Friday, June 5, 2009

Health Care to be forced on Employers

The Senate Drunk, Ted Kennedy, is offering up his version of "guaranteed health insurance."
As noted below this is to coincide with the unleashing of Premier Obamao's plan to drive us one step closer to his socialist goals.

If you think what we are facing in this country today is scary... what government helath care will do to our country should have you leaving brown spots in your pants....
Employers would be required to offer health care to employees or pay a penalty — and all Americans would be guaranteed health insurance — under a draft bill circulated Friday by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's health committee.

The bill would provide subsidies to help poor people pay for care, guarantee patients the right to select any doctor they want and require everyone to purchase insurance, with exceptions for those who can't afford to.

Insurers would be supposed to offer a basic level of care and would be required to cover all comers, without turning people away because of pre-existing conditions or other reasons. Insurance companies' profits would be limited, and private companies would have to compete with a new public "affordable access" plan that would for the first time offer government-sponsored health care to Americans not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or other programs.

The bill language became public on the eve of the kickoff of a national campaign to rally support for health care legislation that's being orchestrated by Obama's campaign team. Thousands of community events are scheduled around the nation Saturday where tens of thousands of people are supposed to discuss health care issues with their neighbors and create a groundswell for congressional action. More...

American citizens will become like produce, the older you get and the more you shrivel up - the closer you will be to getting tossed away in the garbage. For those that still don't understand... when the government health care no longer deems you as a viable asset and you beomce more of a liabilty to health care costs - you will be refused health care and left to die. Pretty much the same way Ted the Drunk left Mary Jo Kopchne to die.

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