Sunday, October 7, 2007

Police Officer Suit against Ohio Senator allowed to Proceed

State Senator Shirley Smith (D-10) will have to answer for remarks that fueled racial tensions in Cleveland over the shooting of Brandon McCloud in Sept. 2005.

McCloud was 15 and a suspect in several robberies of eastside pizza deliverymen at knife point. While serving a warrant for him at his grandparents home, Detectives Philip Habeeb and John Kraynik located the suspect in his bedroom closet brandishing a knife. Refusing to cooperate and threatening Habeeb & Kraynick with the knife, McCloud was shot 10 times during the ensuing scuffle.

There were several police shootings in 2005, but this one took a life of its' own. Much to the dismay of relatives and activists, preliminary investigations of the shooting ruled it justifiable.

Stoking racial tension that were already near the boiling point, the NAACP wanted a public lynching of the officers, some people were calling it murder and with her election around the corner, Campbell tried to steer clear of the incident.

Though trying to steer clear, Campbell's administration also tried to railroad these officers, by originally having a poltical hack in the CPD investigate the case.

Not missing a beat and adding fuel to the racial tension was State Senator Shirley Smith (D-10). Smith delivered a letter to city officials that she will now need to answer for....

The first sentence reads: "A search warrant is not an execution warrant!"

The letter calls the officers "malicious accurate sharpshooters" and "two death merchants" who turned McCloud's bedroom into an "execution chamber." She suggested the officers be sentenced to life in prison.

An Ohio Court has ruled Smith, even though the letter was written on Statehouse letterhead, was NOT acting in her official capacity. Thus she is not immune from civil action and the lawsuit filed by the detectives against her can proceed.

A politician being held accountable for their words.... this has to be a first!


  1. I don't care how many times I read this ~ it always makes me SMILE!

    From your lips to God's ears, King.

  2. i hope these brave men win a large settlement from this race-baiting, unscrupulous senator. time for the hyjinx of her and others to be addressed. it's been a long time coming for something like this to happen.

  3. It seems everybody wants to always second guess the police.

    Instead of questioning the police, people should be asking - Why would this kid threaten police with a knife?

    Go to show you don't bring a knife to a gun fight!

  4. Not to nit-pick but Sen. Shirley Smith is a State Senator in 21...just a point a fact.

    Anyhow...I spoke to her for nearly twenty minutes about an issue in our district. She promised to fully research the issue and get back to me...think i ever heard back?


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