Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seth Morgan Crushes Dave Yost in Brown Co. GOP Endorsement for State Auditor

It looks like the Ohio Republican Party endorsed candidates will be wearing their handy-dandy endorsements like a scarlet letter when it comes to the support of the rank & file GOP members. Even with the smear campaign being waged against Seth Morgan by Chairman Kevin DeWine and his OH Elephant Clan cronies, Morgan handily defeated Yost in the Brown County GOP endorsement meeting....

From Return of the Conservatives --
Huber Heights, Ohio - State Auditor candidate Seth Morgan, CPA was endorsed by the Brown County Republican Party with 75 percent of the vote on Thursday, Feb. 11.

"Republican leaders in Brown County selected Seth Morgan overwhelmingly," said Rob Scott, Friends of Seth Morgan Communications Director. "This is just another example of leaders across our state publicly recognizing that Seth Morgan is the most qualified candidate of either party for Auditor of State."

Both Morgan and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost were in attendance to ask for the county's endorsement for state auditor. Yost received 13 percent of the vote.

"This endorsement further solidifies the base of support Seth is gathering across the state. Not only is he being supported by the leaders of conservative organizations statewide as well as the Tea Party movement, the Republican 'establishment' is joining these groups and proclaiming Seth as their candidate for Auditor no matter what the Party 'elite' want the rank and file to believe", said Emery Phipps, Friends of Seth Morgan Political Director.

The Brown County Republican Party waived party rules in order to endorse Seth Morgan for Auditor of State.

Seth Morgan, CPA was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 2008 after serving seven years on the Huber Heights City Council. He is a Small Business Owner and Certified Public Accountant. For more information about Seth Morgan visit

Even more telling and an indication the out of touch lemon-like leaders of the ORP have read the "tea leaf's" incorrectly because in the same meeting, Mike DeWine, who was the ONLY name presented in the AG race, failed to get the Brown County GOP endorsement.

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