Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Iraqi Terror Groups form Coalition

Iraqi terror organizations have teamed up and formed a coalition - Reform and Jihad movement.

This coalition includes terror groups - The Islamic Army, The Army of Mujahidin, 1920 Revolution Brigades, Mohammed al-Fatih Brigades, The Supporters of Sunni, and the Salafist group for Missionary Action and Fighting.

Some portray this as a sign of future stability for Iraq when the U.S. troops leave, I find that very hard to believe.....

Abu Anas, a member of the political bureau of Hamas of Iraq, an armed group opposed to the presence of US troops in Iraq, told Al Jazeera that Iraq's armed groups believe a US withdrawal is imminent.

"From a military point of view, forming bigger groups means a bigger number of fighters, better logistics, and more weapons." - Munthir Suleiman, military analyst.

Anas said: "We are looking forward to the fall of the [Nuri] al-Maliki government, and the US withdrawal. We know it is coming, but I cannot predict when and how.

"We do not acknowledge the political process in Iraq and believe it is illegal as long as foreign troops are on Iraq's national soil. We believe that most Iraqis see those troops as occupation troops and want them out of Iraq." More.....

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