Monday, February 15, 2010

Sex Education in Kindergarten proposed for Iowa Schools

In another attack on our children by the brown shirt educrats in this country, the corn holers n Iowa want to teach "age appropriate" sex education to children starting in Kindergarten.

From Radio Iowa --
A bill introduced in the Iowa House would expand what’s required to be taught in schools to include “age-appropriate”, comprehensive sex education beginning in kindergarten. The legislation is being pushed by Mary Mascher, a Democrat from Iowa City, who is a longtime educator.

She says kids need more information than they get in schools where abstinence only is taught. “We need to give kids good information. We need to give kids the ability, the skill set to be able to make a good choice and good choices in their lives,” Mascher says. Mascher says parents would have the option to pull their children from the sexuality classes.

But the proposal still raises concerns among some private school administrators. The executive director of the Iowa Catholic Conference, Tom Chapman, says the idea violates the moral beliefs of many parents. “We think that the sexuality education is a job for parents, and we’d certainly would like to keep it that way. And this bill would require all Catholic schools to teach comprehensive sex education as defined by the state board of education, so we would have some concern about what they might approve as the curriculum,” Chapman said.

A couple points here.... first -- there is NO "age appropriate" sex education for a child in kindergarten! In kindergarten children shouldn't even be interested in the "you show me yours & I'll show you mine" game that kids play. In kindergarten the only thing kids should be worried about is having fun, learning basic skills and what time the "Wiggles" are on TV.
Second and most important... it is the parents job & up to the parents when they decide to teach their little Johnny & Susie's that the stork really doesn't bring babies.
My last argument would be.... the left is always screaming about separation of Church & State, so why would this not apply to Catholic schools? The answer is because in this case it goes against their agenda of trying to indoctrinate our children into their brown-shirted, goose-stepping, leftist, progressive and degenerate ways!


  1. ""teach comprehensive sex education as defined by the state board of education""

    And what exactly is this comprehensive sex education that is defined by the Iowa's BOE? Where is that outline? Are we still thinking of this classroom with the films rolling in 6th grade, boys in one room, girls in another? Of course that is not appropriate for a kindergartner, as well as extremely outdated for today's kids when it is age appropriate. Today's sex education goes way beyond that. Perhaps using the words "sex education" in Kindergarten needs to be changed to something people can understand better.

    ""there is NO "age appropriate" sex education for a child in kindergarten! In kindergarten children shouldn't even be interested in the "you show me yours & I'll show you mine" game that kids play.""

    But they are, and it needs to be addressed, by both parents and teachers.

    Point #1 Children, often before Kindergarten begin to have a natural curiosity about the opposite sex. But we as adults need to take the adult aspect out of it and to see it for what it is, curiosity. These children need to be taught that some things are private and it's not appropriate to be exposing/touching themselves/other's, for example. Again, taking the adult thinking out of this.

    Point #2 Children unfortunately do need to learn the adult thinking about natural touching and privacy because of molestation at a very young age...and many children have been saved because they did learn outside of their home, and they learned to speak up when someone was touching or hurting them or making them do sexual acts they should not have been exposed to and often by a close family member, Mommy/Daddy's friend, teacher/coach. But there are still too many children who are enduring sexual abuse today... and it all started because someone that they trusted said, "you show me yours and I'll show you mine"...and that "someone", was an adult.

    For the record, I have no political agenda one side or the other. This is strictly pointing out that our generation of sweeping these issues under the carpet is over. Today's children are much older than many parents think they are, and all school systems need to get with the times. As a care provider and educator of preschoolers for over 20 years, I have had to deal with these issues more times than I would have ever imagined, but it is what it is, and we cannot begin sweeping them under the carpets again, and leaving all of this up to the parents to address. We just can't.

  2. Beth.... thanks for your comments. I have to agree and disagree with you on this.

    6th grade health class -- LOL! I got kicked out for saying the little swimmers got to the egg by doing backstroke!

    First... any sex education for children at this age should be taught by the parents. But as you pointed out some parents are the ones molesting their children and/or are allowing/ignoring or not wanting to believe a relative is touching a child inappropriately. And then there are the parents that should not be allowed to breed.

    Because of this, I would agree with an "Awareness Program" for children where they are taught that nobody should be touching, feeling, rubbing, etc... their private parts and they should not be forced to touch anothers private parts.

    So yes, children need to be taught about perverts and that anybody touching them in the wrong way is bad and they should tell someone about it.

    Other than that... that's it.

    I think what you may not be looking at is usually in these "sex education" programs they teach kids it is OK to be gay and that they should explore these queer tendencies. Being in education, I am sure you are aware of how this is taking place in schools across the U.S.

    Have you heard about the school book of two gay penguins and their adopted penguin kid? I can go on and on about instances whee these sex education programs were created and pushed by GLAAD bag type groups.

    The indoctrination of these young children is and has been a plan of the progressives for a very long time.

    The one good thing I do see about the program is that parents can opt out for their children. My bigger issue is that Catholic Schools will be "forced" to adopt these rules. (yes, the pervert priests are a whole other matter).

  3. How can Catholic Schools be "forced" to teach this people? Honestly, they're not going to do it (even though they should educate kindergarteners about sex education, including sex victimization like those crazy Catholics committ). My parents (who are Catholic, and conservative [solely fiscially] taught me and my twin how our body parts worked, taught us proper names, rather than wee wee or vajajay. This sight radicalizes normative sexual health education.

  4. A couple of points of clarification. The Iowa Code calls for information that is deemed accurate through scientific research. This means if you can find an abstinence only until marriage program (AOUM) that meets this qualification (good luck, I'm sure you'll need it) then the schools are able to use it as long as it is age appropriate.
    Comprehensive sexual health education 9(CSE) includes more than what our adult minds think of when most of us think about sex ed. Part of it includes looking at what our culture has established as our gender roles. This includes the different views on what it means to be a man or woman through the various cultures. What a healthy man or woman looks like, not necessarily what we see in the media. Good CSE curricula teaches students self respect as well as respect of others for who they are. All said, CSE is curricula that includes information about growing up a healthy adult. Starting to teach this in kindergarten allows children the opportunity to grow up with a more positive self image.
    If you are concerned about religion, the Iowa Code specifically states that students do not need to participate if CSE conflicts with their religious views. You do not need to be concerned about the Catholic schools, they are able to continue teaching about AOUM as long as they can provide proof that the information they are providing to students is accurate.


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