Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ohio ranked #4 in "Business Climate"

After reading this I checked the calendar to make sure it was not April 1st...
Site Selection magazine has ranked Ohio No. 4 on its list of the “top ten business climates” in 2009, an improvement of three spots from last year, the magazine said Monday, Nov. 2.

Also in March, the state received from the magazine its third consecutive “Governor’s Cup award,” its fourth in six years of the magazine’s competition.

“The ranking does not say the economy is wonderful,” said Mark Arend, editor-in-chief for Site Selection magazine. Instead, the ranking gauges the costs of business expansions, the level of bureaucratic “red tape” and taxation, he said.
(Springfield News)

Even more jaw-dropping is our "Smart as a Goose" Governor's remarks...
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland said the ranking didn’t surprise him.

“In spite of this economy, we have really focused on trying to make Ohio an attractive place for investment,” Strickland said. “Quite frankly, that’s why I fought as hard as I could with this budget to keep from raising taxes.”

It is not often that I am speechless!


  1. I saw our governor bragging about this on Facebook, so I read the article. Apparently they base this rating solely on post-secondary education. I promptly responded to our governor with some questions:

    1. Why is it that so many Ohioans aren't going to these post-secondary institutions, and people from out of state are going instead?

    2. How good of an indicator of our business climate is this, when so many gratuates of our post-secondary institutions are forced to go out of state to find a job?

    Doesn't the basis for my second question contradict our governor's "common knowledge" that promoting education creates jobs?

  2. yes it does.

    Better yet, in the OH House, there are bills sitting stagnant in the Economic Development Committee that would give tax breaks for OH students getting degrees and staying in OH.

    If all of us could only be smart as a goose like our Governor....


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