Monday, June 1, 2009

Mandel for Treasurer - Why?

It looks like Josh will be running for Treasurer...

From the PD --
After a spring spent laying the groundwork at Republican dinners, State Rep. Josh Mandel today announced his run for state treasurer.

The 31-year-old former Lyndhurst city councilman, who served a pair of combat tours in Iraq as a Marine, declared his statewide candidacy this morning in a Web video posted on More...

I like Josh, but I don't think this is a smart move at all. Unfortunately for some, just because I like someone - that does not mean I will agree with all that they do. That a candidate other than Josh cannot be found is somewhat surprising. I believe there are other good candidates out there and believe Josh should stay where he is at.


  1. How come you disagree with the decision?

  2. Hello Alo,

    First, like I said in the post - I like Josh. But, again like I said - because I like someone as a person - that does not mean they have earned my vote.

    On to your question...

    It is not that Josh has done anything wrong, or is not a good State Rep. it is more about -- Why?

    He has done his job - but what has he done to earn election to a higher office? What is it that will be gained by leaving his seat open and running for treasurer?

    I believe the party, but most importantly the people, will be better served if Josh stays as Rep. Having a large campaign chest does not earn or qualify a person to run for a higher office. Remember, even though Josh proudly served our country (and we cannot thank him enough for that)he was away for a time while he was in office too.

    The other issue is the Dems are running a virtual nobody. I have heard SOOOO much about the other good candidates we have around here... Debbie Sutherland, Luks, Butler - why doesn't the party encourage them to run? We were told how great of candidates they are when they ran for the county - why not promote them in a race when they (Dems) are running a no-named candidate. We have nothing to lose. What about Petro, I don't like him but I'm sure his batterheads would work hard for him to get back into office.

    Josh represents two communities in our school district. I would say most of them do not even know he is their State Rep.

    I'm sure Josh will work hard in his campaign and I wish him well - I just don't agree that this is best for the people.

    Not a good answer - but my gut feeling and how I feel.


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