Friday, October 12, 2007

Rocky River Councilman Steals Opponents Yard Sign's

Rocky River Ward 1 Councilman Thomas "Who Me?" Hunt has been caught red handed stealing opponent Joe Kotach's yard signs.

Being at the RPCC meeting in which endorsements were given, Hunt's behavior in stealing signs does not surprise me. Come on, if you are willing to steal the RPCC endorsement, what the hell is snatching a few signs.

It is standard operating procedure that the scanning committee endorsement selection remains secret until they are read aloud at the RPCC endorsement meeting.

Many scanning committee members were very upset and felt betrayed that somehow Mr. Hunt was prematurely notified that for his race a dual endorsement for him and Mr. Kotach would be given. Many believe, and it would be hard to dispute, that a little bird wearing a Hawaiian shirt may have "chirped" this information to his friend Hunt.

The other oversight by the RPCC is how they conveniently forgot to list Mr. Kotach on the scanning committee selection sheet of endorsements handed out to RPCC members at the meeting. This was the only race in which both candidates were NOT listed on the selection sheet.

Confirming this "oversight" was that at our last meeting in which more area endorsements were handed out, the selection sheet had all candidates listed. Again not the case in the Kotach/Hunt Rocky River Ward 1 race.

Through slight of hand and Chinese math to count the votes for the motion to only endorse Hunt, the theft of the party endorsement was complete.

Obviously thinking stealing the endorsement was not enough to be elected to the council seat he was appointed too, Hunt is slinking down to the level of stealing yard signs. While taking the time to teach Hunt the sleazier side of politics, the RPCC forgot to tell Mr. Hunt - Sign's don't vote!
After speaking with the residents, Kotoch said he learned that Hunt, 37, and his wife, Tammy, had taken the signs claiming Kotoch did not have authorization to place them in the yards. Hunt denies this claim, saying there was miscommunication about who could remove the signs.

Kotoch said after meeting with residents, he spotted Hunt driving through the ward in a navy minivan. He approached the vehicle and spotted his yard signs, "damaged beyond repair," in the back seat.
Councilman Thomas "Who Me?" Hunt spittled to police it was a misunderstanding! Yeah right! I guess the same guys that counted the phantom votes in the endorsement put the ripped up kotach signs in the back of Hunt's van. That's almost as bad and believable as Clinton denying he had sex with Moose Lewinsky after her "stained" blue dress showed up!
"Miscommunication happens when one resident or spouse approves a yard sign and another doesn't know about it or wants it taken away," Hunt said. "I've spoken with both homeowners and Mr. Kotoch and we've agreed it was a misunderstanding. A number of people had called my home and asked my supporters to remove the signs. Joe and I have talked about it and have come to amicable understanding."

Hunt said it was never his intent to steal the yard signs.
Never his intent to steal yard signs? That sounds a lot like the Sen. Craig bathroom defense! I never intended to be a bathroom perv.... it just happened!


  1. what hogwash! these juvenile tactics are usually more prevalent in the democratic circles. perennial judicial candidate suzanne sweeney and her band of merry men (or are they phags?) are notorious for it.

  2. These juvenile tactics have now cost Councilman Hunt my vote. I have removed his sign from my yard.

    His sign is now "damaged beyond repair," and in my trash!

    Go Joe!

  3. For the Love of God...has this what it has come down to; stealing signs?

    What a jackass. I hope Rocky River has better judgement when the election comes around.

  4. Weazel - and you would think other party members would expect better behavior from republican candidates!

    Quite honestly, for doing this I believe Hunt should lose the endorsement. He should be ashamed!

  5. speaking of chinese favorite part of the last convention was voting on the platform. More speifically, when the voice vote for one of the first two planks was conducted the Chairman decided that "nays" had for NOT removing the plank. After a loud grumble he was forced to take a vote for cards. After the cards were counted..."guess what?" The yays took the plank out of the so-called platform.

    Cleveland 13-G RPCCman helped take the plank out!

  6. steal the middle leg of my sign!

  7. I went to school with Hunt and integrity was never one of his strong suits, so I do not find these actions shocking.

    You could say anyone who knew Hunt would only expect it!

  8. These are all lies. Joe Kotoch is deceiving you all. I know Joe and his mother who are running the smear campaign on Tom. I am anonymous because I know both families quite well. It is sad that it has turned into this bogus campaign.

  9. Ok - let's do this.... forget about the sign issue.

    So you want us to believe it was Kotoch and his Mom that MADE Hunt mislead people about his role with the City of Highland Hts.

    Damn, I am so stupid!


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