Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ohio Senate Smoke & Mirror Budget Bill

OK my fellow Ohioans, its' coming and no grease is being used. The Ohio Senate is expected to vote on their version of the upcoming budget. After passing a party line vote in the Senate Finance Committee, the Senate's smoke & mirrors crafted budget, while a little better than the House proposal - still has a lot to be desired. The Senate version of the budget, hospital bailouts included, is expected to pass with no problems.
After the Senate moves their version of the two-year state government spending document, a joint House-Senate conference committee will be named to hammer out the wide gulf separating the two chambers' spending plans this year. Complicating the conference committee's work are new revenue estimates for 2010 and 2011, which will arrive in June -- that could be at least $1 billion less than anticipated. (PD)

The true test will be how the projected revenues will match up with the proposed budget. In speaking with some of our State Senators - they do not expect these numbers to look good. In fact - they expect them to look terrible. With 10.2% unemployment, how could they not?

Tucked away in the budget bull is a provision for reforming government in Cuyahoga County. This would be on the ballot if passed and then if approved by the Cuyahoga County Kommissioners. It is nothing more than shuffling a deck of marked cards - but that is a post for later today.

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