Thursday, October 11, 2007

College Suspends Student for Questioning Gun Ban

A college student in St. Paul, Minn. has been suspended for challenging Hamline University officials on the school's ban on concealed weapons. Officials have stipulated that the student, Troy Scheffler, must have a mental health exam before he is allowed to resume his studies.

Scheffler exchanged several emails with university officials stating his views on the campus ban of concealed weapons and pointed out the VA Tech shooting may have been stopped had students been allowed to legally arm themselves. Officials deemed these emails as threatening and in violation of the school's judicial codes. Here is a partial text of one of the emails.....

"Considering this university also pushes 'diversity' initiatives like VA Tech, maybe its 'leadership' will reconsider its ban on conceal carry law abiding gun owners.... Ironically, according to a few VA Tech forums, there are plenty of students complaining that this wouldnt (sic) have happened if the school wouldnt (sic) have banned their permits a few months ago…," Sheffler wrote.

"I just dont (sic) understand why leftists dont (sic) understand that criminals dont (sic) care about laws; that is [why] they're criminals…," he said.

"Considering that accoriding (sic) to the university president that there were recently serious 'hate crimes' that were committed in the womens bathrooms; there may be people on the edge ready to snap. I cant (sic) say I blame them, I myself am tired of having to pay my own extremely overpriced tuition to make up for minorities not paying theirs," he said. More....

I am a strong supporter of our "right to keep and bear arms," but I do not believe firearms should be allowed in schools. But, in light of the recent trend of shooting's at colleges, there should be an avenue for students to legally carry firearms to defend themselves.

I would believe carrying a firearm at a college would be a privledge and not a right. Meaning any student wishing to be armed must complete firearm training course approved by the school, the students MUST register and have a school issued CCW permit over and above any state laws.

Furthermore, professors would be notified of which students in their class had CCW permits. I also believe there should be a no-tolerance policy. If a school issued CCW permit holder violates any policies, he immediately forfiets his permit.

Some from each side - pro-gun and/or anti-gun - may not agree with my position. The pro-gun guys need to realize the "we" know legal guns and permit holders are not the problem. The restrictions at colleges would not be an infringement on our rights. Let the restrictions be put in place - most legal gun owners are responsible owners and would not violate any of their rules.

For the anti-gun nuts - your rules are not working! People are getting shot like fish in a barrel and have no way of protecting themselves. When you see a rampaging gunmen get his head splattered by a legal gun toting CCW permit holder - you can thank him!

Thank him? Yes - I am sure you would rather have the police take your statement than be filling out a toe tag for you!

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  1. Just curious. Do you have any examples of a "legal gun toting CCW permit holder" stopping a rampaging gunmen?


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