Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liar, Liar, Your Health Care Plan is on Fire!

Since when is telling the truth a bad thing? Since when is standing firm and exposing a liar a bad thing?

Had Rep. Joe Wilson NOT spoken out when he did, at what I believe was a PERFECT time and could be considered 'firing for effect', do you think the exposure of these lies would have gotten the same coverage from the MSM?

From SCF --

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) was right. The President was being dishonest when he said the House health care bill does not providing benefits to illegal immigrants. It does.

  1. According to the Congressional Research Service, HR 3200 "does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens participating." The system would essentially operate on an honor system by illegal immigrants.

  2. HR 3200 provides State Medicaid agencies with the ability to set eligibility standards for the low income subsidies. Since States are given a 100% federal match, there is nothing to discourage them from setting loose standards that allow illegal immigrants to be enrolled in the program.

  3. With the help of the National Council of La Raza, House Democrats defeated two amendments offered to HR 3200 that would have added explicit taxpayer protections to stop benefits from going to illegal immigrants.

  4. Senate Democrats promised Friday to include NEW citizenship verification requirements in their health care bill, proving that Joe Wilson was right about giant loophole in the House bill.
Although he waivered at first by contacting the Ruler of the Red Shed, President Pinocchio, giv, Rep. Wilson put his big girl panties on and stated today that he will not apologize a second time for speaking the truth.

Good for Rep Wilson!

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