Saturday, November 28, 2009

Girlieman of the Week Award: Sushi Slammer ‘Herbivores’

Girliemen of the Week

Date Awarded: November 27, 2009

Girliemen: Sushi Slammer ‘Herbivores’
Antics: Self-Induced Virtual Castration

What exactly is a Sushi Slammer ‘Herbivore’? What indeed? An NPR rant shares these PIG-worthy particulars:

In Tokyo on the weekends, the trendy area of Harajuku is a melting pot of urban tribes: Lolita goths bat their fake eyelashes, while the punks glower. Away from the strutting are the retiring wallflowers, a quiet army of sweet young men with floppy hair and skinny jeans. These young men are becoming known as Japan's "herbivores" — from the Japanese phrase for "grass-eating boys" — guys who are heterosexual but who say they aren't really interested in matters of the flesh.

They are drawn to a quieter, less competitive life, focusing on family and friends — and eschewing the macho ways of the traditional Japanese male. They include men such as Yukihiro Yoshida, a 20-something economics student, who is a self-confessed herbivore. "I don't take initiative with women, I don't talk to them," he says, blushing. "I'd welcome it if a girl talked to me, but I never take the first step myself."

Multiple recent surveys suggest that about 60 percent of young Japanese men — in their 20s and early 30s — identify themselves as herbivores. Their Sex and the City is a television show called Otomen, or Girly Guys. (NPR)

Herbivores are, of their own volition, mired in a ‘girls are icky’ stage of adolescence. Unwilling to get horizontal and squishy, their psychological self-castration allows their nads to wither on the, uh, vine. In and of itself, that doesn’t qualify them for this award, but, their steadfast devotion to a boob tube show named ‘Girlie Guys’, seals the deal, for Yukihiro Yoshida and his grass munching cohorts. Congratulations Eunuchs, you’re the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girliemen of the Week.

I think these on the fence herdivore homo's are gay and just don't know it yet! Then instead of being known as "grass-eating boys" they will be known as "ass-eating boys" or "stick munchers."

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