Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily KOS Kook's Crying the "Blues"

In describing the Democrats as a bunch of spineless, dithering fools, the korrectnik kooks over at the Daily KOS have their onesies in a bunch over their realization that their wished Christmas gift of a government take over of our health care system may be ablaze like a gay yule tide log in the fireplace.

But in the progressive version of this story they are making Senator Leiberman out to be the Grinch that stole their Government-run health care Christmas....
Before we begin what I suspect will be a furious attempt to rebrand the reported "compromise" (read: capitulation) on health care as the most meaningful piece of progressive legislation since ever, I think Senate Democrats deserve recognition for doing something that most thought would have been impossible--crafting health care legislation that will, ultimately, please no one.

The Democratic base is going to voice strong objections, because instead of taking bold steps in the face of a health care crisis, you allowed a guy that spent 2008 campaigning for a Republican presidential nominee to have unilateral veto power over the legislation (the optics of that aspect of this story could not possibly be worse).

Good luck getting that base to the polls in 2010. Their motivation to keep or expand a Democratic majority looks like it was rendered meaningless.

Don't be mistaken the KOS kooks do not want to expand the Democrat majority -- they want to expand the Democrat Party with more progressive pukes. The same ones that have hijacked the Democrat party and turned it into the socialism pushing sect that it is today.

Showing just how out of touch the progressive pukes are with most of the Americans in this country today, the following statement completely ignores polls showing nearly 60% of the people in this country (Independents too) are against the Senate Health Care bill....
The "independent voter", meanwhile, has seen the spectacle of the past several months. They have seen Senate Democrats, "led" by their Majority Leader, adopt six different bargaining positions a day, where reports of negotiation (and/or capitulation) were met with an immediate forceful denial from some spokesperson, only to be confirmed within hours.

They have concluded that Democrats cannot govern worth a damn. They may well be right. (Daily KOS)

I wonder if sucking on a "Tea Bag" is helpful for crying babies?

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