Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Muslims in Norway stage Strike over Mohammad Depiction

It appears the Geitenneuker's are again going pig-shit crazy over another so-called "blasphemous" picture of their pedophile Prophet - Mohammad.

H/T Darth Dilbert from Return of the Conservatives Blog (via Gateway Pundit)....

Last week-end, almost a thousand taxi drivers in the Norwegian capital Oslo and neighboring municipality Bærum went on what could be called a religious strike. Both on Friday evening and Monday morning, Muslim taxi drivers refused to drive in protest against Wednesday’s front page of the Norwegian tabloid paper Dagbladet. That day, the tabloid ran an article about some of the “dangerous” pages the website of the Norwegian security service PST links to, and illustrated that with a screen shot of a cartoon showing the prophet Muhammad as a pig trampling the Qur’an…

You can read more about the geitenneuker's going ape crazy over Allah in Norway HERE.

The last cartoonist to scribble so-called naughty pictures of Mohammad, Danish Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard,
recently survived another attack
from an axe wielding Jihadikaze that broke in his home to kill him and his family.

Westergaard is the artist who drew the picture of Ole Mo' wearing a bomb-laden turban (a Turbomb) that was responsible for getting the jihadikaze's so worked up in 2008 that they burned Danish flags, torched Danish diplomatic offices in Damascus and Beirut, and caused dozens of deaths in Nigeria, Libya and Pakistan.

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