Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dave Yost: "I was for being Attorney General before I was against it."

You just got to wonder what one time State Attorney General candidate, now State Auditor candidate and puppet-boy for the lemon-like leadership of the Ohio Republican Party - Dave Yost - wants to be when he grows up.

Again obeying the wishes of his puppet master, the current maestro of political musical chairs -- ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine -- and performing in the sonata's of switcheroo for the "party" appears to be what Yost does best. Having political patronage jobs would be his other talent.

In 2/2003, Yost, abandoning the residents & his post as Delaware County Auditor before his term was up, all of a sudden and at the beck & call of the party powers, wanted to play Johnny Law Dog and be the Delaware County Prosecutor.

From Right OH --

Voters won't elect a new county prosecutor for more than a year, but behind-the-scenes politicking is hot and heavy to decide who will be appointed this month to fill the position.

Delaware County Republican leaders will meet Tuesday to choose between a candidate with a proven track record as a criminal prosecutor and another with proven electability. Neither Assistant County Prosecutor Dane Gaschen nor County Auditor Dave Yost is confident enough to predict victory, but both say they deserve the job.

"The qualifications for this office are a lot more than just going into a courtroom," Yost said. "You need administrative experience. When you look at the entire picture, I believe I'm the most-qualified candidate."

Outgoing and politically savvy, 46-year-old Yost is seen by some as the front-runner: He's faced two elections for auditor, which have earned him valuable name recognition. He also built up political connections through a series of appointed government jobs, including deputy director of the Ohio Department of Health, press secretary to former Columbus Mayor Dana "Buck" Rinehart and assistant to the director of the Columbus Public Safety Department.

So in 2003, Yost as a County Auditor -- wanted to be County Prosecutor, now as County Prosecutor, Yost wanted to be State Attorney General and stated he is a prosecutor and not a politician. Then after a nice pat on the head & some warm & fuzzy words of encouragement from the party, like a true politician, Yost suddenly realizes he wants to run for State Auditor as an unqualified candidate.

I was wondering if you needed a college degree to be a puppet-boy for the lemon-headed leaders of the OH GOP.... I now see the only requirement is having a lack of integrity.

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