Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steaming Loads of the Year Award: An Overflowing Bowl of Noxious Floaters

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Loads of the Year Award

Steaming Load: We closed out 2009 with our bowl overflowing with the most noxious turds any of us has ever seen.

Turd 1: The 111th Congress is the most vile collection of scum-sucking, shit-spewing, rat bastards who ever swilled from the public trough. Instead of a government of, by and for We the People, our Elected Tormentors are reshaping a neo-Marxist Amerika which is of them, by them, and exclusively for them, but paid for with the life, liberty and property of We the People.

Turd 2: Our Elected Tormentors swear to "preserve, protect, and defend" our Constitution then spend every waking minute, "relinquishing, scuttling, and surrendering" it. Too many of our Elected Tormentors view the United States Constitution as a historical relic which impedes their grandiose scheme for a Marxist Eden which they will rule with benevolent tyranny.

Turd 3: Cash for Clunkers is an apt name for the "pay for play" whores on Capitol Hill. Like all ‘clunkers’, these Capitol Hill cretins are past their prime, no longer capable of performing their assigned - Constitutionally-defined - functions, and cost a lot more than they’re worth to maintain. If they want to whore themselves out, let them stand on a street corner and ply their trade like the rest of the skanks.

Turd 4: The Obamunist rat bastards and their word games are really pissing us off.

Janet Come Lately won’t use the ‘T’ word to describe Jihadikazes and their antics - AKA ‘Man caused disasters’. On the other hand, she has no compunction about pinning a ‘terrorism’ label on Tea Parties and is downright eager to vilify Tea Party Patriots, and our returning warriors as ‘terrorists’.

Messiah Barry ties his tongue into rhetorical knots in his mindless zeal to avoid pinning a ‘terrorist attack’ label on the Fort Hood Jihadikaze’s rampage.

Obamunists from sea to shining sea, especially those in the MSM, who deemed opposition to Vicente Bush "free speech", vilify any/all opposition to Messiah Barry’s frontal assault on our inalienable liberty as "racism".

Turd 5: Prompter Punk needs to man up and START DOING HIS F-ING JOB.

I’ve had it with his malignant "America sucks, but it’s George Bush’s fault, not mine" narcissism.

I’ve had it with his refusal to be accountable for anything/everything that happens on his watch.

I’ve had it with this unrelenting bullshit. If you don’t have anything useful to say, then SIT DOWN and STFU.

Turd 6: The empty suits who wear the GOP label need to do more than shake their heads and intone "See, we told you that THEY suck more than we do." It’s time to put these pachyderm posers out to pasture and replace them with sovereign individuals who will do a LOT MORE than give lip service to a small, properly-Constitutional government whose only task is maximizing our inalienable individual liberty.


The FSOP says that 2010 is a perfect time for a 21st Century Thomas Jefferson to energize all sovereign American individuals with an updated Declaration of Independence.

The FSOP says that flushing these rancid turds isn’t enough. We need to mount a Second American Revolution while we still can.

Man the barricades? You better believe it, I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore Sparky.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

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