Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pregnant Mom Shoots Self & Kills Baby

Let's hope this does not turn into another travesty of justice as the Baby Killing Asst. Principal, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby did.

A pregnant Elyria women, who after arguing with her boyfriend at a bar, shot herself in the stomach. The baby was born three days later, lived a couple hours and died. Dr. Frank Miller of the Cuyahoga County Coroner Office, who performed the autopsy, has ruled the babies death a homocide.

The Elyria Police Dept. is still continuing their investigation, but Miller has stated murder charges may not be applicable comparing the shooting to having an abortion.

Miller should get Tasered by the Elyria PD for making such an ignorant statement of unqualified opinion to the media. Any person in the medical field that would consider this a legal form of abortion - should have been aborted in such a manner!

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice I find it hard anyone would agree with such a statement. We can only hope the Elyria PD pushes to have this monster charged with Aggravated Murder with Death Penalty specifications.

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