Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Cleveland Dream Will Be Funded By Tax Dollars

We are just so lucky here in Cuyahoga County!


Because the institution of integrity shown by our Democrat leadership, the eagle-eyed watchdog's in the local GOP and utterly awesome business leaders of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, this area is just a thriving metropolis with people stepping over each other too get here. And as we all know -- unemployment in this area and across the state is almost non-existent!

We all remember the Med Mart that turned this area, as promised, into a Medical Mecca. As the thousands of doctors and health care executives fill our area hotel rooms injecting untold amounts of dollars into our billowing local and state economy -- once again, by using our tax dollars we will be blessed by these brain trusts and they will recreate the faltering Flats.

From the PD --
Buildings could start rising early next year on the east bank of the Flats, the result of $54 million in new public loans and grants being assembled to get the stalled development moving again.

The city and statefunding, announced Tuesday, will smooth the road toward construction of a slimmed-down, $270 million first phase of the Flats East Bank project - including an office building to house accounting firm Ernst & Young and law firm Tucker Ellis & West.

Plans for the first portion of the project also include a hotel, stores, restaurants, a health club and 14 acres of public parks and green space. All of that could be finished by spring 2012.

The news provides a life raft for the Flats East Bank development, (Continue)

With State & Local coffers overflowing and our elected state-wide officials having "Skip the Silver Dollar across the Scioto River" contests every Saturday in Columbus -- what better way can there be of spending these unneeded tax dollars.

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