Saturday, March 31, 2007

8th Grade Criminals

I am sure I won't score alot of points with this post.

Looks like some kids, being typical kids, will have a juvenile record over an April Fool's Day prank.

The kids were wrong for doing this, no questions about it! I do think it is funny and give the hellions credit for being ballsy. I am laughing as I write this, thinking which teacher I "should" have done that too.

Don't want to give kids ideas, so I won't be specific, but their were several teachers in Bedford High School that we would prank on an occasional basis. Sometimes we got caught, more often we did not.

Although one teacher who had a regularly scheduled trip to the public restroom stall between classes, weekly got bombarded with wet paper towels over the walls of the stall as he did his "paperwork". We never could figure out why this tard kept using the same same bathroom at the same time knowing we hooligans would do this.

Coach Codner (our wrestling coach) would always find out about our pranks and take it out on us in practices. If we got suspended and missed practice, you still "owed him" the work as in laps, push ups, made to run with your hands against the wall ("Pushing the Wall") & mat time.

Point of this is, kids will be kids. They were wrong and should be punished to learn there are consequences for your actions, but do they need to have a juvenile record over this?

Suspension, detention and a swat or two is in order. The teacher was not hurt nor were the students. Involving the police is an overkill and a waste.

Do we need to clog the juvenile system with things such as this when there are kids selling drugs, shooting each other, gangs, etc.... to be dealt with?

I would much rather have my son doing something dumb like this and give him a swift kick in the ass and a slap across the back of his head, then have being a drug dealing gun carrying hoodlum.

Fox News reports:

HOLTSVILLE, N.Y. — Some eighth graders got an early start on April Fool's Day when they handed out doughnuts laced with laxatives to classmates, but it was no laughing matter when five were ticketed by police.

There were no apparent injuries but ambulances were dispatched Friday to Sequoya Middle School on Long Island as a precaution, a spokeswoman for the Sachem School District said.

Suffolk County Police said 19 students and a teacher ingested some of the doped doughnuts. They were screened by the school nurse, Holtsville Rescue personnel and field physicians from the county health department.

Two 13-year-olds and three 14-year-olds were charged with second-degree tampering with a consumer product. The teens, who were not identified because of their age, were issued appearance tickets for Family Court and released to their parents' custody.

Classes proceeded as usual, but parents were given the option to pick up their children. The district also said it would take "appropriate disciplinary action."

Joint op disrupts anti-Iraqi forces power base

From U.S. Central Command

29 March 2007
By Sgt. Armando Monroig
5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

BAQUBAH — Iraqi and Coalition forces began a joint operation targeting an Islamic State of Iraq power base at the Diyala River Valley Saturday.

During the ongoing operation, Soldiers from the 5th Iraqi Army Division and U.S. Army 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, attached to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division killed more than 15 anti-Iraqi forces, detained more than 15 suspected terrorists, and unearthed eight weapons caches.

“The Iraqi security forces, with our support, will maintain an aggressive approach to operations in order to secure the population and defeat the terrorists,” said Col. David W. Sutherland, 3rd BCT, 1st Cav. Div. commander. “Working together, we are attacking the anti-Iraqi forces in their perceived safe havens.”

As Iraqi and Coalition forces continue to successfully hunt terrorists and their strongholds, the population gained confidence in the Iraqi security forces improved abilities to protect them.

“The ISF continues to improve as we conduct these operations together, and the people gain confidence in their security forces’ ability to take the fight to the enemy and secure the population,” said Sutherland.

The Iraqi security forces with the support of Coalition forces weakened the terrorists’ ability to harm the population by finding their weapons caches.

“These terrorist supplies have been used to attack the Iraqi and Coalition forces, and the local population in Diyala to destabilize the area,” said Sutherland. “However, the initiative and ability to seize every opportunity to aggressively attack the terrorists will actually destabilize the terrorists.”

The detainees have been transferred to Forward Operating Base Warhorse detention facility for further questioning.

The operation continues to destroy enemy safe havens, restoring hope and security to the people of the Diyala River Valley.

Photo: Iraqi and Coalition forces provide security for other Soldiers who cleared a house during a combined cordon and search. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tierney P. Nowland.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Hastings for Cuyahoga County BOE

Former Cuyahoga County Judge Jeff Hastings has declared his desire to replace Sally Florkiewicz as the republican candidate for Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Having known Jeff for only a few years, I cannot speak highly enough about him. Jeff will be a wonderful replacement and we conservatives can rest assured the integrity of the voting process will be protected with him on the board.

Jeff has sent a letter to executive committee members asking for their support at the upcoming Executive Committee meeting on April 4th.

King's Right Site wishes Jeff only the best of luck and would ask our Executive Committee to support Jeff on April 4th!

Here is a copy of Jeff's letter reposted from WenBlog:

Iraqi Army Seizes 20 Trucks of Black Market Oil

By Staff Sgt. Antonieta Rico
5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

QAYARRAH, Iraq, March 16, 2007 - Iraqi army soldiers seized a convoy of 20 illegal fuel trucks carrying crude oil in the Qayarrah region, south of Mosul, Feb. 20.

Crude oil is often sold on the black market in the Irbil Province, which has an oil refinery in eastern Iraq. Profits are believed to fund terrorism.

"We know black market (oil) profits are...used to support anti-Iraqi forces," said Master Sgt. Hernan Rincon, intelligence noncommissioned officer-in-charge for the "Black Dragons," 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, out of Fort Bliss, Texas.

Iraqi army soldiers, manning a check point, stopped the convoy of vehicles after determining they were illegal based on fake documents the drivers were carrying.

"As far as coalition forces and the Iraqi army are concerned, (oil smuggling is) a criminal act that the IPs deal with," said 1st Lt. Alexander Moen, a native of Winnebago, Ill.

"Once the (Iraqi Army) realized this was just illegal (oil) smuggling they contacted the IPs and the IPs came," Moen said, "It's a good working relationship between the two of them; it's a big step forward for the area.

"It was also a big step forward for the Iraqi army and soldiers of 1st Platoon, Battery B, who a month prior had trained the Iraqi Army on these types of patrol operations. The platoon worked with them in the area to teach them how to search vehicles and how to spot fake documents.

"We taught these guys how to do this, now they are doing it," said Sgt. 1st Class Robert Blanchard, 1st Platoon sergeant.

"This is good news to me because the lessons that we taught these guys, and what to look for, are now paying off," he said.

Training the Iraqi army has a positive chain reaction in the region. Having the Iraqi security forces successfully perform their job helps discourage criminal activity, said Duran.

"It scares other people and they will not do it as much, because they know that those guys got caught," he said.

It also sends a positive message to the people in the area. "It makes them feel better, that we are actually out there, and the IPs are out there, and the (Iraqi Army) are out there doing their job," Duran said.

Blanchard, originally from Aurora, Colo., credits the junior leaders and soldiers in his platoon with training the Iraqi army to be successful. "Those are the guys that are really where it happens at," Blanchard said.

Photo: U.S. Army 1st Lt. Alexander Moen, Battery B, 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, and his interpreter, question a driver found to be carrying illegal crude oil, Feb. 20, 2007, in the Qayarrah region of Iraq. The 5-82 is part of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, out of Fort Bliss, Texas. Photo by Sgt. Antonieta Rico

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Six pairs of peregrine falcons have eggs in Cleveland nests

Here's a rare change - Good news out of Cuyahoga County!

From the PD Breaking News -

Six pairs of peregrine falcons have eggs in their nests at the Bohn Building, Terminal Tower and the Cleveland Clinic, the Ohio Division of Wildlife just announced.

Eggs also are in nests on the Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus, the Stuart Power Plant near Aberdeen in Brown County and at the Miami Fort Station Power Plant near the village of Cleves in Hamilton County.

Internet users can follow the progress of peregrine nests at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Web site,

There are also pairs of peregrine falcons in Akron, Canton, Dayton, Eastlake, Ironton, Lakewood, Lima, Lorain and Youngstown. They will likely have eggs within a month.

The birds are endangered in Ohio. Efforts to increase their numbers began in 1989. Last year, 18 nesting pairs successfully hatched and fledged a record 60 young falcons.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dick Morris - The Thompson Threat

DICK MORRIS’ ’08 Play-by-Play Analysis

Vol. 1, #4
March 28, 2007


Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson poses a direct threat to Rudy Giuliani’s substantial lead in the Republican presidential primary. If he gets in…it’s bad news for Rudy.

The Gallup Poll of March 23-25 shows surprising Republican support for Thompson. As an undeclared candidate, he is getting 12 points in a GOP match. And, almost all of his vote share is coming from either Giuliani and Romney. McCain and Gingrich are not affected at all!

Three weeks ago, Rudy was at 44% in the same poll – without Thompson. But now, with Thompson added, Rudy drops to 31%, and Romney goes from 8% to 3%.
Republican Presidential Preferences:
With and Without Thompson

With Fred (March 4) Without Fred (March 25)

Giuliani 44% 31%
McCain 20 22
Thompson -- 12
Gingrich 9 8
Romney 8 3

Source: Gallup poll

So…if Fred Thompson decides to make the race, Mitt Romney might as well go home - since Fred eats his lunch and knocks him down to 3% of the vote. (It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Mitt to go home anyway). And, if Thompson runs, Giuliani will have to battle for his lead.

Why is Thompson so lethal to Rudy? Forget the left/right division; its not really applicable. What matters is media/nonmedia or charisma/noncharisma. Rudy and Fred are both television candidates. 9-11 vs Law and Order. America’s Mayor faces America’s prosecutor. Both have been intimately involved with the voters.

The fact that Rudy wasn’t acting while Fred was is lost on a Republican Party that, after all, backed Ronald Reagan and made him one of the most successful chief executives in history.

If Thompson gets in, he will become an immediate contender in a way that Romney was never able to be. He will make the GOP race a three sided affair and bring the Rudy boomlet down to earth.

Florida Man Says Ex-Wife's Sex Change Should End His Alimony Obligation

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Fox News

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Lawrence Roach agreed to pay alimony to the woman he divorced, not the man she became after a sex change, his lawyers argued in an effort to end the payments.

But the ex-wife's attorneys argued Tuesday that the operation doesn't alter the agreement.

Less than a week after commissioners in nearby Largo drew national attention by firing the city manager after he announced he was a transsexual, lawyers for Roach and his ex-wife grappled in another transsexual rights case that delves into relatively uncharted legal territory.

Only a 2004 Ohio case has addressed whether or not a transsexual can still collect alimony after a sex change, those involved say.

"There is not a lot out there to help us," Circuit Judge Jack R. St. Arnold said.

Roach and his wife, Julia, divorced in 2004 after 18 years of marriage. The 48-year-old utility worker agreed to pay her $1,250 a month in alimony. Since then, Julia Roach, 55, had a sex change and legally changed her name to Julio Roberto Silverwolf.

"It's illegal for a man to marry a man and it should likewise be illegal for a man to pay alimony to a man," said John McGuire, one of Roach's attorneys. "When she changed to man, I believe she terminated that alimony." More.....

Chicago Policeman Disgraces the Badge

I could not believe my eyes when I watched the video of a 250lb drunk off-duty policeman as he punched and kicked a female bartender while other guys stood by and watched.

Being raised a man should NEVER raise his hands to a women, for any reason, I find this highly disturbing that nobody came to this girls rescue.

Fox News reports:

CHICAGO — Prosecutors dropped a misdemeanor count Tuesday against a police officer accused of beating a female bartender in an attack videotaped by a surveillance camera, leaving him still facing a felony charge.

Anthony Abbate, a 12-year police veteran, appeared before a judge for about 30 seconds as prosecutors dropped the charge of simple battery.

That count was filed after the 250-pound officer's arrest in the Feb. 19 beating of a 115-pound bartender, but prosecutors later upgraded the charges to felony aggravated battery.

An April 27 hearing was scheduled on the felony charge.

If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison, Cook County state's attorneys office spokesman Andy Conklin said.

The videotape shows Abbate, 38, who was off duty, punching, kicking and throwing 24-year-old bartender Karolina Obrycka to the floor after she allegedly refused to continue serving him drinks. Obrycka suffered bruises on her head, neck, back and lower body, said her attorney, Terry Ekl.

Here is the video

Christian fired for sharing God

March 28, 2007

A Christian woman is battling a California university and state social agency for terminating her internship because she shared her faith with co-workers during off-hours.

Jacqueline Escobar was completing a master's degree in social work at California State University Long Beach when she interned with the Department of Children and Family Services, or DCFS.

A straight-A student, Escobar was complimented regularly by the DCFS for her work. But she came under scrutiny for sharing her faith with co-workers during lunch breaks and after-hours, and for changing into a shirt with a religious message – "Found" – after signing out for the day, according to the Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing her.

A trial is scheduled to begin April 3.

Escobar was directed to stop speaking about her faith, even during breaks and after work hours.
Also, the university ordered her to sign a document admitting she had "an inability to separate her religious beliefs from her role" as an intern.

She refused to sign the document, More.....


I am a little hesitant on this one. While the lady has every right to speak about her religion, if she was forcing it on other people during school, whether on break or not, she crossed the line.

While this lady has a Right to Free Speech, other people also have a right to not have religion forced down their throat.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Third Cuyahoga BOE member resigns - Bennett still hangs on

From the PD Breaking News -

A third member of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections resigned today, leaving just one holdout to fight an attempt by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to oust the entire board.

The latest to depart is Sally Florkiewicz, a former chairwoman of the county Republican Party. Her term was to expire in 2012. Two Democrats -- Edward Coaxum and labor leader Loree Soggs -- resigned last week.

The remaining board member is Chairman Bob Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Brunner has begun a process aimed at firing Bennett. She has cited the conviction of two elections workers on recount-rigging charges.

Well this is a good sign, who know's why all of a sudden Sally opened her eyes and stopped being blindly led by the nose by Bennett.
I really can't wait to hear how this battle will help our party.
The only losers in this battle will be the voters of Cuyahoga County!

Rosie: Captured Brits a hoax to provoke war

In her latest fit of incessant babbling, Rosie O'Donnell, is comparing the Iranian capture of British sailors and Marines to the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the Vietnam War.

As usual, Rosie throws the facts away like one of her half eaten sandwiches.

In yet another provocative claim, TV host Rosie O'Donnell implied today the Iranian seizure of British sailors was a hoax to provide President Bush with an excuse to go to war with Tehran.

In a discussion about the 15 British personnel seized Friday for allegedly entering Iranian waters, the controversial co-host of ABC's "The View" correlated the event to the Gulf of Tonkin incident that propelled the U.S. into the Vietnam War. President Johnson's administration was accused of provoking one incident in 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin and making up another as a pretext for war.

O'Donnell, according to the media watchdog Newsbusters, said: "But interesting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay."
As WND reported last week, O'Donnell implied the World Trade Center brought down deliberately on Sept. 11, 2001, for the purpose of eliminating records of government investigations into corporate fraud.

The previous week O'Donnell defended 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. During the March 15 broadcast of "The View," she suggested the U.S. government elicited a false confession from Mohammed by using torture, robbing him of his humanity and treating him like an animal.

A transcript of Mohammed's confession to 31 terrorist attacks had been released that day, but O'Donnell argued it came only after having a "hood on his head and being beaten to death." More....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

EU tells Iran to free UK troops

Al Jazeera
March 24, 2007

The EU has told Iran to free fifteen British sailors who were captured after allegedly straying into Iranian waters near the Iraqi city of Basra.

"The presidency of the council of the European Union calls upon the Iranian Government to immediately release the 15 British seamen detained yesterday," Germany foreign ministry said in a statement.

Germany, which currently holds the EU presidency, said on Saturday that it had earlier raised the matter with the Iranian foreign ministry.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, also said that Berlin had obtained official confirmation that the troops were under arrest.

The British troops - including one woman - were detained on Friday during what Britain described as a "routine anti-smuggling operation" in the Shatt al-Arab waterway that divides Iraq and Iran.

Iran's Fars news agency said on Saturday that the sailors and marines had been taken to Tehran to explain their "aggressive action".

Photo: British and US vessels often operate in the disputed mouth of the Shatt al-Arab waterway [ EPA]

Reverend Ted stiffs the poor

Looks like the voters of Ohio are getting to see the real Rev. Strickland. Looks like the Reverend, is stiffing the poor people in Ohio that he vowed to fight for.

I guess that fight was only during the campaign of empty promises in his run for Governor.

In true democrat fashion, Strickland feels the State of Ohio knows more than the parent.

The PD reports on how Rev. Ted will give money to state programs for children, but will short the parents, taking food from the mouth's of the children.
Columbus -- Gov. Ted Strickland drew rave reviews this month when he promised to help out Ohio's poor children by expanding health insurance and bolstering day-care support.

But in the afterglow, some are concerned about the lack of flat-out cash support for Ohio's poorest families in the new governor's first two-year budget proposal.

While day-care providers that serve poor families would get paid more, cash help to the state's poorest families wouldn't go up until they get a cost-of-living increase in 2009.

That seems like kind of a glaring oversight -- that you wouldn't give the families themselves even a cost-of-living increase at all in '08," said State Rep. Jimmy Stewart, an Athens County Republican. He chairs the House subcommittee that will begin to review the poverty section of Strickland's budget next week.

In the last legislative session, Stewart unsuccessfully pushed to raise the monthly cash support for the poor by $100 a month. Currently, a parent and child get $336 a month. A grandparent raising one child gets $245 a month. More....
Pretty ironic how they scream to increase minimum wage, yet leave the poorest people to fend for themselves!

Judge upholds part of Ohio law banning picketing at funerals

I want to thank U.S. District Court Judge Donald Nugent for upholding the dignity of our fallen soldiers and shielding their families from the disgusting anti-Americans who protest at soldiers funerals.

This ruling also saves me from taking a vacation day, as several of us were planning to go to Warren, OH on Monday to confront these despicable excuses of mankind. To be honest, the ruling most likely saves me from a trip to jail.

I would proudly be arrested for confronting these far right nut jobs!

Having served on a jury on a death penalty case in Judge Nugent's court many years ago, I have the utmost respect for this man. This ruling shows, my feelings were well founded.

Ohio News Now reports:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A federal judge on Friday upheld significant portions of a state law that limits when and where people may protest at funerals.

The 2006 law was aimed at a small fundamentalist Kansas church whose members picket burials of U.S. troops killed in combat, arguing that the deaths are God's punishment for homosexuals.

The law prohibits protesters from being within 300 feet of a cemetery, funeral home, church or synagogue either one hour before or after a burial service.

The Ohio chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, with a member of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., as a plaintiff, had sought a federal restraining order, saying the state cannot pass a law restricting freedom of speech.

But U.S. District Court Judge Donald Nugent in Cleveland said the law upholds a long tradition in American culture of allowing mourners to pay their respects to the deceased without disruption - and gives protesters ample alternatives to express their views.

While far from supporting the homosexual agenda, protesting any funeral is disgusting, let alone a soldier who was killed in combat.

This is no better than the left trying to force the homo agenda down our throats. A person, homo or not, has the God given right to be laid to rest in peace.

Is stopping the protests a violation of "Free Speech"? I say on this issue - WHO CARES!

Cuyahoga residents flee aftermath of Hurricane Blue

Hurricane "Blue" that has hovered over Cuyahoga County for the last 15-20 years has plunged the region into despair.

The hurricane force winds of incompetence, floods of corruption, and driving rains of failed leadership of the democrats at all levels in Cuyahoga County, are causing residents to flee in unprecedented numbers.

The Plain Dealer reports:

A new census report exposes more of the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, showing sharp population declines in waterfront counties of Louisiana and Mississippi. But it may also leave some observers wondering what natural disaster struck Northeast Ohio.

Cuyahoga County saw the sixth-largest drop in population among American counties, losing about 16,000 people between July 2005 and July 2006.

Four of the five counties with steeper losses lay in the path of a hurricane in August 2005. Absent their calamity, Ohio's largest county would likely rank second nationally in population decline, behind only Detroit's Wayne County.

Paul Oyaski, director of the Cuyahoga County Department of Development ..... "But given the number of vacant homes in the city and the county, the numbers are not surprising."

Northeast Ohio's population loss, while statistically small, bucks a national trend. Almost all other major metro areas either held steady or grew in recent years, said William Frey, a demographer for the Brookings Institution.

Cuyahoga County has lost about 80,000 residents, or 6 percent of its people, since the 2000 Census,

Halle Berry - Still a Phony

Halle Berry, who was recently in Cleveland for the opening of her movie, "Perfect Stranger", still claims she is so in love with her hometown. Problem is, she seldom, if ever, mentions her hometown of Oakwood, OH.

As she is a perfect stranger to this area, it is fitting she comes to this area for the opening of this movie.

The one thing that could be mentioned is Halle has never changed. She was a phony growing up, and is continuing to do a great job at it.

I attended Bedford High School with Halle, and sat a couple seats from her for two years in our Marketing Education class. Because of Halle's, "I am better than you" attitude, she was far from popular and was not well looked upon by black or white students.

When we were in Bedford High School, the black & white students got along very well and hung around in integrated groups. Many of us were close friends and continue to be.

Problem was that growing up, Halle would look down at the other black students in school. The white students did not take kindly to Halle be so condescending towards friends of ours. Which caused her to be picked on by many students of both races.

Halle, being of mixed race, had a habit of being "white" one day and "black" the next day. Which led us to continually ask her, "Hey Halle, are you black or white today?"

To be fair, I have been told Halle did donate one of her dresses to BHS for an auction to raise money for scholarships. I am pretty sure this ALL she did for her real hometown.

Many of us found it ironic, that growing up Halle would try to distance herself from being African-American, yet she turned into Super Black Women during her crocodile tears speech accepting the Academy Award for her role as Dorothy Dandridge.

The PD quoted Halle at her opening -
"I'm so happy to be home," Berry told the packed theater before the film started. "I swear this is true. No matter how many countries I've been to, no matter how many warm receptions I've gotten, my heart was beating when I pulled up. Nothing feels better. The voices all sound familiar in some weird way. I'm of here. I'm from here. And I'm one of you."

Halle, No you are not one of us and never have been!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Battle Buddies

Iraqi Soldiers, U.S. troops build relations during foot patrol

21 March 2007
Courtesy of Staff Sgt. Jon Cupp
1st BCT, 1st Cav. Div. Public Affairs

KEM, Iraq — Iraqi Army Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade, 9th Iraqi Army Division (Mechanized) and U.S. Soldiers from Company A, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment went on a joint foot patrol in the villages surrounding Kem, Iraq Saturday afternoon.

While on patrol, Iraqi Soldiers and U.S. Soldiers paired up in two man “battle buddy” teams so they could observe each others techniques and get to know their counterpart better.

The American Soldiers said they were impressed with how observant the Iraqi Soldiers were when they pulled security.

“This is a really sharp group, they really know their stuff and they’re really squared away,” said Sgt. Jerrod Border.

Their mission was to meet the villagers and to hand out fliers explaining how the people could protect themselves against the threats of improvised explosive device attacks.

“I prefer doing missions like this one where we actually can see first hand the long term benefits,” said Pfc. Jeremy Stone. “A lot of times when we go on routine patrols, it’s hard to see exactly how we’re making a difference, but working with the Iraqi Army and seeing them do their part to help end the violence here and protect the people is a great feeling.”

It is important to build trust with the Iraqi people because it fosters better relations with Coalition forces who can provide beneficial information resources, said Border.

“Sometimes there are people who are a little afraid to talk to us because they may feel the insurgents are watching and may harm them,” he said. “But for the most part, the people want us here and everyday things are getting better.

“The Iraqi Army is getting better at what they do every day,” said Cpt. Scott Hequembourg. “The people in the villages are getting friendlier and most of them just want to have a good life. Our biggest goal is to help the Iraqi security forces train up to where they can protect the people and eventually U.S. forces can leave."

Photo: An Iraqi Army Soldier makes friends with an Iraqi boy, March 17, during a foot patrol near the village of Kem, Iraq. The boy rushed over to show the Soldier a fish he had caught. Photo by Staff Sgt. Jon Cupp, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs.

Gates - Situation in Iraq Dynamic, Changing

From United States Central Command -

By Sgt. Sara Wood, USA
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2007 – The new security plan in Iraq has made progress in its early stages, but the security situation is never static, and additional capabilities may be needed in the future, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, Gates said he believes the forces pledged so far to Iraq will be sufficient, but that the commanders on the ground may identify small numbers of forces required to meet specific needs.

“After all, it's not a static situation,” he said. “Somebody briefed me just a couple of hours ago that we moved something like 240,000 troops in and out of the area of operation in the last four months of 2006. So there's a steady dynamic and a flow.”

Progress in the Iraq security plan has been encouraging so far, Gates said. Provincial reconstruction teams are being fully staffed, with the State Department providing all the officers it pledged, he said. Some Defense Department volunteers are filling positions in the PRTs until contractors can be hired, he added.

DoD has also made progress combating improvised explosive devices, Gates said. He said retired Army Gen. Montgomery Meigs, head of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, recently told Gates that if the budget request now before Congress passes, he will have all the resources he needs to do his job.

The Army and the rest of the U.S. military have significant commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gates acknowledged, but the strain on ground forces will be relieved once the budget is passed and the Army receives more than $46 billion for equipment and reset, he said.

"It seems to me that with all these measures, as we proceed with them, the stress on the Army will be alleviated, even while we’re carrying out the kinds of deployments that we have, but it’s going to take a little time,” he said. “What’s important is for the soldiers and Marines out there, the ground forces, to know that help is on the way.”

Gates emphasized that the United States is still ready to respond to any other potential conflicts. Another major conflict would delay the achievement of goals in Iraq and Afghanistan, but wouldn’t prevent success, he said.

“Our ability to defend the United States, despite the heavy commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, remains very strong, and every adversary should be aware of that,” he said.

Gore says "I'm special & allowed to be a hypocrite"

Taking shots at Al "the sky is falling" Gore, has become entertaining lately.

More information keeps coming out that his "documentary" should have actually been considered a "science fiction" movie. It appears the scientists used by Gore, were busy with other important experiments and may have given him flawed information.

While wearing his new air tight Global Warming Approved Underwear (the underwear reduces dangerous gas emissions harmful to the ozone) Gore has traveled the country in private jets to spread his message to the masses. These GWA underwear are a great way to earn carbon offsets.

In validating claims that he is a hypocritical energy hog, the ever growing Gore refuses to practice what he preaches.

World Net Daily reports:

Al Gore, who has a mansion in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, has rejected a senator's request that he take a pledge to use no more energy than the average American.

As WND reported earlier, the former vice president's home consumes more electricity each month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to data compiled by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research from the Nashville Electric Service.

The request was put to Gore by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who is the ranking member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, during a congressional hearing this week at which Gore was asking Congress to impose new taxes to address
global warming.

Inhofe showed Gore a film frame from "An Inconvenient Truth," ..... where it asks viewers: "Are you ready to change the way you live?"

"Are you willing to make a commitment here today by taking this pledge to consume no more energy for use in your residence than the average American household by one year from today?" Inhofe asked.

The pledge he requested Gore subscribe to was:

As a believer:

  • that human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;
  • that home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;
  • that reducing my fossil fuel-based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • that leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.

But the record shows Gore refused.

Inhofe also challenged Gore's suggestions that major changes are required in order to prevent significant impacts from global warming. More....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Iran captures 15 British Sailors

Breaking news out of Iraq - Iran captured 15 British sailors on routine patrol of Iraqi waters....

Reports from the BBC -

Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Ministry of Defence says.

The men were seized at 1030 local time when they boarded a boat in the Gulf, off the coast of Iraq, which they suspected was smuggling cars. The Royal Navy said the men, who were on a routine patrol in Iraqi waters, were understood to be unharmed.

The Foreign Office has demanded the immediate and safe return of the men, who are based on HMS Cornwall.

The frigate's commander, Commodore Nick Lambert, said he was hoping there had been a "simple mistake" over territorial waters.

"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they [British personnel] were in Iraqi territorial waters. Equally, the Iranians may claim they were in Iranian territorial waters. More.....

Al Jazeera writes......

File photo of British marines in patrol boats operating in the Shatt al Arab waterway [EPA]
Fifteen British Royal Navy sailors have been seized by Iranian navy vessels, officials from the UK's ministry of defence (MoD) have said.

The MoD said it was "urgently" seeking clarification from Tehran regarding Friday's incident and said it had summoned Iran's ambassador in London.

Iran's official reaction is awaited.

"At approximately 10:30 Iraqi time this morning, 15 British naval personnel, engaged in routine boarding operations of merchant shipping in Iraqi territorial waters ... were seized by Iranian naval vessels," the MoD said in a statement.

"The British government is demanding the immediate and safe return of our people and equipment."

The Britons were in two inflatable boats from the frigate HMS Cornwall during a "routine smuggling investigation" when they were seized, the US defence deparment said. No US military personnel were detained.

The abduction of the British servicemen came as the UN Security Council prepared to vote on new sanctions aimed at forcing Tehran to curb its nuclear programme. More.....

Yahoo News prints.....

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Iranian naval vessels on Friday seized 15 British sailors and marines who had boarded a merchant ship in Iraqi waters of the Persian Gulf, British and U.S. officials said. Britain immediately protested the detentions, which come at a time of high tension between the West and Iran.

In London, the British government summoned the Iranian ambassador to the Foreign Office and demanded "the immediate and safe return of our people and equipment." Iran had no immediate comment.

The U.S. Navy' which operates off the Iraqi coast along with British forces, said the British sailors appeared unharmed and that Iran's Revolutionary Guard naval forces were responsible. More.....

Strickland to end Abstinence Programs in schools

Feeling that teaching our school children responsibility is highly over rated and a waste of tax payer dollars, programs promoting abstaining from sex will no longer be funded under the states new budget.

This important tool has had positive effects in helping combat STD's, HIV & teen pregnancies. Statewide, teen pregnancy rates have dropped from 42.3 pregnancies for every 1,000 females ages 10 to 19 in 1997 to 33.1 in 2005.

Speaking of tools, Rev. Strickland, goes from saying abstinence programs don't work, then says he believes in them and ultimately moves to defund the programs.

Ohio News Now reports:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Gov. Ted Strickland's proposed budget strips funding for programs that focus on teaching schoolchildren abstinence from sex until they're married.

The removal of $1 million in state aid to abstinence-only education marks a shift in state support for programs that advocates say serve as a national model.

The administration says it also has no plans to apply for federal money for the programs after the current funding ends Sept. 30.

"Quite frankly, I don't believe abstinence-only education programs work in the long run," Strickland told the Dayton Daily News. "There is some evidence that they may delay the onset of sexual activity, but over the long term there's not data there that show they prevent, in a statistical sense, sexual activity outside of marriage."

"I believe in a comprehensive approach," Strickland said. "I think, obviously, abstinence should be a part of any education curriculum.....

Under a 1999 Ohio law, public schools must stress in health courses that abstinence is the only surefire way to prevent pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. ......that law has contributed to Ohio being a national leader in abstinence education. More....

More Terrorist Leaders Captured


Release Date: 3/22/2007
Release Number: 07-01-03P

BAGHDAD -- Over the past several days, Coalition forces in Basra and Hillah captured Qais Khazali, his brother Laith Khazali, and several other members of the Khazali network, an organization directly connected to the kidnapping and murder in January of five American soldiers in Karbala.

Yesterday in Baghdad, Coalition forces captured the individual believed to be the head of the Rusafa car bomb network, the Al Qaeda-Iraq organization responsible for some of the horrific bombings in eastern Baghdad in recent weeks.

In yesterday's operation and in another operation early this morning, Coalition forces also captured three other individuals believed to be key members of the network, a vehicle prepared as a car bomb, and a cache of weapons and explosives.

Early this morning in Mosul, Coalition forces captured a former Saddam Fedayeen leader involved in setting up training camps in Syria for Iraqi and foreign fighters.
These actions, and others underway, reflect intensified and even-handed efforts to reinforce the rule of law in Iraq. They have also been complemented by recent initiatives to promote dialogue and reconciliation in Iraq.

We will provide further details of the ongoing initiatives and operations as they become available.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Kill 17, Capture 90 Terrorists

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 21, 2007 – Coalition and Iraqi forces killed 17 terrorists, detained about 90 suspected insurgents, and found several weapons caches in operations throughout Iraq in the past three days, military officials reported.

Coalition forces killed five terrorists, destroyed a bomb-making factory and detained three suspected terrorists during an operation today near Taji. As ground forces entered the target buildings, they encountered several armed men. Coalition forces used self-defense measures, killing five terrorists and detaining three suspected terrorists.

During the raid, coalition forces discovered an adjacent building was being used as an explosives factory. Inside the building, coalition forces found large-caliber ammunition and explosive manufacturing materials including numerous 50-gallon barrels of explosive material. Coalition forces conducted an air strike to destroy the explosives factory, associated vehicles, ammunition and weapons.

In other developments, the western Ramadi district police conducted a massive police operation targeting insurgents yesterday in Ramadi. Coordinating between several stations within his district, Brig. Gen. Khalil Ibrahim Hamadi, chief of the Ramadi district police, personally led more than 500 policemen as they conducted house-to-house searches in the capital city of Anbar province.

"The sons of Ramadi work tirelessly to eradicate criminals and bring them to justice," Khalil said. "Today we achieved a noble goal in providing security and stability to our families and the people of Ramadi." More.....

Carnival of Ohio Politics #64

Carnival of Ohio Politics #64

The posts …Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle opens her blog to a lively discussion of war protests, patriotism and treason after a reader submitted a photo of a protester at the University of Toledo holding a sign reading "Death to America!"

Pho's Akron Pages point to concerns over an Ohio telecom bill which would limit the power of cities to negotiate cable contracts. Pho calls the lament of school voucher advocates over Gov. Strickland's proposed budget "crocodile tears." Finally, a look for what passes as cutting edge Internet usage in a municipal government.

Tom at BizzyBlog says Strickland's effort to cash in early on the tobacco settlement is one more "I told you so" for critics of the agreement between states and tobacco companies.

Politics In Mudville provides photos of an anti-war protest which he joined in Toledo and offers observations and commentary.

Conservative Culture takes a look at an ethics bill introduced by State Sen. Faber which actually has some teeth.

VikingSpirit's Blog is calling for action to stop the Real ID law from trampling civil liberties. Future opportunities for Republican Tom Brinkman are investigated. Among those, perhaps a challenge to U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt?

Ben at the Keeler Political Report observes the Cleveland Plain Dealer is now reporting on the Kent State professor who has professed support for Islamic militants - which is more than can be said of most other local media.

King's Right Site says Cleveland's black leaders are ripping off black workers. Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority expenditures are exposed. Finally, the King finds it ironic that a professor who called for death to those who vote Republican is now complaining of death threats to herself.

Dayton Daily News education reporter Scott Elliott at Get on the Bus notes the new Strickland budget appears to take some promised building funds away from school districts in favor of a short-term income boost for the state. Meanwhile, it is noted school choice proponents are clearly in the governor's crosshairs.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Exile says Tehran training Iraqi militants in Iran

After being forced to watch reruns of the temptress of Gitmo, on endless episodes of The View, this information was given freely.

Sources say, these new interrogation techniques by U.S. Forces violate the Geneva Convention and could be considered crimes against humanity.

From Iran Focus -

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Iran has been operating training programs for Iraqi Shi'ite militants at secret bases for several months as part of its efforts to destabilize Iraq, an opponent of the Iranian government said on Tuesday.

Alireza Jafarzadeh, who accurately disclosed important details about Iran's nuclear program in 2002, said the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been running the camps with the full knowledge and approval of the Iranian government.

"Over the past few months the Iranian regime has stepped up its efforts to destabilize Iraq and further escalate the violence there," Jafarzadeh said at a press conference.

Jafarzadeh provided names, dates and details of alleged training activities he said had been provided to him by Iranian opposition groups.

While at the camps, militants are instructed by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Qods Force and Lebanese members of Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Islamic militant group, in unconventional warfare, explosives and shoulder-launched anti-aircraft weapons.

Iran denies it is supporting sectarian groups in Iraq or promoting the anti-U.S. insurgency.

"Senior Iraqi officials are part of this network that is training Shi'ite militia groups in Iran who are then sent back to Iraq to escalate violence and target U.S. and coalition forces," Jafarzadeh said at a press conference.

He named Abu Ahmand Al-Ramisi, the present governor of Al-Muthanna Province in Iraq, along with Hadi Al-Ameri, the head of the Iraqi National Assembly's Security Committee, as key figures in the network.

Both men are associated with the Badr organization, the Iranian-trained armed wing of SCIRI, an Iraqi Shi'ite party, Jafarzadeh said.

Eagles, bats and rats

March 21, 2007
By Tom Kovach

On Saturday, I was privileged to participate in the Gathering of Eagles in our nation's capital. The gathering was arranged on short notice, mostly via the Internet, as a way for American military veterans to stand and defend our national memorials against any efforts at vandalism by anti-war (and anti-America) protesters from the group ANSWER (Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism). Members of that group had defaced the U.S. Capitol Building with spray-paint in January.

The Gathering of Eagles was designed to assist the United States Park Police in defending the Vietnam Wall and other monuments against similar vandalism.

In short, the gathering could be called the "So Brave" versus "So Confused" event.

Statue in D.C. of the "Lone Sailor," defaced in January by the group Code Pink.
(Photo from Liberty Post message board)

While this column is simply one man's opinion, the viewpoints expressed herein seem to have resonated throughout the National Mall on this year's recent Saint Patrick's Day. And, it is significant to note that the established "lamestream" news media have either ignored or minimized the presence of America's military veterans and their families at the event.

Any of those media stories, however, can be easily countered by the information in this column, and by this Michelle Malkin video. More....

Toddler terrorist touted by jihadis

March 21, 2007

On online forum tied to the website of the Palestinian group Hamas posted a photo of a little girl in a combat vest and the head band of the terrorist Al-Qassam Brigades.

"Have you seen the new child martyr who will soon shake Israel [to the core]?" says the caption, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute blog

The message accompanying the photo on the Shabakat Falastin Lilhiwar online forum says the girl "is part of the Muslim generation which will go down in history [as a generation] … that refused to [accept] humiliation and defeat."

As WorldNetDaily reported, Hamas launched a children's website in 2002, encouraging kids to follow the example of terrorist suicide bombers. More....


Well, what can you say after reading this and seeing that picture?

It is now obvious, more than ever, that the Muslim faith is truly a religion of peace.

Jimmy Carter and the democrats are right, we should be able to get along with these peace loving people. Only conservatives or republicans would think these peace loving people of acceptance, would want to harm us.

(For those that can't tell - I am being sarcastic)

Iraqi Officials: 39 Militants Killed in Battle

By VOA News
20 March 2007
Global Security.Org

Iraqi officials say security forces have killed 39 militants in a battle in the Sunni insurgent stronghold of al-Anbar province.

The officials say the fighting broke out Tuesday in the town of Amiriyah. It involved militants, Iraqi troops and allied tribal fighters.

In Baghdad, Iraqi officials say a car bomb blast killed at least five people, while mortar rounds slammed into a neighborhood, killing seven people. A roadside bomb blast in the capital also killed two U.S. soldiers.

Before dawn Tuesday, Iraqi authorities executed Saddam Hussein's former Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan for his role in the deaths of 148 Shi'ites in Dujail in 1982.

In other news, a U.S. general told reporters at the Pentagon that insurgents in Iraq recently used two children to help them pass a checkpoint in Baghdad, and then detonated a car bomb that killed the children.

Major General Michael Barbero said the incident was the first time he has heard of insurgents using the tactic, which he condemned as "brutal" and "ruthless."

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iraq Navy on its way to independence

20 March 2007
By Carmen L. Gleason
American Forces Press Service

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Navy will soon add 21 vessels to its fleet, putting it another step closer to being operationally independent, officials said during a Baghdad news conference Sunday.

With a contract on the verge of completion, the Iraqi Navy is the first of the Iraq’s forces to use the Ministry of Defense’s procurement process with Iraqi money in purchasing major capital programs from foreign governments and commercial ventures.

“The Iraqi Navy has come a long way since the end of the hostilities,” United States Navy Capt. Michael Zamesnik, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command liaison officer to Multi-National Force-Iraq, said “They were an organization that had been ravaged by the effects of the war, and they are making great strides to rebuild themselves.”

Zamesnik said that the Iraqi Navy force was making positive steps and continuing to grow in the areas of equipment, training, manning and procurement. Iraqi naval installations are going under massive modernization efforts to build roads, utilities and barracks in addition to the reconstruction of piers to support the incoming vessels, he said. By 2010, 15 patrol boats, four patrol ships, and two off-shore support vessels will be added to the current fleet of fast attack boats and Predator-class ships.

“They have a 24-hour capability, are armed for self-defense, and I would say the Iraqi Navy is considering these to be the jewel in the crown of their future fleet,” British Navy Cmdr. Paul Marshall, Royal Navy advisor, said.

“Any navy in the world would be proud to have an acquisition program that increases capability by that amount within such a short time scale,” Marshall said.

The Iraqi government showed a lot of commitment and faith in the program by supporting it with resources and policies, he said. He also said the Iraqi waterways will continue to become safer with the increased number and skills of personnel, as well.

The Iraqi Navy will eventually take sole responsibility to ensure the security and protection of territorial waters and key infrastructure within its area of responsibility and to counter terrorism, smuggling and illegal activity at sea.

The performance of the Iraqi Navy and Marines is “actually very good,” British Navy Capt. Tony Radakin, commander of the Naval Transition Team at Umm Qasr Naval Base said.

Radakin attributed the recent decrease in piracy and oil smuggling in area waterways to current navy efforts. He also said that the heightened visibility of the navy has created safe waterways for the major commercial ports, which led to quadrupled increases in port revenues.

According to, the Iraqi Navy is currently designed for coastal water protection, stopping the smuggling of people, oil and weapons, and to protect the countries oil platforms.

“The Iraqi Navy is a story of success,” Zamesnik said. “They’ve done a very solid job of rebuilding. I know it will continue, along with Coalition assistance.”

Photo: Commander, Task Group (CTG) 158.1, Capt. Chris Noble (center) discuss ship maintenance on the Al Basra Oil Terminal with senior Iraqi officers visiting the CTG 158.1 area of responsibility from the Umm Qasr Naval Base in Iraq. U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Karen Eiffert, 5th Fleet Public Affairs.

The Long Exit

Reposted from Tom Blevan at Real Clear Politics -

The Long Exit

Many people have commented on the fundamental lack of seriousness with which some Democrats have approached the Iraq debate but few, if any, have done it as well as David Brooks does this morning in the New York Times:

The fact is there are two serious approaches to U.S. policy in Iraq, and the Democratic leaders, for purely political reasons, are caught in the middle, and even people like Carl Levin are beginning to sound silly.

One serious position is heard on the left: that there's nothing more we can effectively do in Iraq. We've spent four years there and have not been able to quell the violence. If the place is headed for civil war, there's nothing we can do to stop it, and we certainly don't want to get caught in the middle. The only reasonable option is to get out now before more Americans die.

The second serious option is heard on the right. We have to do everything we can to head off catastrophe, and it's too soon to give up hope. The surge is already producing some results. Bombing deaths are down by at least a third. Execution-style slayings have been cut in half. An oil agreement has been reached, tribes in Anbar Province are chasing Al Qaeda, cross-sectarian political blocs are emerging. We should perhaps build on the promise of the surge with regional diplomacy or a soft partition, but we certainly should not set timetables for withdrawal.

The Democratic leaders don't want to be for immediate withdrawal because it might alienate the centrists, and they don't want to see out the surge because that would alienate the base. What they want to do is be against Bush without accepting responsibility for any real policy, so they have concocted a vaporous policy of distant withdrawal that is divorced from realities on the ground.

Say what you will about President Bush, when he thinks a policy is right, like the surge, he supports it, even if it's going to be unpopular. The Democratic leaders, accustomed to the irresponsibility of opposition, show no such guts.