Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chairman Obamao's United Communist States of America

Holy fortune cookies Batman... the Ruler of the Red Shed on the Hill, Chairman Obamao, is going to fly a Chinese flag at the White House!

From WND --

The administration of President Barack Obama, whose official blogger while Obama was a candidate came under attack for hanging a Communist Party flag in his Harvard apartment, apparently has given permission to raise the emblem of Communist China over the south lawn of the White House.

According to the Global Times English-language edition, the national flag of the communist People's Republic of China on Sept. 20 will be raised for the first time on the White House's south lawn – a secured area seldom available for public events – in recognition of the Chinese anniversary. More...

If Chairman Obmao, our communist loving Commander in Chief, wants to recognize the anniversary of the human rights loving, half-pint communist leaders of China he could have his cooks serve Won Ton soup for the day. Or he can hand out chop sticks to anyone visiting the Red Shed that day -- not fly a damn communist flag at what used to be the White House.

I pledge allegiance to General Tsao's Chicken...

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