lie about the proposals' likely effects, Americans generally understand that their passage would give the government too much control over health care, do serious damage to Medicare, raise taxes and increase the deficit.

The Democrats' approach would do worse things, too, but those are the ones the public recognizes so far.

A Gallup Poll conducted at the same time found that, by 58 percent to 38 percent, Americans wish Congress would drop the idea of passing a comprehensive health care bill this year, and would instead work "on a gradual basis over several years."

But if Congress does something this year, Gallup found that 49 percent expect to oppose it and 44 percent expect to favor it. A lot of people would like to know more about what "it" is, but that's very unlikely. The game plan is to pass it, sign it and then, as necessary, explain it.

Also last week, CNN/Opinion Research Corp. asked Americans whether they agree or disagree with Obama "on the issues that matter most to you." By 51 percent to 48 percent, the answer was no.

To the same question in April, by 57 percent to 41 percent, the answer was yes. What a difference six months makes.

Here's how CNN polling director Keating Holland reads the numbers: "Obama is facing crunch time on a number of controversial issues, from health care to financial regulation to cap and trade to Afghanistan. The fact that most Americans no longer agree with him on important issues makes his task harder."

Yes, it does. But it doesn't make his task impossible, so this is no time for complacency.

The elitist left is tantalizingly close to realizing its long-held dream: power over the life and death of every American. (If you doubt the death part, read the horror stories coming out of Britain's press about the "Liverpool Care Pathway.")

The danger now is that, without public support, congressional leftists will accept the short-term political cost of ramming socialized medicine into law, so as to gain the enormous long-term political leverage that would come with government control of the health care system.

Americans don't want that, and they aren't going quietly. The great unanswered question is whether the Democrats, holding every lever of power, will allow the voice of the people to matter.

Call. Write. Keep the pressure on.

O'Brien is The Plain Dealer's deputy editorial page editor.

Sending quotes from our Founding Fathers in emails to each other does not count as "keeping the pressure on." I get tons of emails from people with cute little quotes from Jefferson, Washington, etc... but mostly these are the same people that never show up at rallies, or participate in calling our elected idiots.

Now is the time to stop complaining about the times of rallies being held, now is the time to stop talking about the sacrifices our Founding Fathers made -- and start making them yourself if you want to stop this government take over of our health care. This will only be the beginning if we allow it to happen!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Singing in the Shower Creates Water Shortages

Anyone want to bet one of the Czar's tries doing this in areas where we are facing water shortages in this country? The Over & Under is 1 yr.

This time Skipper Hugo of Venezuela has put his thinking cap on about how they can conserve energy and save water...

From The Telegraph UK --

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has called on his countrymen to stop singing in the shower to help save water and electricity.

The left-wing leader said they should attempt to wash in less than three minutes and breaking into song distract them.

"Some people sing in the shower, in the shower half an hour. No kids, three minutes is more than enough. I've counted, three minutes, and I don't stink," he said during a televised Cabinet meeting.

Getting into his stride, he went on to label baths and jacuzzis anti-communist.

"If you are going to lie back, in the bath, with the soap and you turn on the what's it called, the Jacuzzi... imagine that, what kind of communism is that? We're not in times of Jacuzzi," he said, to laughter from his ministers. More...

Skipper Hugo is going to create a ministry about the power & water shortages they are experiencing in Venezuela because it is making socialism look bad. Topping it off for solving this crisis he may have airplanes fly into the clouds in attempts to make it rain.

That's about as good as his Socialist Book of the Month Club buddy, then Senator Barack Obama's comments on the campaign trial about how we can save energy here in the U.S....
"There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy. Making sure your tires are properly inflated — simple thing. But we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling — if everybody was just inflating their tires? And getting regular tune-ups? You’d actually save just as much!"

Yeah -- and people still voted him!

Gay Sex is Morally Good?

I am forced to ask... did all you Obama supporters vote for this type of "Hopey/Change" crap?

From Breitbart TV --
CBN: On The 700 Club this morning, The Brody File did an in-depth report on Chai Feldblum, President Obama’s nominee for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Some of her comments will surely be controversial including video of her saying, “Gay sex is morally good”. It then gets even more interesting than that when she starts talking about her views on marriage and how in most cases sexual liberty trumps religious liberty.

Click here to view the video

Regarding the nomination of this poster child for the Radical Gay Agenda asshats, The Brody File adds....

Feldblum is well know in gay circles. She negotiated and drafted provisions for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Her work on ENDA, which would add language to protect those of a different sexual orientation is significant considering that Feldblum could be a member of the EEOC - which will be the agency responsible for issuing the regulations that will enforce ENDA if and when it becomes law.

Bending over for the gay circle jerkers, President Obama (Heyyy!) puts another GLAAD bagger in the position of power. First we have a pervert in charge of safety in our schools and now, unless we work to stop this nomination, we may have a women that will promote equal opportunity ass-packing programs at work!

If this GLAAD bagger gets appointed you will hear more stories like these where firemen in San Diegay being forced to participate in a Gay Parade and employers cracking down on workers who do not embrace 'nad noshing.

Puppet's on a String -- A Message to Senator Sherrod Brown

Spotted by an eagle-eyed member of the Medina County Friends and Neighbors group (MCFAN)...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tea Party Patriots -- Health Care Rally at the Cleveland Clinic II

From the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots --

October Surprise

Health Care Rally at the Cleveland Clinic II




On Monday October 26th, in unison with our fellow Tea Party Patriot groups holding these rallies across the country, the area Tea Party Patriot groups will send our message & AGAIN host our rally at the world famous -- Cleveland Clinic.

Tell your friends & neighbors -- invite your own doctor to attend the rally! Please note that we extended the time for those still working and helping pay for TARP.

It is predicted the Senate will be voting on some sort of version of a health care bill within two weeks. We must turn our patriotism & passion into action by having everyone come to the Clinic along with having every able body person we know burning up the phones, faxes and emails our our 13 targeted Senators.

Tea Party Patriots -- We must make this fight NOW!

For more information, sign ideas, or setting up car pools go to the Forum section on our website (Click Here). For more information on the current Tea Party Patriot Health Care Action Alerts (Click Here).

This rally is being hosted by the Cleveland, Lake County, Geauga County, Lorain County & Medina County Tea Party Patriot groups.

See you on Monday!

The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots
A Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Grass Roots Organization

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Elected Tormentors shortchange our warriors, by looting a defense funding bill to pay for pet projects

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load Award: Elected Tormentors shortchange our warriors, by looting a defense funding bill to pay for pet projects.

It might not be big buck$, in these days of trillion dollar deficits, but, to our warriors, who were counting on the ammo and fuel it was designated to buy, $2.6 billion could mean the difference between life and death, the difference between victory and defeat. Shameless bastards that they are, the Capitol Hill Clown Posse diverted money from a bill funding Pentagon operations and maintenance with 778 of their pet pork barrel projects, including these:

  • A World War II museum at the University of New Orleans squandered $25 million.

  • A Educrap institute named after Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy pissed away another $20 million.

  • The Maui Space Surveillance System flushed $20 million of your hard earned dollars down the pork barrel crapper.

  • Worried that E.T. might not like having Maui snooping on him, Hawaii’s pimple on humanity’s butt, Senator Daniel Inouye, flushed another $25 million down a crapper called ‘the Hawaii Federal Healthcare Network’.

  • Maine’s RHINO retards - Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins - served up what sounds like a military related pet project - Humvee maintenance. Did G.I. Joe catch a break from these RHINO’s? Not really, because this $20 pork barrel turd is slated for Humvees that are on the ‘front lines’, in MAINE.

Admittedly, $2.6 billion is, in this era of gargantuan federal spending bills, chump change. I won’t dispute the point, but I am compelled to ask how many of our warriors will be killed or wounded, because some rat bastard in D.C., squandered the money needed to pay for fuel and ammo.

During his NOTUS campaign, Hopey McChange spewed drivel about ending this pork barrel tidal wave. Obviously, his definition of ‘ending’ isn’t the same as yours, or mine. That’s why this rancid NOTUS turd needs to flushed down the crapper with the Elected Tormentors who are short changing the men and women who defend our liberty with their lives.

Is RINOvich cozying up with the Climate Kooks?

The Curious Conservative -- Senator George RINOvich -- is getting ready to ram his golden horn up the ass crack of conservatism... again!

H/T Aude Sapere Blog for this great find on "The Great Horned One" in the NYT --

And Voinovich said Democratic sponsors have not reached out to him to negotiate on the legislation. “I think Senator Kerry and Senator Boxer are trying to get the most aggressive bill they can get out of the Senate EPW Committee,” he said. “As a result of that, I don’t think that they are as interested in negotiating as they might ordinarily.”

Voinovich added that he expects Democrats to press for more bipartisan talks early next year once leaders start counting votes and after the conclusion of a major U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“If they understand they can’t get cloture on what comes out of committee, I think we’d be more likely to get really serious after we get back after Copenhagen,” he said. “And at that stage of the game, we’ll have much more clarity where everyone’s going.”

Reach out? I am surprised they don't have this dolt on speed dial!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Will Health Care Reform Bankrupt the States?

The costs they are not showing for any of the health care plan versions is how it will affect the states and their already burdened budgets.

From The Union Leader --

Will New Hampshire's congressional delegation vote for a health care "reform" bill that raises state Medicaid spending so high that we have to pass a broad-based tax to fund it? Based on legislation making the rounds in Washington, that is a distinct possibility.

The House bill both Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes voted for would dramatically expand Medicaid to cover people earning as much as 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Under current state rules, New Hampshire covers parents of Medicaid-eligible children only if their income is less than 63 percent of the federal poverty level. The House bill would more than double the family income level at which New Hampshire would have to provide Medicaid services.

The federal government does not pay 100 percent of Medicaid costs. New Hampshire picks up half the tab. Thus, the House bill would explode state Medicaid costs.

The compromise "Baucus bill" passed in the Senate Finance Committee last week also would expand Medicaid enrollment well beyond current levels. In fact, about half of the bill's expanded insurance coverage comes from simply rewriting the rules on Medicaid eligibility so more people would qualify.

President Obama promised no tax increases of any kind on anyone earning less than $250,000 a year. But if these proposed Medicaid expansions become law, states will have to raise taxes to comply with the unfunded federal mandate.

Both bills would force states to expand coverage. There would be no choice. (More..)

Medicaid coverage is already eating up a large portion of most state budgets and is only continuing to grow. The proposed health care reform will be like adding Miracle-Gro.

If states are forced to cough up more money for expanded Medicaid coverage -- where will the money come from? Cutting programs -- the social program loving libs & Democrats won't allow that, so it will come from us in a way of a tax increase of some sort at the state level.

Promises, Promises... Unions calling out Obama on Broken Health Care Promises

It looks like the Unions are waking up and tiring of President Obamao and the Dems push for a country-killing version of government health care reform....

From Politico --
The president of one of America’s largest labor unions, Gerry McEntee, has emerged as a major obstacle to the White House’s efforts to maintain a unified front in the health care debate.

The veteran president of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has crossed lines that few labor leaders – even those who quietly agree with him – would go near.

McEntee led workers in chanting a barnyard epithet to describe Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus’s health care bill, which would levy a new tax on expensive health care plans. He published an op-ed in U.S.A. Today warning, in terms that could be used against Democrats in the midterms, that the plan could tax the middle class and cost workers their health care. And he blew off a plea from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and published an open letter promising to “oppose” legislation that contained the tax – published over the objections, several labor officials said, of other union presidents whose names appeared on the letter.

"We have had just about enough of his gratuitous slaps,” said a senior White House official Friday, calling the politically charged language “outrageous and unacceptable” from an ally — even from one that had, the official noted, devoted substantial resources to health care efforts.

“He’s doing his members a real disservice,” said the official, who said that while all other labor leaders had been careful to keep their opposition to elements of health care proposals modulated and largely inside the tent, McEntee was “beyond the pale.” More....

McEntee's statements were backed up & supported by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Obama's broken promises on health care are outlined in this article here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

America's New Board Game -- Bamopoly

The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over everything.

Wanna play? No?

Too bad, you're already playing. And in this game, nobody wins.

Cuyahoga County Reform -- Issue 6 Co-Chair Blunders In Own City

Parma Hts Mayor Martin Zannotti is the co-chair for Issue 6 - Cuyahoga County Reform. If someone is unable to get charter issues for their own city correct -- do we really want this show of leadership wizardry heading up any type of reform effort at county level?

From --
City residents may vote on charter Issue 65 this November, but those votes won't be counted.

Because of problems with the ballot language that was sent to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, city leaders told the board that the issue to create a system of ward council representatives is invalid and that votes should not be tallied.

It's too late to remove the issue, and some early voters have already sent in their ballots.

Exactly how the error was made is unknown, but board Director Jane Platten said her office printed what Parma Heights sent.

Parma Heights has more than 10 charter issues on the November ballot, but this one is particularly complex.

One thing to note is.... the charter language in Issue 6 could have been broken up and voted on individually like the one they were trying above. This way it wouldn't be a take it or leave type of reform.

The comments on the post are very telling as to what Parma Hts people think about the their mayor.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama Rewards Politically Connected Players with Nominations for Ambassadorship for Hungary & New Zealand

From Center for Responsive Politics --

Politically connected ambassadors will soon represent the United States in Hungary and New Zealand.

President Barack Obama has nominated philanthropist and real estate developer Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis to be ambassador to Hungary, while he nominated lawyer David Huebner to serve as the nation's top diplomat in New Zealand and Samoa. The Center for Responsive Politics has found that both Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis and Huebner have been active donors to federal politicians over the past 20 years.

Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis and her husband, Markos Kounalakis, who is the president of Washington Monthly, have contributed $438,880 to federal candidates, committees and leadership PACs since 1989, CRP found. Of this sum, 95 percent went to Democratic candidates and committees.

The vast majority of these contributions have been in Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis' name. The Center for Responsive Politics found that her top beneficiaries include the following:

Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis also headed the pro-Clinton group Greek-Americans for Clinton last cycle, and, according to Public Citizen, she bundled at least $100,000 for Clinton's 2008 presidential bid. She hails from a wealthy California Greek family, and her father, Angelo Tsakopoulos, had served as the national chair of Greek-Americans for Bill Clinton during his 1992 and 1996 campaigns.

Four percent of Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis' contributions have gone to Republicans, including $6,000 since 1991 to Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), who recently voted in favor of the Senate Finance Committee's health insurance reform bill.

Donations to the left-leaning political action committees EMILY's List and the Harry S Truman Club comprise the remaining one percent of her contributions.

After Obama bested Clinton during the Democratic primaries, Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis also donated the legal maximum of $4,600 to Obama, in June 2008.

Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, her brother and a fellow executive at the family's real estate firm AKT Development, came around to support Obama during the presidential primaries in late February 2008, when he joined Obama's financial team. He went on to bundle at least $50,000 for Obama's presidential bid.

Lawyer David Huebner, meanwhile, has contributed $13,600 to federal candidates and committees since 1993, the Center for Responsive Politics has found. Of this amount, 97 percent has gone to Democratic candidates and party committees. A donation of $350 in 1997 to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which provides financial supports gay and lesbian candidates for federal office, accounts for the remainder of his contributions.

Huebner's largest beneficiary has been the DCCC, to which he donated $7,000 during the 2000 election cycle. Other top contributions from Huebner include $1,000 to President Bill Clinton in 1995, $1,000 to the Democratic Party of California in 1996, $1,000 to Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) in 1996 and $1,000 to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) in 1997.

Huebner will take a trip through the revolving door to serve as the U.S. ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa. He is a long-time attorney who earned his law degree at Yale. He was a partner and chairman of the law firm Coudert Brothers. He currently
works as a lawyer in Shanghai for
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton.

A former resident of California, Huebner previously served as chairman of the California Law Revision Commission and taught courses in international business and intellectual property at the University of Southern California's Gould School of Law.

Huebner, who is openly gay, was also a founding board member and the former board co-chair for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). He currently serves as the group's general counsel.

Huebner is the Obama administration's first openly gay ambassador nominee. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush each also appointed openly gay ambassadors.

In the past month, Obama has also nominated career members of the Foreign Service for several ambassadorships. None of these individuals have made any contributions to federal candidates or committees above the Federal Election Commissions $200 disclosure threshold, a Center for Responsive Politics review has found.

These nominations include David D. Nelson for Uruguay, Michael C. Polt for Estonia, Peter A. Prahar for Micronesia, John F. Tefft for Ukraine, James B. Warlick, Jr. for Bulgaria and Mary Warlick for Serbia. Obama also nominated Robert R. King, a long-time legislative staffer for Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), to be a special envoy on North Korean human rights issues, which carries the rank of ambassador.

To update our ongoing coverage: By CRP's count, Obama has named 93 individuals to posts with the rank of ambassador. Twenty-two of them have been bundlers for Obama's political committees. One, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, was a campaign bundler for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Fifty-four of the ambassadors have contributed to federal candidates, parties or committees since 1989. And 39 of them have not made any known campaign contributions.

CRP researchers Douglas Weber and Carolyn Sharpe contributed to this report.

Cuyahoga County Reform -- Exposing MORE lies about Issue 6

The start of this post begins with a post from Roldo Bartimole. The latter part of the post is all King (me).

Many of you may not know or have not read Roldo's stuff before -- but when it come to Cuyahoga County -- you should. Roldo, far left of our thinking is 99% correct on most of the things he posts about this area. This man, again left of most of our views, is simply the best when it come to inside knowledge of Cuyahoga County and the players killing this area.

Once again, Roldo is dead on with his views about Issue 5 & Issue 6...

From Roldo at the Cleveland Leader --

Memo to Susan Goldberg, Pee Dee editor: Stop making the news and start reporting it.

Today it was “economic development” again as the Pee Dee attributed nonsensical advantages to Issue 6, which, of course, the Pee Dee strongly backs. It’s a supposed County reform issue that has too many holes in it. Big holes.

Eliminating elective functioning offices – sheriff, treasurer, recorder, and auditor - except the County Prosecutor is an invitation to a king-maker position for Bill Mason, present prosecutor and prime mover of Issue 6. Mason doesn’t deserve the promotion.

It just doesn’t make sense. It isn’t reform. It’s merely change. Not good enough.

Anyway, today the Pee Dee gives a major Page One headline for a story that tries to suggest that voting for Issue 6 means you are voting for economic development. Please! There is no substantive evidence that this is true or even near true.

It does, however, give Issue 6 another push. That’s the purpose.

I’m not for either Issue 5 – a dodge engineered by Democrats and Labor – or Issue 6, a choice that EXPANDS not reforms Cuyahoga County government by giving us 11 County Commissioners. Oh, I know they aren’t called Commissioners. But that’s what they’ll think they are.

It is a measure that will end up dividing the county into fiefdoms. That’s something we just don’t need. Can you imagine more than one pompous Tim Hagan?

So remember if you vote YES on 6, no matter what you do with 5, you’re still going to get 11. Eleven new politicians to support. And that’s the truth.
The so-call limited government conservatives supporting Issue 6 are delusional in thinking that for some reason MORE government will work to fix the problem we face here. Hmm, I thought smaller government was wrapped up by the conservatives -- yet they continue their blind, though well intentioned support of a knee-jerk change to the structure of our county government.

We scream daily about the "change" made for changes sake in the Red Shed (Formerly the White House) -- but, like a Dick Cheney hunting trip, wildly miss the target on this one.

Below is the Issue 6 propaganda being pushed by the local fishwrap, The Plain Deceiver (Plain Dealer) that I believe Roldo is referring...

Issue 6 -- one of two competing reform issues on November's ballot -- not only would restructure Cuyahoga County government, it would also mandate a focus on creating jobs. Without economic development, Issue 6 backers say, the county cannot support its original purpose, providing health and human services.

Director of development: The county executive would appoint a development director, subject to approval of the county council. The charter insists that the director have a record of "experience and accomplishment, in the public or private sector, or both, in economic development matters."

Development Department: Among other things, the department would coordinate the county's programs related to economic development, including identifying causes of unemployment and coming up with solutions.

Economic Development Commission: The commission would oversee the Development Department. Each of the following would select one commission member: The county executive, the county council, the Cleveland mayor, the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, the Cuyahoga County Mayors and City Managers Association, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the executive secretary of the North Shore Federation of Labor. One member also would be selected by nonprofit and educational organizations engaged in county economic development. The county council would determine those groups.

Amazing! This is a great example of how the Propaganda Dealer (Plain Dealer), shill's for the Greater Cleveland Partnership and bucking to keep their fast dwindling advertisement money from the businesses in this group, would never let the truth or objective reporting get in their way when it comes to keeping their struggling tree-killing paper alive.

The same groups mentioned above -- Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, the Cuyahoga County Mayors and City Managers Association, the Greater Cleveland Partnership -- are the biggest failure when it comes to anything in Cuyahoga County.

The Port continues wasting money on the pipe dream of getting container traffic since the 70's, the Cuyahoga County Mayors and City Managers Assoc. & the Greater Cleveland Partnership have already been working on "economic development" for this area. AS we can see -- they have continually failed. But now, if they can get Issue 6 passed -- their plans will work out. PLEASE!!!

What you see above in this PD propaganda is code language for regionalism. Or taking money from successful cities and giving it to failing cities. Issue 6 co-chair Judy Rawson has already stated that a County Executive can force cities to toe the line on regionalism efforts by threatening any funds they receive from the county. Wouldn't this be like a County Czar?

Do you really think this status quo group of players that have continually failed us -- but conveniently lined their pockets on the backs of the Cuyahoga County residents will change if their power consolidating version of reform passes?