Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sen. George Voinovich Wins Golden RINO Award -- Again!

It's almost like every time he opens his pie hole Sen. Voinovich says something dumber than he did before. Making a RINO Hall of Fame run for the Gold -- Sen. RINOvich wins his own award -- AGAIN!

With a political career starting in Cuyahoga County, where many of his tax loving RPCC RINOette' still swoon over him, the following should come as no surprise. This time the Curious Conservative - Sen. George RINOvich - in his true RINO-like character wants to form a bipartisan committee so they can discuss tax increases to pay for Chairman's O's "I got America's checkbook, let's go shopping" spending spree...
Sen. George V. Voinovich said last week that a federal tax hike and spending cuts are necessary to eliminate the federal debt, balance the budget and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Speaking after a climate-change conference in Hilliard on Monday, the Republican reiterated his call for a bipartisan commission of lawmakers and Obama-administration officials to make recommendations on tax increases and budget cuts. Congress would have an opportunity to forge a compromise from those recommendations and vote for or against the package.

Responding to a question about whether the state needs to increase taxes to fill a potential $1 billion hole in the state budget, Voinovich said: "I wish we had to do it on the federal level. What we've been doing on the federal level is we've been unwilling to pay for or do without things, and we've been borrow and spend, borrow and spend. . . .

"We have a $12 trillion national debt and budgets that are not going to be balanced for as far as we can see, and our credibility in the world is in jeopardy, and our credit's in jeopardy, and we just sit there and do nothing about it. So, what you have to do is -- I want a commission -- we're going to have to increase taxes, and we're going to have to reduce spending."
(Columbus Dispatch)
Hey, Curious George -- your credibility with 'real' conservatives has been shot a long, long time ago!

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