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Girlieman of the Week Award: Sen. Lieberman’s Gatekeeper Gorilla

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: December 18, 2009

Girlieman: Lieberman’s Gatekeeper Gorilla
Girlie Antics: Being a complete and utter dick.

On Tuesday, December 15, 2009, members of the Tea Party Patriots gathered in Washington DC to exercise their First Amendment Rights. They did so, by visiting the offices of numerous United States Senators who might play a key role in the defeat of Messiah Barry’s DeathCare debacle.

While exercising their right to peaceably assemble in one such office, the one belonging to one of the key DeathCare Bill players, Senator Joe Lieberman, Mark Meckler (a National Tea Party Patriot Coordinator), Sally Oljar (another National Coordinator) and Michael Greer (a Mexifornia Patriot) attempted to petition their government, directly, by exercising their free speech with the Senator.

Although the trio were, at all times respectful, the same can’t be said for Senator Lieberman’s gatekeeper gorilla, whom we will call Kong. Mark Meckler explains the confrontation in a posting on the Tea Party Patriots Internet site:

The day turned far more interesting when we heard that Senator Joe Lieberman was on the fence. Three of us decided to head up to the seventh floor to see if the Senator would spare a few minutes and speak with us about his position on the pending bill. Accompanied by fellow Tea Party Patriot National Coordinator Sally Oljar, and California Patriot Michael Greer, I entered Lieberman’s office and we asked to speak with him. We were advised that he wasn’t there, but as we had done in all the previous offices we had visited, we indicated that we’d be happy to wait for him.

Unfortunately, Sen. Lieberman’s staff reacted quite differently than all the other staff we had encountered. The gentleman who appeared to be in charge told us that we had to leave the Senator’s office. He kept repeating that the Senator would not be meeting with us, and that he wanted us to leave. As we sat peacefully in the small waiting room, I simply responded to him by telling him that we were happy to wait. When he again insisted we leave, we engaged in a civil discussion where we advised him that as citizens, we felt we had a right to be there, in a building which we pay for. Finally, he threatened to call the Capitol Police and have us arrested for “loitering.;” We advised him to do whatever he needed to do, but that we weren’t leaving.

Eventually, six armed Capitol Police arrived. One officer entered the waiting room and advised us that the staffer was asking us to leave, and that if we didn’t leave, we’d be arrested. I asked the officer if it was a police request that we leave, and told him that we were law abiding citizens and would leave if he asked us to. He seemed hesitant to do so, and ultimately left the room to speak with the staffer without asking us to leave. After several minutes of pow-wow between the officers and the staffer, we decided to leave before the situation escalated further. It was clear, with six officers on hand, they did intend to arrest us.

Although it’s a big deal to Mark Meckler, I’m going to set aside his position in the Tea Party Patriot organization. Why? It’s a side issue. What matters to me is the fact that this gatekeeper gorilla got insufferably snarky with three citizens who wanted nothing more, nothing less, than their constitutional right to speak to their employee, Senator Joe Lieberman. They wanted to talk, respectfully, with a man whose vote on the DeathCare bill could have a disastrous impact on every American citizen, including the three in Joe Lieberman’s office.

When confronted by three sovereign American individuals, who just wanted to talk to their employee, this gatekeeper gorilla piece of shit went gutless and girlie, then ran caterwauling to the Capitol Hill cops. I suspect that the only reason he called the proper authorities is the fun fact that it would take too long to summon a gang of SEIU thugs to break some Tea Party Patriot heads.

Congratulations, Kong, in addition to being a pimple on humanity’s butt, not to mention a craven coward when confronted by we the people, you’re also the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

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