Sunday, December 20, 2009

Senator Sherrod Brown won't face OH voters but will be on Face the Nation

The spineless Senator from OH, Senator Sherrod "Single Payer" Brown, will be on CBS's Face the Nation this morning speaking about the Senate Health care bill.

If you wish to retain your breakfast, we highly suggest you keep from eating it before watching what is sure to be a barf-inducing interview with this spineless Senator.

From The Daily Briefing --

Sen. Sherrod Brown fought for a government run health plan he counted as a critical part of health care reform, but the Ohio Democrat is scheduled to go on CBS' Face the Nation Sunday morning talk show to praise a final product that doesn't include a public option.

Brown said in a statement this afternoon that he views the bill, even without a public option, as one that will help millions of Americans gain health insurance and protect people who have insurance now from losing coverage.

But Brown maintains that, "This bill is an important step toward strengthening Ohio’s middle class families. When it comes to health insurance, this bill would help those with insurance, those without, and those who fear they won’t have coverage tomorrow. It would immediately reduce insurance premiums for small businesses and over time would reduce the $1000 hidden tax that every family with insurance now pays to make up for uncompensated care provided to those without insurance."

Senator Brown has continually stated that he will only support a single-payer system -- the Senate version has no provisions for a single payer system. That Brown is going to go on TV and tout a bill that does not include the one thing he said he stands for most shows he does not have the conviction or spine to stand for what he believes.

But Brown claiming he is doing what is best for Ohio's middle class families is witness of his pompous, arrogant and condescending attitude towards voters in OH. This also shows that not only that Brown does not listen to the passioned pleas of OH voters, but he is unwilling to stand up against his party and do what most of the voters in OH have asked him to do -- that is vote NO on the Senate version of the Health Care Bill.

I find it amusing that Senator Sherrod Brown would claim he is doing what is best for middle class families in OH when just this past Tuesday the Senator & his D.C. office staff refused to meet with a Tea Party Patriot contingent from OH -- even though they had an appointment. In fact it appeared his caring attitude must have been on lunch break this past Tuesday when he was approached in the hallway by a middle-class voter from Ohio.

Joining over 10,000 -15,000 other people in D.C. speaking out against the proposed country killing health care reforms, a voter from OH approached Senator Brown and urged him to vote against the Senate Health Care Bill. As he was being joined by his wife, Connie Shitz of the Plain Dealer, Senator Brown told this OH voter, "I've already made up my mind," then turned his back to her and walked away. Imagine that, Brown is willing to Face the Nation from behind a teleprompter and a camera but he is unwilling to speak with a voter from his state.

Anybody want to bet over 10,000 people staging Government Waiting Rooms and her Senator husband turning his back on a constituent won't make the dithering progressive prose in one of Connie's columns?


Don't be scared!