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Anybody want to buy an Ambassadorship?

And you thought only Obamao's Senate seat was for sale...

From Open Secrets --

U.S. presidents have long rewarded big campaign donors, fundraisers and other loyalists with ambassadorships, and Democratic President Barack Obama seems to be no exception. Yesterday, he officially announced his intent to nominate a dozen individuals to ambassadorships around the globe. That list included a handful of career Foreign Service officers, but it also included several big contributors and bundlers, who, along with their spouses, have given nearly $1 million almost exclusively to Democrats since the 1990 election cycle. These donations include $34,600 to Obama himself, on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they steered toward Obama's presidential campaign and inauguration committees as bundlers.

Some of the individuals nominated for ambassadorships have not contributed any money to federal candidates, parties or committees, but most have, including one who reportedly holds the nickname of "Vacuum Cleaner" for his ability to suck up checks for Democrats. The nominated individuals--including Obama's choice to be the ambassador to Ireland, which he announced on St. Patrick's Day--and their spouses, have contributed at least $968,900 since 1989. Of this sum, 89 percent has gone to Democrats. (Download a list of the political contributions the nominees have given by cycle, as well as the candidates that have received money from them here: Ambassador_Data.xls. Note that there are two tabs.)

Here's the money-in-politics breakdown for Obama's recent ambassador picks:

  • Louis B. Susman: This lawyer and investment banker has reportedly earned the nicknames the "vacuum cleaner" and "big bundler" for his prowess as a bundler of campaign cash. He bundled at least $100,000 for Obama's presidential campaign and at least $300,000 for his inauguration, according to Public Citizen. This includes $50,000 from his personal funds. Further, he and his wife have contributed at least $581,400 to federal candidates, committees and parties, with 99 percent of that sum going to Democrats, including at least $12,800 to Obama. He has been nominated to be the ambassador to the United Kingdom.

  • Daniel M. Rooney: Owner and chairman of the Pittsburgh Steeler's football team, he and his wife have contributed at least $152,400 to federal candidates, committees and parties since the 1990 election cycle, including $500 to Obama. Ninety percent of their funds have gone to Democrats. Rooney also endorsed Obama in the run-up to Pennsylvania's heated presidential primary in April of 2008. He is a co-founder of the Ireland-related fundraising organization, The Ireland Funds, as well, and he has been nominated to be the ambassador to Ireland.

  • Charles H. Rivkin: The head of the entertainment company W!LDBRAIN, he served as a delegate to the Democratic National Committee in support of Obama last summer. Moreover, he sent at least half-a-million towards Obama's campaign committee as a bundler and another $300,000 toward his inaugural committee. Since the 1994 election cycle, he has personally contributed more than $97,500 to Democrats, including $6,600 to Obama, and now he has been nominated to be the ambassador to France.

  • John V. Roos: This lawyer has bundled at least $500,000 to Obama's presidential campaign. He and his wife have also contributed at least $77,500 to Democrats since the 1992 election cycle, including $6,900 to Obama. Roos is the CEO of the technology-oriented law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and has been nominated to be ambassador to Japan.

  • Laurie S. Fulton: The long-time lawyer who also served on the Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Peace from 2004 to 2008 bundled at least $100,000 for Obama's presidential campaign. Moreover, she has personally contributed at least $48,900 to Democrats since the 1992 election cycle, including $4,850 to Obama. She has been nominated to be the ambassador to Denmark.

  • Vilma S. Martinez: The former head of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and a litigator with Munger, Tolles & Olson, she has contributed more than $9,800 to Democratic candidates and groups since 1989, including at least $1,900 to Obama. She has been nominated to be ambassador to Argentina.

  • Miguel H. Díaz: A professor of theology at St. John's University and the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, Diaz contributed $1,000 to Obama's campaign last fall, his only federal political contribution to meet disclosure requirements since 1989. He also served as a Catholic adviser to Obama's presidential campaign. He has been nominated to be the ambassador to the Vatican.

  • Michael A. Battle, Sr.: The president of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Ga., Battle has no known history of giving federal campaign cash. He has also been an administrator at several higher education institutions, including Chicago State University, Virginia State University and Hampton University, and he has been nominated to be the U.S. representative to the African Union, which has the rank of ambassador.

  • Robert S. Connan: Working for the U.S. Commercial Service within the Department of Commerce since 1980, Connan has not made any contributions exceeding $200 to federal candidates, committees or parties. His most recent position has been with the European Union, and he has been nominated to be the ambassador to Iceland.

  • Patricia A. Butenis: A career officer with the U.S. Foreign Service, which she joined in 1980, Butenis has served most recently in the U.S. embassy in Iraq. She has been nominated to be the ambassador to both Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Butenis has not given contributions greater than $200 since 1989.

  • Christopher William Dell: A career officer with the U.S. Foreign Service, which he joined in 1983, he served most recently in the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. He has been nominated to be the ambassador to Kosovo, and he does not have any known federal campaign contributions.

  • Thomas A. Shannon: A career member of the U.S. Foreign Service, which he joined in 1984, he is the current Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Ambassador. He has not given any federal campaign contributions greater than $200, and he has been nominated to be the ambassador to Brazil.

  • Timothy J. Roemer: The former six-term Democratic congressman from Indiana was a member of the 9/11 Commission and provided Obama with a hearty endorsement during the contentious primary race with Hillary Clinton. He currently heads the Center for National Policy, a DC-based public policy organization, and has been nominated to be the ambassador to India. He has not made any personal campaign contributions to federal candidates, but he does appear in our Revolving Door database.

Since John F. Kennedy was president in the 1960s, about one-third of American ambassadors have been political appointees, according to the American Academy of Diplomacy. The academy is among the groups that think the public would be served if that number was lowered, and have urged Obama to cut that number to about ten percent. "Too often ambassadorships have served as political rewards for unqualified candidates," they wrote in a letter to Obama last year.

Time will tell if the Obama administration has any plans to buck this tradition and reduce the number of non-career appointees. And even as Obama rewards some big donors with ambassadorships, he has also pledged to grow the number of Foreign Service officers. The budget plan he submitted to Congress earlier this year would increase by 25 percent the total number of Foreign Service officers by 2013 and double the number of staffers at the U.S. Agency for International Development by 2012.

More GM Bailout & Bankruptcy Bull

Just when you thought it was safe to invest again! Invest in a company that becomes labeled as too big to fail and watch your investment get stolen by a back door government take-over and given to those (UAW) that helped cause the failure.

Invoking a Hugoesque, "in the best interest of the country" phrase - helps set the new standard for our country of rewarding failure on the backs of Americans...

From ALG --

Bloomberg News reported yesterday that General Motors (GM) will likely formally file for bankruptcy on June 1st. This despite $19.4 billion in government loans that Americans were assured would enable the company to restructure without going to bankruptcy court. According to the report, the Treasury will now finance GM with another roughly $30 billion while in bankruptcy, which would last 60 to 90 days, bringing taxpayers’ burden to $50 billion to “save” the company.

And, of course, the Obama Administration will nationalize one-third of the “Big 3.”

From the report: “The filing shows the U.S. Treasury owning 72.5 percent of equity in the new GM, a union health-care trust with 17.5 percent and 10 percent going to the old GM to hand to creditors in the bankruptcy process.” This is only the beginning of the outrage, but it follows the same pattern of the Chrysler bankruptcy: Wealth redistribution.

According to CNBC, “General Motors bondholders felt they deserved something like a 58 percent stake in the company in exchange for their billions of dollars in debt. What they were offered wasn't even close. GM bondholders are owed about $27 billion, the largest chunk of GM's roughly $58 billion in debt.”

The major bondholders who agreed in committee to the prestructured bankruptcy only held 20 percent of the bonds worth $27 billion, and only 15 percent of those not represented by the committee agreed to the deal, as reported by CNN Money. In other words, most the debt holders are getting the shaft under the government’s most recent proposal, and a company that is rightly theirs is being handed to the
United States Treasury and the United Autoworkers union.

Simply put: Retribution by what remains of the private sector should be swift and merciless. No right-minded—or fair-minded—investor should invest in GM ever again. The fact is, GM was failing just fine without government assistance. And left to tried and true free market devices, the problems between bondholders and GM brass could have been effectively resolved, without presenting taxpayers with the tab. But since bankruptcy was not averted—despite a $19.4 billion infusion of taxpayer capital—the only thing that has now been achieved is that GM is now a de facto agency of the federal government, just like Chrysler.

In short, both are now line items on the federal budget. All at taxpayer expense.

Moreover, investors should avoid companies out of principle that are tied to government bailouts. Why invest if the government will just force you out for mere pennies on the dollar for your own investment, and redistribute the rest to favored political interests? Banks should watch out. They’re probably next on the menu. And their bondholders are doubtlessly in for the same raw treatment.

There really is no description for what is taking place other than redistributionism. A new favored political class is being built under the guise of law, and it is all happening under the auspices of his imperial, impervious majesty, Barack Obama. So corrupt is this new system that even the courts are going along with it. Lawmakers speak nary a word against it. And the American people are left only to watch in horror as their own government turns against them, leaving them to wonder if they are next in line for wholesale asset confiscation.

The only silver lining of the government takeover of the auto industry is clarity. The Obama regime can no longer masquerade as a benevolent monarchy. Its intentions are malevolent: It is out to “spread the wealth around,” as one obscure plumber attempted to warn a nation some eight months ago. And now, there seems to be no one to staunch the flow as the wealth of a nation is flushed down the drain.

Robert Romano is the Senior Editor of ALG News Bureau.

All Bark & No Bork

From ALG

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girlieman of the Week Award: Buckeye State Belly Crawler

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: May 29, 2009

Girlieman: Arthur J. Pierson
Antics: Belly Crawling Korrectness

When the Morehead (Kentucky) based 5th Kentucky Infantry Camp #2122 asked for a spot in the Memorial Day Parade in neighboring Ironton Lawrence County (Ohio), they expected to be welcomed, as ususal. That warm welcome was not forthcoming, because Arthur J. Pierson, the parade’s grand marshal, flatly rejected the request.

Gutless to the core, Arthur refused to tell the 5th Kentucky Infantry Camp #2122 his reason. How the hell did this weasel become grand marshal of a parade that honors America’s fallen warriors?

The Blue Grass State group knows the reason and so will you, after I explain that they are members of the Morehead chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Apparently, the Morehead contingent’s color guard - two motor cycles, plus the Kentucky Confederate flag, and the Confederate battle flag - isn’t cool for school with a Korrectnik like Arthur.

Pierson said later that it would not be right to fly the Confederate flag when there is only one flag – the United States flag. He also said he was concerned about the group wearing the Confederate uniform and other
memorabilia. (The Morehead News)
Unwelcome in Ohio, the 5th Kentucky got a warm welcome from the organizers of the Morehead Memorial Day parade. That’s where this story might end, but the Free State of PIG isn’t finished with Arthur quite yet.

Arthur is woefully ignorant of Memorial Day’s origins. For example, this gutless guttersnipe might want to pull his head out of his butt long enough to realize that one of Decoration Day’s (the original name for this event) earliest incarnations involved decorating the graves of all the Civil War’s honored dead. This bit of Arthur enlightenment happened on May 5, 1868, when General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, issued his General Order No. 11. General Order No. 11 decreed that on May 30, 1868, flowers be placed on all the graves of the honored, Civil War dead - Union and Confederate - in Arlington National Cemetery.

If the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic didn’t have any hesitation about honoring Confederate dead in 1868, then who the hell is this Buckeye Butthead to diss these fallen Sons of the South, 141 years later? For putting his own brain-fart front and center, Arthur J. Pierson is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

Students K-5 will be taught about Gay Penguins

On them days when your mind wsnders and you start to think about life's wonders, did the thought of a couple of gay penguins becoming famous ever enter your mind? No?

Did you ever think you would be talking about gay penguins and their baby penguin named Tango with your children? Your thinking, "Boy King, these are some stupid questions. I would never talk to my kids about gay penguins because there is no such thing."

Guess what, the 'nad nibblers pushing the Radical Gay Agenda (RGA) have just created a gay penguin and children in California will soon be learning about it...

From WND --

A California school district has approved a mandatory homosexual curriculum for children as young as 5 – and parents will not be allowed to remove their children from the lessons.

The mandatory program, officially titled "LGBT Lesson #9," was approved May 26 by the Alameda County Board of Education by a vote of 3-2. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade will learn about "tolerance" for the homosexual lifestyle beginning next year.

The curriculum is in addition to the school's current anti-bullying program and is estimated to cost $8,000 for curriculum and training.

Parents will not be given an opportunity to opt-out of lessons that go against their religious beliefs. More...

No Radical Gay Agenda huh? Talk about forced indoctrination of children through the schools!
  • Pledge of Allegiance in Schools? Nope, it is offensive to some.
  • Clergy preaching the Bible? Soon to be considered a Hate Crime.
  • Forced Gay indoctrination of children by the school system against your wishes? Too Bad!
Now I bet your saying, "well that's California, not OH or any other state." Don't worry, your children will soon be victims of the Radical Gay Agenda through forced indoctrination - an Obama's campaign supporter, Kevin Jennings, was just named Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe Schools by the Dept. of Education.

The founder of the homosexual activist group GLSEN, which promotes homosexual clubs in high schools, middle schools and grade schools and is the driving force behind the annual "Day of Silence" celebration of homosexuality in many districts, has been handed a federal appointment where he will be responsible for overseeing "safety" in the nation's public schools.

"In his own writings and books listed on the GLSEN [Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network]
Website, I've reported, Kevin Jennings has given tacit nods of approval to sex between young teens and adults," Harvey told WND. "In addition to that, the writings and books, many of which I've read and are incredibly graphic, seem to normalize early teen same-sex sexual behaviors."

On Jennings' own website, a biographical sketch talks about how his work as an activist started when he used a school assembly in a district where he was a teacher to announce his homosexuality. More...

Soon will be the United States of Gaymerica!

Premier Obamao & Hugo Chavez "Book of the Month Club"

Isn't that special... Hugo & Obamao are playing nice again.

Only liking other socialist thinking leaders, Hugo is again sharing his books with Obamao...

President Hugo Chavez says he has a new book for President Barack Obama: "What is to be Done?" by communist Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet state.

Chavez says he'll "give it to Obama at the next meeting."

"What is to be Done?" is Lenin's political treatise on the role of intellectuals and the proletariat in promoting revolution, written more than a decade before he led the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917.

Chavez gave Obama a copy of "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent" by Eduardo Galeano at an April summit.

The book jumped the next day to the No. 2 seller on (Fox News)

Details about the Hugo/Obamao Book of the Month Club will be coming soon. Watch out Oprah!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Undocumented Mexicans Stealing Jobs in Cuyahoga County

Responding to a call that illegal immigrants were working in the area, Garfield Hts police responded to the construction site where the Jennings Center for Older Adults was being built on Granger Rd. After playing find the border jumper hiding from police, GHPD located 16 men who were from Mexico and were barely able to speak English.

Upon detaining the border jumpers, police were shown Mexican ID cards (Matricula Counsular ID Cards), after their information was taken down, the men were released.

I contacted the GHPD and will be getting a copy of the police report on Monday, but this is what I learned from my conversation with their records dept....

GHPD contacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), they were instructed to take down the information and release the men. ICE informed the GHPD that they would follow up with the complaint. Heres the kicker... ICE was unable to locate, document, find, or verify any of the information submitted from the info on the Mexican ID cards - but still instructed the PD to release the subjects!

That's pretty good huh? Throw a Tea Party and get labeled by Department of Homeland Security as a candidate for right-wing extremism, not to mention a newly labeled FBI file in your name, but be here working with unverifiable information and you are allowed to continue stealing jobs from Americans.

Buy beer with a fake ID - $250 Fine

Keeping Americans in the unemployment line with a fake Mexican ID - only in the USA!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does New Drug Czar have Blood on His Hands?

From Americans For Limited Government

Gil Kerlikowske: Drug Czar or Accessory to Homicide?

By Bill Wilson

On May 7, the Senate confirmed Seattle police chief Gil Kerlikowske to be the next Director of the Office of National Drug Policy. Millions of Americans are up in arms over the potential “Drug Czar’s” open embrace of methadone vans, free needle exchanges, and marijuana use.

But, that’s only part of the story with this man who time and again has earned “No confidence” votes from the officers laboring under his onerous command.

Gil Kerlikowske may well be the first accessory to homicide ever placed in one of the nation’s highest law enforcement positions. And it’s a tale as sordid as it is shameful.

In 2001, the city of Seattle was rocked by drug-infested Mardi Gras riots so brutal and out of control that they shocked a watching nation. Hour after hour, hordes of unrestrained marauders attacked innocent bystanders at will and wreaked havoc on local businesses. And all the while, on direct orders from police chief Gil Kerlikowske, Seattle’s finest were forced to stand idly by and watch the people they were sworn to protect savagely assaulted.

Rejecting repeated requests from his stunned troopers on the scene, Kerlikowske ordered them to remain on the sidelines, to simply “contain” the riots to Pioneer Square, and to allow the mayhem to continue unabated.

Time and again, outraged officers were forced by Kerlikowske to ignore terrified pleas for help from those falling to the blows of the rioters. Chaffing at the bit to intervene, they were ordered by Kerlikowske to turn a deaf ear and stand aside while women were sexually assaulted, defenseless shoppers were beaten and robbed, and gangs of hoodlums took over the Square.

By the time the violence subsided, 72 people had been seriously injured. Scores more had been forced to flee for life and limb. And 20-year-old Kris Kime, courageously attempting to come to the aid of a woman being sexually assaulted, had been brutally beaten to death.

And all the while, the Seattle police – handcuffed by their own chief – had been forced to watch in horror as only a few feet away, their city descended into chaos. Kerlikowske’s excuse for allowing the mayhem and murder? According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, he said he didn’t want to add to the violence. This is just part of the sordid record of the man President Obama chose to head the Office of National Drug Policy.

Mr. Wilson is president of Americans for Limited Government.

Sotomayor's Closet Door #1

The Nationalization of The United States

If the Hugo Chavez like nationalization of turning General Motors into Government Motors has you concerned, than Premier Obamao's proposed Health Care Reform will be sure to get you puckered up!

From the PD --
Congress by the end of the year will pass a health-care plan covering all Americans, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown predicted on Wednesday during a speech at Cleveland's City Club.

"Americans know the challenges to our health-care system, our economy and our nation are too big for opponents of health-care reform to just say no," Brown said, noting the defeat of previous plans. "Staying the course of a broken system is simply no longer an option.

"Finally, most of America recognizes that health-care reform is not just a moral imperative, it's become an economic imperative. There's no way to fix our economy without fixing our health-care system. There's no way to fix our health-care system without cutting costs and without covering everyone."

"Fifty million Americans are standing by with the greatest care in the world just beyond their reach," he told the lunchtime audience, which seemed receptive to his words. More...

In effect... just about when you get too old to wipe your own ass - keeping you healthy will become too costly. So guess what happens if you get sick?

Don't worry denture wearers, in order to decrease global warming from the excavator used for digging your grave, there soon be technology for turning all the old enough too fart dust casualties into some form of green energy. Can't forget about that cap-n-trade stuff!

Oberlin School District Wipes the Ass of Lady Liberty with Pledge of Allegiance

If Lady Liberty had a "set" - this dandy doozy by the jack-booted, goose-stepping brown shirted educrats running the Oberlin OH School District just gave her a sack splitting kick in the 'nads.

After being confronted by the Lorain 9.12 Meet-Up Group on their attempts of outlawing students from citing the Pledge of Allegiance during school...
"In Lorain county we have undertaken an initiative to get the pledge of allegiance back into the Oberlin public school system. We have attended school board meetings and sent mass mailings and done precinct walking. Unfortunately the best we have managed is a pathetic comprise offer of someone saying the pledge, excluding "under God", over the intercom once a month."

... the camp guards (school board) running the Youth Indoctrination Program for the Oberlin School District issued this edict regarding the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance....

"Citing the pledge of allegiance is not a part of each structured school day. However, at least once and no more than five times each month, as determined by the building principal, the pledge of allegiance shall be read over the public address system in each school building. The pledge of allegiance is an acknowledgment of the freedoms enjoyed by Americans, which includes the rights of dissent and freedom of expression. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that in each classroom no student is to be compelled to join in reciting the pledge, nor shall any student be compelled to refrain from reciting the pledge. Any incidence of hazing, discrimination, bullying, or other form of disparagement of a student choice regarding recitation of the pledge will be considered a major disciplinary infraction and will be referred to the principal for consequences.

The pledge of allegiance and the accompanying preamble will be read together on all occasions of recitation of the pledge: "All students are equally welcome to remain silent or to join in reciting the pledge of allegiance; I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In addition, the Superintendent shall issue Administrative Guidelines to assure that the Pledge of Allegiance and its historical context will be taught at an appropriate level of sophistication as part of the curriculum in each grade level.

Thank you for your support!

The above edict is just wrong on so many levels. And I always thought the historical context of the Pledge of Allegiance was taught in history class. I guess the "remove all aspects of "God & Country" from our schools changed that. As we now see - the Oberlin School District will refer students to the Superintendent for "re-education" should they fail to adhere by the indoctrination program. Boy, dont I feel like a "stupid American."

Isn't it ironic that as the jack boots intensify their efforts to remove "God & Country" from our schools and the minds of our children they are more than wiling to accept government money bearing those soon to be illegal words - "In God We Trust."

With this, I urge everyone to contact the Oberlin School District and let's help them out. I believe we should all contact these goose-stepping educrats and force them to stand on their beliefs - by asking them to reject any future form of government funding. If they did - wouldn't that be a double standard? Wouldn't that make them hypocrites? After all they are recieving it from the government of the country they no longer wish to embrace and it bears that terrible - "In God We Trust" phrase.

The armed band wearing brown shirts of the Oberlin School District can be contacted at the following email addresses...,,,,

Just in case these korrectnik educrats are busy charging up their cattle prods for hall duty and can't get to their emails- let's come together like good Americans and help them out by contacting our elected State of Ohio officials, Ohio Board of Education & Ohio School Board Association and urge them to remove Oberlin School District from the government payroll.

Click Here for a list Ohio State Representitives.

Click Here for a list of Ohio Senators.

Click Here to find your elected officials.

Click Here for a list of State Board of Education Members

Ohio Dept. of Education
Deborah Delisle (State Superintendent)
25 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183

Ohio School Board Association
8050 N High St Ste 100
Columbus, OH 43235
Phone: 614/540-4000
Fax: 614/540-4100

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

N. Korea & Iran Challenge Obama with more Missile Launches & Naval Build Up

Seeing President Odipweed has no back bone, is only able to speak from a teleprompter and routinely back tracks on his statements - North Korea again acts with impunity by following up their 20 kiloton underground nuke test by launching 3 short range missiles...

From Global Security --
North Korea carried out on Monday a total of three test launches of short-range ground-to-air missiles following a successful nuclear test, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said.

North Korea announced earlier in the day it had conducted a successful underground nuclear test explosion "as part of the measures to bolster its nuclear deterrent for self-defense."

Citing an unidentified South Korean source, Yonhap said the first launch of a ground-to-air missile with a range of 130 kilometers (80 miles) from its northeastern Musudan-ri launch site was conducted shortly after the nuclear test and was followed several hours later by two additional missile launches.
In my post about the North Korean nuke test yesterday - I stated "Iran will soon be calling N. Korea." As predicted, Iranian President Imachickenhead, also understands never letting a crisis go to waste and is flexing his naval muscles in the Gulf of Aden...
“Iran has dispatched six … warships to international waters and the Gulf of Aden region in a historically unprecedented move by the Iranian Navy,” Iranian Adm. Habibollah Sayyari told a gathering of armed forces officials, Reuters reported.

Sayyari said the ships were moved to preserve Iran’s territorial integrity in its southern waters, but foreign policy experts are calling it an aggressive move targeted at a Western audience as much as for regional powers like rival Saudi Arabia.

The deployment is “a signal of military strength, resolve and continued defiance to U.S. and U.N. Security Council efforts to end the impasse over Iran’s nuclear program,” said Jim Phillips, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Heritage Institute.

Phillips said Ahmadinejad was using the opportunity to thumb his nose at the U.S. and U.N. to advance his own popularity in Iran ahead of the country’s hotly contested June 12 election. (National Terror Alert)
Damn, it sure is good to be the King!

Audit of Federal Reserve is Gaining Steam

Around tax time, everyone preparing their returns is always aware that they might get audited. While I believe most normal hard working Americans look for any opportunity to get the largest return or if they owe - pay the lowest amount, I do not believe there is a huge conspiracy to cheat the government. Always fearful of the IRS goons disrupting your life with an audit and freezing of bank accounts most of us file an accurate return. Now if you are up for a Cabinet position - that is a different story and another post in itself.

Knowing they can get audited on a whim, I guess most people would think that it is only responsible behavior that government agencies are audited on a regular basis. Guess again gullible Skippy...

From WND --

....H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 to demand an audit of
the organization
, is quickly gaining steam.

As of today, the proposal had collected a bipartisan coalition of 179 members of Congress who have signed on as co-sponsors.

"To understand how unwise it is to have the Federal Reserve, one must first understand the magnitude of the privileges they have," he wrote in a new Straight Talk commentary. "They have been given the power to create money, by the trillions, and to give it to their friends, under any terms they wish, with little or no meaningful oversight or accountability."

He's even said Congress should "reassert its constitutional authority over monetary policy."

Besides the support in the U.S. House, a companion bill, S. 604, also now has been introduced in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont. It has been referred to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. More...

The only thing that makes me leery is Sanders having anything to do with this. The guy is an undercover commie. Sanders, though not a household name - ranks right up there with other anti-American elected officials such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Kookcinich. Sanders would be the "Joe" character with the above Larry, Curly & Moe, Stooges.

Monday, May 25, 2009

North Korea conducts Nuke Test

You can be sure the insane little midget in N. Korea will be getting a call from Iran...

From National Terror Alert --

Tremors from a 4.7 magnitude artificial earthquake were detected just before ten o’clock local time, after North Korea detonated a bomb in a bunker six miles underground.

The rogue state, which had previously tested a nuclear weapon in October 2006, boasted that its latest test was more powerful “in terms of its explosive power” and more technologically-advanced.

“We successfully conducted another underground nuclear test on May 25 as part of measures aimed at strengthening our self-defence nuclear deterrent in every way,” said the state-run North Korean news wire.

The test will “contribute to safeguarding our sovereignty and socialism and guaranteeing peace and safety on the Korean peninsula and the surrounding region,” it added.

The test site was around 230 miles north east of Pyongyang, according to the United States Geological Survey. The location is just a few miles from where North Korea tested its first nuclear device in 2006.

Yonhap, the South Korean news wire, also reported that a single ground-to-air missile, with a range of 80 miles, was fired from a launch site nearby just a few hours later. The rogue state is not thought to have yet developed a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, experts said.

Taro Aso, the Japanese prime minister, said he would set up a task force to handle the situation and seek an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss a plan of action.

The US, meanwhile, said it was not able to confirm the reports of a test, and was seeking “more information from its allies” before making a statement.

N. Korea has also tested a short range missile and has long range missile capabilities. Already having enough weapons grade material for 5-6 nukes, North Korea is also threatening to restart their reactors.

Not to worry... the international community will be telling the UN on them. It is expected the UN will send them in a corner for a mandatory 10 minute "time out" for their bad behavior.

If this does not work I heard they are threatening NK with nude pics of Nancy Pelosi and Janet Totalitano. I'm afraid this maybe the only realistic chance we have of curbing their hell-bent desire on creating themself as a nuclear super power.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tea Party Patriots take on California GOP

A post of mine on the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots Blog...

Since first getting involved with the Tea Party Patriots I have always said and believed - this must not be a partisan group - but it must be a political group. It must be a group that will get involved with all level of politics. This means having fellow Tea Party Patriots on county party central & executive committees. Being a conservative, for me this would be on a Republican county Central Committee - which I am.

For me, I believe most of our politicians are lost and more concerned with getting re-elected, but I am more upset, disappointed and disgusted with do-nothing Republicans more concerned about renaming the Democrat Party the Democrat Socialist Party on a national level and the complete incompetence of the GOP at the state and local level.

As a Central Committee member of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) I have been very outspoken and vocal critic against the 'social club' that has rendered the party ineffective. This would range from taking the powers of the party to task for spending over $400k in salaries and operating expenses and being unable to get anyone elected or effect policy, buckling to the 'social club' members and failing to come out against a forced sales tax increase for the proposed MedMart, completely silent on the recent domestic registry created in Cleveland, and my favorite -- our party chairman condoning officers and members of our party financially supporting Democrat candidates running against endorsed Republican candidates.

It is because of this crap - I knew the only way to have effective change is at this level. Why? Because it is from within the party structures (D & R) that the candidates come, get their initial financial and grass-roots support.

Let's put it this way.... how often is it that when you go to the polls, you find yourself choosing between what you feel is the lesser of two evils? Pretty often huh? So, if this is where, on both sides of the ticket (D & R), we can effect the candidates from which we choose - wouldn't it only make sense that this would be one of the most important tasks we could accomplish?

It is having a say and a vote in these forums where we can challenge the potential candidates. This is where the candidates are given their endorsements - having voting members of Tea Party Patriots on these committees - is where we can force them to earn their endorsements.

Currently we are allowing the party members (Social Clubs) of the Donkey Brigade & Elephant Clan dictate too us the direction of our country. This is ass-backwards! We are to dictate too them - the direction of our country. The County Central & Executive Committees of both parties is where we can have a direct effect. Though I know many Democrats with conservative values it is the Republican hacks that fear this the most - this is why they try to be dismissive of the Tea Party Patriots.

Unlike some groups, the Tea Party Patriots - not only understand this - but are acting. You will see below how Ron Nehring, Chairman of the CA Republican Party, was thrilled spitless when confronted by Mark Meckler, one of the National Coordinators for the Tea Party Patriots and some San Diego Central Committee members...

Apparently, Ron Nehring, the Chairman of the California Republican Party made an appearance at the San Diego County Central Committee meeting on Monday night. In addition to refusing to answer Central Committee member questions about his party "expenses" which have been raised in the media, Nehring was also dismissive of the questions of large numbers of Tea Party Patriots who were present.

Some believe he might have been in attendance to thwart a rumored no confidence vote against the County Chairman, Tony Krvaric. In any event, Nehring refused to answer Central Committee Member questions regarding his personal expenses, which have been
raised in the media and left unaddressed by the Chairman. He was also apparently somewhat dismissive of questions by Tea Party Patriot, Sarah Bond regarding the Party's actions on the tax hike propositions on the upcoming special ballot. When asked directly by a Sarah about what the California Republican Party has done to defeat Proposition 1A after being so late to the party to take a stand against it, our Patriot activist reports.

"So after Nehring left the stage (he wouldn’t take my question in front of the meeting), I asked him point blank, “…We are holding a NO-ON-1A Tax Revolt here in San Diego this Saturday. What can we tell the Tea Party Patriot protesters, about what the California Republican Party has done for and spent on NO-ON-1A?”

Nehring’s answer, “What would be enough? One million? Two? I can’t give a number that will satisfy them. That’s not what this is about.”

You can read the whole torrid story

While it makes for amusing reading, it also shows how desperately out of touch the leadership of the California Republicans remains, in their continuing disdain for and dismissal of the tea party movement. But the story doesn't end there. Mr. Nehring wasn't yet done digging this hole. More...

As you can see, this is where the fight starts and where we can have a direct effect. Good Job guys!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who's taking jobs from Americans?

As we have some of the highest unemployment rates ever - some people continue promoting "Open Borders" for the illegal - sneak under the fence, over the river and through the woods to Obama's house they go border jumpers.

Contrary to what many people say... "border jumping bandito's only take jobs Americans don't want," it appears the ride a goat across the border illegals not only cost untold millions in health care - but they ARE taking jobs from Americans.

From ALIPAC --

There are 55,436,000 million Americans, ages 16-64, who are not in the labor force. - U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey;

14 million Americans are unable to find full-time jobs in the current economy. - BLS

The unemployment rate among the 12 million American adults who do not have a high school diploma is almost 9 percent. - BLS

9% of 12 million = 1,080,000. Well over 90% of the illegal aliens who come to this country do not have a high school education. That means that there are 1,080,000 unemployed Americans who are exactly the ones against whom the illegal alien competes for those same jobs.

Forty percent of working-age African-American men are unemployed. - BLS

78.4 percent of the 24 million workers in service jobs are native-born Americans. -BLS

78.4% of 24 million = 18,816,000. Subtract that number from 24 million workers in service jobs and you get 5,184,000. Over 5 million service jobs held by non Americans. I have to believe that there must be some unemployed Americans who would be willing and able to work some of those jobs.

While there is no direct evidence that all the over 5 million service jobs are held by illegal aliens, any that are contribute directly to the dire situation of the unemployed American.

71.8 percent of the 9.6 million workers in construction jobs are native-born Americans. -BLS 71.8% of 9.6 million = 6,892,800. Subtract that number from the 9.6 million workers in construction jobs and you have 2,707,200. 2.7 million construction jobs held by non Americans.

77.5 percent of the 9.4 million workers in manufacturing jobs are native-born Americans. -BLS

77.5% of 9.4 million = 7,285,000. Subtract that number from the 9.4 million workers in manufacturing jobs and you have 2,115,000. 2.1 million manufacturing jobs held by non Americans. Manufacturing jobs that for decades were done by the "working man", the American "working class", the American "middle class".

Now, this invasion of the illegal alien, appears to be an undeclared war on America's less educated, youth, African-American and middle class. Just the above categories account for about 11,086,200 jobs taken from the 14 million Americans who are currently earnestly seeking employment. They look every day, they have families depending on them, and there are over 11 million jobs that should be open to them.

So is this a problem? For some no! The more immigrants taking entry level jobs makes it easier for the ones screaming victimhood. Yes, "Open Borders" and taking jobs away from Americans plays right into the hands of the left. This allows them to continue with their entitlement programs created to win votes and expands their base into the illegal immigrant camps.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pervert Police Chief Pleads Not Guilty

This is an update on the arrest of park pervert, Olmsted Falls Township Police Chief Charles McNeeley. While the Chief may be willing to be mounted, it appears he is not ready to mount the questionable "Wide-Stance" gay bathroom defense for his arrest in the park, Touchy Feely McNeeley plead Not Guilty by fax...

Channel 19 News --

Olmsted Township Police Chief Charles McNeeley was set to be arraigned today in Parma Municipal Court. McNeeley didn't show up, his attorney faxed a plea of not guilty instead.

McNeeley is charged with public indecency.

McNeely is accused of fondling himself and about to have sex with another man in the MetroParks in the Brooklyn area.

Rumor has it the Chief has been in contact with Senator Larry Craig (inventor of the Wide-Stance defense) and is being urged to try the, "I was only in the park on my knees, with my mouth open like a baby bird waiting to be fed, in front of strange guy with his nightstick out because I was mad at my wife" defense.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cost Of Illegal Immigration being studied in KY

If we had a financial crisis, problems with high cost of healthcare/insurance, high unemployment, or were wasting money on education -- the below could be considered a big problem.

From ALIPAC --
A report approved by a state legislative committee Thursday shows the overall cost of illegal immigration on state and local governments is indeterminable, although it makes a couple recommendations on how some costs can be reduced.

Kentucky school districts spent an estimated $25 million educating illegal immigrants in 2007-2008, the report said, while an estimated $1.7 million to $2.8 million was spent incarcerating unauthorized immigrants in Kentucky jails and prisons in 2008. More...

But since everyone is working, healthcare insurance is dirt cheap, financial institutions are on stable ground and the brown shirts running our educational facilities are doing a fantastic job - don't be alarmed. Stay on the couch and continue watching American Idol - everything is going great!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girlieman of the Week Award: Gutless John Murtha

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: May 15, 2009

Girlieman: John Murtha
Girlie Antics: Gutless to the core

John Murtha is a scumbag, but we still had a measure of respect for him, until now. Still pissed about the 2008 electoral challenge from an Iraqi war veteran, Lt. Colonel Bill Russell, Murtha unleashed his attack dog, chief of staff, John Hugya, to make Russell pay, by any means necessary.

Eager to do the bidding of John "Scumbag" Murtha, Hugya accepted the challenge and came up with a scheme that made his rat bastard boss’s day. They decided to use Russell’s military service against him, by threatening to call him back to active duty, then have him court martialed for campaigning while in the military. It is, Murtha and his henchman know, a violation of the military code to campaign while on active duty.

The accusation seemed to have legs, since, from April to July (2008), Lt. Colonel Russell was on active duty. Guilty? Nope, because Bill Russell suspended his campaign during that period, to avoid violating the military code. Did that seal the deal with Murtha and his attack dog? Hardly. Full of themselves, and ‘it’, after coasting to a 16-point victory last November, Murtha’s bully boy confronted Bill Russell in March, 2009, at which point he aired out his threat.

‘...Hugya broached the topic of Russell's active-duty stint at an NRA dinner in March. Russell, who described the encounter as hostile, said he was working the tables at the event when Hugya threatened him, saying: "What are you gonna do when we have the new secretary of the Army seated and have your ass recalled to active duty for that s--- you pulled last summer?"...’

‘...While Hugya did not explicitly threaten to bring Russell up on charges during the March conversation, he apparently did in a conversation in January with Ret. Col. Gregory Ritch, who served as Russell's commanding officer. Ritch said he was talking on the phone with Hugya about an unrelated topic when Murtha's chief of staff suddenly switched topics to Russell, whom he referred to as the "carpetbagger."

According to Ritch, Hugya said: "He's gonna get a big surprise here shortly when the new secretary of Army calls his ass back for active duty."...’ (Fox News)
For not being man enough to fight his own battles...for deploying his lap dog to do his dirty work....for impugning the service of one of our warriors...for being a loathsome, belly-crawling, jello spined son of a bitch who is too gutless to face his political opponents like a MAN, John Murtha is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

Steaming Load of the Week Award: The appeaser-in-chief afraid some free ranging rational adults will spoil photo-op at the 65th Anniversary of D-Day

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load Award: The appeaser-in-chief is afraid some free ranging rational adults will spoil his photo-op at the 65th Anniversary of D-Day.

It’s bad enough that this America hating rat bastard is going to take an ‘America sucks’ dump on the courage and sacrifice of those brave men who fought, died, on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. It’s bad enough that he is doing everything in his power to destroy the liberty, the nation, that they paid the ultimate sacrifice defending. It’s bad enough that this narcissist thinks that he - not those brave Americans who landed on those beaches - is the reason for this D-Day observance. That’s par for the course.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Complaining that Barry is egregiously unpatriotic, makes as much sense as bitching that a turd smells like shit. It’s strictly ‘well, duh’, territory. So why bring up this D-Day Obamanation? Because Messiah Barry has kicked it up a notch.

Hiding behind the State Department, Messiah Barry ordered Comrade Hillary and her minions to tell the host country, France, about his non-negotiable demands. What demands? This America hating bastard is so terrified that he might meet a free ranging rational adult at Normandy that he has ordered France to keep the ‘public’ away from the Messiah’s photo-op. Despite the fact that June 6th is, routinely, one of the busiest tourist days in Normandy, this legend in his own mind wants all tours, all tourist visits, black flagged. Barry, you give rancid assholes a bad name.

If anyone should be banned from Normandy on June 6th, it’s this teleprompter toting turd. Given his well documented hatred of America, and all it represents, he’s the last f-ing person who should be allowed to commemorate D-Day. I think France should flush this putrid POTUS butt bullet and let the tourists, those rank and file individuals, visit Normandy to honor those men who shed their blood their on behalf of liberty.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

Calling All Tea Party Patriot Veterans

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

For Immediate Release


Contact: Doug Angyal

Cleveland Tea Party Patriot Veterans Wanted
Join us in the Parma Memorial Day Parade

Our veteran coordinator, Doug Angyal (U.S. Army) is inviting all fellow Tea Party Patriots who are veterans, and all veterans who support the Tea Party Patriots, to march in the Parma Memorial Day Parade.

The Parma Memorial Day Parade is being sponsored by the Parma Disabled American Vets (#116). The .75 mile parade will start at 9:00am and will proceed down Ridge Rd. to Parma City Hall where there will be a Flag raising and Memorial Day ceremonies.

The Vietnam Veterans of America (Chapter 15) will be doing the Honor Guard duties and Mr. Tommy Farkas, the last known living Iwo Jima veteran in the Cleveland area, will be the Grand Marshall.Military uniforms and fatigues are welcome and encouraged, but not required. If you have a classic car and wish to drive it in the parade please inform Doug when you RSVP.

Please RSVP to Doug ( no later than Friday 5/22/09.

For all others, please join us in honoring and remembering our soldiers and veterans. For without them and the sacrifices they have made for our country -- we would not have a USA for God to Bless!

Thank You

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots
Cleveland Tea Party Patriots Blog

The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots are a non-partisan, grass roots group of private citizens committed to smaller government and responsible spending.

Stupid Question of the Day: Should "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. Currency?

MSNBC is running a poll asking if the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency. That these morons would even ask such an ignorant question shows the insidious attacks routinely launched against Christianity and lately - the founding beliefs of our country.

But as many of us know, this is only to be expected from the liberal ranks of the blow job broadcast brigade.

Click here to take the poll.

Any bets they skew & screw the outcome if they don't like the results?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Puts Best Foot Forward

It looks like Republican Party of Cuyahoga County has decided to put their best foot forward in trying to be effective in Cuyahoga County. Finally putting those several hundred thousand it costs for payroll and operating expenses for a HQ with no parking - they want to show everyone they really don't have two left feet. Nope, the only thing "left" in this group of "mover's & shaker's" are all the RINO's that support the Democrats over our candidates.

Not to worry - my sequined wearing Sparky's... even though they do the Hokey Pokey and are unable to turn anything around at election time and show the skill of a rogue RINO in their two-step on the wishes of rank & file members - the dancing dolts have figured out how to be most effective in the only way they can.

Completely off the dance floor when it was time to come out against a forced sales tax increase and the Domestic Registry - The following press release from the "No Parking on the Dance Floor" Republican Party Clowns of Cuyahoga County show they will not be on the sidelines anymore...
Hello! - there are just two weeks left on Cleveland's Dancing with the Stars. Mayor David Bentkowski could win it all with your help.

Please go to on the home page and view this week's dance. Then vote for Mayor David Bentkowski. It takes just seconds.

Also, please tell a friend and forward this email to some of your email contacts. Voting closes at 6am.

Mayor David Bentkowski says, "We all know I can't dance - but thanks to a great partner, I have gotten better every week and am now only two weeks away from winning it all. It would be a lot of fun so your time and vote is appreciated."

I guess when you can't win elections and can't fill races with candidates - dancing the night away is the next best thing!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Enemies lists are just as asinine in J.O.E.

Steaming Load Award: Enemies lists are just as asinine in J.O.E.

We can’t prove that Homeland Stupidity Secretary, Janet Napolitano, and J.O.E.’s Home Secretary Harpy, Jacqui Smith, were separated at birth, but this week’s events put the idea in play. Based on their antics, it’s safe to assume that, between them, they don’t have a single functioning synapse.

The Home Secretary Harpy took copious notes, while watching her sister in stampeding stupidity step in it, by declaring any American who isn’t a card carrying Marxist - A.K.A. an Obamunist chad-puncher - a dangerous ‘extremist’. Armed with all the relevant data, the Home Secretary Harpy stole the play from Janet’s playbook, then improved on it.

Painfully aware of the Jihadists who infest J.O.E., the Home Secretary Harpy, decided to compose her own list of dangerous extremists who must be banned from entering J.O.E. There was just one problem, the first draft of this list was, essentially, a Jihadikaze Who’s Who. That just wouldn’t do, so she torched that bit of objective reality and decided to blaze a new trail of her own.

Instead of painting a bull’s-eye on those individuals whose actions might endanger the denizens of J.O.E., she took the path less traveled, in at least one memorable instance. How? She banned an American boom box babbler - Michael Savage - because his ideas weren’t cool for school in egregiously politically correct J.O.E. In that regard, he’s in good company, because it’s the same stinking turd they pulled out of their butt when they banned Gert Wilders from entering J.O.E., a few weeks ago.

This arbitrary ‘you’re banned, because I don’t like what you say’ crap is par for the course, in J.O.E. Ironically, it was this kind of arbitrary muzzling of free speech and other inalienable individual liberties, which prompted our Founding Fathers to break free of J.O.E. during the American revolution. Our Founding Fathers paid the price of our liberty with their fortunes and their blood, but the result - the government limiting United States Constitution was worth it. That founding document, with its revolutionary ideas, is the essential distinction between this land conceived in liberty and Korrecting itself into Jihadikaze oblivion, J.O.E.

Thanks to our United States Constitution, and its legacy of inalienable individual liberty, our pimple on humanity’s butt, Napolitano, was forced to beat a hasty, face-saving, retreat when we the people protested her ‘extremists’ list. Lacking that underlying support, J.O.E.’s Korrectnik-ravaged sovereign individuals are at the mercy of their Home Secretary Harpy, a woman who has the power to dictate what Brits can hear, and who is allowed to enlighten them.

This turd’s stench has little to do with Michael Savage, a blowhard who tends to get on my nerves, unless taken in very small doses. This turd’s stench has everything to do with the essential principle involved - free speech. We can’t do much to flush this Home Secretary Harpy down the Brit loo, but we can heed the lesson and flush any similar turds that float to the surface in Uncle Sam’s crapper.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

John "Baby Daddy" Edwards being Investigated for Improper Use of Campaign Funds

With not a hair out of place, the most famous deadbeat dad in the world denies any improper use of campaign funds. But he is still unable to explain the improper use of his tallywacker as his wife lay stricken with cancer...

From Open Secrets --
After breaking the story of Edwards's romantic involvement with actress and filmmaker Rielle Hunter, the National Enquirer last month broke the news of a secret grand jury investigation into the former North Carolina senator's possible violations of campaign finance laws.

Now other media in the state have also confirmed that a grand jury is investigating whether Edwards used campaign cash to make payments to Hunter. "I am confident that no funds from my campaign were used improperly," Edwards said in a statement to the Raleigh News & Observer. The grand jury is reportedly also looking into cash coming from a handful of non-profits associated with Edwards, groups that are not bound by the same contribution limits and disclosure requirements as his campaign committee.

You can check out Edwards's campaign committee expenditures for yourselves on our site here. And weigh in about how you think lawmakers should be spending their campaign funds on our Facebook "Money Monday" discussion.


An Arms Race we cannot keep pace with

It appears China was a good study of Ronald Reagan...
China’s build-up of sea and air military power funded by a strong economy appears aimed at the United States, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Monday.

Admiral Michael Mullen said China had the right to meet its security needs, but the build-up would require the United States to work with its Pacific allies to respond to increasing Chinese military capabilities.

“They are developing capabilities that are very maritime focused, maritime and air focused, and in many ways, very much focused on us,” he told a conference of the Navy League, a nonprofit seamen’s support group, in Washington.

“They seem very focused on the United States Navy and our bases that are in that part of the world.”

China in March unveiled its official military budget for 2009 of $70.24 billion, the latest in nearly two decades of double-digit rises in declared defense spending. (National Terror Alert)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Premier Obamao & Politburo Plotting to Pass Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens

Steve Salvi of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, has forwarded us this below press release and is asking for help...

P.O. Box 46219
Bedford, Ohio 44146


May 4, 2009

Contact: Steve Salvi / 440-439-1879

Founder Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC


In spite of voter opposition to granting amnesty for illegal aliens, president Obama and Democratic Congressional leaders [Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)] are now scheming to pass a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

Just last week a Subcommittee on Immigration held amnesty hearings to gain momentum for legislation which aims to legalize over 12 million illegal aliens. The hearing was packed with pro-amnesty advocates to ensure the testimony would be favorable. Sadly, the issue of legalizing illegal worker to compete for work with the already 13 million unemployed Americans was never mentioned by Senator Schumer (D-NY), who chaired the Subcommittee and is a strong amnesty advocate.

Proponents of amnesty, which includes Ohio’s junior Senator Sherrod Brown, and a number of Ohio members of the U.S. House, euphemistically and fraudulently refer to their amnesty scheme as "comprehensive immigration reform." By referring to their amnesty legislation as "comprehensive immigration reform" they hope to fool the public into believing it’s not about granting amnesty for millions of illegal alien criminals.

What can you can do to stop Amnesty?

Call your two U.S. Senators AND members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Tell them you oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens. Phone numbers are available on the Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC website (sorry Ohio contact information only at this time) Visit your local Congressional offices to complain (take your friends too) Write Letters to the Editor.

If you have access to a computer, visit the Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC website( has lots of information and ways to participate in fighting illegal immigration. It’s free!

Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC is a non-partisan educational civil rights and advocacy organization focusing on important public policy issues including the effects of illegal immigration on the civil rights of Americans.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

There's A New Sheriff in Town!

A real policeman will finally be running Cuyahoga County.

From the PD --
Five weeks after former Sheriff Gerald McFaul resigned amid numerous scandals, the Democratic party elected Bob Reid to serve as sheriff.

Reid, the Bedford city manager, previously served as that city's police chief for 10 years and was a police officer for 25 years. He also graduated from the FBI national academy.

On Wednesday, he will replace Frank Bova, the Warrensville Heights police chief who has been serving as interim sheriff since McFaul resigned.

McFaul was a former pipefitter who was elected through rough-and-tumble party politics before state law required the county's sheriff to have law enforcement experience.

Reid edged out Clayton Harris, 280-206, in voting among party regulars. He will have to run countywide in November 2010.

Police Chief Interrupted

Ever get a jaywalking ticket in Olmsted Falls Township and wonder why the Police Chief wanted to give you a gloveless cavity search with the lights dimmed low and Barry Manilow playing in the background? Did you find it strange the Chief wanted to frisk you with his tongue?

This may explain why....
Police Chief Charles McNeeley was arrested Tuesday morning on sex charges.

According to Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Capt. Jack Hall, McNeeley was apprehended on charges of public indecency, a third-degree misdemeanor, at the Memphis picnic area in Brooklyn at 8:30 a.m.

Hall said a Metroparks ranger was on foot patrol in the area when she noticed two cars side-by-side. She saw two men adjacent to the car engaged in sexual conduct and masturbation.

According to a report issued by the Metroparks police, as the ranger approached the cars, McNeeley looked in her direction and appeared startled. He then entered his car, started to drive away and was repeatedly ordered to stop.

McNeeley asked the ranger to give him a warning saying, "Can't you just warn me. I'll never come back to the park again, please just give me a warning."

He admitted he was going to perform a sexual act on 61-year-old Daniel Crown of Brooklyn, but didn't.

McNeeley later denied being employed in law enforcement and claimed officers were confusing him with his brother. (Sun News)

It's bad enough the "pork me in the park" Police Chief was caught having a dueling monkey spank contest, but when the withered hot dog loving Chief was "interrupted," he still admits he was going to honk the guys horn, and then claims that he was his brother! WTF?!?

You would think the Chief who has a strong desire for man ass would have had a better excuse... like maybe - I was going to test the tube on our new breathalyzer equipment.

Maybe the Chief can become another gay blogger.