Saturday, September 26, 2009

East Cleveland Mayor does NOT deny he is a Cross-Dresser!

It turns out the Mayor of East Cleveland, Eric Brewer, who's flaming tongue is always ready to spew fire at any of those that go against him - may actually be a 'flamer' himself and might want to think about changing his name to Erica....

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer is speaking out about pictures on the Internet possibly showing him wearing women's clothing.

The pictures were reportedly taken from Brewer's personal computer.

In a statement released Thursday, Brewer did not say if the pictures are real, but he did apologize to the people of East Cleveland for what he calls his opponent's campaign tactics.

Brewer's opponent, East Cleveland Council President Gary Norton Jr. said he's known about the pictures for several years but he doesn't know who put them out there.

"I hate that this issue came up in this campaign," said Norton. "I did not want to make this a circus. We run a clean, above board campaign. We intended to do that all the way through. We never would have put anything out like this. I don't want to make it an issue. East Cleveland deserves much better than this."

I would say since he did not deny it, didn't claim it was for Halloween, or claim he was just joking (even though 'real' guys don't joke around by dressing up as a girl) - that he is a dress-donning fruitcake must be true.

In other interviews, Mayor Erica also refused to deny the pics were of him. Many also claim that Mayor Erica's cross-dressing has been a long known secret. I guess now that his closet is open for the world to see -- Mayor Erica is not denying it but apologizing for it.

Rumor has it that if Mayor Erica wins the election this Tuesday he will be offering his swishy-hipped strutting self to lead the parade for the Gay Olympics that might be coming to Cleveland.

You go girl!


  1. Wow! I guess your idea of a 'real' guy is to be one who is homophobic.

  2. Madrigal Moron thanks for commenting.

    No I don't think a 'real' guy has to be homphobic. But most 'real' men do not prance around wearing womens clothes like a cross-dressing him, her, him/her or it queer.

    If Eric was supposed to be Erica -- God wouldn't have given him a kick stand!


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