Monday, February 8, 2010

Jim Renacci: Jobs Creator, Really?

Jim Renacci is campaigning on his record of being a jobs creator. He consistently talks of his 27 years of business experience with 24 years in the nursing home industry and how he has created jobs. But what about his other business ventures, specifically the Arena Football League were he caused the loss of hundreds of jobs in various cities.

Jim Renacci claims he was only a minority owner in the Columbus Destroyers and a minor player in the restructuring of the Arena Football League (AFL). In fact, he was the leader of the AFL Board of Directors restructuring campaign and under his failed leadership, the league had to suspend the 2009 season and to date the 2010 season is effectively cancelled as well.

Mr. Renacci, lead a faction of owners that was disingenuous with their intentions concerning the league specifically, when it came to voting on whether or not to suspend the 2009season. When the first vote did not go their way, a second vote was demanded after Mr. Renacci and his cohorts convinced two other owners to change their votes thereby setting up a 75% threshold that would make future votes impossible to meet. These types of underhanded tactic as well as a centralized business model created by Mr. Renacci lead to the demise of the league.

In addition, many insiders to the process found Mr. Renacci’s lack of leadership to be a problem. Troubling as well is the concept of a centralized business model which is the anti-thesis of what people are looking for in a congressman currently. Is this centralized planning a model that he intends to bring to Washington, DC? One has to wonder because if so he will fit right in with the Democrats as this type of centralized planning is strangely reminiscent of President Obama’s agenda.

Voters of the 16th district need to decide if they want Jim Renacci who appears to be Obama light or a real conservative who actually listens to the people. You make the decision.

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