Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Iran now arresting - DOGS!

For all my readers that pant, have a bad habit of scratching and/or licking themselves in public, have the disgusting habit of sniffing others private parts, like your belly rubbed and are considered mans best friend - unless you can sniff out drugs, bombs & earthquake victims or are considered a good at hunting or guarding stuff - Don't go to Iran - you will get arrested!

If your owner takes you for a walk and you are a DOG, they will throw your little face lickin', tail waggin' butt in the prison they created for you.

Yep, Iran outlawed dog walking last year for being unIslamic. They feel this culture of keeping dogs as pets is "Morally Depraved & Western Inspired." This crime must have been rampant so now they are cracking down.....
Short-legged dogs are viewed with particular suspicion, as if they were political dissidents. Cats, renowned for their cleanliness, can, however, roam the country unpersecuted. Keeping dogs is becoming more popular, particularly in fashionable north Tehran, where pet parlours are doing brisk business.

One young woman complained to Radio Farda, a Farsi-language station, that her puppy had been detained for 48 hours for "walking in public" - before it was released on bail. Dog-lovers tend to keep a low profile, taking Fifi and Spot out after dark or driving them to the mountains north of Tehran for walkies away from the attentions of the authorities. More...
Let's see..... Dogs are offensive to Islam, but dildos & sex toys at the Last Supper should not be considered offensive to Christianity. Interesting!

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