Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton's Ex-Wife & Daughter Jailed over Traffic Stop

After flying into a rage and verbally attacking a pair of policemen because of a traffic stop for wreckless driving and road rage, Rev. Al Sharpton's ex-wife, Kathy Jordan, and his daughter, Dominique Sharpton were hauled into jail, ticketed and released

The road rage incident began around 7:30 p.m. on West 110th Street and Eighth Avenue as Dominique became frustrated as she drove behind the crawling police vehicle, the sources said. Sharpton honked her horn and tailgated the vehicle from the NYPD’s Housing Bureau before finally losing her cool.

She furiously swerved across the double yellow line and sped through a red light to get past the cop car.

The officers pulled her over, and both she and her mother became belligerent and argumentative, the sources said.

They were both slapped in handcuffs and thrown in the cruiser.

Obviously these officers did not see the "We are related to the race-baiting Rev. Sharpton" bumper sticker on the back their car.

Will they pay the fines and accept that they were wrong? Please.... not a chance!

You really didn't think anyone related to Rev. Al would accept responsibility for their actions. Did you?

You must be blind and cannot see the obvious injustice and racism in this traffic stop. The women were in a hurry and were stopped, which is an injustice by violating their civil rights and the tires on the car were black, which just screams of racism and racial profiling by the officers.

An attorney for Al Sharpton said called the arrests and desk appearance tickets "highly questionable and unusual," and said the civil-rights leader would look into the case.

"How what was apparently a minor traffic dispute ended up with two arrests with desk appearance tickets is highly questionable and unusual. We will pursue all answers in this matter," said the attorney, Michael A. Hardy.

"Reverend Sharpton has been made aware of the details of the matter and will aggressively support his daughter and her mother, despite their announced change of marital status in 2003. He has instructed his attorneys to seek answers and justice in this matter."
(NY Post)

President Obama is expected to have a press conference about these policeman "acting stupidly" and use this as another "teachable moment" for a beer blast on the Red Shed lawn.

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