Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baucus' Health Care Bill Bogged Down with 564 Amendments

This pretty much shows the Democrats do not know if they are coming or going with their push for socialized Health Care. With all these proposed amendments, if the Tea Party Patriots & Town Hallers keep it up -- it very well may be going. And that is a good thing!

From Health Care Horserace

The release of Senate Finance Committee chairman Max BaucusAmerica’s Healthy Future Act of 2009 was supposed to put the health care reform debate on the fast track as the White House and Congressional Democrats scramble to have at least a Senate bill in place by October 15th - the deadline for Harry Reid’s nuclear option of budget reconciliation. Instead a whopping 564 amendments to the bill have been filed ahead of the Finance Committee’s mark-up session which is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.

While there is little chance the Baucus bill will come out of mark-up looking anything like the one he introduced last week, the question on the minds of most following the debate is which direction the mark-up will take the bill in. Will the resultant bill actually resemble the bipartisan approach President Obama has claimed to desire? Or, will the amendment process move the bill in the direction of the House bills which include a public option as the centerpiece of health care reform?

The amendments run the gamut and represent just how deeply divided Democrats are within their own party - More...

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