Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Name for Obama's Nuts?

Assessing the damage after being exposed as frauds Obama's nuts at ACORN are weighing the options of a possible name change.

Politico.com writes about a memo that will be released Tuesday at the Republican Congressional hearings investigating ACORN over massive voter registration fraud of an organized crime sized magnitude, efforts in knowingly trying to set up an illegal brothel staffed by underage and illegal immigrant females, and encouraging tax evasion.

The noted memo was found discarded along with thousands of other ACORN documents outside the San Diego ACORN offices by a dumpster diving Republican who lost a State House race in CA.

The outlined content of the memo shows the funding sources for ACORN are drying up quickly and they are being welcomed like the Swine Flu....

ACORN, the troubled community service organization, recently considered changing its name in a bid to rehabilitate its image, according to an internal memo obtained by POLITICO.

The document, which will be released Tuesday as part of a Republican congressional forum on ACORN, illustrates the internal deliberation the group has undergone after a year of embarrassing scandals.

“Our members are having a vigorous discussion about how to move forward most effectively to help working families win living wage jobs, stop foreclosures, and strengthen neighborhoods,” ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson said in a response to inquiries from POLITICO.

In an emailed statement, Levenson brushed off Tuesday’s Republican hearing.

“We believe their time would be better spent solving, as ACORN is doing, the foreclosure crisis,” Levenson said.

The memo addresses, in bullet-point format, the pros and cons of a new brand, saying that it has “spent 39 years building the reputation and track record of ACORN.” ACORN officials write that the bad image would “blow over” in the next year or two. And they believe that even with a name change, “right-wing attackers will say we are ACORN in disguise – so do we really gain much by going with a new name?”

The group does acknowledge that working with elected officials “is much harder now” and “while some foundations are still will to fund us, more are not.”

The one-page document also discusses the optics of a name change, saying it “should be very obvious that we are not going to choose a new name because funders or politicians want us to.” The memo also acknowledges that it has encountered organizations and individuals who want to work with group but “can only do so if [ACORN changes] its name.”

“(W)e should probably think through this problem carefully and figure out what it all means for our ability to survive and thrive without losing a lot of ground over the next year or two,” the memo reads. (Politico)
How about Obama's 'nads!

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