Monday, May 18, 2009

Cost Of Illegal Immigration being studied in KY

If we had a financial crisis, problems with high cost of healthcare/insurance, high unemployment, or were wasting money on education -- the below could be considered a big problem.

From ALIPAC --
A report approved by a state legislative committee Thursday shows the overall cost of illegal immigration on state and local governments is indeterminable, although it makes a couple recommendations on how some costs can be reduced.

Kentucky school districts spent an estimated $25 million educating illegal immigrants in 2007-2008, the report said, while an estimated $1.7 million to $2.8 million was spent incarcerating unauthorized immigrants in Kentucky jails and prisons in 2008. More...

But since everyone is working, healthcare insurance is dirt cheap, financial institutions are on stable ground and the brown shirts running our educational facilities are doing a fantastic job - don't be alarmed. Stay on the couch and continue watching American Idol - everything is going great!

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