Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tea Party Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration in Painesville

In an effort to stop giving illegal border jumpers already in the country a free pass, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) are sponsoring Tea Party's Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration in locations across the U.S. on Nov. 14th.

While I could not even begin to think of how many zero's would be in the figure, the cost of Illegal Immigrants in this country must be staggering. The problem is so bad that some states are unable to even determine the total costs they are incurring for illegal immigrants

Now they want to give them a free pass and welcome the rest of their relatives in our country!

The health care cost for illegal immigrants is already costing us over $1 Billion a year... if not more! And now, regardless of what "some people" may claim, the illegal border-jumpers are being offered back door health care coverage in the House version of the bill...
“This will likely increase the number of illegal immigrants… because it eliminates the current document verification to demonstrate that you are entitled to accept the benefits of the program…." (Sen. Jon Kyl / R-AZ)
If that doesn't have you thrilled spitless enough, by Congress allowing illegal immigrants to be counted in the Census, they will be allowing them to influence the representation of LEGAL Americans and how your tax dollars will be spent.

So "Say it ain't so" Skippy are you a happy camper yet? Come support the the Tea Party Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration being hosted on Nov. 14th by the Grass Roots Rally Team of Ohio at one of the front lines in Ohio's battle with illegal immigration - Painesville City Square....

  • What: Tea Party Against Amnesty for Illegal Immigration
  • When: Saturday November 14, 2009
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Where: Painesville City Square
For more information email The Grassroots Rally Team of Ohio at:, or go to the website at


  1. Using references to "Taco Sauce" and "Burro-riding" is not a mature leadership based way to tackle this issue. You provided the opposition a reason to label you and Tea Party attendees "racists". It would be like dealing with an issue in the inner city that involves black people and using terms like "wipe that watermelon from your chin". This issue needs leaders with vision and compassion who can reach out to those who are here illegaly. Come on Man

  2. Hey 9:39 PM, what part of Illegal don't you understand?? Compassion, Compassion, always with emotions. You need to look at how many U.S. citizens have been killed by Illegal aliens. Where is the compassion for their families? Lawbreakers should not be rewarded! This so called Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Amnesty, which states it's ok to ignote our laws!Deport all Illeagl Aliens and they can then get in line and wait like all the other law abiding immigrants do!


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