Sunday, June 28, 2009

Join the Tea Party Patriots at The Ohio State House Tomorrow!

From CTPP --

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

For Immediate Release

June 27, 2009

Contact: Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

Statewide Tea Party Patriot Action Alert

Saddle Up Tea Party Patriots we are taking a road trip! That's right - we are taking it to our legislators and going to Columbus to sit in on the House vote of HB 1 freshly out of conference committee.

After having only 2 last-minute public conference committee meetings, (the last one being tomorrow) and MANY private meetings to work out over 960 differences in the House & Senate version of HB 1 -- the House & Senate are preparing to vote on our budget.

This includes the latest gambling proposal by Gov. Strickland & an extensive lobbying effort to increase funding with money our state does not have!

We smell another Crap & Charade type passing of a bill!

Not only will we try to sit in on the vote, we will demand that the bill in its' entirety be read aloud. While we wait, we will go to the office of each member of the House & Senate asking if they read the whole bill and any amendments from the conference committee. We will let every member of the House & Senate know that, if there are ANY earmarks in the bill, we demand that they vote NO!
  • Place: State House
  • Date: Monday June 29, 2009
  • Time: 9:00am
  • Directions: South on I-71 until you smell the stench! (Or click here) There is public parking under the State House and many public lots in the immediate area.

We apologize for the short notice and inconvenience - but this is the way "they" operate. We need your support in taking this fight too them! We hope to see you there!

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

A non-partisan grass roots movement

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  1. You can bet unless they were part of the Conference Committee - most member of the OH House & Senate have not read this bill! This bill is our budget - that would be like ignoring your monthly bank statements!

    This bill will be passed just like the Crap & Trade bill did Friday night - we cannot afford to sit idly or quitely on the sidelines only left to complain later - WE MUST ACT NOW!

    With the passage of HB 1 we will be forced to eventually raise taxes to cover the expanded programs mandated by the Stimulus funds when they run out. The forcing of these Stimulus Funds on our state is a direct violation of our states rights.

    We must pack the room and let them know the Silent Majority is there and WE are watching and we will be silent no more!

    If you are interested in coming or can help with car pooling, and I hope you are as it is our future money they are spending, please leave a comment or email us.I only have a pick up truck so I would not be able to car pool with more than one or two people.

    For those unable to attend please contact House Speaker Armond Buddish & Senate President Bill Harris and urge them to have the complete bill read aloud and to vote no if any earmarks are included.


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