Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Health Care Protesters Arrested at Pelosi's Office

I bet after reading the title for this post your initial thoughts were Tea Party or 9.12 members were the ones arrested at House Babbler Ninny Pelosi's office - huh?

Nope... it was some of her own left-wing progressive korrectnik's that had to be removed from her office. I'm wondering if this will get them listed on DHS Minister Janet Totalitano's extremist watch list....

From CBS 5 --
About a dozen people were arrested Tuesday afternoon after refusing to leave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office on Seventh Street in San Francisco, the protesters and a Pelosi spokesman said.

The group had gathered to demand that Pelosi make a bigger push in Congress for single-payer health care, said Michael Lyon, a member of the Gray Panthers who participated.

Lyon said a few protesters were allowed to speak briefly with a Pelosi staffer Tuesday afternoon. At some point they were asked to leave and refused.

About 12 members of the group were arrested around 2:30 p.m. by the Federal Protective Service, which provides security at the building, Hammill said.

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