Friday, September 25, 2009

Left Comparing legal Irish Immigrants with Border-Jumping Illegal Mexican Immigrants

As we get closer to the fight against amnesty for illegal immigrants it appears the open border lovers in this country will stop at nothing. We have already witnessed the Ruler of the Red Shed, President Paco, lie on national TV about illegal immigrants getting coverage under the proposed socialized Health Care reforms.

Now we see the left selling out Irish immigrants by trying to portray illegal immigrants the same as legal immigrants....
Congressman Luis Gutierrez is to introduce an immigration reform bill in the House of Representatives sometime in the next few weeks.

The announcement was immediately welcomed by Sheila Gleeson, executive director of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers.

The estimated 50,000 Irish immigrants, who followed in the footsteps of their families, friends and neighbors across the Atlantic, have been living in the shadows for too long" said Boston-based Gleeson.

"It is time to fix our immigration system to allow contributing, taxpaying immigrants an opportunity to contribute fully to the country that they have come to call home," she said. (ALIPAC)

Of course we all know our country was built on the backs of hard working immigrants who came to this country for nothing more than a better life and opportunity for themself and their children. These immigrants came over and while protecting their heritage, they assimilated into our society, abided by our laws and cherished their new home.

These legal immigrants asked for nothing! Unlike the illegal immigrants destroying our country today they did not demand signs be put up in their native language, they did not ask for special priveleges and they were ashamed to take handouts. Again, unlike the illegal immigrants of today, they worked hard, many were treated like dirt even though they contributed to society. The only thing important for many of these immigrants was that one day they would be an American citizen.

And then we have the burden of the burro riding banditos south of the border who care a less about our laws or becoming American...

One in three Mexicans would migrate to the United States if they had the chance, and many would go illegally at a time of rising drug violence in Mexico, a survey released on Wednesday showed.

The survey by the Pew Research Center, a Washington-based public opinion research organization, found that 57 percent of Mexicans believe those who move from Mexico to the United States enjoy a better life.

Around 11.9 million illegal immigrants, mostly Hispanic, live and work in the United States, including millions of Mexicans. Americans are divided about how to handle them. (ALIPAC)

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