Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor's Killing America Day

I’ll be enjoying the day off today, but I sure as hell won’t be celebrating the “labor movement.” A more accurate name for this date would be “ Labor's Killing America Day.”

This day no longer represents the movement it was meant to recognize. This may come as a surprise for some of my conservative counterparts – but I am a supporter of unions. This does not include many of the UAW workers who, along with their union leaders, raped our automobile industry or the Teachers Unions who are complicit in dumbing down and the progressive indoctrination of our children. I do not support the business-killing, American-hating unions of today – but for what the concept of unions once represented.

The unions no longer represent the rank & file workers they were created to protect from companies paying slave labor rates, working in unsafe or hazardous working conditions, etc, by allowing workers to organize and fight back through the use of collective bargaining agreements.

Today, dues paying union members are no longer the main concern of union leaders. The leaders of these unions no longer speak or fight for the rank & file workers they were formed to represent. At one time the unions fought so workers could have the right to have secret sign up cards and voting for organizing purposes. This was done so businesses couldn’t retaliate against workers wanting to organize. Now, the unions are against this practice. Why? So they can easily retaliate against those workers not wanting to unionize.

I work with union workers everyday and all day long. Many of these union guys no longer feel the unions represent their best interest. Many of them, who were/are die-hard supporters of our troops, are shocked when they are told that the unions had Cindy Sheehan come to Cleveland for an anti-war rally. Their jaws drop when they learn her trip and five-star hotel stay were paid for with their hard earned unions dues. They start stuttering in disbelief when told that in Mexifornia, the unions are fighting for border jumping illegal immigrants to have the same working rights as legal Americans – and their union dues are funding this fight.

These same guys are even more disgusted when they learn of union leaders in OH approving of some union thugs protesting at the homes of fellow union members who stayed on strike as long as they could but had to go back to work so they could feed their families. And let’s not forget how some of these union thugs have become Obama’s goose-stepping goons handing out beat downs for those willing to speak out against health care.

But again, this is from the unions business-killing leadership, as again, I have yet to find any of the union guys I know supportive of their union leaders helping steer us on this left turn to socialist hell.

In fact, many of the union workers I know, support the Re-Awakening we are seeing in our country today. I bet if you speak with friends of yours in the unions – you will find the same sentiment. Then top it off and ask them is they get paid for the day off meant to recognize them. The union goons & goonettes you see at these rally’s are the same as the mush-for brains party hacks evident in both the Democrat & Republican party’s.

The membership of unions today has plummeted, yet their power and influence over Washington has increased. So it is clear that the union leaders of today are nothing more than another political arm of the donkey’s in the Democrat party and the progressive pukes destroying our country with their socialist agenda.

Reinforcing this statement, Chairman Obama will be giving a sermon today at a “Labor Rally” in Cincinnati in attempts to fire up his goose-steppers and kick start his faltering socialized health care proposals.

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