Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yost secures Butler County GOP Endorsement for OH Attorney General

The GOP primary for OH Attorney General is shaping up to be very interesting. Not because we have two good candidates (Duh - this is OH), but because we finally have some new blood that can truly be considered a conservative -- Dave Yost, running against a career politician -- Mike DeWine, who can probably spell the word "conservative" but is missing over half the pages in his "Conservatism for Dummies" book.

Yes, this would be the same Brady Bill supporting, gun hating Mike DeWine that was soundly spanked at the polls by the now Senator Sherrod Brown.

Why is this race interesting? Because the ORP wants to do business as usual and give the state party endorsement to Little Mikey DeWine, who is related to ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine, because they know he will do as they say. But things are now quite working out that way.

Yost, who has the support of 70% of the Republican county prosecutors in OH, just landed another gem of endorsement that can be politically equated to peeing in Mikey's bowl of cereal...

From Right OH --
Defeats Mike DeWine for Butler County Endorsement, calls victory a “game-changer”

(Hamilton) Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost last night secured the endorsement for Ohio Attorney General from the Butler County Republican Central and Executive Committee, defeating former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine. Butler County is the seventh largest county in Ohio boasts one of the state’s strongest GOP bases.

“This is an enormous win for our campaign – but it’s even more important as a signal of a fresh start for Ohio,” Yost said. “I’m humbled and encouraged by this vote of confidence as a signal of the desire among voters for a new generation of leadership.”

Butler County, a Republican stronghold among Ohio’s 88 counties, is crucial for any candidate seeking statewide office. The Party endorsement requires a supermajority of 60%. Yost won with 68%.

So will the Ohio GOP respect the will & wishes of their rank & file members and all the newly awakened conservative voters or will they continue their business as usual by endorsing a anti-2nd Amendment candidate in Mike DeWine and "Scozzafava" the voters in OH?


  1. Interesting - I had not heard about the ORP endorsing Mike Dewine there has been so little coverage about it.

  2. The ORP has'nt endorsed Mike DeWine. But it is killing them that they can't just give it to him. They thought about doing it at the 9/11 endorsement meeting but they knew they would catch hell. Yost being a true conservative is not making this easy for them. The above endorsement makes it even harder for them.


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