Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Old Glory Banned at GOP Forum

How's this for a kick in the teeth! In our own country our Flag can be banned because some may find it offensive! Who would do something like this? Only the Korrectnik educators trying to create a culture of liberalism in our country.

The Korrectnik's at Morgan State University in Maryland hosted the "All-American Presidential Forum" for GOP Presidential candidates. Even after Rep. Duncan Hunter of California who was participating in the event requested one be on stage, university officials said - NO!

I am sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong but.... Morgan State, being a state university, gets money from the State of Maryland and the federal government. If is this is true, I believe they should lose all state & federal funding.

And how does our President feel about this?
The president of the United States' press secretary said, "It's up to the college" if they want to ban the flag of the United States from a debate featuring candidates for the presidency of the United States.
I believe presidential candidates of both parties should refuse to participate in ANY event that does not proudly display our Flag!

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