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Barney Frank Models New "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" Military Uniform

Girlieman of the Week Award: Juan McCain

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: April 23, 2010

Girlieman: Juan McCain
Girlie Antics: Hypocrisy on Steroids

There’s nothing like a tough primary fight with a well known challenger to make a legend in his own mind like Juan McCain change his spots. Finding J. D. Hayworth a formidable challenger, and unable to simply smear J. D. into political oblivion, Juan channeled his inner weasel and decided to repackage himself.

By the time he finished his political makeover, Juan was portraying himself as so staunchly conservative that he makes Mr. Conservative, Barry Goldwater, seem like a card carrying extreme Libertard stamped out of the Barry Obama mold. Nice try, Juan. You might fool some people, but you don’t fool us for an instant.

‘Maverick’ is gone, and he vehemently rejects the label, when someone tries to pin it on him.

‘Amnesty’, once the centerpiece of his legislative initiatives, is gone too. Now, he’s making Tom Tancredo seem like a border jumper's best friend. When last seen, Juan was talking about putting soldiers on the border and getting tough on border jumping scumbag invaders, with the re-enforced borders he once denigrated so vociferously.

Juan is the poster punk for hypocritical weasels. A man devoid of convictions, he’s that epitome of unprincipled pontificating: a politician seeking re-election. I don’t know if it will get him re-elected, since that’s in the capable hands of Arizona’s chad punchers. I do know that Juan "I’ll say anything to get re-elected" McCain’s weasel antics earned him the recognition he so richly deserves. Congratulations Juan, you’re the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Jim Renacci – Pro-life Justifications?? Give Me a Break!!!!

There has been talk lately about Mr. Renacci’s recent endorsement by the Ohio Right to Life organization. Apparently the Ohio Right to life believes end of life care is reason enough to endorse, for Mr. Renacci has no record whatsoever of participating in Right to Life activities unlike Matt Miller and Paul Schiffer who both have extensive records. This was brought up in a recent Medina Republican Roundtable event last week when Matt Miller commented on the endorsement saying “This is nothing against you Mr. Renacci.” and then went on the express his disappointment in regards to the endorsement after Paul Schiffer had brought up the issue. He was told by members of the Ohio Right to Life organization that they only endorse based on the amount of monies that are raised by a candidate. Mr. Renacci seemed to confirm this when he went on record saying he had personal one on one meetings with each board member prior to the endorsement. Hmmm…. Can you say payoffs? Certainly sounds like it doesn’t it. Let me be frank there is no proof at this point that money exchanged hands but Mr. Renacci’s justification of his endorsement smells based on his own words.

Then just the other day a letter that Chairmen Bill Heck wrote to the Ohio Right to Life Organization was posted on the blog NO MUZZLE POLITICS:

Mr. Gonidakis,

Thursday, April 15th. at our Medina County Republican Round Table Congressional Candidate night Matt Miller, the Republican candidate for the Congressional 16th District, denounced the Ohio Right to Life endorsement of Jim Renacci for Congress. Matt said from his follow-up discussion of the Board’s decision Matt said, “he challenged the Board for making the Jim Renacci endorsement”… and that, “the Director told him the Ohio Right to Life organization endorsed Jim Renacci because he had more money.” Matt went on to tell the crowd of nearly 50 people, “that something to critically wrong with the Ohio RTL and the Board if this is where their values are since he had years of dedication supporting the organization activities and events.”

Jim Renacci then provided some insight to his endorsement process by the Ohio Right To Life. Jim highlighted his 27 years of being in the healthcare business and protecting not only the rights of the unborn but also, the seniors and others in his care facilities who were living in his facilities during their end of their lives situations. Additionally, Jim Renacci went on to say got that six months ago Jim Renacci wasn’t known to most voters throughout the 16th District. Jim set out to meet with each Ohio Right to Life Board member and tell his life-long story of concern and caring he has provided in his care facilities, his deep catholic beliefs, and his commitment for everyone at both at conception and at end of life. He completed the ORTL interview paperwork provided to all candidates and made his position and Right to Life values known to the Board.

The emotional level of Matt’s allegations against the Ohio Right to Life organization, the board, the person in charge and most disturbing, his confrontational statements regarding the value base of the Ohio Right to Life organization, made most at the forum very uncomfortable. Of the nearly 50 people who heard Matt speak this night, here are some people who would verify and also have shocking comments of Matt’s presentation in addition to myself:

[Phone Numbers Redacted]

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to you and the Ohio Right to Life organization and your Board. All Medina County citizens and the Medina County Republican Party, support and greatly appreciates the work that the Ohio Right to Life organization does throughout the state and country.

Bill Heck
Medina County Republican Party

Here is a suggestion Chairman – go back to school and learn proper English. Here is the link so that you can see for yourself that this letter has not been altered in anyway by the writer of this post.

Now read below for a response from a couple in Ashland County that has seen firsthand the work Matt Miller has done for the Pro-life Movement.

What has happened to the election process in our country? Parties and special interest groups alike have taken it upon themselves to prematurely endorse certain candidates before the primaries. These actions have shed a disparaging light on the “un-endorsed” candidate causing many to forego their research into ALL the candidates.

This very thing has happened to Matt Miller, Ohio 16th U.S. Congressional District Candidate. Sadly, Ohio Right to Life has chosen to circumvent the primary election process by choosing to endorse one candidate over Matt Miller. However unintentional it may be, this action has placed the paradigm into the mind of the voters that Matt Miller is “less pro-life” than another candidate. We dogmatically want to say how untrue that paradigm is.

Here are the facts: Matt Miller states “It is imperative that we strive to continue to work to protect each life from conception until their natural death… we must never lose sight of the fact that every human life is a gift from our Creator. We must not destroy one life in an effort to preserve another.” (see his entire statement at

Matt Miller doesn’t just talk a good pro-life talk; he has a long list of actions that back up his statement. Matt Miller has personally attended and participated in Ashland County’s Sanctity of Human Life Community Events for many years, has been the MC for several pro-life pregnancy help center fundraising banquets, participated in LifeWalk fundraising events, and helped plan, promote and implement Ashland County’s 40 Days for Life Campaign. The list goes on.

Please research the candidates for yourself without regard to endorsements. Vote on May 4, 2010.

We encourage you to vote for Matt Miller, the pro-life candidate that talks the talk and walks the walk.

Gordon & Ducia Hamm
Ashland County, Ohio

In addition to Matt’s contributions to the Pro-life movement, Paul Schiffer has made many contributions himself. He has even gone to jail for his pro-life beliefs. Has Mr. Renacci every put his freedom on the line for the Pro-life movement? Has he ever attended a rally or hosted a pro-life event? When Mr. Renacci was asked these questions all he could say was that he believed in life from conception to natural deal. What??? So do many people and I believe you would be hard pressed to find many people out there that disbelieve in natural deal (Well except for the loons in Oregon but that is another post)

The pro-life movement is not about whether or not someone has a natural death … it is about abortion plain and simple. Mr. Renacci says he is Catholic and that proves he is pro-life. Mr. Renacci do you actually know anything about your faith? Yes, the Catholic Church opposes abortion but there is a large contingent of Catholics who believe in abortion so to use your religion as a justification for your beliefs is pathetic at best. Being Catholic does not make you pro-life. It is your experiences and your beliefs that make you pro-life.

So I am again going to ask the question: What Mr. Renacci have you done for the pro-life movement other than believe in it?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reason #548, 721 ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine should be given a Pink Slip

Below is a thread from an exchange on Face Book between the Ohio Republican Party and a very active member in the GOP, Rachel Manias. It is amazing the attitude in which the party treats some of their very active and highly motivated members.

While ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine is most likely not the one making the ORP comments (he was probably too busy shining his cousin Little Mikey DeWine's shoes), it shows just how out of touch the ORP is with their rank & file members and the condescending, "your stupid, just do as we say & support who we tell you" attitude that is so prevalent with his failed party leadership.

That ORP Chairman DeWine is unable to even control his Frat Boys on Face Book clearly shows the party polluting stench emanating from the stalls of the OH Elephant Clan in Columbus need a good delousing....

(Emphasis added)

Ohio Republican Party Really enjoying watching our number of fans grow so quickly with the new Page. Thanks to everyone for being a fan, but more importantly, being a part of our community.

Rita Pannenberg Thomas
Only If You Keep It Conservative...No Compromises
Yesterday at 4:42pm · Report

Rachel Mullen Manias
And no more endorsements of handpicked candidates. I tossed my ORP slate card.
Yesterday at 4:44pm · Report

Steven Salander
Ditto Rita. Keep it to the beliefs of our Founding Fathers and I'll stay. Become a second Democratic party and I am outta here faster than I joined. I hold my Tea Party beliefs VERY tightly.
Yesterday at 10:59pm · Report

Tony Obert
just became a fan on a trial basis, was going to make a new comment but Rita took my thunder. Ohio Republicants are just as commie as the "D"'s lately.
21 hours ago · Report

Tobe Smellie III
Ditto to that!
11 hours ago · Report

Ohio Republican Party
We appreciate your enthusiasm. And we believe in Limited Government, Strong Defense, Fiscal Discipline and Personal Responsibility. If the "Tea Party" holds to those beliefs as well, then we have common ground to work together.
7 hours ago · Report

Ohio Republican Party
Rachel, the Ohio Republican Party proudly supports Rob Portman, John Kasich, Jon Husted, Dave Yost and Josh Mandel. Each of these individuals spent months and years earning the support of our Party leadership and the grassroots. None of these candidates were "handpicked."
7 hours ago · Report

Rachel Mullen Manias
ORP, you have no business endorsing prior to the primaries or even prior to filing deadline. While I support most of these candidates you must remember the lessons of the Scott Brown's election. These seats belong to the people, not the Chairman of the ORP. When you endorse as you have done then you isolate people like me who support other ... See Morecandidates. I resigned my volunteer position for the ORP and will devote my time to my County party instead.Why is the Central Committee endorsed on the slate card? They endorsed themselves?!
7 hours ago · Report

Ohio Republican Party
Rachel, the Chairman does not issue endorsements. The endorsements are made by the members of our state committee, who spend countless hours meeting with our potential candidates and engaging with grassroots supporters. These individuals are also elected to represent their constituents on the committee, so to suggest that candidates are "handpicked... See More" by the Chairman or that our committee makes decisions based on personal interest shows a lack of understanding of the process. We should also add that endorsing a candidate should not isolate anyone from the process. Clearly, we believe Portman, Kasich, Husted, Yost and Mandel are the best candidates for the job. Those decisions were based on a lot of factors. But you are just as welcome to support a candidate of your choice. We are a "big tent" Party.
6 hours ago · Report

Rachel Mullen Manias
No "lack of understanding" on my part. My eyes are wide open. Speak to those who represent me on the Central Committee. They will tell you a different story on the AoS endorsement. One actually didn't even know there was another candidate in the race at the time of endorsement which refutes your assertion that there a were "countless hours" ... See Morespent. I am proud to be a Republican but my vote is too precious to give it to 66 people on the Central Committee, many of whom didn't give proper thought to their endorsement. No slate card needed here!
6 hours ago · Report

Ohio Republican Party
If it's not a "lack of understanding" here, then you are simply falling prey to people spreading a false story. Each member of the committee was aware of the fact there were other candidates in the AoS race. In fact, there were three candidates. The members of the committee were lobbied directly by the candidates themselves in an effort to gain their endorsement. Our political staff here at the Party also personally contacted the members of our committee to make them aware of the endorsement process. But let's cut to the chase: the issue isn't the endorsement process - it's who was endorsed. Your home county issued an endorsement in the AoS race, but you seem content with that, to the point of "devoting your time" to the county party. That's great! We need good volunteers in every one of our 88 counties.The bottom line is this: Good people are going to disagree. We're ok with that and look forward to working with you and thousands of other grassroots supporters to elect Republicans in November.Oh, and the last time I checked, it was the liberal Democrats who were the bad guys!... See More
6 hours ago · Report

Rachel Mullen Manias
I am "falling prey" to nothing and I take great offense that the ORP suggests that I am unable to come to my own conclusions. You are welcome to call me and I will prove that I am not ignorant as you are suggesting. I know what my ORP Central Committee people told me. One said there were no other candidates in the race at the time of ... See Moreendorsement. The other actually threw Kevin under the bus and said he shut out the other candidates. I don't agree with endorsements prior to the primary. The people need to chose. I have discussed this with my county party chairman on several occasions. The reason I chose to vote in the endorsements in my county was to right the wrongs of the ORP Central Committee. There are bad guys everywhere. Although I take great joy in teasing liberals, to assert that bad guys are only Democrats is naive. Shall I continue? I've got all night.
5 hours ago · Report

Ohio Republican Party
Then your own conclusions are wrong. And no one was shut out of the endorsement process. Anything else is just a "conspiracy theory."Here's a better way to spend your time:Why don't you make some phone calls on behalf of our candidiates?
3 hours ago · Report

Rachel Mullen Manias
My conclusions? This is what my Central Committee people told me. Are you insinuating that they are lying to me? If that is the case then I really am concerned about the endorsements the voted for. I am sorry that the ORP has taken time out of it's busy schedule to publicly assert that I am ignorant. Although I have been a stay at home mom ... See Morefor the past decade I promise that I am not ignorant and I have am not "falling prey" to anything, including your slate card. I am proud to say I am a Republican and that I will be voting for most of the candidates you support. I believe in the platform of the party. But, to attack me for my initial comment which was harmless truly makes me question the leadership of the party.I will be walking my precinct tomorrow to inform people of the best choices in the May primary. I will NOT be calling off your list.
3 hours ago · Report

Rachel Mullen Manias
Sorry for the typos.
3 hours ago · Report

Joe Vasil
The arrogance resonating in the ORP responses to Rachel's posts are what got the Republicans in trouble in the first place. While I am not by any way suggesting that the endorsed candidates are not worthy, endorsements prior to primaries circumvents grass root efforts from your constituents, which is critical in getting the independent vote.
49 minutes ago · Report

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Are you a Bagger or Baggee?

If your nice, you may get a handi-wipe!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party

Don't miss the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots 2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party

  • Date: Tax Day April 15, 2010
  • Time: 4pm - 6:30pm
  • Location: Mall C / Downtown Cleveland
  • Address: E.6th & Lakeside

Click here for more details on speakers & the event.

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Public Employees

Steaming Load of the Week Award

Steaming Load: Laughing all the way to the bank, public employees - especially the unionized ones - are systematically impoverishing states (Mexifornia is a prime example) and destroying the private sector.

The scribes at ‘Reason’ list 3 compelling examples of the public sector’s assault on capitalism:

1. They cost too much. As USA Today recently noted, federal employees make on average almost $8,000 more than their private-sector counterparts. When you add in benefits, the gap spreads to about $30,000. State and local government workers make around the same as private-sector counterparts, but their health and retirement packages mean they make significantly more in the end.

2. We can’t fire them. The private sector has shed positions in response to slackening demand and the economic downturn. That sort of adjustment is painful but necessary, as it allows the economy to adjust to changing circumstances and workers and employers to move into new activities. Because it is guaranteed certain amounts of tax revenue and has a non-market mind-set, the public sector is largely insulated from such forces and keeps or even adds workers despite changed conditions. The result? We keep paying for things that we don’t use, need, or want.

3. They create a permanent lobby for expanded government and higher taxes. Look at California, where teacher unions have spent over $211 million dollars on elections in the past decade. One result is that 40 percent of California’s budget must be spent on education, regardless of the number and needs of students. Over the last 10 years, taxpayer contributions to public-sector pension funds has increased by 2000 percent!

They’re scum, and in places like Mexifornia, they OWN, the state’s Elected Tormentors.

Girliemen of the Week Award: Gutless GOP Wonders

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girliemen of the Week

Date Awarded: April 02, 2010

Girliemen: Gutless GOP Wonders
Girlie Antics: Running from a tough fight

If these Gutless GOP Wonders were around during the American Revolution, we’d all be singing ‘God Save the Queen. They would have whined: "We know King George III is heavy handed, but we don’t think Independence is a viable alternative. It’s just too hard for a few pissed off, poorly armed colonists to defeat the most powerful nation on Earth."

If these Gutless GOP Wonders were around after December 7, 1941, we’d be a colony of the Imperial Japanese Empire. They would have whined: "We know that the Japanese begged for it, when they attacked us, without warning, but we don’t think going to war is a viable alternative. Their military might is impressive. Their weapons are superior. Their soldiers, sailors and airmen are all battle-hardened by years of conflict. We’re undermanned, ill-equipped, and unprepared. Victory is a longshot for us, so it’s not worth the effort in a losing cause."

Now, with a determined enemy entrenched in positions of political power, the Gutless GOP Wonders, especially those fossils in the Senate - Mexas’s John Cornyn, South Carolina’s Lindsey Grahmnesty, for example - are beating a hasty retreat from another 'do, or die trying', fight, which we can’t afford to lose. I refer, of course, to a mid-term campaign built around the repeal of DemonCare. Now they say, "It’s too hard and success is far from assured. We think it’s better to crawl back under our rocks while the Demoncrats eviscerate the U.S. Constitution, and destroy the American Dream."

It’s with the utmost revulsion and disgust, that I name these Gutless GOP Wonders the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girliemen of the Week.

Easter has been Cancelled!

Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin' down the bunny trial.... ooops!

Unconfirmed rumors have it that an electric powered car, in all its' silent stealth, smashed into our little buddy delivering all that fattening candy for the kids. Crunching on a carrot stick, Michelle Obama denied any knowledge of this tragic event.