Sunday, June 28, 2009

Premier Obamao: Killing us Softly with his Socialist Song

We are one step closer to heating our homes with sticks and like in the Flintsones - having a little monkey running on a conveyor belt for our electricity. The House, without even reading it, just passed an over-reaching, Ohio killing bill. The Crap & Charade bill that barely passed in the House will turn our country on its' heels and will figuratively speaking hold you upside down while they shake out the lint and what change is left in our pockets.
Hailing the House, President Obama put pressure on senators Saturday to follow its lead and pass legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions, helping usher the U.S. into a new age of energy efficiency.

"Now my call to every senator, as well as to every American, is this: We cannot be afraid of the future. And we must not be prisoners of the past," the president said in his weekly radio and Internet address. "Don't believe the misinformation out there that suggests there is somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth. It's just not true." (USA Today)
If one did not know the above statements were made by Premier Obamao, you could easily assume they came from his book club buddy Skipper Hugo from Venezuela or his fair weathered friend & apology seeking buddy - Iranian mad man Imachickenhead. But no, they came from the save the day sycophant who is quickly destroying our country.

They say actions speak louder than words; Don't believe we are flying head first down the slippery slope of becoming a "share the wealth" socialist society? One of the propaganda driven talking points used by Premier Obamao for the the Crap & Charade Bill was that it would "protect consumers from rising energy costs by giving rebates and credits to low-income households."

So we will be taxed more for our energy costs and forced to pay higher utility bills, this money will be used to fund fixing something yet proven to exist (Global Warming), and be used to pay for "others" unable to afford the cost increases. I'm all for decreasing our dependency on foreign sources of energy - but killing our economy and further depleting our work force is not the answer.

For me, it sounds as if we are getting screwed twice and not even getting a kiss on the back door bend over! Damn, we're not even getting a pat on the head or a " Ummph! Ahh! Thanks, I'm done, that was great. Now go get me a beer."

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