Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Drunk Father Loses Baby in Field

If anybody ever deserved a beating from the police, it would be this drunk idiot...
A Cleveland man told police that his 5-month-old son must have bounced out of his stroller while the two were crossing a field in the 1600 block of East 85th Street.

"He said he hit a bump and the baby must have bounced out of the stroller," Lt. Thomas Stacho said.

A woman thought she heard a cat crying at 4:30 a.m. and investigated. She found the baby and called police. The baby was taken to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. "He's fine," Stacho said.

The father realized the baby was not in the house and began looking for him. He walked across the field again and met up with the woman who had found his son. She called police again, telling them she had located the baby's father.
The good news is the baby is OK and Child Services has custody of the child. The bad news is this guy is still the father!

The baby was visiting with the father, the mother is the custodial parent. One also has to question why the mother would leave her baby with a guy that obviously was not fit to be caring for a child. The prosecutors office will review this no brainer of a case and decide if the drunk idiot should be charged with child endangering.

Not only should he be charged with Child Endangering but he should lose ALL unsupervised visitation rights. For those that will want to defend his parental rights - in my opinion he forfeited the right to be a parent.

The women found the baby around 4:30am. The father states - after he returned home he realized the baby was gone, then he went to look for him.... Officers state he was highly intoxicated.

Repossessing in this area for many many years, I can attest at this time in the morning, his walk was not a leisurely stroll to quiet junior down. From past experiences, it is not uncommon for crackheads to sell their kids for a few rocks! There is NO question in my mind this drunk crackhead was out looking for some rock, weed, etc....

SO..... the father took a 5 month old baby out in the wee hours of the morning and was so drunk he did not know the baby fell out.

If I were a Police Officer, the interview would go something like this....

First, why were you drunk when you were watching your son? As he answered I would slap him and tell him, "SHUT UP, before you get another one!"

Next question - Why did you have a 5 month old out at 4:00am? Again, as he answered I would slap him and tell him, "SHUT UP, before you get another one!"

With the Yellow Pages sitting on the table, I would ask the next question...... How in the hell did you not know you lost your son until you got home? Yep, as the idiot answered this question I would just wind up and blast him in the side of the head with the Yellow Pages (leaves no marks) knocking him across the room.

Brutality & Abuse? No, a good shot of reality! Any idiot that thinks they could have a good answer for any of these questions needs a slap back to reality and is not fit to be a parent!

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  1. You should be ashamed! What type of person would condone police brutality?

    Although this man MAY be wrong, violating his rights is also wrong!

    If this is true, we need to help this guy understand his mistake and teach him to be a better parent, NOT beat him as you suggest.


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