Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Trees Banned at Dopenhagen

I guess even climate friendly firs can be dangerous to the global warming political religion....

A sponsor providing fir trees for the conference's Christmas trees learned this the hard way when it was turned away by planners of the international event, the Copenhagen Post reported.

The trees – the most common species used as Christmas trees in Denmark – were intended to be placed as decorations for the entrance of Bella Center, where the conference is taking place.

"We have to remember that this is a U.N. conference and, as the center then becomes U.N. territory, there can be no Christmas trees in the decor, because the U.N. wishes to maintain neutrality," said Denmark Foreign Ministry official Svend Olling.

Fir trees otherwise reach the climate-friendly standards of the conference planners. Firs bind carbon dioxide and prevent its release into the atmosphere. (Copenhagen Post)

Interpretation.... we must have neutrality and cannot allow even the remotest symbolism of Christianity to compete or interfere with our cult-like religion of Global Warmingism. Not even an undecorated Fir tree!

But when it comes to the presenting the facts.... neutrality has no place! We are allowed to lie, cheat and fleece the world when it comes to imposing our devious doctrine on the world.

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