Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Many N/E Ohio Communities canceling Fireworks for July 4th

Many communities across N/E Ohio are canceling their 4th of July fireworks display due to the financial hardships they are facing. Facing declining tax receipts, lay offs, mandatory time off and cutting services to residents - it would be hard to dispute their thinking.

The City of Parma is the latest municipality canceling their firework displays for the 4th. I know Bedford is the other - and I know there are several more out there. Previously, in this situation you could count on a local business to step up and cover the fireworks display cost. But the business community is also facing tough times - so that has not been an option.

Being the day we celebrate the independence of our country - this is very disturbing, but a hard fact to argue - unless you're me.

For some time now we have been many civic leaders and elected officials talk about regionalization. Very often this conversation includes discussion about shared services ranging from fire departments down to almost sharing a square of toliet paper in port-a-johns. Talking about regionalizing is the topic most elected officials refer to when they want to sound "official -like." They hop on their soap box and talk about change that will revolutionize the area.

SO here is my question and something to make you think... why not fireworks? How come none of these brainiac, "care about our woes" politicians are discussing regionalizing fireworks?

Since they refuse to talk about regionalizing the one thing that should be regionalized - Cleveland Water Dept. - I am at a loss on why something as simple as fireworks is not being discussed. I believe if several communities would pool their resources - celebrating Independence Day with fireworks - would be something that could be put together in a fashion were it would be acceptable to the residents and would not create that much more of a financial hardship than they are already facing.

This post is not to slam them for being fiscally responsible - it is to highlight how most of the elected officials in this area are more talk than they are action. It is meant to highlight how they will say or do anything for a sound byte on TV or being mentioned in the PD - but when it comes time to do some out of the box thinking, or in this case - put their (our) money where their mouth is - they routinely fall flat. This shows it is much easier to talk than it is to do!

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